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Zoobia’s Wedding Night

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  • August 22, 2015

Its Zunair here , a medical student from Faisalabad, Pakistan. I wrote an experience of my life, ‘My junior’ sometime back which when published at desipapa was acclaimed as a nicely expressed story. But my today’s narration is more unique and a lifetime experience. I hardly entered my house after my classes when my father announced the marriage of my cousin Aslam with another cousin Zoobia. My father suggested to pack my bags as we were leaving for Karachi next day to attend the marriage.But I wasn’t listening anything now. News was like a bomb blast to me. I had a very special crush for Zoobia, my SANWALI SILONI extremely attractive cousin since my childhood. I used to chase her madly during our vacation get togethers when the families used to meet. I

wanted to marry her and was nourishing this dream deep down my heart but due to my studies, I was taken over by Aslam who availed the chance and now was marrying Zoobia. First I thought not to attend the marriage but then some tickle in my heart told me to see Zoobia as a bride and to save those pictures of Zoobia for the rest of my life. So I agreed and we reached Karachi next day via plane. Zoobia’s house was decorated beautifully but Aslam’s younger brother who was like a good friend insisted and took me to their house to stay till the end of the marriage. I agreed to that because Zoobia had to come to that house finally. During marriage functions my eyes kept searching for the bride but I couldn’t locate her. Sitting in a corner my mind went to the past and I had many flashbacks.I recalled all the days when we were z-partners (zee-partners) because both of us had names starting with letter ‘Z’. My z-partner was extremely beautiful, with 5 ft 2 inches height she is a ‘sanwali’ beauty who could kill anyone with her looks. Physically she looked like a model and I used to tell her, ‘zoobia you are a complete black beauty’. She used to get angry, ‘Damn you I am not black, I am a Sanwali beauty’. Those were the golden days when we used to have lot of fun when our families got together especially in vacations. Once we were playing hide and seek with our minor cousins. Z-partners ran and hid in the store room in complete dark. Zoobi was very close to me, I could hear her breath in the dark close to my neck.

Unintentionally, I got a hard-on due to her warm breath and very near presence and I couldn’t control myself. I lightly touched her neck and could feel her breath getting quicker. I got courage and slid my hand down towards her breasts………. My mind and head swirled to touch the most beautiful right breast in this world. It was so firm and silky that my hand slipped into the beautiful valley between two 36 sized breasts. ‘Zuniiiiiiiii……. ‘, she whispered and I stopped her voice with my lips…… A long loving kiss while my hands made her nipples grow long and hard….. We were about to lose our wits and controls with this world when suddenly one of our cousins reached us and shouted….. ‘There you are…. z-partners’… Zoobia remained very embarrassed afterwards and didn’t meet eyes with me. Whenever I looked towards her, she blushed. That was last time I saw her. Her family left back for Karachi next day and now I was there to attend her marriage. Even today, when I close my eyes, Zoobi’s beautiful nipples harden in my fingers. And then the wedding functions concluded but unfortunately I couldn’t meet Zoobia alone. On the wedding day, she was looking great in red dress. Her long beautiful silky straight hair were made in a very different style by the Beauty parlour people and my black beauty was looking gorgeous. In the wedding dress I tried to measure her and without a shade of doubt, she was 36-28-36 and I thought how lucky Aslam would be to explore the treasures of this gorgeous body. I reached back Aslam’s house and decorated the room of the wedding couple with his family members. Room for the couple was lavish with silver and golden colour prominent in curtains and furniture.

The bed was huge like a ship covered with off-white silk bedsheet and was bordered with fresh red roses….. Aslam’s sisters sprinkled room fresheners and perfumes in every corner of the room giving it a heavenly feel. After the arrival of bride, all the family danced and made a lot of fun. Aslam’s brothers and cousins drank so much wine that they were almost out. Aslam himself remained quiet and sober…… and was looking a bit lost. I did not touch wine because I wanted to be the witness of the proceedings in the wedding room. I wanted to see how Aslam fucked Zoobia. At last everybody settled and bride was shifted to her room waiting for the bridegroom. Aslam’s younger brothers were passed away sleeping soundly and it was my golden opportunity to watch the wedding night live. As I was about to eye the scene when I heard Zoobia crying quite loudly…… I was shocked when I heard Aslam, ‘Stop this non-sense….. chup karo’. I quickly looked through the space between the partition in the window. Zoobia was sitting on the bed without dupatta very shocked and open mouthed and Aslam was standing near the bed explaining him that he never wanted to marry Zoobia. He was not ready for this because he was head and soul in love with a cousin of Zoobia named Mahnaz. He said that his family forced him for the marriage and it was hard for him to betray Mahnaz. Zoobia cried and said, ‘ But why did u spoil my life, now what are the choices for me? ‘. Aslam said that he couldn’t do anything because he never liked Zoobia. ‘For God’s sake, you are insulting me’.

