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Zeba Adnan Sami Khan Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I have decided that I should also share some of my experiences with U people….U people are experts in sex so plzzzz give me some advices or comments as I am writing just for that…..I am Adnan of age 22…my height is 5’10,..and I am enjoying good health ,my eyes are like I am drunk every time.I have some resemblance with Adnan Sami but am not too faty like him, thats why my friends call me Adnan Sami. Well …….

I start fucking when I was only 6 years of age ( U would’t belive this but it did happened ) and I saw my sperm for the very first time when I was just 13 years.I kept on fucking and it so happened that my father was transfered to another city ,so we also had to go with him.At that time my age was 15 and I was in class 9th. On the third day of our shifting ,an old woman came to our home and meat my mom.she was the local of that place and was the servent of ex-officer.she helped my mom and sisters in arranging all the stuff and they were really pleased with her.Then she promised my mom that she will look for a gal servent for us and left……after two or three days she came again and told my mom that she was unable to find servent but don’t have to worry as she has decided that her own daughter will work for us.And on the next day when I came from school,As this is my very old habbit that I goes to the kitchen when come from the school and look for some thing to eat, even now, so when I entered in the kitchen….I saw a bomb their…..she was 5’5 with shining black hairs ….with very very smart figures ( I don’t know the sizes but she was looking like an angle ) she was exactly like Zeba Adnan Sami ( as she was in the start of 90’s) she was wearing shulwar kamez of perple color.

She had such a personality that I thought her of my sister’s friend. And after that day this Adnan Sami was after that Zeba Adnan (though her real name is not Zeba).I never thought of fucking her even in my sub concious but I did’t miss any chance to talk to her or even see her from some distance and that talking gave me a different type of satisfaction,but I had a very cold hand from her side,she never gave me any type of looks.I was very disappionted by that,so I start noticing that what she likes in every day life and what is her “kumzori” .and in the next some months I was able to find out that she will never refuse you if u ask to watch a movie with her (but only on the VCR ) and also cricket was her passion and Wasim Akram was her favorite star. The situation was that my sister’s marriage was near and often all my family had to go to bazar for shoping,As I had to came in the last,so Zeba were always there to serve the meal etc.after two or three days I came to know that when ever I came from school there were no one in the home exept her.I then made a plan,and on the next day when I came from the school the situation was the same (nobody in home),I went to bazar and bought an indian movie and asked her if she wants to join me ,I knew that she will never refuse and that happened…..we watched the movie and became a little more frank and a type of friendship started.Then was a routine that when we had a chance ,we would watch a nice movie together….she then start giving me some looks and I was happy. Once my mom,elder sister and father had to go to our village,now we were alone at home so my mom told her that she should be there for that night and if she wanna call her mother even ,that will be much better….she then called her mother and stayed that night in our home.

The Zeba and her mother slept thier in my younger sister’s room….I had a chance so I went to that room in midnight to touch her boobs and kiss her (only )….It was so dark in the room so I went near her and found that she were sleeping….now I start touching her boobs first…and then wanted to kiss her on the lips but suddenly I heard her voice. she called her mother and her mother immediatly respond that what happend , Zeba told her that nothing but she feel some fear in dark….you can imagine my condition under the bed….and my heart was beating @ 2000 beats/second, but they both then slept and I ran from the room and considered all the touching as “baagthy chor ke langooti”. On the next day all was against my expectataions….she gave me the very normal looks ….I thought that she was sleeping at that night and does’t knew any thing.I then bought a porno magzine from my friend for some days.Then I made another plan and told her that I have a fresh magzine which include some very big and good photos of Wasim Akram with his interview, but she told me that plzzz give me that for my home as she can’t read and look that in our home,but I intentially refuse even to have look of that magzine to her….she asked me again on the next day….and I laught in a misterious way and she came to knew that there is some thing wrong.she then told me that she knew what kind of magazine it will be and once she stoled that type of magzine from her cousin (male) with the help of her other cousin (female and sister of that cousin)….

I immidiatly changed my face expressions and asked her with anger that ” what type of magzine u think I have ?”…..her face color changed and she was so much confused ,afraid and ashamed…..I then told her that “go and take that magzine from my drawer and have a look of that but only in bathroom…but keep in mind that it is not that kind of magzine”…..she went and did as I told her…..when she came out from the bathroom her color was totally changed and she was smiling,I even then did’t dare to touch her but she told me that she had some thing to ask from me and that I should answer her….she ask me ” what u were doing that night “….when she asked ,I replied “I simply came to kiss u”….and she did’t say any thing and further asked me that what did I did with Nageen (our other servent which is another story) I replied boldly “I had fucked her as she liked me to fuck her”.She smiled and said “I thought you a very good guy but the case is change.”. After a few days we again have a chance as all my family had to go to village and I had to be in home as my exams was near,she asked my mom “may yahan pe akele hoo tho kya may apni bhabi ko bula sakthee hoo aap ke aany thuk wo meri saath hoogi”,my mom answered “sure” and they laft for village……when her bhabi came …Zeba told me that plzz play the movie (indian “Salami”) for her and her bhabi but I would’t watch with them…I refused….she then request me I then answered that I will play but on one condition…”what is that” she asked…..”let me kiss u first” I replied….”ok but not now”…..”when then”….”you just play the movie and when we have a chance you can do that”…..”how can I belive “I asked”……”I promise you will, but not now plzzzz “…..

