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Zoni From Multan

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi I m zoni I m regular reader of Erotic Stories. Now I decided to share my true story to other fellow readers. 1st I told u that I live in Pakistan and in the city of MULTAN . I m 22 years old avg. body but have 7 inches long cock. This is my 1st time to have a sex with any lady bcoz I always masturbation in bath room. But when I fuck the female now I think that there is no any enjoyment with masturbation rather than fucking anyhow I told u my story. Now the story begins but 1st I told u about my cousin. She is 27th year old, married, have a nice body one drawback is that her boobs r not so big but having tight pussy. Now the story begins.
We live in combine family system. My cousin is teaching in a school her name is pinky. One day my CHACHI said that I have to pick pinky from school. Bcoz her husband is out of station. And she comes here and stays for 4 days until her husband arrived. I m feeling bored on this duty that I have to get up early in the morning to drop the cousin in the school and pick here when I m with my friends. But I have to do that bcoz I m free from B.Sc. Exams. I said ok to CHACHI. I start my bike. As I outside the gate I met my friend nomi I gup shup with him and he says that 1st I drop him in the main market then I have to go to any other work. So I do that but it will take about 45 mins to one hour. I m one hour late to get my cousin. I hurry go to school. The school is empty. I m rushing and enter in the school that I got my cousin whether pinky may not go to home on Taxi or RIKSHA. But when I suddenly enter in the clerk office I was shocked that a clerk is fucking my cousin. When they both saw me they suddenly away and feeling afraid. I slap to the clerk and my cousin too. Then I said to my cousin that wear her cloths. After that I hold her wrist and go out on the way she requested me that I don’t told any thing in home or any other person that her married life is destroyed.

Then I said that I m in full anger don’t talk to me. When we reached to home. I dropped her out side and go to my friend. I m in great conflict that what to do. In evening I come to house and went to my room that is on the roof of our house. There is no any room on roof. At 12 at night my cousin pinky entered in my room. She sits on the chair and says that “thanks u doesn’t tell any thing to anybody”. I say her tell me all the realities otherwise I told every thing to her husband. She promises me to tell every thing to me. She said that her husband is not fully satisfies her. So that she started sex with the clerk. Then suddenly I got an idea that my friends always talking about sex with woman and say’s that’s the new world to explore. Then I said to pinky that u have no any need to have a sex with clerk. I want to sex with u. she surprised on my desire. She refuses then I said that I m better then that clerk bcoz I have big cock than him and no one have to doubt on us. She says that ‘oh that’s great we can do sex in our house too”.

Then she says that “ABHI KRAIN.” Hearing this I m so much happy and agreed. She locked the door and come near me. I m too much confused what to do. She realizes my confusion and smile she says “Its ok MAIN TMAM TAREEKAY JANTI HOON PRYASHAN NA HOO. KYA KABHI KOI XXX MOVI NAHEEN DAKHI”. Then she opens her shirt’s buttons I saw her tight boobs in black bra. Seeing this I say to her that it’s my show now. I caught her in my arms and slowly press her boobs and kissing on her neck and cheeks I slowly changed my direction now I m on her back I continue kissing on her nape, her back and lobe. Then I put off her bra. Her small but tight breasts come out from prison. Oh my GOD …. HUH… how she has white milky and soft breast I press them lightly. I pinched her tits lightly then I go down and open her trouser strap then starting licking her pussy.

Now pinky enjoying and starting moaning. She says “Oh Zoni AJ TAK KISI NAY MERI PHUDI NAHEEN CHATI….. OOOFFFF KITNA MAZA AA RHA HAY OUR ZOOR SAY CHOOSO.” Then I started licking so fast and put her pussy lips in my mouth and starting sucking then one by one. She is now in full lust. She put her hand in hairs and forced towards her pussy. Then I left licking her pussy. She says “its wonderful TUM NAY CHOOR KUN DYA.” I says her that now I want to fuck u harder and harder. Then she smiles and open my jeans button I also lay down my under wear. My 7 inches long and thick erected cock comes out. When pinky saw my cock then she says “OH MY GOD…. TUMHARA TO LUN BOHAT MOTA HAY OUR BARA BHEE HAY AB KITNA MAZA AYA GA. MAIN AYSAY HEE BAHAR KAY LOGON SAY CHODA RAHEE THEE.” Then she took my cock in her hand I feel so much relief. She says “TUMHARA LUN TO BOHAT GARAM HAY”.

She put my cock in her mouth and starting sucking. After some time she says now fuck me harder and harder. She lay down on bed I climb over her put her legs on my shoulders and target my cock on her pussy then I m trying to enter full my cock in her pussy she cried “TUMHARA LUN BOHAT MOTA HAY OOOR BARA HAY ARAM ARAM SAY UNDAR DALOO”. I say sorry it’s my 1st experience then I target again and enter my cock slowly in her pussy. She is crying “OOOH AAH TUMHARA TO LUN BOHAT MAZAY KA HAY. AB TUM AHISTA AHISTA APNI SPEED BARHAOO”. Then I increase my speed of fucking gradually. She was at the peak of lust. After some time I said to her oh I m coming she says that get it out.

Then I get my cock out and starting masturbation then “OOH my GOD my come is on her belly and it’s in too much amount she is on bed and breathing very hard I feel so much enjoyment which I never forgot.” Pinky says to me “TUMHARA TO LUN BOHAT MAZAY KA HAY AB JAB BHEE MERA MODE HO GA TO MAIN TUMHAIN FONE KAR DOONE GEE OUR TUM AJANA”. I say it’s ok.
Guys and Girls this is my 1st experience which I share with u. Now any married Woman or Girl who want to explore this sexy world and want to reach such the peak of destiny then contact with me my e-mail address is

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