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  • August 30, 2015

Hello and hi to all the readers of desi stories, I am regular reader this stories, would like to share my story with all the readers I hope you will like it and reply me. The story began two years back when I moved to goa in search of job. As I had enough experience and qualification for the job I had applied. Let me introduce my self, I am 30 years young boy, handsome, well build from Maharashtra did all my studies there and was searching for job which I got in goa. So left the asram where I was staying previously as I am anath from my childhood and whatever little achievement I have got is because this ashram. So when I came to goa I had lots of problem and got settled later on. As I was staying alone in the room I didn’t had no ones company I used spend my time mostly by reading porn books and surfing the internet for browsing porn site, so because of this I had lots of collection of the same. But I was not expecting that my life will be going to change with few days, which I came to know later on. This happened when I was searching for a maid to work in my room and do all my household works so I advertised in the local newspaper for it.

First no one replied then after 4 days one lady came to my room asking for a job. When I saw that lady I was totally impressed by her personality and overall. So I kept her as my maid to work at home. She was around 36 years old, looks like 25 years girl, well maintain figure, cute to see, always smiling and very free to speak. She had weared red coloured saree with pink coloured blouse giving her a pleasant outlook when she had comed first. When I saw her first all bad thoughts started coming in my minds about her as I had read desi stories about owner and maid sex, but then I said I want do any wrong thing which will put me down in her vision. As time started passing I became more free with her and even she.

She used to tell me about her family life about her problems and other things and some times I was helping by giving her some extra money if required but never asked her to return it. so day by day we were coming closer in fact I started loving her inspite of her age, she was such a nice person to be with. Her work was also very systematic and never gave me any chance to shout on her, I was always praying god for giving me the life partner just like her. I was always presenting one saree to her after my salary so even she used to be more ancious about my salary day. One day when she was checking and cleaning my room she got the porn books and started reading it and looking into the picture, she took it home, when I came back from office I wanted to read the magazine so started searching for it but I didn’t get so I thought that I will ask her the next day. next day when she came she was wearing nice light cream colored saree and blouse which I had presented her, she was looking very gorgeous in it. The moment I saw her I said shanti today you are looking really good if you were not married then I would have proposed you for marriage. She smiled and said rajesh saab I am elder then you should not speak in such a way about me. I said that love is blind and never keeps any boundaries of age.

Then after that she hassitately went in the kitchen to do her house work. In mean time I went for bathing in the room. I have a habbit of masturbating my penis when I am bathing so I removed all my clothes and started bathing naked, when I was masturbating my 9inch penis suddenly she entered the room without my notice as the rooms door was not latched by me. She was damned surprise to see me in that position and came back in the kitchen for other works. After I finished my bathing I came out . she had made my morning breakfast by now she said to me hesitatingly “saab kya aap bhi nahate waqt room band nahi kar sakate kya” I felt ashamed of my self. Then I went for job. And she went home.

Evening when she came she was totally changed as if she was beaten by someone, when I asked her what happened to you she started telling me her stories “sahib kya batau apko jo aap paise dete hain usise hamara ghar chalta hain mera marad kuchch kaam ka nahin hain aur phir sharab ke liye mere se paise mangata hain agar na du to muzhe galinya aur marata hain. Aja bhi phir galiya di yah kahakar ki main banz huin aur muze baccha nahin hai” I was listening to her stories as she was very close to me by chance she told me that “ ab aapko kya bataun sahib jabse meri shaadi hui hain hamara in 8 saal main bas 9-10 baar hi sharirik sambandh ya sexual contact hua hai. Main suhagan hote hua bhi nahin huin. Main unse isi vajah se khush nahin hun, baccha hone ke liye donoka ka contact aana bahot jaroori hain” Then she started crying as she was beaten very cruelly by her husband. so I came close to her and gave her my hanky to wipe her tears and convince her. Afterwards I applied cream on her wounds and now she was feeling better. She said “kash saab ap jaissa bahut care karane wala mera husband hota, aap bahot acche hain”. I felt it nice so just to give her my support I took both her hands in my hands to the very next moment she hugged me very tightly and started crying again. When she hugged me a sort of electric current flowed in my full body and I repelled her but as she was holding me tightly she didn’t allowed me to go far but infact hold me in her arms tightly. That was the first time I was experiencing the touch of a woman it was really great the warmness in that touch made me crazy the softness of the boobs that were touching my chest made me wild and I also hugged her very tightly and started pressing her boobs firmly on my chest, then I gave her one kiss standing to the lips, followed by kisses to the cheeks and forehead. She replied my act by kissing me on lips, cheeks and forehead. We remained in that position for some time and then got separated. After that I became more curious about her as she used crack sexy jokes and tell me sexy stories of her friends and others. Now she was very free with me and used to come in my room any time even during my changing clothes during my bath even I used go near her when she used to change clothes even when she used to take bath. Unknowingly I started following her and used to masturbate thinking about having sex with her. I was trying very hard to build a sexual contact with her.