I then agreed and played the movie and left the room ……her bhabi when watched the movie she left for her home as her baby was weaping ….then I entered the room and told her….” hay Zeba ! we have a chance now and according to ur promise I will kiss u”….she smiling and answered “ok” and came near me … heart was beating and my face was full of sweat….I then hold her face on my both hands and kept my lips on her’s and kiss for a while and when I saw her eyes was closed I again kept my lips on her’s and slowly entered my toung in her mouth and she jumped as she got some current but calm down her…….she told me that I had to stop now and all that was enough….”ok” I told ……she then place her hand under her left breast and told me that her heart is beating too fast ….”let me check it out” I asked……”ok give me ur hand” she place my hand on her heart…….I then told her that I can’t feel the beating and let me check it …..and move my hand from her heart to her breasts and grab one …”ooohhh thum kya ker rahy ho….bus be karo naaaaa” …in the mean while the bell rung..when I opened the gate I saw my friend was in front of me….I told her to “fuck off and I will come to see u later but right now just get lost” and closed the door. I ran again towords the room and once again found her smiling…..I jumped on her and hold her tightly and kissed her very tightly she moaned a little but I did’t gave her chance and while kissing I move my hands to her breasts ” uuuffff Allah ..plzzzz muth karo ye pher dard karangy ” and I start massaging the love balls …..after doing that for some time while I was continously kissing her lips neck cheeks and chin I could feel her very hot ..her skin was burning ……I then understand and start working on another project …..I enterd my hands in kameez amd moved my hands towords her back and tried to unhook her bra …and was succeeded in that ” ooofffoo ye thum kya ker rahy ho plzzz muth karo aisa …ye tho aaj thuk kisi nay nahee deky hain our thum ab kya karo gay ” I replied that i just wanna see that and I would’t do any thing don’t worry….I then slowly move my hands to the front and now for the very first time my hands were on her bare breasts under the kameez hhhmmm that was firm and not too big ……may ny pher aahistha say us ka kameez utana shoroo ker diya ….pehly tho us ny na karny diya leken wo be gurm the our tori se minnut hum nay kur de …..wo maan gayee our may ny us ka kameez uta diya….wow that was too good her nipples was too hard and was just like a needle her area around the nipples was swelled……i liked that ….I took her nipples in my mouth and after sucking that for I think ….1 minute …I had an idea …and request her to lay on bed so that I can enjoy sucking …she refused but i told her that I will not let her go untill I enjoy sucking and that was the only way….she then agreed……while she was laying on the bed I was sucking her breasts and was moving my hands on her belly….she was too enjoying but at the same time worring about her verginity ( as she told me later)….suddenly I entered my one hand in her shalwar …….” uuuunnnhhh ye kya ker rahy ho ” she hold my hand but I told her that plzzz just let me touch that I would’t do any thing wrong but she was resisting ,I ensure the security of her verginity… the situation was that she was laying on the bed ….I was lying side by her….her kameez was up till her neck ….her bra was also in neck……I was sucking her breasts ….and my one hand was in her shalwar up on her cunt, her cunt was very clean and my middle finger was in her cunt……she was wet inside and her lips of vigina was also swelled.

Now I asked her that I wanna see her cunt as that seems to be very beutiful and I like swelled cunts…..she did’t say any thing so I conclude that she agreed and untie her shalwar slowly….as I lower her shalwar….I saw pink lips which was swelled and the clitoras was very well shaped and the cut was…..ooohhh my God ..I had never seen such a cunt even in movies. I kissed her “hhhhhhhhhhh plzzzz aisa muth karo …current lagtha hay” but I was on the seventh sky…..I opened my mouth fully and placed on the cunt which was covered by my mouth and place my teeths and start biting her cunt ….” ppppphhhhhooo ooooohhhhhhhh ” she was all wet .I eat her like that for five mins ……but she enjoyed that alot…I then asked that “how long should be a guy’s prick” she replied that ” I never seen any so how can I know ” I offerd to see mine …..she accepted and told me ” thum nay tho mujay poora dekh leya …ab thumhy be dekhna chaheye” I then undid my trouser and showed her mine ….as my prick is too thick and almost 7 inches she instantly placed her hand on mouth and was very surprised …I offered to grab that ……but she did’t and told me that she feel fear…..I then came again to my position (lying by her side) and again start kissing her and fondling her breasts……now she was hot too so I left her legs …..wo der gai “nahee nahee thum aisa nahee karo gai ” she shouted…..” deko may serf uper say touch karon ga” she asked “how”…i replied that ” let me show that to you” and laft her legs and touched the whole lenth of my fully erect and hot prick from her ass to her clitoras between her legs and joined her legs and start moving, with each move she got a hard rub of my prick with the lenth of her pussy…….oooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmhhhhh hhhhhnnnnnn I came in three minutes,but she enjoyed too, all my sperm was on her thigh and belly, she asked me then ” ye wahee ches hay jis say bachay peda hothy hay” I answerd “yes”……I cleaned all the stuff with the bed sheet and layed on her top and start kissing her again and massaging her breasts again …….

