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Young Boy & A Housewife

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

The coal mines were operating at full blast, and new miners were coming into the small mining towns from all over. Dad decided it would be a wise move to build a house next door on a vacant lot and rent the house to miners. As soon as the house was completed, a man (Dilip) about Dad’s age stopped by and agreed to rent the house. My brothers and I were happy, and hoped that the new family would include kids our age so we could have new playmates.

The next weekend the man arrived with a young girl, about 18 or 19 years old. We hoped that she would have younger sisters and brothers ( I was 13 at the time) in addition to the two young children she was caring for. Finally a truck arrived with the furniture. Mom went over to take a few refreshments and returned with the young girl. She introduced us to her as the Dilip’ wife and said her name was Susma. The two young children, Susie and Bev, were her children. Needless to say, we were disappointed that Susma was Dilip’ wife and not his daughter because she was beautiful, and would probably have beautiful sisters.

Dilip went to work in the mines, and Susma stayed home with the children. Dilip had to leave work at 6 in the morning. She would visit with Mom during the day sometimes, and I must admit that I developed a crush on her even though she was married and, as I learned, seven years older than I.

My good friend Boyl lived down the road beyond Dilip’ house, and sometimes I would take a path that ran behind Dilip’ house. One day as I was returning home by the path, I saw movement in the back bedroom–I knew this was Dilip and Susma’s bedroom because I had visited the house on many occasions. I stopped, and hid behind some bushes to see what was going on. Inside the bedroom I could see Susma naked on the bed. Immediately I could feel my peter getting hard. The I was totally shocked to see that Roy Miller was also in the bedroom, and he was naked too.

I watched in amazement as he came to the bed where Susma was lying. He stood over a minute, then I saw Susma take his peter in her hand and put it in her mouth. Then Roy climbed on her and began to lick her pussy. By now I was jacking off furiously. Roy moved, and then I watched as kissed Susma on the mouth, then I saw his peter move into her cunt. He began to move up and down, and shortly he collapsed on her, apparently having come. I finally shot a wad out of my dick about five feet.

Roy got up, dressed, and left. Susma went to take a shower and she dressed. I was still in the bushes, dazed that she was fucking another man. Roy was 24 years old, and he was married to Bonnie, a sweet, but chubby young woman.

Now that I realized that I could see into Dilip and Susma’s bedroom, I awoke early the next morning and sneaked out of the house to see if Dilip fucked Susma before he went to work. By the nightlight in the bedroom I could see Dilip beginning to wake up, then he removed the sheet covering them and I could see that they both slept naked. Dilip had a hardon, and moved on top of Lee and fucked her a couple of minutes, then came. He got up, showered, dressed and went to work. Lee stayed in bed, uncovered, and went back to sleep.

I was rubbing my cock, when I decided to fuck Susma myself. Nobody locked doors in my hometown, so I walked over to back door and entered the house. Removing my clothes, I began to quietly move to the bedroom.. In my youth and inexperience, I thought I could fuck Susma while she was asleep and then leave.
As I entered the bedroom, I passed a mirror and could that my cock was rigid, all eight inches of it. I quietly climbed into Susma’s bed, and snuggled against her ass. She murmered a small sound, then as she felt my hard cock, she squealed and jumped out of bed, yelling “Raju, what do you think you are doing? Get the hell out of here now and I won’t tell Dilip and your parents!”
I retorted, “If you don’t fuck me, I will tell Dilip about Roy!” Susma looked shocked, and said, “how do you know?” “No matter, but fuck me now,” I said.
Susma looked at me for a few minutes and then at my cock. “Lord, Raju, how long is your peter?” “Eight inches,” I said. ” I have never seen a cock that big, Raju, and don’t know if it will go in me,” she said. “O. K., I will fuck you, but just this one time and you have to promise to not tell any of your friends or for God’s sake, Dilip, because he would kill us both.”

As we moved onto the bed, I asked Susma why she fucked Roy. “Well, Dilip is 20 years older than I am and he just wants to fuck once a week, and I want more.”

