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X-Mas Party In London

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

hiya, hows we all ? I aint going to tell my name but u can call me SAM, I am a paki who lives in london 4 ages. I cant remember wen i first gotten laid but neva thought i am gonna narate it to u lot. Lemme describe u abt myself first, like i said am a paki course i've got dark skin but am on da fairer side 4 a paki. I am 24, me height is nearly 5-9'n hv got an average built but an out standing face. Being honest I've always been counted in good looking blokes. Because of my face and my style girls always had crush on me - not only pakis, indian even goriz (white bitches) & few kali's (black) but i aint into black nor i had fucked a paki in my life got chance so many times but neva did it wiv an asian kuri. back 2 da story.

I used to work @ Allders, it was a massive department store on oxford street in london. Being in da heart oflondon it was always busy as fuck, especially during X-mas time everyone nowz how oxford street is like - u cant get proper space to put ur feets on the floor! I had joined tis store during X-mas time n was offered a permenant position, the year went n X-mas was about to come. It was september i can still remember wen we start getting X-mas temp through few recruitment agencies. In 'em temp there was an Indian lad, few paki, 1 black and thr was an australian gori called KELLY! KELLY was a good lass abit friendly. She used to work in the womans wear on da shop floor and i used to work in da wear house for Manswear but i had worked for womans wear for a while as well so i knew few bits abt womenswear as well. As its already been a year since i started working for them so i know most of 'em shopfloor staff. Kelly used to work under a paki section leader called Farzana (name changed). Kelly just came into London on working holidays (coz Australia is a common wealth country as well) she is staying in a place abit outside from london called SLOUGH.

Farzana was a good mate of mine, like i said i used to work in da wear house so they had to come alot coz 'em lost hv to replenish shopfloor as well. As i was busy in working suddenly i heard sumone calling me, i turned around and saw Farzana smiling (Farazana was a divorced lady of 35-36yrs old ov age) i smiled back at her and say KELLY standing next to her. She introduced me to KELLY and we exchanged HELLOs and shoke our hands. After that we met so many times in da staff canteen and get along very well. Ops soz i dint describe KELLYS FIGURE to ya lot, KELLY was 25yrs old from Queensland i fink - i aint sure abt her city but she was an australian 4 sure. She got handfull pair of tities 34C, da two perfect fings i used to like alot abt her was her waist that was 26inches believe me or not she was size 6 but she got lil nice n round arse tht was 30inches. If anyone would see her from behind he would really love to grab her from her weist and try to brush his manhood wiv her booty 4 sure. Time went by and all ov da sudden only few days left in X-mas. Being a permanant employee we dint have to pay owt for the party but 'em X-mas have to pay £10. All we had to do is to put our name on the list so they can order foods and ova fings. on 17th dec da day begin wen thr was a party just opposite to our place we work in a hotel ( i cant remember its name but it was at Marble Arch besides WALLIS). Few of my mate and our section leader called Kat (Katrina - an english lass) decided to meet in the pub for cheaps drinks but da party. We went thr had 3-4 glasses ov double Jack Daniel in plain water - had few taqueila shots and off we go... was pissed as fuck but i can control my drinks as long as i had stuff me face! We went to da party and i new i was loosing control so i ordered a black coffee to make fings clear. I had black coffee and all of the sudden withing 60secs i'd say i was NORMAL. We had our food - had good laff but as usual i dint win nowt in RAFFLE tickets lol. Now we had been called to the dance floor.

First person was on da dance floor was our section leader Katrina who was a good dancer. Then we went and on da dance floor i met my other mate RACHEL - we smooch and welcome each other - she dragged me littrally to the bar by holding my hand in order to buy her a drink (typical girl :). Whilst i was buying her a drink i had see my mate called HARRY who just nipped in wiv KELLY, i bought RACHEL a drink n off she go to dance floor and asked me to follow her but i said i'll join u in a sec - u go carry on wiv others. I said hello to HARRY and KELLY smooched me wen she was me wiv a smile on her face but she was abit pissed. She was holding SMIRIN OFF in her one hand and BEAR in other hand.

She offered me SMIRIN OFF n i accepted (i neva learnt how to say NO to drinks 🙂 we started talking bla bla bla whilst drinking then we went to the dance floor and was boosing around. We was having fun and dancing all over the dance floor for 2-3hrs. We were getting tired coz of non stop dancing so i dragged her to da table and sat for a while. My drink was abt to over so we went to the bar just out side the party room. We had to que up 4 da drinks and she asked me for a lil walk i said yes (I wouldnt say YES if i wasnt drinking coz of winter) we started walking and holding our hands n she started counting stars. She was looking so lovely - I took her other hand in my hand and push her towards me, she came near me wiv a naughty smile on her face and i placed my lips on her lips. Wicked it was - we started exploring each other mouths wiv our toungues and i hv to say she was really good at it. I put my hands on her back and started moving my hands up and down although she was wearing her long furry coat. she put her hands on my lil arse, squeezing it and pushing me towards her so i can put my toungue more in her gob.

We was kissing each other on da street and it was i fink nearly 3ish in da morning but as it was london so no one cares its like a normal fing for us doing it on da street. We stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes as we know whats gonna happen next but we cant do nowt on da street but kissing. We went to the Nearest tube station that was BOND STREET without knowing the time as we both was pissed n saw it was closed. We started walking n kissing each other passionately. Wen we took our mouth off each others we was at CENTRE POINT on HOLBORN. It was a more busy place at night coz of loads of clubs down PICADILLY CIRCUS AND LEISTER SQUARE. We took a taxi and went near to my place (CROUCH END, in north london) but as i was living with my family that time so obviously i cant bring her in at that time of night wen we both were nearly drunk. I stopped the Taxi at FINSBURY PARK as we got loads of hotels infront of that park. We poped in to a MAJESTIC HOTEL and asked for the double room - luckly the had two that night - we got da one. soon we entered to our room she jumped in the bed wiv half of her body (legs) swinging. She looked at me in a naughty way and as always a naughty smile on her face and she was calling me wiv her fingers to join her in. I smiled and jumped on her and we locked ourmouth in eachother for a while.