I had an erect one again…..she was a bit confident now and respond to my every kiss passionatly……and at the same time she was hot also ….I start kissing ,fondling and biting her breasts again and went to upper area first…I did bite her chest then nick and chen and the bone of chen to her left ear and then bite her ear….then I came to her breasts again and play for a while with that I then moved to her cunt again and open her legs and place my mouth on her cunt….she was now so hot that I could feel the warmth of her body,her eyes was tightly closed and she was biting her lips with her teaths and was breathing heavily her face was red and some of her long hairs was on her face ,she was holding my head on one hand and her other hand was on her tigh ” ooooooohhhhhh Adnannnn bauhat maza aa raha hai ….plzzzz rukna nahee I did’t felt such a pleasure before mmmmm ” ( she told me in very slow voice ) the sight was more then any thing….the girl for whom I was waiting from a year was lying infront of me in such a style so I asked her ” hay Zeba ! may apna wala tora sa under ker do thumhaary waaly may “…. she asked in breaking voice very slowly “kuch hooga tho hahee ?? ” i replied “no no trust me ” it was again silence from her side and I concluded that she is willing… the greatest movement came and I prepare my self to have the greatest fuck … I opened her legs a little more and place the crown of my prick on the cuts of her cunt and moved up and down with the help of my hand to find the enterence and I got that “uuffff khudaya khair”…now I entered very little…” hay Zeba !!!!!!!”.her eyes was closed until now but she opened now ……” hhhhmmmmmmm uuuuffffffff it is too big for me ” she told me , I replied ” it is’t …just wait for a minute ” …now I entered some more “wow ….kya phudee hai thumhaaree “….she was too tight but I entered half of mine and she shouted ” bus bus our nahee plzzzz our nahee …may mer jawongee…aaraam say karo ….buhat dard ho raha hay uuuuffffff maaa ” …may nay thoree see wapes nikaal de our pher daal de ….dobaara kikaal de our pher daal de layken yaqeen kary ….buhat tight the mayree Zeba…..I kept on to and fro motion and every time I entered some additional lenght in her cunt and then with a powerful jerk I entered the whole lenght jis kay jawab may us nay ek chekh maare our us kay aanko may aansoo aa gaye our us kay aankay band ho gaye ….us nay dono haatho say aapnay pussy ko pakur liya our us kay paawo bund honay lagy…….when I looked to her pussy I found some blood on that which was also on my prick …..

I then understand and start jerking with low trust ……I keeps on jerking and then fastern my speed of jerking ……hhhhmmmm after five minutes she was then relaxed and her body was now start shaking but at the same time I was about to come and she was also at her verge….. her chest turned into red and she was all shaking hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm uuuuuffffffff and I came inside her ……….it was feeling out of this world …..and I saw a very different kind of feeling on her face but at the same time she was worried about my cumming inside her…..I layed on her top and told her ” dont worry …I will give u some tablets and nothing will happen “… now I heard very erotic sentence from her mouth ” hay Adnan buhat maza aa raha hay thum nay tho mujay paar dala …thumhaara lun tho meray bhayee say be bara hay ” ……..kya thum ko aapnay bhayee nay be choda hay ?? ” ….she answered ” yaar …mera muthlab ye tha kay mere bhabhi nay mujay bathaya tha kay jub pehlee baar us nay meray bhayee kay saath kiya tha tho dard buhat kum howa tha our may tho pat kay reh gaye……..tho thumhara lun bara howa na ?? …….. ” ” mmmmm very clever u r ” ….leayken thum ko patha hay kay thumhaaree bhaabhi nay thum ko ye q bathaya kay dard kum hoga…….” ….us nay jawab diya nahee…….us nay is liye bathaya kay thum be kabe kisse kay saath karo ……our aaj thum nay usi khathir mary saaath kiya…” …..may tho ab roz karonge thumhaary saath ” she replied. ……….I told her ” hay Zeba jee tho chahtha hay is baath per ek merthaba our chod do thum ko buhat garam ho thum tho “……….” tho karo naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , roka kis nay hay” and we did again but doggie style this time.

My family members came later ……..we then had some other chances from which we took full advantage and no body knew .My father had been transfered from that city some months after that event and now that I did my Engineering and she got married and she also have a daughter from me but no one knows this. Dear friends ! plzzz send me ur comments on this story (rather historical event of my life),also let me tell u some other stories of my life….. I like cyber sex very much, so if any lady wanna cyber sex with me then add in ur msn messenger, and will satisfy u gals there on the internet even.

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