She lay on the bed, and began to kiss me and take my cock in her hands. “God, you are hung for a young boy” she said. Then she pulled me onto her and with one of her hands guided my cock to her pussy. “Easy now, big boy, and don’t hurt me with your salami.”
Finally she placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and as I moved down and she moved up, I entered her. “Easy, easy, oh, God, this feels so good Raju. Fuck me, fuck me!”
I pushed my cock all the way in and said, “how’s that?” “Great, oh my God, it feels so good.”
I began to pound her, up and down, in and out, the way I had watched Roy fuck Susma. “God, I love your pussy, ” I said. Susma was moaning, and I could hear one of the kids begin to stir in the next room. Susma did not hear it, and now she wrapped her legs around my back and was moving up and down furiously. “She didn’t do this with Roy or Dilip,” I proudly thought.
Sweat was pouring off both of us as we continued to fuck. “Let me get on top, Raju” and Susma and I rolled over. Now she was in control, and she was moving up and down so fast and hard that I was afraid the bed would break. “Oh, Good lord, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she said and at that moment I came too. It felt so good as I flowed into Susma, shooting my massive load deep into her.

Susma rolled over and said, “Raju, that was fantastic. Where did you learn to fuck like that, and you fucked me longer than anybody has ever fucked me without coming. Must have been ten minutes, and I felt you come–must have been a cup full. Lord, that is the best fuck I have ever had.”

“Susma,” I said, “you are the first girl I have fucked.” Then we heard Susie and Bev calling for her in the next room. “You stay right here, big boy, and I will be back shortly.” I could hear Susma cooing with her daughters, and making breakfast for them. Soon they had been fed and back to sleep and Susma came back to the bedroom.
Removing her nightgown, she said, “Raju, I want to be your teacher in all things about sex and fucking.” My cock was hard again, Susma sat on the side of the bed and took it in her hands. “Raju, this is the best looking cock I have ever seen.” She gently caressed it with both hands and said “this is the first cock I have ever been able to put both hands on at the same time.” She bent over kissed the head, then I watched happily as she put my cock’s head into her mouth, then slowly she began to move her head up and down, taking more of my peter into her mouth with every move. “Oh, that feels good,” I said, and she began to move up and down on my cock.

Then Susma took her mouth from my cock and said, “my mouth is tired”–and looked at the clock on the wall–”well, it ought to be, that was seven minutes of cocksucking for me.” She climbed back on top and began to fuck me again. We fucked for five more minutes, then she said, ” I want you to come in my mouth” and began to suck my cock again. “I’m, coming, I’m coming –ohhhhh” and shot my sperm into her mouth. To my amazement, she swallowed all of it.
As I was dressing to leave, Susma was still on the bed. “Raju, I am totally exhausted but for the first time in my life I am sexually satisfied. You can come back anytime and fuck me and fuck me hard.”

As I walked home I felt proud, and was so happy. Although I was tired, I played ball most of the day, and I noticed that Susma and the kids had stopped by the ball field to watch us play.

I went to bed that night, and set my clock for early so I could sneak out again. The clock went off and put on my pants and shirt and went outside. I watched Dilip leave, then went into his house. Susma called out softly, “Raju, come on in.”

We kissed for a while, then Susma said, “Raju, do you want me to teach you how to become even a better lover?’ “Sure” I said. “O.k., kiss my neck softly, then move down and kiss my tits. If you can squeeze them closer and kiss both at the same time, it is even better. Then move on down and kiss my stomach, then move your lips to my pussy.” As I was doing this, Susma was stroking my peter softly with her left hand. I felt her right hand on my butt, and then she was putting her finger up my asshole. This felt pretty good as she was moving her finger. “How’s that,” she asked. “Good,” and I finally reached her pussy with my lips. “Now spread my pussy out, and use your tongue to kiss both sides, and then kiss my clit–oh shit, you’ve already learned how to eat pussy like a pro,” she giggled. I enjoyed pussy eating, and her pussy smelled and tasted good. Susma’s finger was now furiously working my asshole, and she was moving her pussy around like a cat chasing a ball. “Oh, Ohhhh I’m coming” she said as I felt her woman fluid gush into my face.
I moved on top of her and rammed my cock deep into her cunt. She was like a wild woman. I put my hand under her butt, and put my middle finger into her asshole. “Oh, ohh, don’t stop, ohhh, fuck me fuck me fuck me” she screamed. Once again I was afraid the bed would break but I drove my cock into her furiously. She was moaning and I could feel her coming as I once gain felt myself getting ready to come. “Ohh, Ohh,” and as she came I thrust my cock into her and came.

