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  • September 11, 2015

Hello to all those crazy Desipapa fans reading this story. I have been reading a lot of stories here and fantasizing for a very long time. Let me introduce myself, I am Prateek from Bangalore, 28 years old with an height of 5.11”. I had a lot of  sexual encounters in the past few years, the one I am narrating today is one of them which happened 2 years back.

Those days I was working in a call centre in Bangalore and my family was settled in Mangalore. One of my aunts family was settled in Tumkur,   which is a small city around 2 hrs journey from Bangalore. At times during my vacation or weekends I used to visit them. Once I was invited by my cousins on a festive occasion to their place, for which I readily agreed and visited them, I spent one night with my cousins which was a Saturday and was on my way back to Bangalore from Tumkur as I had to catch up with some work , my cousin dropped me to the Bus stand and left me to catch a bus. I got in to a bus, because it was a Sunday morning there were not many people, the first couple of seats were occupied and people were scattered here and there.

I walked behind and settled myself almost close to the last seat. Just as the bus was about to depart, There got in a beautiful fair lady carrying a baby with a little luggage along her. I was watching her from back as she struggled in, she was stunningly beautiful with a round face and long eyes. She must have been somewhere around 27 or 28 years old. She was wearing a saree which was little transparent, through which I could see here beautiful white belly as well as her perfect sized breast. Surprisingly she walked almost till the end and sat in the seat parallel to mine.

All the while I could not stop starring at her beautiful figure with nice round ass. I still could not get my eyes off her, meanwhile she just turned towards me gave a small little smile as she made herself comfortable. I was overjoyed and was turning and looking at her every now and than. She probably realized me starring at her but did not react. Just with in 10 minutes of our journey her baby got restless and started crying. She tried to calm the baby but it wouldn’t listen, as I was watching all this she slowly lifted her pallu, put her hand on her blouse slipped it up and pulled her left breast out to feed her baby. What a sight it was, her breast were MILKY white with huge brown nipples pointed sharp. Looking at it I immediately had a hard on… and was uncomfortable as my dick was struggling inside my jeans. As the baby was drinking milk I was surprised to see that she did not cover her breast but instead pulled her blouse further up which gave me a complete view of her upper breast. I was just starring at her breast and slowly started to arrange my dick, I was totally numb and all of a sudden realized that she was watching me stare at her breast, and gave me a smile.

Now, that was green signal to pick up a conversation to get closer to her. I immediately said “ that’s a cute baby. What’s its name ?” She replied back saying “ Shrada”.  I gained little courage and asked her if I could sit next to her….. for which she smiled. Not waiting for her answer got up from my seat and sat next to her. Now I was sitting very close to her and I could see her entire breast and a part of her belly. In some time the baby stopped feeding and was asleep. But the lady still had breast exposed as she was dozing. I  got little more closer to her, now my thighs were touching hers. I wanted to feel her milky white boobs, but was scared. I got little closer to her, both our bodies were in proper contact, I could feel her breathing and the warmth of her body.

I slowly lifted my hand and got close to the baby face which next to the breast. I slowly touched her breast, but there was no reaction from her end. I started playing with it and could see the milk flowing out, wetting my hands. I squeezed her nipples little harder and she moans… AAAHHh and leans on my shoulder. Now I lost it… and could not wait any more. I unbuttoned her blouse and to my surprise ,she was not wearing a bra inside, both her breast popped out. I put my hand around her and caught hold of her right breast and with the other hand the left breast and was in cloud no 9. As I was squeezing her she started liking it and was moaning softly in my ears. I bent down a little and placed my face on her breast and pressed it gently on it, I could feel her nipples on my cheek and all over my face, I slowly opened my mouth and started sucking her nipples, where in her sweet nectar started flowing in to my mouth. By now she was totally aroused, and slowly whispered to me “ I want you.” . I was leaning on her and sucking her, at the same time started lifting her saree from down. She slowly shifted the baby to the side and made it sleep on the seat. Now she was running her fingers through my hair and gently pressing my face to her breast and directed me to her other breast.

I lifted her saree little above hers knees, and inserted my hand deep inside and started playing with her thighs, as I was playing she slowly spreads her legs and makes room for me to put my hand in to her love zone. Her panties were all wet, I pull it from the side and insert my finger on to her soft pubic hair and start playing by spreading her cunt lips. I can feel her enjoying it, she holds me tight and presses me hard against her breast where my face is placed exactly between her breast. I inserted my middle finger in to her cunt for which she gives a slight push. I started to finger fuck her  and slowly increased my speed, in the process I inserted two fingers in to her  and was playing it hard. She could control and was moaning AAHHh  AAAH.. AAAhhhhh AAAhHHHhh. , with in a matter of  5 to 10 min I could feel her cum… she was pressing my head hard against self and kissing all over my face and ended up kissing on my lips…

I could sense happiness in her eyes, satisfaction on her face….. I got up set myself right, she buttoned her blouse…. Corrected her saree and took the baby back in her lap…I asked her whats her name… she said Anjali and said that she stays in Tumkur and her husband travels most of the time and is not able to satisfy her and she also states that she wants to feel me completely. As we reached Bangalore we exchanged our numbers after which we had a lot of sex for the next one year until her husband got transferred to Pune and we lost touch.

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