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  • September 11, 2015

Hi friends, My name is Tejas and Im from Gujarat and im 32 years old now. I will tell you a story of a girl named Zarina from Bangalore who I fucked when I was doing my engineering. I came to Bangalore in 1998 to do my engineering in MVJ college in Bangalore. I was 22 years old and six months had passed without any activity. The place where I rented a flat was a boring place and 15 kilometers away from main city Bangalore and nothing much to do except hang around with friends in small tea shops or go to a place called inner circle which was a small park. One such evening, my eyes fell on a hot , sexy, young girl crossing the road , I just couldn’t believe my eyes, in a place like WF she appeared like a sex goddess from nowhere. I just blindly followed her and to know where she was staying and surprisingly , it was very close .I could not sleep that night, I kept imagining her sexy body and gorgeous face, she was wearing pastel pink tight dress exposing her 34c firm round boobs and her tight big ass. For a girl of 20 years she was completely loaded and untouched. I knew I had to act fast if I were to lay might hands on her heavenly body. I masturbated twice that night and my cock was still up and erect. I made up my mind that I had to fuck her. I began enquiring about her the next day and came to know that she lived with her family and in her first year at college at Bishop Cottons Bangalore. After stalking her for almost 30 days gathered all the information . I knew that I had a lot of competition , lotsa guys were waiting for a chance to pounce on her.One fine day I made my move and spoke to her at her college, I was not expecting her to respond specially when she he had so many guys stalking her, but, she did. She gave me that smile and we said hello to each other, I immediately asked her if she wanted to join for a cup of coffee to which she said yes!!! I couldn’t believe myself sitting next to a sex goddess and drinking coffee , I told her my name was Tejas and im from Gujarat.She smile and said her name was zarina, and she has been noticing that I was stalking her. I apologised and I was trying to explain and she interrupted and said don’t, she said not to. That made me a little comfortable and I asked her about herself , she said she lives in WF with her family and had 3 brothers and while talking she touched my hand in a way to make me feel comfortable.

Seizing the opportunity I held her hand interlocking our fingers looking at each other with intense passion. I could feel her warmth and the smell of her body and her breath, it was too arousing and nervous. After a while , she politely said she had to leave to her college, and once again jumped at the opportunity and dropped her on my bike, I held her hand and asked if I could see her tomorrow to which she gave me a smile and went away. I fell in love with Zarina, I started dreaming about her all the time , it was love. Unable to sleep that night , eagerly waiting for the sun to hit the earth so that I could see her again. I rushed to her her college next day and I was waiting for my love Zarina, I was impatient and nervous, but something inside was calming me down and there she was getting out of the bus, as soon as she saw me she stood there looking and we repeated the same coffee thing , almost about fifteen days had passed and we she was comfortable with me, I started picking her up in between and dropping her to college and picking her up from college and stuff. One fine day I asked her if she could join me for lunch , but she said there is a nice movie running, this was like a blessing is disguise I was thrilled and asked her which one ? She said there’s a Malayalam movie playing at Galaxy theatre, it was a 11 am show. I knew by now that there may be a chance for me to kiss her, I agreed and waited at galaxy for her. She came exactly at 11 am and walked towards the gate where I was standing and we both

Simultaneously got in and settled down in or seats, well, it was free seating because there were hardly anybody in the theatre. The moment we sat in our chair she took off her dupatta and kept it in her purse. I could see through her neckline her milky white , firms and sexy boobs . The deep cut was too much for me to handle. I was talking to Zarina about how the theatre was empty and we were the only two people here in this section and stuff …. She told me that her elder brother keeps roaming about in this area and how we will be safe after 3 pm because her brother takes a 3 pm bus home.The movie started and we watched like for about 5 minutes and I just looked at zarina and asked her is she understood anything, she looked at me and smiled, we were already holding hands she squeezed her fingers in my fingers and held tightly. As we continued watching this movie just jumped to some hot scenes , I looked at zarina again hesitatingly and moved a little close to her…as we look into each others eyes..she whispered..KISS ME, that was the green light I was waiting for …I kissed her warm , soft, moist and sexy lips…again and again until she slid her tongue in my mouth and started feeling my tongue…it was simply the hottest moment of my life I kept telling her zarina..I love you darling…I love you and we kept kissing and exploring each others mouth like there’s no tomorrow…I moved my left hand sliding upwards from her stomach towards her boobs…slowly and steadily I reached her superbly firm yet soft boobs more than a handful .. As I grabbed her right boob and gently squeezed. I could see that zarina was totally hot and ….just then she said, unhook my bra….my cock by now was in so much pain I could not bear it anymore…I unhooked her bra and gently rubbed her sexy smooth back and started kissing again..and then I started moving my hand towards zarina’s boobs from behind and finally