One day when she was taking bath she called me to apply soap to her back, relunctatly I went near her took soap and started applying soap wow what a nice feeling it was for me I felt like kissing her back and full body as she was only in Bra and Panty, she even told me to remove all my clothes except underwear, as they will get wet. I followed her. Then with great courage I decided to propose her so I said “Shanti mujhe pata hain ki tum merese umar main badi ho, lekin eik baat hain jo main tumse kahana chahunga tum mujhe galat mat lena” she replied by saying boliye saab then I carried “Shanti jabase maine tumhe dekha hain mera dil baar baar yahi keha rahaa hain ki jis aurat ki mujhe talaash thi who tum ho, main tumse bahot pyar karata hun, mujhe tumhari umar ka aur shadishuda hone ka koi gam nahin hain, main tumhe kisibhi halat main swikar karane ko taiyar hoon, kya tum meri banana chahogi, main tumhe bahot pyar dunga aur hamesha khush rakhunga”.she was very happy and surprised to hear this words that at least one person loves her very much and cares for her. She said “ sahib main bhi aapko chahane lagi hun aur apke liye kucch bhi karane ke liye tayyar hun” and kissed me on my lips saying “ab aap jo chahiye mere sath kar sakate hain main apki ho gayi hoon”. It was encouraging for me and I started my business. First I hugged her tightly and started pressing her big soft boobs on my chest, then I inserted my tongue in her mouth and started kissing her, followed by kisses on other parts. Then I opened the hooks of her Bra to separate it from her body and free her vulperous boobs. Followed by removing of panty to make her naked, when she became naked she felt shy and starts hiding behind me then I convinced her so she removed my underwear the moment it came down my 9 inch dick got erect and standed as hard iron rod. She had never seen such a big dick in her life so she said “Sahab apka kitna bada hain, kya yeh mere chut main jayenga, meri chut phat to nahin jayengi naa, mujhe bahut dar lag rahaa hain, aapka to mere pati se kitna hi bada, mota aur lamba lauda hain, kya main ise zhel paungi” but I was not interested in that so I moved my attention towards her boobs and started pressing them and sqeezing them hard, again kissing her on face, lips, cheeks and other body parts, she started moaning ahh—ahh—ahh- ahhhhh hhhhh, then I took one of her breast in my mouth and started playing with her nipple, my one hand was pressing the nipple of another breast whereas with second hand I started finger fucking her chut, this made her more horny and she started moaning loudly shhhhh ha shhhhh ha hooooon hooon hhhhhhh then I changed my changed my hand and breast repeated the same again this time she said “ sahab ab raha nahin jata meri chut phaad dalo aur apka lund mere usme dalo” now she was totally hot and striving for sex but I wanted to trouble her more so told her to seat in the bathroom and spread her pussy, she did it then I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her, I licked her clitoris and her vaginal juice which made me horny, she again said “ sahib ab bas bhi karo ap kaam shuru kijiye” afterwards I gave my dick in her hand and told her to lick and suck it. She gave me a real blowjob.

She started sucking my dick and moving it in and out wow now I started moaning in that great pleasure of my lifetime.hun haaaa hun ha hhhh. I was satisfied now so in that sleeping position I opened her thighs and spread her legs and pointed my 9 inch dick towards her vaginal tract for doing sexual intercourse. With applying pressure from behind I manage to insert my dicks first portion in her pussy, she was in pain now and was I , then with second force I manage to insert my dick half in her pussy, her pussy was too tight for me as if I was fucking an virgin girl, but her conditions were critical as she was crying in pain again and again she was saying “ nahin sahab bas mujhe nahin chahiya, meri chut phat gayi hain mujhse nahin hoga, aap apna hatyar bahar nikal dijiye” I didn’t listen to her and said don’t worry nothing will happen as you have already had contact with your husband previously it is just the vagina road has become narrow after wards you will start enjoying it please bear patience. And with one more pressure I inserted my full dick in her vagina. It was fit now inside and even she was having less pain now. After some time I started my fucking job by moving my dick in and out her pussy slowly and rhythmically. Now the sensations that we were getting both were driving us crazy and she was encouraging me to fuck her hard in pussy. Down my dick was fucking her where as on top my mouth was kissing her and middle my hands were squeezing her boobs. Even she was enjoying fuck by shaking her belly from below and trying to accumulate me in her pussy. I was enjoying the fuck of my lifetime with that pleasant sensation, I fucked continuously for about ten minutes and then slowly I increased my speed and started fucking her fast, so she started moaning ohhhh maa ha ohhh. Now the time for me was coming close so I hit a one big shot in her pussy and loaded all my white cream deep inside her pussy, next moment she wrapped both her legs around me and hugged me tightly to accumulate all my cream in her pussy. Just then with in few seconds she had orgasm and loaded my dick with her juice to give my dick a nice bath inside her. Now both of us were totally satisfied we remained rested in that position for some minutes then got up and started cleaning each other parts, I licked her pussy where as she sucked and cleaned my dick. Now she was very happy and said “ sahib aaj apne mujhe aurat bana diya, mujhe apne santushta kardiya, meri bhukh apne mita dee, mujhe jindagi ki sabse badi khushi dedi, main apse bahot pyaar karati hoon, aap mujhe kabhi chhod ke mat jaaana, aapke bina main mar jaoongi, ab aap hi mere sab kuch ho.

Then we gave bath to each other and came in the bed room there again we had sex in doggy style. It was around 1.30 pm by that time so I took her in the hotel for lunch, I took leave from the office saying my health is not well. After coming from hotel again evening we took some rest and had sex three times in different positions which she showed me, In The evening she was not ready to go home and wanted to stay with me at night time for more sex but I send her home. Now she was crazy for my cock and we were having sex regularly 2-3 times daily also our love and bond was building in between us. After three months of our relation one day she gave me good news that she is pregnant and will be going to be mother of my child, I was very happy and had a small party for both of us. One more incident took place at that time her husband who was drinking too much alcohol and was troubling her died of liver failure, now it was open chance for me and I got married with her in a simple formality. She had made my life happy from the day she had come in my life. Now we are husband and wife enjoy a bit of our life. As she is pregnant now I have stopped having sex with her as it might affect our child. So now I am hungry and in search of new girl or woman to fulfill my sex desire and her. So any girl, Aunty, divorcee woman, widow woman wanting to have sex in goa.

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