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Young Assistant Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I am working in a well-reputed organization in Hyderabad. We have over two hundred employees with the ratio of 45 percent male and 55 percent female. In my office we have six females and four males. It was the month of May 2001 when Jasmine got appointed as my assistant. She is 18 years old with slim figure. She has whitish complexion and long black hair. Jasmine is soft spoken and reserve by nature.

She has the looks of a young schoolgirl. Her body is slim with (32 B cup) breast and very thin waist (24 inches). Our first month went quietly with just introduction and necessary talk. Slowly we became friends rather then boss and subordinate. We started discussing about personnel likes and dislikes. Then we moved slowly towards personal life and shared some of the secrets. I told her some of my sexual experiences, which were quite amusing for her. She could never thought that a girl can have sex before marriage. I then showed her some sex sites on my PC and I could see that she was getting turn on by the sexy pics and XXX photos. Her eyes became reddish and after few minutes she left the room by saying that she needs to go to the bathroom. At that stage I knew that she is in need of a man and I would be the best person to offer my services. During the next few days we became closer by sharing our innermost feelings and at that time Jasmine confessed that she needs someone who could give her pleasure. On Thursday 2nd August 2001 during the lunch break we were in alone in the office. The only person with us was office assistant..

My boss’s room was at the corner of the corridor and he was out for a lunch meeting. I thought I should make a move on her so I asked her to take some papers for filing in Boss’s room. She took the pile and went inside the room. I waited for a minute and then followed her. As I entered the room I saw her busy filing. Her back was towards me and she was slightly bent down. I slowly moved ahead and placed my arms around her thin waist. Jasmine got the biggest shock of her life, she almost screamed, but I placed my hand over her warm sweet lips. She was confused and didn’t know what to do or how to react. She turned around and said in trembling voice, “Ali please don’t do that what if someone comes”. But I did not listened to her and pulled her closer to me. Her young untouched slim body rubbed against my body. I looked into her eyes and I could see the hunger inside. Her lips were ready to be sucked. I lowered my face and placed my lips on her gorgeous warm lips. The touch of my lips got her excited and she stopped resisting at once. I, for the first time was about to do that I was dreaming for long time. My hands were traveling all over her body. First her back then slowly I moved them towards her ass. Oh she had the perfect round shaped ass I have ever touched. I was now desperate to touch her Boobs. I moved my hands from her ass to her stomach and further up till I started feeling her mountains.

Gosh they were perfect for a girl of her age. Hard like apples and handful with erect nipples (half inch long). Before we could go any further I heard someone was coming towards boss’s room. SHIT we were doing so well. I told Jasmine that now we have to go somewhere where we can make out without any interruption. She agreed and we decided to go on next Wednesday. Wednesday 8th August was the BIG day. We decided to leave office at 2:30 PM. Jasmine told everyone that she had to go to see her aunt who is sick. Whereas I told everyone that I am going to electronic market to get something. We set a meeting point near our office and I gave her 2:45 as our meeting time. At 2:40 I took my car and drove at the meeting place here. I found lovely Jasmine dressed in red color Shalwar Suit waiting for me. I stopped my car in front of her and she sat next to me. After our Thursday’s encounter we both were dying to break all the formalities and get into the act of love. I drove as fast as I could and I reached our destination (My friend’s house in Defense Phase V). Me and my friends most of the time used the same house for our sexual needs. As we stepped out of car I could not wait more and held her hand and started almost running towards our (already reserved) bedroom. As soon as we got in I grabbed Jasmine and started kissing her passionately. She responded the same by opening her mouth as wide as she could.

My tongue was traveling inside her mouth and I could feel the warmth of her mouth plus the sliva was moving from her mouth to mine and from my mouth to hers. Her passion was also the same. She was pressing her face against mine as hard as she could which showed the intensity of Jasmine’s arousal. After few minutes I lifted Jasmine’s dress and there she was for the first time in her life she was about to get naked in front of a man. I was dying to see her virgin body. She helped me in removing her top and in a second she was only in her bra. Her black color laced bra was the only obstacle in between her beautiful breasts and me. I moved back and asked her to remove it so that I could enjoy the view of her naked body . The next second was mind blowing, there she was standing in front of me with her boobs hanging out like two well ripe apples. They were of perfect shape and size. Her aroura was as big as One rupee coin with dark brown color. Half inch erect nipples were inviting me to get them sucked. I lost control and pulled her towards me she fell down on me like a ripe fruit. Her firm breast leaned against my chest. I grabbed them with my hands. The feeling was out of this world. Jasmine responded passionately and offered her closer to my mouth for me to have a taste of this heavenly body.

I opened my mouth and took out my tongue then slowly licked the top of her nipple. With my touch Jasmine lost control and started moaning heavily. AAAHHHH, OOHHHH, she closed her eyes in ecstasy and started pressing my head towards her beautiful boobs. I could not resist further and undid her shalwar. It fell down and there she was the girl of my dreams. The one and only Jasmine all naked standing shamelessly in front of me. Her pussy was covered with a light layer of black pubic hair. Her love juice was coming out of her sweet hole covering the bottom part of her pubic hair with a thin wet layer of juice. I got rid of my cloths in a jiffy and hugged her as hard as I could. The warmth of her body was turning me on like anything. My dick was out of control and was ready to explode.

I pushed Jasmine on couch and spread her legs as far as I could, exposing her virgin pussy. It was brownish black in color with reddish color of flash inside, which was full of whitish love juice. I sat in front of her and moved my head in between her legs. The pungent aroma of her womanhood was driving me crazy. It was a mixture of urine and love juice making the smell so arousing that I could not resist and put my tongue in her slit. It tasted slightly saltish. Jasmine was getting out of control with each lick on her Choot (Pussy) she closed her eyes and started screaming in pleasure. OOOHHHH GGOODD please don’t stop please eat me put your tongue as deep as you can, please Ali don’t stop OOOHHHH YYYYAAAAAA OOOOHHHH YYYEEEESSSSSS. Her moans were getting louder and louder as my tongue …. women from hyderabad pls mail me at

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