The kids awakened and Susma took care of them while I stayed in bed. After a couple of hours she came back in the bedroom, and removed her gown. “Raju, now I want you to fuck me in the asshole,” and she got on the floor on her hands and knees. “Rub Vaseline on my asshole, because with your cock, I am going to need lubrication.”
I mounted her doggy style and began to push my cock into her ass. I could feel her ass spreading as I entered her. “It hurts, it hurts,” she said and I stopped. “Don’t stop,” she said. After a few minutes of work, and a few tears of pain from Susma I was finally in her asshole and began to pound her. With one hand, I caressed her pussy, which was soaking wet. Her asshole was tight, and wrapped around my peter. In and out, in and out, went on for a few minutes, then I filled her ass with my cum.

Since my first time fucking Susma, I had not seen Roy around. “What happend with Roy,” I asked her one day. “Well, I told him I could not fuck him any more because I was happily married, ha ha ha.”
On my fifth straight day of visiting Susma, she told me to put a rubber on because this was a time of the month when she could get pregnant. “But I don’t have a rubber,” I replied. “Here’s one” and she handed me a Trojan. She saw that I did not quite know how to put it on, so she helped me.

Once again, we made ferocious love, I would eat her pussy, she would eat my dick, then I entered her. We moved to the carpeted floor to make less noise, and I powerfully thrust into her. We both came at about the same time, but then I heard her say “shit, it broke.” “What broke?” I asked. “The condom, shit head. Your damned cock is too powerful for condoms. Fuck, I’ll have to fuck Dilip tonight bareback just in case.” “Just in case of what?” I innocently asked. “Never mind, don’t let it bother your peter–fuck me again.”

We fucked every day for the next several months and Susma never once mentioned me wearing a rubber again.
Five months later I overheard Susma on the telephone with her sister as she said “Well, he’s done it–knocked me up. Just glad he and Dilip have the same color hair and eyes so it can pass as Dilip’–if it’s a boy, for all the young girls of the future I hope he will be as good in bed as his dad is.”
Susma did not say anything to me about me being the baby’s father as we continued to fuckalmost daily. As she approached the 7th month, she was beginning to slow down in all herphysical activities, including our fuckfests.

One afternoon Dilip came over and said he wanted to talk with Dad and me. It scared the shitout of me because I was afraid he had found out that I had been the one that had stretched hiswife’s cunt and stained his sheets.

“Charlie,” he said to dad, “Raju is a strong young man and I need some help.” “Damn,” Ithought, they are going to team up on me and beat my ass.

“As you know, Susma is getting along pretty good in her pregnancy, and it is taking a toll onher. For the past few months she has been exhaused when I get home from work. I would likeyour approval to hire Raju to hang around the house while I’m at work, at least until mydaughter from my first marriage arrives to help out around the house. Even then, I would stillwant Raju there to help out with some of the heavy stuff,” Dilip explained to dad.

“God, say yes, Dad, say yes so I can get paid to fuck this man’s wife, and keep her lookingexhausted when he gets home.” Dad turned to me and said, “Well, Raju, what do you think?”

“I don’t really know,” I said. “Will I have to change the kids clothes and diapers?”
“Sometimes you will, “ Dilip said. But he added, “It should not be too often.”

“Well, I’ll give it a try,” I said. “Great, that sure relieves me, hope you can starttomorrow” Dilip exclaimed.

Dad added, “tomorrow he turns 14, so it is time he began to earn some money, and it would be agreat birthday present for him to have to change a shitty diaper, ha ha ha.”

At 6: 30 the next morning I went to Dilip and Susma’s. Dilip was leaving, and he told me I couldplay solitaire or something until Susma needed me.

As soon as his car started, Susma called out “Raju, I need you now. Get your ass, and yourcock in here now. My cunt is soaking wet just thinking about you being a whore, getting paidby my own husband to fuck the shit out of me. God, this is just too much.”

By the time I reached the bedroom, I had removed all of my clothes and climbed in bed besideSusma. I started to kiss her, then she moved away and said, “Whore, eat my pussy–you don’tmind me calling you a whore do you, for you are being paid to fuck?” “Doesn’t bother me,” Isaid, as long as I get paid and I get fucked.

Susma had taught me how to turn a woman on, so I thought I would display how well I hadlearned. I gently took one of tits in my mouth, and with one hand rubbed the other. “Oh, thatfeels so nice,” she moaned. Then I pushed her tits together and kissed both nipples at thesame time, while my finger was working her clit. Then I moved down her stomach, kissing andrubbing my tongue on her belly as I slowly moved down to her hair pussy.