I reached her sexy , firm , smooth, and warm boobs..they were more than a handful and wet from her sweat…as I started gently squeezing zarina’s boobs , she was excited about the whole action and pulled my hand towards my pussy ..It was like a dream come true..I started feeling her swollen choot…zarina was wearing a Punjabi suit and as I was struggling to slide my hand in zarina’s panty , she untied her bottoms and made it a bit easier. Clearly zarina wanted me to fuck her right there..she was sooo hot and wet..while I was rubbing her wet swollen pussy with one hand and my other hand was budy squeezing her tits my cock was controllably wild and thats when I realised how hard and big it really gets…I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock…what a relief…Zarina was a bit shy first but soon she started feeling my cock…as she couped my cock in her sexy hands I was oozing precum…zarina whispered to me and said that I have a cute and sexy cock..and told her that it was only for you.It was unbearable and getting out of control, we decided to go to a hotel in city market and after got a room in a okay kinda hotel. Zarina went and sat on the bed looking at me with lust in her eyes..and then she slowly lied on the bed with her legs slightly spread. This was the moment, I climbed on the bed and positioned myself between her thunder thighs…leaning down and tugging her bra down with my left hand, exposing her hard little pink nipples so I could suck ‘em while I massaged her pussy through her silky panties with my right hand..gently running my hand over the silk that covered her swollen trimmed pussy lips… I had her moaning with her panties wet …I completely undressed Zarina and Myself…She grabbed my me in her arms and said tejas, fuck me…she didn’t have to tell me that because I was about to fuck her…Zarina was the most beautiful , hot , sexy and gorgeous girl…completely nude in my arms zarina was pressing

Her cunt against my cock as I was feeling her sexy big ass…and then zarina reached for my cock started stroking my cock and complimented my cock…she said how she loves uncut cocks as she was pushing my foreskin back and forth. I decided to take full control of her and manhandled her into the position I wanted. I was now in between her legs rubbing and grinding zarina’s choot and kissing her sexy lips..I leaned forward with all my weight burying my rigid thick lund upto my balls…she gasped with pleasure as I grabbed her smooth thighs close to her knees and leaned my weight down on zarina again, pinning her knees to the bed, so she was spread wide for me!!..she said slowly tejas..slowly…and I slowly moved my big lund in and out of her aching choot..making her whimper…I had her so spread that every time i buried my lund my balls slapped her wet choot and gaand…now wet choot and gaand I smashed zarina’s swollen choot and clit grinding her with my pelvis!!!Zarina’s clit was so swollen so fast that she started moaning louder and louder cumming right as I was thrusting my cock harder and faster in quicking my rhythm ..I didn’t slow or stop, I didn’t release her from my grip…I just kept her pinned to the bed with her legs spread wide so I could keep pounding her tight choot as hard and fast as I could..I was fucking after almost a year now…I had fucked a hooker in Gujarat just before I came to Bangalore and I had stored up soo much energy and I was extremely horny….I kept pounding Zarina for a long time..she loved it soo much that she started to cum again and she told me that I was making her cum!! I started thrusting faster and harder and harder than ever and she came instantly , having a multiple orgasm after orgasm as I slammed my lund in and out of her swollen choot, flooding her choot with her hot juices leaking all down her ass crack!!Zarina was still shaking and shuddering from her massive orgasms as I finally slowed my thrusts and sat upright on my knees while keeping her legs spread wide with her knees still pinned to the bed…I pulled my cooze covered lund out of zarina choot and started working my massively swollen head in circles on her wet spread asshole.

Gently pushing my head in and out , lubing zarina’s ass up with her pussy juices !! She looked at me and said….Tejas, I love you!! ..soon after we went out for a snack and I dropped her to the bus stop. This continued for six months and somehow the news reached her elder brother who had me come to this big farm house and got me beaten up like a dog…I guess they could not bear a gujarati hindu fucking a their muslim sister.Although I stopped seeing her openly , I decided to go to Gujarat for a month to calm things down at Bangalore, I returned after a month with my two sisters and aunt to Bangalore and started settling down, It was the second day of Diwali and I was feeling lonely , that night I discussed my love story with my aunt and sisters that I was in love with a Muslim girl and her name was Zarina. And she lived in that same area. My Aunty was shocked but my sisters wanted to meet Zarina…I told my aunty to atleast meet her once and she can talk to my dad for the marriage ….My aunt agreed to meet her next day at my other uncles place in the Bangalore city , I met Zarina, this was after one month and I was missing her…I told her my aunty and my sisters have come down from Gujarat and invited her to my uncle’s house. It was the third day of Diwali and the house was full of friends and relatives and my aunt was preparing for lakshmi Puja, cleaning and purifying the house ….and as promised Zarina came home in a Punjabi suit, she was looking gorgeous and hot. She came in and greeted everyone at home and got friendly with everyone, my sisters loved her. My aunt all of a sudden took her in the bedroom and made

