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Your Wife My Child

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi friend, myself “PERWEZ” and going to tell you very very hot experience which happend with me in my own town. I am a married man blessed with two lovely kids. My wife ZEBA is a very beautiful woman on earth and always supported me to enjoy my sex life in a very better way. She has permitted me to enjoy with the outsider RIGHT girl OR woman OR with couple. I am a 6′ (approx) muscular man with strong sex desire. My wife ZEBA always enjoy her sex life with my experinces. The story which I am going to tell you all that was incident and it becomes a memorable in my life. Hope you all readers will enjoy with this and hopefully, if any female/couple like this and want me to contact for xxx then without fail you can contact me on: OR Secrecy is assured and expected.

One late rainy night when I was returning from my one business meeting I found few motorcycle guy were chasing slowly slowly to a lonely lady who was moving fast on FOOT alone with her small umbrella. I smell something wrong and stopped my four wheeler nearby lady and on opening gate I asked her “IS SHE WANT HELP?” She saw me at one glance and saw the motorcycle guys who were watching us on stopping their motorcyle. She replied YES and on folding her umbrella got in my four wheeler quickly and I speed up my four wheeler quickly. First I told her do not worry she is safe now. After few minutes I asked her where she want to go? She told her address and kept speaking that due to some work in market she got late and due to that she could not find any taxi or anything to reach at home and in the way these bastard saw me and started to follow me. I introduce myself then she told her name is “APARNA” (31 years, 5’6″, fair complexion). Within 10 minutes we reached her home as per her direction. On getting down from four wheeler she insisted to have one cup coffee and to meet her husband. Her husband “SANTOSH” (35 years, 5’10”, wheatish color) opened the door and surprised to see me with APARNA. While sitting in drawing room she narrared the whole story to Santosh. Santosh very obliged and gave thanks to me. After coffee I pushed off quickly. After two days, i.e. on SUNDAY I visited APARNA’s house with ZEBA and kids. Those couple welcomed with great happiness. I stayed around 2 hours and in that time APARNA and ZEBA became very familiar with each other. On that 2 hours I came to know that these couple are rich, got married 10 years back but do not have any child by yet. I also found APARNA showing great interest in our child. Anyway, After meeting and all we returned back.

After 5-6 days I randomly visited APARNA’s house. I found husband and wife at home. Aparna herself opened the door and on seeing me she became so cheerful and called Santosh to receive me. I was just chatting with these couple in their drawing room then Santosh told me your child is very cute and lovely and from that day Aparna again insisting me to do something so that she can have their own child. Then Aparna told me that there is semen problem in Santosh that is why she is not getting conceive. I asked to consult some good doctor, they can treat Santosh for the same. Aparna told “they have consulted all well known doctors but to result”. I told APARNA that if anything I can do then tell me so that she can blessed by lovely child. This talks finished here and that day I returned back. After 10-12 days I again made a surprised visit in APARNA’s house in the evening. That day SANTOSH opened the door. He welcomed me in his drawing room and asked you are coming after long gap!! I told that due to some business work I was not in town that is why. In the meantime APARNA came in drawing room and on seeing become very happy. While we were chatting in drawing room the Santosh told me that DEAR that day you promised us to do anything for APARNA’s child? I told yes!!! Then Santosh kept on talking that APARNA wants to conceive with your sperm. Aparna told me please do her a favour so that she can see the face of her child and this will be secret among THREE only. After great request I agreed. I told that after 3 days he will come to her place to stay for 2 days on showing some outstation work to ZEBA. I request them one thing that I am interested to fuck their made servant ALSO who is virgin and hardly 18 years old. They became ready quickly for the same.