Susma put out one hand and grabbed my cock and began to move her hand up and down. I dove intoher cunt, and with my tongue roughly rubbed her clit. “Ohhhh” is all she said and put my cockin her mouth. We began to move violently on the bed, she was taking almost all of my cock inher throat and I was ramming my tongue in as far as I could. I then took one hand and placedit on her ass, then put a finger up her cunt. I placed the dripping wet finger at her assholeand applied pressure–finally putting it in. After a few seconds, Susma squirted all over me,and I shot a wad down her throat.
“Raju, that was your birthday present. And thank you for giving me one hell of an orgasm.Dilip is always apologizing because I can’t cum when he fucks me, but you make up for it.”

For the next several weeks we settled into our routine, with only a few interruptions to changea shitty diaper. As soon as Dilip left, Susma would eat my cock and I would lick her cunt.Then we would fuck wildly, until the kids awoke. When they went back to sleep for theirafternoon nap, I would fuck Susma in the ass. She liked this almost as much as cunt-fucking.

As I was leaving one afternoon after Dilip had gotten home, he said, “Raju, Susma has told meyou have been taking great care of all of her needs and that she is very satisfied with yourperformance.” I thought, “she should be.” “Anyway,”he continued, my 20-year old daughterVandana from my first marriage is coming to stay with us until our baby comes. Her husband willvisit her on weekends. But I still want you to hang around in case of a need.”

“Dilip, you know I will be available, and I know your daughter will be a great help to Susma. Iwill try to help as much as I can because we know women cannot do everything that has to bedone.” Dilip laughed, “how right you are, how right you are. Susma’s mother thought she could,but it killed her. She has been dead four years now, and Vandana has missed her so–I think thatis why she got married last year–she felt lonely.”Susma and I continued to fuck for the next week. Then on Friday afternoon, a car pulled up tothe front of the house and two young people got out–it was Dilip’ daughter Vandana and herhusband, Jagdish. Lordy, Vandana was a looker. Her husband was about 6’3″ tall and very thin,while Vandana was about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, with coal black hair.

Dilip introduced us. “Vandana and Jagdish, this is the boy I was telling you about that takes goodcare of Susma’s needs–Raju. He just turned 14 a little while ago. I am going to hate to seehim start back to school in September because Susma says he is such a great help to her.”Vandana smiled and said, “Hi, glad to see you. Guess we’ll work together during the next monthto make sure by little brother or sister gets here o.k.” Jagdish said hello and that was aboutit.

Dilip and Jagdish carried in a couple of suitcases into the spare bedroom and I asked Dilip ifthere was anything else I could do today. He said no, so I hiked over to the lake, about ahalf-mile away and met up with some of my school friends.

Dilip introduced Vandana and Jagdish to Mom and Dad the next morning. Dad and Jagdish talked alittle, and I learned Jagdish was an accountant for a furniture company and had graduated fromcollege two years ago. He had married Vandana that summer when she was 16.
Sunday evening Jagdish packed a few things into his car and took off to his home and job.

The next morning I went over at 6:30, just as Dilip was leaving. “Raju, I am glad you cameover early. Vandana is still in bed, and I don’t want Susma left alone.” “O.k., I’ll check onher until Vandana gets up.”

Dilip left and I went into their bedroom. I sat on the bed and gently kissed Susma. God, herstomach was huge. She smiled and took my hand and said “it looks like we will have to watchout now because Vandana does not know about us.” With that she pushed the covers off and I couldsee she was naked. My cock hardened and I moved on the bed beside her. She moved her ass towhere my cock was in her crack. I began to finger fuck her. After a few minutes, Susma said, “
put it in, put in.” “Are you sure its o.k., I don’t want to hurt the baby, maybe blind it.”Leean giggled and took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. It was slippery wetwith her juices, so my cock entered easily. We fucked a few minutes, then she said, ‘put it inmy ass.”I removed my cock from her thrusting pussy and placed it on her asshole. “Easy now, just alittle bit at a time so you don’t hurt me too much.”
I pushed my cock in a couple of inches, and she moaned. I started to pull it out and she said “
No, fuck me.” So I slipped it in a couple more inches and I felt her tight asshole spread.Then I rammed it in with a passion. We fucked wildly for a few minutes, then I shot my cumdeep into her ass.