Aslam was not concerned. He said that he was going to meet Mahnaz because he wanted to pass his wedding night with Mahnaz. ‘ Now stop crying and sleep. I am going from the back door, don’t tell anyone, I will come in the morning and then we will talk ‘. Aslam said and slipped silently from the back door leaving all the family sleeping and his gorgeous wife crying upon her fate. I couldn’t believe myself…. it was unbelievable. I saw Zoobia sobbing and crying cursing her luck angrily. I thought for a minute and then decided that this was my lifetime opportunity. After making sure that nobody was looking, I climbed the window, parted it and stepped in. Zoobia was about to scream but then recognised me…….. ‘ Zuni I am destroyed….. He has insulted your z-partner, ur black beauty ‘. I didn’t know how to console her and I simply allowed her to rest against my chest and patted her back. I didn’t know how effective I was but Zoobia was trying to control. She was annoyed and badly damaged to think that she was insulted and rejected. Suddenly it struck to my mind that Zoobia at this emotional moment will exactly do as I tell her. The heavenly environment of the room and beautiful roses were enough for me to think that it was my wedding night and the beautiful gorgeous girl in my arms was my bride. Slowly I started to rub her back…….. ‘Zoobi why do u think of someone who has insulted you, think of ur Zunair who has always loved you…..’ Zoobia was quiet now perhaps deciding her mind. Pain & anguish was compelling her to take revenge from Aslam. ‘ Will it be right Zuni….??? ‘, ‘Yes…..!!!’, I replied. She didn’t say anything more and hid her face in my hot, palpating chest. I got the answer and turned her face up. Her ruby lips were the great invitation.

Soon we were locked in the best kiss of my life. Her saliva flew like ‘aab-i-hayat’ in me. The 20 year old goddess of love was taking me on the top of the world…… my heart was filled with priceless treasures of luv that I had for my z-partner, my black beauty. I didn’t want to leave her lips from my loving grip forever. I loosened her long silky hair till they fell on her face just the way I liked them. To see her newly wed beauty I couldn’t control myself and my lund was up & up giving salami to zoobi celebrating her wedding night with me. I started undressing her and it was as unveiling a treasure. I wanted to see and preserve every inch of her nude body in my mind. I took off her red bridal shirt……… Her 36 sized boobs were imprisoned in black lacy bra…… I kissed her bra as a token of love. Off went her shalwar revealing a similar panty. Semi-nude goddess seeming black queen thrusted her body against mine. My hand roamed on her very smooth body, starting from her lips. I massaged her full lips with my fingers and she opened her mouth to suck my fingers as they were my lund…….. keeping my fingers in her mouth my lips travelled downwards on her neck to the beautiful globes. OFF WENT HER BRA. How sweet……. Her boobs were so firm and full….. my lips licked the cleft between them measuring the valley with my tongue…… she moaned and whispered my name… ‘ zuuuuuniiiiiii, my boobs are most sensitive part of my body. I love my boobs and nipples to be kneaded, kissed, sucked & licked….’ She was talking under her breath. Travelling my lips from one dark brown coloured nipple to the other, I observed 2 moles (til) on her left boob making her boobs more attractive. Going impatient she pulled my lund and imprisoned it in between her boobs pressing both boobs together…….. ahhhhhhhh was all I could say before moving my lund lightly between those firm fleshy globes……….. I kept my lund there and travelled my fingers down. Her soft belly muscles jumped under my fingers till I reached very damp area…………… her choot was all a leaking area……… I could feel her thighs wet and very wet………… my tongue naturally wanted to explore………