After two days in the evening I reached Santosh’s home. In night APARNA prepared good BIRYANI, Chicken, lots of Salad and juises. During talk I checked whether their servant “NAZO” is ready for sex with me. They replied yes and told that for that she has taken two thousand rupees from them. She told that because she is untouched and virgin and this fees for whole life that is why this is her fees. After having dinner and all we three shifted in bed room. Santosh loaded blue film in his bed room T.V. We all three enjoyed that xxx movie on laying bed. Afterwards I asked Santosh to undress himself first. He threw out his clothes in a minutes. I found Santosh dick around 6.2″ but not thicker and not very stiff. I asked Santosh to help APARNA to become naked. In a minute APARNA became naked. Shaved pussy, tight breat (36,28,36) good complexion great body was ready before me to fuck. Both the couple jumped on me and took out my clothes within a minute. I too become naked with 6″ long, very thick & stiff erected dick. First we decided to play foreplay. I took big breast of APARNA in my both hand and started to squeez. Her breast was ponderous and soft too. Slowly she started moaning and with her hand started caressing my stiff dick. I also started feeling good. I took dick of Santosh in my hand and started caressing. On laying on bed he was enjoying. After 15-10 minutes myself with APARNA took the position of 69. I started licking shaved juicy pussy of APARNA on making my tongue dipper and dipper in her pussy. APARNA was sucking my dick hard and hard on taking maximum inside her mouth. With my hand I was jerking dick of Santosh and he was enjoying on laying on bed. APARNA was moaning slowly slowly and trying to take my dick maximum in her mouth. Juices from APARNA’s pussy was coming out and I was licking all that and feeling very good. After 10-15 minutes I asked Santosh to play real now. Santosh got up and asked APARNA to spread her leg then I positioned and nailed my hungry thick dick in deep of APARNA’s pussy in one great stroke. APARNA cried Oeeeeeeeeeee and Santosh nailed his dick in APARNA’s mouth from other hand. After few moments I started sahking to give blow. Santosh was shaking too in the mouth of APARNA. APARNA was kept moaning and we two were busy to give her the best pleasure. Santosh after few minutes gave good blow in APARNA’s mouth. APARNA swallow all the semen of Santosh. Afterwards I increased my speed and slowly I started feeling my entire body’s muscle tense but kept on giving jerk inside APARNA’s deep pussy. Within few minutes I blew my semen inside of APARNA’s pussy. She too was feeling my blow inside her pussy and becoming happy with this feeling. I lay down on bed just beside APARNA and instructed to lay in that position so that my maximum semen can stay for longer period on her pussy. Myself and Santosh got out fro bed after few minutes. Santosh took out some good sweet drinks from his freeze and we both enjoyed the drink. After that Santosh took my dick in his hand started messaging to erect again. After getting erection Santosh told me give ONE MORE BLOW TO WIFE AGAIN. Quickly I reached on bed and on widening APARNA’s leg I nailed my dick again in her semen filled pussy and started giving jerk harder and harder and on lying on APARNA’s great body started sucking her nipple. APARNA started caressing my head and hair and kept moaning. I pulled laying Satonsh nearby and started caressing his body, dick etc. I was kept sucking nipple of APARNA and kept giving jerk inside her pussy. Slowly I increased my speed and started giving jerk on sitting between legs of APARNA and after 20-25 minuted gave another semen load inside her APARNA’s pussy and lay down on APARNA. APARNA started kissing my forehead, chicks, lips and started telling she will give birth child like this handsome. After laying few minutes on APARNA great body and then on bed myself and Santosh got up. Santosh prepared coffee. APARNA was lying on bed in that position as per instructions. Santosh prepared coffee and we both enjoyed with boiled eggs. Afterwards Santosh took my dick in his mouth to erect my dick and after erection he told ONE MORE TO MY WIFE DEAR. This time I approached to APARNA and gave my kisses to her on making my tongue inside her deep mouth. APARNA was cooperating me on sucking my saliva and passing her mouth saliva in my mouth. Then I moved lower and making position nailed my hungry thick dick again in the deep of her pussy and started sucking hard of her nipple on laying completely on her. She was feeling my weight on her but enjoying my dick jerk on moaning oooonnnnhhhhh ooooonnnnnhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh ooooonnnnnhhhhh. After 20-25 minutes I sat down between her legs and kept giving my jerk. First slowly and fast. Around after another 35-40 minutes slowly I started feeling my muscle tense and within few another minutes gave one more semen load to APARNA’s deep pussy. She was feeling my load inside her pussy. I remain few minutes in that position then lay down on bed just beside APARNA and SANTOSH. After few break myself and Santosh got up. SANTOSH prepared some milch hot milk mixed with honey. We both enjoyed that milk. Again SANTOSH helped me to erect my dick on taking in his mouth and requested for one more. This time I again fucked APARNA continuously for one hour then gave load of semen inside her deep pussy. During all my fucking APARNA too orgasm many times. Whole night I gave 6 blows to APARNA on the request of Santosh and after wards we all slept in the early morning on the same bed. We all got up in the afternoon.