We heard Vandana moving around, so I quickly got dressed and sat on a chair beside Susma,pretending to be reading a book. As I looked out into the kitchen, I saw that Vandana still waswearing her lingerie, and I could see her pert tits sticking out, and what a perfect ass shehad.

She came into the Susma’s bedroom, and startled, said, “Raju, I did not know you were here”and tried to cover herself.

I said, Susma has been asleep, so Iwas reading.

The rest of the day was uneventful. The three of us sat around talking and telling jokes andplayed with Susie and Bev. When Dilip got home, I left, and went to the lake.

Tuesday morning, I was back again at 6:30 and went into Susma’s bedroom. “Tommie, I’m not upto fucking today–are you o.k. with that?” “Sure,” and I sat in the chair. A while later Vandanagot up, and this time she was dressed in a pair of short shorts and a halter. She wasabsolutely stunning and I could feel my peter getting hard.
Susma saw me looking at Vandana and said, “Raju, if you play your cards right, you can fuckher. She was complaing last night about Jagdish is not too much into fucking–once a week if sheis lucky.” “Would you mind,” I asked? “Raju, I am jealous and all I want from you is yourcock, and from what I know about you, you can fuck more than one woman a day–so go for it.”

Later that morning Susie and Bev and Vandana were wrestling on the floor and Susie said, “comeon, Raju, help us.” Down on the floor I went and shortly I pinned Vandana face down on thefloor and then the kids jumped on my back and I fell onto Vandana. As soon as my cock touchedher ass, it got hard. The kids were jumping up and down, and everytime it make my cock settleinto Vandana’s ass flesh. I saw that she was flushed, so I moved away and she sat up, her facedark red, framed in her beautiful black hair. We played with the kids some more, but did notmake any close contact.

Susma and the kids took a nap about about 130, and Vandana said, “Raju, could you help me handsome curtains?” “Can do”, I said. I went to get the ladder and Vandana got the curtains.

“Hold the ladder for me,” she said as she climbed up with some curtains. I looked up and couldsee her panties and got another hardon. “I have to go higher, so hold it still,” she said. “Let me hold your waist, it will be safer” and I put my hands on her waist. As she leaned upand over, one of my hands fell to her thigh. I did not move, and Vandana said nothing. Then Imoved up into her shorts and had barely touched her pussy when she turned and said, “Stop itright now–if you ever do that again I will slap the shit out of you.” Humiliated, I removed myhand and told her I was sorry, and my cock drooped down like a puppy that has been scolded.

A few minutes later we finished, and she was laughing and joking like nothing had happened.God, I could not understand women.

The rest of the week passed and all the sex I had was a blowjob from Susma. She was reallytired. Then Friday morning, Vandana received a call from Jagdish that he was not going to be ableto make it in this weekend. She was furious.

When Dilip got home Vandana said “Dad, would you believe it–Jagdish is not coming in thisweekend.” “Sweetie pie, that’s o.k. Maybe Raju will take you over to the lake. How boutthat Raju?” “ I would love to, but I willhave to tell Mom” I replied.

When I returned Vandana had prepared a basket of goodies and she was wearing a two piece bathingsuit. We sat out on our way to the lake. About half way there, Vandana took my hand and that ishow we walked into the picnic area, me holding this beautiful older woman’s hand. God all ofmy 14 year old buddies were envious.

We found a place in the shade, away from the crowd, and spread the blanket and sat the basketdown. “Want to swim?” I asked. “Damn, do I want to swim–yess! She exclaimed.

We swam a while, then came back to blanket and dried each other off with our towels. Soon wespread out the tablecloth and began to eat our dinner. I noticed that within an hour we werethe only ones on the beach.

We ate, then stretched out on the blanket. “Raju, do you have a girlfriend?” “No, all summerI have been pretty busy at Susma’s and Dilip’ house.” “Well, its probably for the best, becauseyou will just get hurt, like I have been since I got Jagdish’s call. I cannot believe he is notcoming up this weekend. Damn, he only wants to do it once a week anyway, and now he is notcoming.”

She continued to talk, and I listened. I put my hand under her head, and she continued tocomplain–then began to cry. I said “hush hush, it’ll be o.k.” and pulled her to me. I beganto kiss away her tears, then finally got the nerve to kiss her lips. She returned my kiss, andbegan to dart her tongue into my mouth. I did the same to her, and moved closer to her so shecould feel my hard on. We kissed, then I moved my hand to her back and unhooked the top to herswimming suit. As her tits came out, I took one in my mouth and began to kiss it ever sogently. She moaned softly and I kissed the other tit, trying to take all of it in my mouth.

