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Wonderful Night

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi Desi Papa Friends. This is Rajveer again welcoming all Desipapa friends who had admired my stories & wrote letters to me. I have received many letters from female readers and I am surprised the way my story has been liked by the readers. Let me describe a little to all the new friends who are new to my page. I wrote four stories, which were published on Desi Papa page, the stories were actually true incidents of my life.Here Im with a fresh incident happened few months back.As you all aware of my mail id kindly post your comments on

We met them three months back. A chance message on a website to a faceless, nameless couple. The usual banter back and forth using the typed word. Luckily I could type and was able to keep them interested with conversation. After several months of conversation and an exchange of as we found out later to be outdated pictures, a meeting was set. I remember the rain that evening as we drove to the meeting place, a nice restaurant in a neutral town. We parked and waited in the car as we had left far to early in sweet anticipation of the meet. We sat in the car listening to the rain, not much conversation between the two of us. Not wanting to be late, we entered the restaurant and entered our names. We waited for what seemed like an eternity, but what in reality was just a few minutes. I saw her walk in behind him, seeing first the black boots anju was wearing. My eyes lifted to see long slender legs wrapped in denim jeans, a white turtleneck shirt and a black leather jacket. Anju had on her glasses which I had not seen in any of the pictures on the net. Her eyes the deepest blue behind them and surrounded by the blonde hair that fell across her face and shoulders like golden wheat. Standing and greeting them, I felt an immediate flush come across my face and a slight bulge begin to grow as I took in just how tall anju was. Anju was stunning! Her pictures had showed her a little heavier with darker hair and no glasses.

As we were escorted to our table, I gladly allowed her to walk in front of me and was delighted to observe a gentle sway to her perfectly rounded hips. I was in heaven all the way to the table. As we consumed our appetizer and proceeded to give our pedigree’s to each other, the coincidences kept mounting higher and higher. Married on the same day, birthdays in common etc etc…at one point I wanted to look for the hidden cameras I was sure were strategically placed inside the restaurant. I tried to hide my complete and utter delight at the table, but my mind kept wandering to how it would be between us. The soft fullness of her pink lips, the way anju licked them to keep them moist and the slight furl of her brow behind her glasses had me completely enamored. After a wonderful dinner and equally intriguing conversation we exchanged a light kiss in the parking lot and departed for home, in eager anticipation of internet messages that would exclaim our mutual attraction of each other. It didn’t take long, and the chemistry that was so hard to find in four people was declared. It was agreed that we would all meet at their house and see how far that mix of chemicals would take us. In preparation, I shaved, trimmed, plucked, and re-shaved. The drive seemed to take forever, but in reality was just a short drive across town. When we arrived we were greeted at the door by friendly smiles, scant clothing and the offer of a fine glass of wine. Music played softly in the background as the conversation once again flowed, eventually turning to a more sexual nature. Anju was decked out in a white, flowing Teddy which accentuated her hourglass figure, legs so long as to make me think they would never stop. Underneath, anju wore a white G-string which I hoped would not be in the way for long. A fire was made in the fireplace and the lights turned off, choosing to have candles lit instead. Anju came to sit next to me, the candlelight and fireplace flames dancing off her hair and body. Sans the glasses anju had on at our first meeting, her face appeared angelic in its smoothness and luster.

Anju leaned close, kissing me on the lips lightly. The look in her eyes told me that this indeed was going to be the night of my life. Anju started unbuttoning my shirt and I gleefully assisted her in undressing me. Her touch was warm, her hands were soft and her nails ever so lightly scratched my skin sending shivers up, then down then back up my spine. I felt my hands slide down her arms, skin as soft as a newborns. We moved closer, able to feel the electricity between us as our bodies touched and her soft, supple breasts and firm, erect nipples pressed into my chest. Anju moved her arms up and around my neck and our lips connected lightly at first, then harder as the passion welled up inside us. Our tongues greeted each other eagerly and danced together in unison. Anju was a fantastic kisser, something I sincerely enjoyed to the fullest extent. Anju slowly crouched down in front of me and rested on her knees in front of me. I was already erect, and anju licked the tip of my cock slowly, a drip of precum leaving a trail of sticky goo from my cock to her tongue as anju rocked back slowly then wet her hand with her own saliva taking me fully in her grasp. Her saliva felt like liquid gold lubricant as anju slowly stroked me, taking my breath away in short gasps. Her hand was soon followed by her wet, warm mouth wrapping itself around my cock. Her tongue flicked and seemed to wrap itself around my raging cock like a snake with its prey. I was indeed in heaven. After believing I had died, anju finally stopped and brought me back to reality. I helped her up and moved her to the loveseat and laid her back on it. I then reciprocated and knelt before her between her alabaster legs, caressing each and every inch while working my way up to my version of heaven. I moved her dampened G-string aside and ran my finger across her pussy lips, wet and slippery with her flowing juices.

I leaned in, allowing my tongue to linger across her lips and my hot breath to caress her mound. My tongue growing impatient to work its magic. As I started, I could hear her breathing quicken and deepen and soon anju was moaning with delight, to my delight! I quickly found out that anju preferred a more straight up and down lick compared to a side to side or the alphabet. Once that was establianjud, I quickly brought her to convulsive orgasm. I loved the way anju wiggled and squirmed under my velvet touch. I had no idea, but anju was multi-orgasmic and the hits just kept on cumin! When anju had enough, anju moved off the loveseat and sat me down on it, giving me a few strokes had he hard once again. Anju knelt on the loveseat and hovered over my lap, grasping my cock and placing it against her lips where anju slid it back and forth in her wetness, then sank down on it driving it to the hilt. We both gasped in unison as it hit bottom and anju didn’t miss a beat as anju began a slow glide up and down and forward and back. My hands grabbed her hips and anju rode me for what seemed like an eternity before anju slid off and moved me from the loveseat so that anju could kneel on it in front of me. I entered her doggie-style and did my best to keep up with the motion of her incredible ass. My hands held her shoulders as I thrust inside her, hearing the sloshing noises of her juices as we came together, then apart. I was nearing an orgasm when I heard her whisper, will you fuck me in the ass? I almost creamed right then and there, but managed to hold back and regroup. I slid out of her and lubed her ass with her silky fluids. My cock slid right into her ass, and I heard her let out a slight “ahhhhh” sound as it did. Her “ahhhh” soon changed to an “mmmmm” and I knew we were a match! I plunged into her and anju puanjud back into me until I felt her shudder, at which time I shuddered, then we shuddered together. We both fell into the loveseat, spent and sated. That was “round 1” DING DING!

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