Santosh & Aparna quickly dressed up and got out from bed room. I got into bath room to fresh up. Made servant NAZO asked Santosh where were you babu. Your lunch is ready. We all three had good lunch and afterwards got into bed room again. Santosh loaded some another good blue film and we all started to enjoy on laying on bed. Aparna told Santosh to call NAZO inside bed room so that PERWEZ can enjoy her pussy, as per promise. Santosh told sure dear and called NAZO. NAZO quickly get into the bed room and asked Santosh why he called her? Santosh told her she NAZO you have to make happy of this PERWEZ baboo and for that we have given money to you. NAZO told babu this is big a man. She will die of pain while taking his dick inside her pussy. Santosh told her not worry this is a very normal fuck and ordered her to become naked quickly. After some hesitation she took out all her clothes and become naked before all three. She was small teen breast, cute pussy and girl’s slim body. I too trown out my clothes and called NAZO to neaby to suck my dick. After seeing the dick she got afraid but after pressure she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. After few minutes started giving hard suck. On exteding my hand to her breast I started squeezing her virgin hard breast. She started moaning. After 5-6 minutes I pulled her on bed make her lay and widened her legs to fuck. I WAS GETTING IMPATIENT TO FUCK A VIRGIN PUSSY. Aparna moved towards her mouth to make her calm. I pulled her both legs up, widened and on bending towards her face I pressed her legs from thigh. Great view of her pussy came out. Santosh drop some of saliva of his mouth on my dick to make slippery. With my hand I applied Santosh saliva on my hard stiffed erected dick and on positioning I gave great jerk to penetrate. NAZO cried oooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa. My whole hungry dick was inside her pussy in one great jerk. I was feeling my dick hard due to her tight virgin pussy. She started crying but without hearing a single cry I started giving jerk in her deep and deep. Few drops of blood came out from her pussy and making my dick more slipper inside her pussy. I kept on fucking her and after 20-25 minutes I started feeling tense. To avoid her pregnancy I took out my dick and quickly nailed in her mouth and kept fucking till I gave great blow in her mouth. She swallowed all my semen. Remaining few minutes in that position I lay down on bed for few minutes we all took few fruit juices and told NAZO to come on bed again. She was feeling some pain between her legs while walking. We told no problem dear first time it happens with everyone. This time I licked her mouth on passing and taking saliva of her and again to pussy. APARNA sucked my dick to erect. Again I make the position to fuck on widening legs of NAZO and kept fucking for another 40-45 minutes and gave blow on her small breast. After few rest and all I asked NAZO to go out and do her work and next day again came like this for the same. That night again we ALL THREE played the same pleasure game and next day with NAZO. That evening I returned back home on making program to repeat the same episode after 15 days and we followed that. After TWO MONTHS of our two pleasure meet APARNA found positive and exactly after 9 months of this sex party APARNA gave birth to a male child. ZEBA never came to know this. Only three in this world know that who is father of this child. We all three are a good friend and whenever I feel like to change I moved to APARNA’s house and get enjoyed with that couple.

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