I moved down her stomach, with my tongue flicking away until I got to her belly button. I ranmy tongue around that, then moved back up to her lips, kissed her alway the up. I started backdown, and kissed below her belly button, then with one hand I started to remove her swim suitbottom. I had it to her ankles when suddenly she said, “No, No, stop it. We can’t do this, I’
m married and you are just a kid.” “We do what we have to do,” I said, and plunged my headinto her dark muff, soon my tongue was licking her cunt lips and she was trying to get me off.I was much stronger, so I continued and after a few minutes she seemed to relax and I couldgive her some relief. She began to moan, “don’t stop, don’t stop, oh god, this feels so good,don’t ever stop’ and then she let out a loud moan and covered my face with her juices. “God,that is the first orgasm I have ever had except self-induced,” she said. I continued to kissher again on the lips and breasts, and was now on top of her. I moved her legs apart, andguided my cock to her cunt hole. “We are not going to fuck,” she yelled–“I am married” and shetried to move. But I had her pinned, and began to push my cock into her cunt. She began to crybegging me to stop. I got in three or four inches, and felt a blockage–could this be true–sheis still a virgin I thought. The excitement of fucking a married virgin made me wild, and Idrove the full lenght of my cock deep into her pussy. She cried even harder, telling me I washurting her, but I was beyond caring–all I wanted to do was to fuck this most beautiful woman–
and fuck her I did. She cried all the time I was ramming it in, and finally I shot my wad deepinto her insides. After a few minutes, the sobbing stopped and she said, “you bastard, youraped me. If I tell Dad or Dilip, they will kill you–I bet you have fucked Susma to, haven’tyou?

“Vandana, I have never fucked Susma, you were my first” I lied, “and I am so sorry for what Ihave done. I hate that I hurt you like that and made you bleed” I said.

“Raju, you popped my cherry is why I bled.” “But I thought you and Jagdish fucked?” “We do,but poor Jagdish comes as soon as he gets it in one inch and has never gone in deep. After hesprays his cum over my cunt, he eats my pussy, then goes to sleep. I have to use my fingers tofinish my orgasm.”

Vandana took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and it began to get hard again. “This is anice cock, Raju, but you should not force girls. If you do it to someone else, they mighttell the cops, and you could go to jail for a long time. And was I really your first”

“Thanks for the advise, and yes, yours was the first cunt I ever fucked. Now I want to fuck youagain” and I grabbed her and once again she began to fight. My cock was hard and fully erect,and the fight Vandana put made it even more exciting. Finally, I had her cunt lined up with mycock and drove it in. She screamed again, but did not cry. After a few minutes she said “thehurt is gone” and began to move with me up and down. We rolled on our sides and I fucked herwhile she had one leg rolled over me, then she turned me on my back and began to say, “ride’mcowboy,” and I swear, I thought he had gone crazy. She was almost jumping up and down on mycock, moaning and groaning, then she shot her juices on me and I could no longer hold myself,and let my cum explode in her again.

I took my limp cock out of her cunt and put it in her mouth. She kissed the head, then beganto move up and down on it.
She was on her back, and I moved down in 69 position and began to eat her pussy. We continuedfor four or five minutes, the both of us came, not at the same time, but near so.

It was dark when we got home, and Dilip and Susma were sitting on the porch. “Hope y’all had agood time, “Dilip said. “Yes we did Dad, and thanks for asking Raju to go to the lake withme. We met a lot of his friends there. The picnic dinner was great, I don’t think I could putanother thing in my mouth or my stomach.” Susma looked at me and winked, and I winked back.

I tried to leave the weekends to Dilip and Susma, and besides, Dad and Mom wanted us to take afamily trip.

