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  • September 29, 2015

Hello guys how is life. It has been documented since time immemorial and if you think properly there should have been incest according to any custom for example if Eve has been created by Adams ribs it is his own part and the next generation of human beings should also have arose from incest. Even in Hindu custom there is a god who married his own daughter. And the history says that ancient Egyptians married there blood relations to maintain the purity of blood. Even the ancient Indian kings used to send the very same females they fuck to train there offsprings in the art of fucking

Animals do not scratch there head on the concept of incest. If they need to fuck they fuck there own sons and daughters. All of us one time or the other during our early puberty would have thought of fucking our own mothers and sisters when we first get those early hard ons.

Now enough of lecture lets come to the point. I also do not believe in the stories where the boys marry their own mothers. But I do believe that fucking can take place between relations. The best example is what is happening in our house. I do fuck me mother on a consistent basis and she also does enjoy that. If we are hungry we take food, If moms cunt is hungry it is our responsibility to feed it with the nutrition of your semen and also it is the responsibility of all mothers to breast feed there sons when they require it why fear to breast feed them during puberty when they have done the same 18 years ago.

My father expired when I was 18 years old and my mother used to work in a consultancy firm just to kill time since my father had made enough money for us to lead a decent life. Once immediately after college I left to pick up my mother from her work place and I was early because some local politician had expired and as a mark of respect they had closed the college. When I arrived at her office I saw the notice which said that it was closed on government orders as a mark of respect. I thought my mom had already left and was about to leave when I heard some sound from inside of some one coughing. My initial thoughts were that there might be some burglar inside. I knew of another route to make to the inside of the office which was by climbing up the tree and getting inside the first floor through the window and walking down the stairs to the ground floor where my moms chamber was located.

I did the same and was not surprised to look at the rooms which was deserted. I wanted to catch the culprit red handed. And funnily enough the sound was coming from my moms room and crept behind the window and peeped in to find the position of burglar and catch him. I did indeed see the burglar who was watching a porn movie on the monitor of the computer with a text in the back ground of the web page. And the person was busy fingering her cunt and squeezing her breast and was not aware of me, because I was peeping from the window behind her.

I strained my eyes and could make out the heading of the story. Which read mom fucks son and the movie that was running on the small corner of the monitor was that of elderly lady of my moms age getting fucked by boy of my age and she was shouting obscenities and now I realized who the culprit on the chair was.

But I did not want to miss out on this spectacle. I could just about see my moms hand moving in and out of her cunt hole but only the pubic hair was visible and I always had infatuation for pubic hairs. I could clearly see her nipple which were erect and she was moaning and calling out my name and saying fuck me fuck me sten fuck me! U mother fucker take care of me. My cunt is getting dry make it moist once more. Give me your rod and repair my cunt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuck! And by the look of things she pushed her hand deeper into her cunt and I realized she was having orgasm. She shuddered for few seconds and fell on her chair.

I quickly hurried the same way I had come and went to the main entrance and knocked at the entrance. It took her some time to come to the entrance and I could smell of the typical feminine smell that I used to smell from her panty when I jacked off. She gave smile and hugged me. Because of all the events witnessed my shaft was also dripping and stiff. When I hugged her I made sure her cunt had the feel of my stiff rod and hugged her tightly enough to crush her stiff nipples. I realized that her eyes widened and there was a change in _expression on her face. But she lingered in my arm for me to feel her ass which is her biggest asset. I realized she was not wearing any panty and was only in her satin skirt which made the touch more sensuous. She suddenly pushed me and changed the topic. And asked why I had not given a call before coming. And hurried to the toilet which I think she wanted to wear her panties back since she had come to open the door and I went to her computer and selected the porn movie from the document section. She came out of her toilet and saw me watching the same movie which she had been watching and saw her son jacking off for the same visuals which had assisted her in reaching orgasm. The first thing that struck her was the enormous size of my dick with the dick head protruding out and the shaft with prominent veins on it

She opened her mouth to say something I signaled her to come over and the mouth she had opened to tell something. I pushed my dick into it. She got down to business and started sucking on it. I asked her to sit on my lap with her legs spread eagled but she was not willing to let go of my dick so I pulled her upside down so that she was feasting on my dick while I chewed on her cunt over the panty. I appreciated her taste as I realized she had zipper on her panty at the level of cunt hole. I unzipped it and started licking the cum that was dribbling out. I carried her to nearest couch in that upside down position. And we fell on it into the classical 69 position.

She told ‘ Beta , Undress me completely and take me. I want you to put that wonderful weapon of yours into my burning cunt.” I literally tore her dress and roughly caught hold of her nipple and started rolling it. She had white boob with dark nipple in contrast to it with large areola and enormous nipple

It was too much for me I asked her to take up the doggy position and came behind her. Since it was my first time. I was searching for the right spot from behind. She put her hand between the thighs and caught hold of my shaft and guided into the very same passage I had come from. For a lady of her age she had quite a tight cunt and her enormous ass cheeks very making erotic sounds crashing on to my thighs. It was like heaven on earth when the dick slipped totally in and we were fitting like a lock and key and my dick was totally swallowed by her cunt. We slowly began that rhythm which is essence of generation. She had switched on a romantic number in the background and was like we were having a ball dance of different variety. My balls hitting cunt lips with my shaft in and her boobs swaying like hell I caught hold of her boobs from behind.

“ oh Ma why didn’t tell before I have lost so many days of pleasure your cunt is tighter than the cunt of a virgin I wanted to fuck you since I reached puberty . Fuck you slut fuck me hit me with your cunt. Bang your cunt more harder. Is this the hardest you can fuck”

She got more angry and banged with much more force and was almost swallowing my balls. We changed position and she lay on her back and it was an unbelievable sensation when my dick entered the place where it should belong from the front . Now I had the unrestricted vision of her bouncing boobs. I increased the pace and she was trying to out do me in pace in the end I think we had photo finish because both of us peaked at the same time and incidentally the music also stopped so only the fan sound was audible.

My dick was still in her we were one bundled mass of flesh, sweat and body juices flowing out in abundance. She woke up and said that golden words “ See Sten you should not have any guilty feeling as far as I am concerned both of us require an outlet for our emotions who is better than some one whom you have been knowing since birth, lets not scratch our head about morality and lets sink ourself in the pleasure of fucking and lets experiment and find new ways of fucking coupled with the thrill of fucking the person whom we always fantasize about. Lets not waste precious time, we will go home and continue what we started here.”

I had great difficulty in driving back home since my mom was already busy sucking my dick while I was concentrating on driving. God save us

Believe in our moral that is if u want to fuck u fuck irrespective of mother or sister

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