She took a move and torn my shirt and started kissing me wildly - she shoved her hand in my trouser as my average size manhood was errected (6inch but thick as fuck wiv a massive helmet on da top). she was playing wiv my willy and kissing me on my chest den she got down unzip my trouser, took my trouser off and i was in just my boxer short. She glore at me cock and started rubbing my cock wiv her hand over my boxer short den she placed her mouth on it. She pull my boxer short down, holding my cock and put it in her mouth. Wicked man, it was - i was in enjoying myself wiv a pleasure she was giving me. She was licked my massive helmet (knobhead) and shoved all my willy in her mouth while i was holding her head and moving her head up and down. She was enjoying it and sucking it till 5mins. She took my cock out and started licking my nipples i put my hands on her back, she had clothes on that time.

I started unwrapping her. We was kissing and i took her top off it was a round neck T-shirt. She was standing in her bra and skirt i started rubbing tities over her bra and took it off with my hands she was really moaning wiv pleasure, i started kissing her on her neck and put one of my hand on her panty. I started moving my hand on her pussy which she was enjoying - i got down started sucking her tities - that was pink errected nipples like a stain gun pointing towards me ! one of my hand was still on her pussy and rubbing her clit over her black matching panty. i got down n started licking her feets that she was enjoying and moaning. I started kissing her left thigh and reached to her 'minky moo' (pussy) put mouth on her pussy and just kissed it and went towards her right leg - she was breathing heavily and hold my hairs with full force, dragged my face n put it on her pussy. I took her panty off wiv my mouth and one hand put other once in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She got blonde hair on da top of her pussy but rest of da parts was shaven. I was looking at her pink pussy lips that wasnt neither too tightnor a hole of a wel! i started finger fuckin her which she was enjoying and moaning. I put my toungue on her clit and started licking it whilst finger fucking her. She started breathing heavily and became tensed i shoved my middle finger in it as well. Now she got my 2 fingers in her pussy n my toungue licking her clit and a fluid started flowing off her pussy and she was gerrin relaxed. She pulled me up and kissed me till 15min whilst we was snuggling. we got each other in our arms and my errected tool started drilling her thigh. I took a condom out of my wallet that i carry everysingle day, She unwrapped da condom, put my willy in her mouth for 2-3 mins den took it out put da condom on da top of my penis and putting it on wiv her two fingers and her mouth. She got on da bed, took a wheel barrow position on edge of the bed, her both legs was in da air, i slide my penis in her pussy den took it out, again i did it 2-3times.

She started moaning wiv pleasure den i rubbed my cock on her pussy for few mins den slide it in wiv just one push. It wasnt her first time nor mine, now i was in her in just one hard push coz of its thickes. She was enjoying it while i was drilling her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pushing me towards her so she can hv all of penis in her. She was moaning loudly coz she had big cocks den mine but hvnt had that thick. I kept on digging her till few mins then we had changed our position. Now i was lying in bed and she was riding on me. She sat on my cock and took all in one go and started bouncing on cock that was giving her pleasure. She started sweating and i can feel her shes getting tired so i hold her both bums and tried to stretch it as much as i can and started stroking her, she was enjoying my every stroke and giving back response by moving her pussy towards my penis. I kept on banging, den we decided to do in doggy style. I like that position so i can spank as well :). Still she was on da edge of da bed in doggy style. I leaned forward, squeezed her tities and wiv one hand i put just da head of my cock in her pussy and gave her a hard stroke, she shouted and her tear came off her eyes but she enjoyed it alot and pushing her self towards my chest. I was kissing her neck holding one of her tities and got her waist in one hand and increased da pace. den i started slowing down my pace - spanked her few time till her bum's cheek got red which was looking lovely but could see da pain on her face i spanked her again den licked all over da red area, she moaned.

 Again i put my cock in her and started banging her which we both were enjoying. We kept on doing till she started gerrin tensed up and i increased my pace, she was apparently shouting to FUCK ME FASTER,FUCK ME, UR MYSEX BUDDY from now on, I dint reply her and kept on drilling till she cam that was massive but she dint say me to stop drilling her. I kept moving to and fro till another few mins and knew am gonna explode in few mins i took it out and she took da condom off with her one hand and started giving me a head. I was nearly coming which she wanted to drink but i took my cock out of her mouth and shooted on all her body (as i hate coming in some one mouth ewww, disguisting). She wiped her self out wiv da tissue, we lay down in bed holding each others till 1/2hr and went to take shower. We cleaned ourself, and we did again in da shower. We fall asleep and had amazing sex wen we woke up nearly 10ish in da morning, had our breakfast kissed eachother, exchanged eachothers cell no and left to our places. We kept on meeting and hving sex till i moved to Bradford coz i decided to take admission in da Huddersfield Uni. We kept in touch wiv phones call off n off till she went back to australia. I dont belive in longterm relationship nor she does i rekon, tis why she dint give me her no nor i asked. Soz if few of ya cant understand coz its in english but i cant write in urdu/hindu. Its me first and prolly last story so holla back @ me ! me email is '' - may be i'll reply if u'd be lucky. HAVE A GOOD ONE! sammy.

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