Monday morning bright and early I at Dilip and Susma’s. Vandana is up, and I move over to kissher, then run my hand down her panties. I felt a pad and apparently looked puzzled. “Myperiod started this morning, so no fucking this week. If Jagdish gets here Friday, he will haveto wait until Saturday.” Jagdish did arrive Friday, and I guess he got to fuck VandanaSaturday.
The weekend passed slowly as I thought about how much I wanted to fuck Vandana. Monday morning Igo over and Leean said, “any day now and you will another kid to watch. By the way,Vandana said you raped her, then fucked her brains out the rest of the evening last week. Howwas it? She said you got her cherry–shit, it’s a shame Jagdish comes before he can get it in,and I was thinking once how I might like to fuck him. Well, today, I want to give you a blowjob before you go fuck the shit out of Vandana”.
After we finished, I walked down to the other bedroom, knocked, and walked in. Vandana wasspread out on the bed, “I’ve been waiting for you, big boy, come to mama and fuck this cuntmean and hard.”
“Did Jagdish fuck you this weekend?” “Yes, since you have widened the opening, he got it in alittle more before he shot his wad.” We fucked, she ate cock, I ate pussy, most of themorning. Finally, Vandana said, “I cannot believe you have not tried to fuck Susma–you know sheis hot for you. Dad is too old for her, and like Jagdish, probably does not give her a goodfuck. Maybe after the baby comes, and I go home, you can move onto Susma. Dad will neverfigure it out, he is so out of touch.” “I have thought about fucking Susma, and if you think Ican score, maybe I will try after the baby comes.” “Go for it, but don’t you forget about me.Remember I was your first.”

The next day Susma went to hospital, and Vandana and I stayed home with the kids. Of course wefucked three times that day, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Susma came home on Thursdaywith a baby girl, so it was tough finding time to put my cock in Vandana’s cunt. People stoppedby, and gave Dilip a hard time about not getting a boy. “Maybe next time,” he said.

Jagdish came up for the weekend.

Monday Vandana filled me in. She said he got it all the way in this weekend and lasted about twominutes. She pretended to have an orgasm and he was excited, then he licked her cunt and forthe first time gave her an orgasm with his tongue. With the new baby, Susma did not have timeto eat my cock, and Vandana and I could only get in one or two fucks a day.

Jagdish came back for the weekend, and Vandana said at least he was as good as he was lastweekend. We fucked all week, and Susma sucked on my cock while Vandana went to the store.

We were sitting at the kitchen table talking while the kids were napping. “You know, Susma, Ithink you should take over my fucking of Raju when I go home. He has a nice cock, and youwould enjoy it. Dad would never suspect a thing–hell, Mom fucked all three of his brothers,his father, and at least two of his uncles and he had no clue. If she had not died, she wouldhave been caught though because she was not careful. But Dad trusts Raju, and he sees him asa kid, not as a stud with a cock meant to please women.”

Susma hemmed and hawed, and said, “I don’t know.” “Girl, the time will be gone before you knowit, you have to fuck this boy as soon as doc gives you clearance, and I am going to fuck himnow. “ With that, we went into her bedroom and had wonderful sex.

For the next three weeks, Vandana and I fucked every day. Although I had started back to school,I could come home for lunch, and we would fuck then.

Then the hard part hit me. Vandana told me she was going home this Friday, and that she wanted togive me one good fucking before she did. “Can you get off a half day at school,?” “Yes.”

Friday I went to school that morning, although it was hard to concentrate with my cock so hard.I hoped that my teachers did not notice, but I did notice Mrs. Graham glancing at me as she satat her desk, right in front of me.

When I got to Dilip and Susma’s they were both there, in their underwear. They had sent thekids to a daycare. “Raju, we are going to have sex today like you have never had it before.You will fuck both of us.” We got on the bed and both of them began to kiss my cock. Everyonce in a while I watched as Susma kissed her step daughter ever so briefly before returning tokiss my cock. I was on my back, and both cunts were lingering over my head. I began to tonguefuck both of them and they were chewing on my peter. Susma then got on top and began to lowerher soaking wet cunt onto my rod. “Are you sure its o.k.?” “Yes, it is. Doc cleared meyesterday, but I have not told Dilip yet. He can fuck me tonight while Jagdish is fuckingVandana.”

We fucked with wild abandon, and could feel my cum rushing into her stomach. Then Vandana movedover and took my cock in her hands, then began to give me a blow job. Hardened again,Vandana was going to abuse it this time. She crawled on me fucked me like she was riding a wildpony. For the rest of the afternoon, we fucked, and they even ate each other’s cunt while Irammed my cock up Vandana’s ass.

Too soon it was over and we cleaned up before Dilip got home.

Jagdish arrived, and took Vandana with him.

Susma and I got back in the rhythm of fucking almost every day. A month later, Dilip told methe Jagdish and Vandana were expecting a baby…

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