I removed her damp panty and started from thighs……… Zoobia’s SANWALA HUSN was more than I could bear.Licking her beautiful ‘reshmi’ thighs……….. I irritated her by licking all the area around her choot but not touching the actual volcano area. She was getting real restless, moaning and pulling me towards her choot but I wanted to preserve those moments of her suhaag raat forever. The sight of her choot is still imprinted on my mind. Dark brown outer lips and trembling very pink inside getting wetter and wetter. I quietly got up while she was looking towards me with heavy breaths and million questions in her eyes. I lifted the ‘Pepsi’ bottle placed on the side-table and returned to her. ‘ye kiya kar rahe ho??’ she asked but I didn’t reply. I poured Pepsi right below her neck area. She held her breath for a few seconds till liquid reached the cleft between her breasts where I blocked the flow by my tongue. I massaged Pepsi over her 36 sized breasts, dark brown ½ inches nipples and all over her abdomen. Sweet taste of her body alongwith Pepsi was giving me very erotic taste. And then I poured more Pepsi over her abdomen flowing towards her choot………… I licked the area thoroughly and I will never forget the sweet taste of her choot fluids mixed with Pepsi. It was a thick fluid covering firm, hard clitoris between swollen lips of her choot and coming out of the tight little opening. Her choot was trembling with ecstasy and so was she……… she was moaning and crying, lifting her gand up in the air Her taut gand was extremely attractive and I could see another mole on her gand. Enjoyingly I slapped her gand. Zoobi jumped and I could see a tinge of purple colour in her otherwise brown gand.

Zoobi was now nowhere on this earth. She grabbed my lund and pulled towards her choot but I wanted more. I wanted her to suck my lund first. She had no experience and was hesitant. I pulled her hair and forced to take my very hot, thick, 8″ lund in her mouth. She touched the cap and then slowly opened her mouth to take my bell topped lund in her mouth. She was choking and I started my to & fro movements in her mouth. I never felt better than inserting my lund in the mouth of my black beauty who was sucking the love of her life. Great pressure was building in my testis and I nearly explode my semen in her mouth. She released my lund and hot torrent waves of semen painted her lips, face and boobs in white…….. Thick creamy substance made Zoobi looked even more inviting and desirable. Kissing my sweet love once again I felt like calling her names, ‘Hey chikni’ I said and she smiled. ‘Call me some love-name Zuni…’ and in great emotions, I said, ‘hey zoobi you are a bhen chod’…. She laughed ‘ zunair you are a bhen chod too ‘ And she caught me in a very firm embrace. My lund was back on the tracks and now needed to play the actual game. I took Zoobi’s legs up in the air in ‘V’ shape and thumped her inviting, spasmatic choot. Little opening of a very small tight hole was opened in ecstasy. I placed my thick lund on her tiny choot and thrusted hard. Great pain compelled Zoobia to tremble and cry and resisted my strokes but I didn’t want to wait longer. Keeping a firm grip on her legs and pressing her under my weight I made multiple strokes till my lund was completely imprisoned in her choot. I could feel my lund in hot fluid and a very tight grip. Zoobia fighting against severe pain was now getting back to her controls. She started grinding her gand giving me signs of her pleasure. I started my strokes slowly increasing their pace with every stroke. Zoobia had closed her eyes taking pleasure of my strokes.

Her breath was fast when I locked her mouth again in a pleasurable kiss………… At the final moments of me getting my climax once again, zoobia jammed her choot forcefully on my straining lund, jumped high, moaned and a long ‘I LOVE U…..’ got out of her lips entered my lips down my throat and travelled my lungs and mixed with my blood. It was the energy I needed, energy of true love given by the girl of my dreams. Hot semen flooded her choot dripping towards her thighs and we were breathing like running horses. Locked in a tight embrace we couldn’t move for quite sometime. Finally, Zoobi opened her magic eyes & said, ‘ Zunair I love my wedding night ‘. ‘ Its not finished yet ‘…….. I replied. Snowy white silky bed sheet was all stained with her virgin blood. I knew I had to settle that but before that I fucked her again in my favourite doggie style. She loved the way my testis thumped her gand turning it purple in colour with every stroke. Every time I saw her boobs dancing under her arms made me mad and I loved to suck her big brown nipples till the dawn. I fucked her hard and long till her choot became swollen & so red that it looked like a FRESH TOMATO. In sexual madness I bit her breasts & nipples and they had my teeth marks with tiny bleeding points. Just before sunrise, I was panicky to erase marks of our wedding night. Luckily we found a duplicate silky white bed sheet in cupboard. I changed it and brought original with me to Faisalabad as ‘nishani of a great wedding night’. Gradually Zoobia impressed Aslam with her devotion, sacrifice and love.

They are happy now in their home fucking on every alternate night 2-3 times every time. He enjoys fucking the sex goddess sometimes on bed, sometimes on floor & sometimes on sofa. Sex is for them an endless activity. Zoobi enjoys her ‘chudai’ with her hubby but she remembers her zunair also. She promises to meet him again repeating the sexual events of that beautiful wedding night once again with greater love and ecstasy. We are in-touch on the net and I am sending this story with her permission. Send your comments to me regarding this true affair on

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