Her wear a saree in gujarati style , I could not believe my eyes when I saw in saree, Zarina was looking soo sexy….she looked at me a smiled…it was then time for puja and my aunt hesitatingly called her to take part in the puja…to my amazement Zarina agreed and took part in the entire puja..she even allowed my aunt to put put kumkum on her aunt just loved her…and explained everything about diwali and how we worship our gods…she took part in all the pujas of the fourth and fifth day of diwali. Things were going very well …on the last day of diwali when I went to drop her to the busstop..I was caught by her elder brother…without asking any questions he started beating me …I could not do anything as he was so strong..five to six bystanders could control him..he was like a bull..after the bashing I decided not to meet Zarina for sometime till I could figure out what to do…my entire family was upset…after a month, unable to control myself I decided to meet Zarina at her college.Next day at the college I found out she was going out with another Punjabi guy from my college , a senior. I kept following them for several days like a mad man…one day this guy took her to a park called Lalbagh, this is a famous park in Bangalore. As usual , she was wearing a Punjabi suit and looking sexy…they both went inside the park..this park is so big and old , it has 800 year old trees in it…so many trees and bushes and so many hiding places…anyways…i kept a safe distance and followed both of them…after a short walk they both sat on a bench holding hands and whispering something …and then the guys takes her towards the other side of the park where its full of bushes and trees…I could not follow them in the same direction so I decided to come from the opposite side…by the time I reached where they were this Punjabi guy had started kissing her …my legs were trembling as I had never spied on anyone before…

But I was horny and I decided to watch the game…kissing and feeling Zarina’s ass definitely made this guy hot..he made her lie down on the grass and her ass towards him he slid his hand towards her waist and untied her salwar and pulled it along with her panties…she quickly covered her sexy milky white , well shaped sexy ass with her kurta but the Punjabi guy lifted her kurta and started feeling and squeezing her ass…he kept sliding his fingers in between her big ass and rubbing it to make her hot…and started kissing her and he was squeezing and rubbing her perfect boobs …and then the guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his big lund….it was twice as big as mine and pink…when zarina saw his cock she didn’t react…I the clicked me that this was not the first time with him he started pressing his lund in her ass and was rubbing it while she enjoyed everymoment of it …I couldn’t believe that this girl was getting fucked in the open air like it was a bedroom…He was trying to adjust and get a position on her back grabbing both her boobs he started fucking zarina like a horse…his big lund was going in and out of choot several times …he was fucking hard non stop for a longtime….and then he pushed his cock right up her choot and shot a load of cum in her choot…he didn’t pull it out till the last drop was in her choot… After seeing this I was in a state of anger but Zarina is soo sexy I even agreed to accept the fact that a Punjabi is fucking her. Since I disappeared for almost 2 months, maybe she could not bear the heat in her choot. I made up my mind to get her back.[/font] After a couple of days, I approached her at her college and asked her out, she hesitated and said she will think about it. I agreed and left the place to meet her again after a couple of days. That evening I was thinking about her and my friend casually enquired if I was ok..I said nahin yaar…I said mein Zarina ko pyaar karta hon…and I want to marry her.

After listening to my whole story my friend Abhay Singh told me that he knew Zarina and she is involved with another guy from Bangalore city..and advised me not to marry her because he has seen her with guys in D club and nandi Hills and many more places. I got to see the other side of Zarina only after following her …She was a slut who wanted different lunds ramming her choot…Abhay was right…It was then that I decided to take my revenge as I was humiliated by her brother in front of so many people.[/font] I managed to get friendly again with Zarina and looking for an opportunity to explore her hot choot again..I told my friend Abhay about it ..and also I told him about how I wanted to take revenge by fucking her…my friend came out with a brilliant idea!!..he said to bring her to Abhay room and film her having sex with me. I was more than happy to do that…With great difficulty we manage to rent a handycam. With everything in place , one fine day I managed to convince Zarina to have sex with me , she was hesitating to do it because Abhay’s room was in the same area where she used to stay..I told her not to worry because nobody will know and that it was a quiet convincing her I told Abhay that I will be coming at 1pm and to be ready with the handycam hiding in the cupboard….I was a bit scared because if something goes wrong then we would end up in jail..that is if we escape Zarina’s brother. With all this in mind things started to happen and I finally got her in Abhay’s room, I was trying my best to be calm but I was scared inside. [/font]Zarina wanted to take shower as I had brought her straight from the college, I told Zarina no because I liked her sweat smell it was soo sexy and sweet smelling!! .. Having said that I started looking at her 36” Bobla….Zarina came close and grabbed my head from behind and gently pressed it against her firm big Boblas ( Boobs)..My cock was very hard like a steel rod…Zarina was rubbing her choot against my swollen lund and enjoying the feel…. I quickly grabbed her sexy gaand and said..kem che maro lund? Zarina said what? ..I said you like my lund..she said …I love it. I started squeezing her gaand and rubbing my two right fingers between her gaand going up and down her choot …she was soo excited..she started kissing me like mad..[/font]Im I boring you guys or should I continue.

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