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Woman Fucker Male Bear

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

This is a long back TRUE story which was happened with my friend. I would like to share the same with my desipapa’s fan. I, NAZIA ( ) would like to furnish the story on behalf of my friend “LUCY”. Since my (LUCY) childhood I was very adventurous. I always used to go on picnic alongwith my parents in remote area and sometimes forest to enjoy waterfalls/ animals/ long trees and etc. I always feel great on each trip and afterwards that’s become my habit. I got married in early 19 with “JOHN”. My husband JOHN was very handsome that time and luckily he too like to spend time with me in remote area like as forest/ hills area during any vacation. JOHN was also a very good hunter that time. One day we (myself and husband) heard that in nearby forest many people saw a very large black bear which never attack on man. The large bear only attacks on females. This news sounds very peculiar But curiosity arises in both of us that why bear attacks only on woman. Afterwards we started hearing about that bear which was still attacking females who go to forest for wood and other things.

One day JOHN told me that why not killed that bear which is terrifying females and attacking on them. I agreed but the other question was how to attract that big bear. JOHN told that I will accompany with him and on seeing her certainly that bear will come and then he will shoot that bear. Though I agreed but was getting afraid too much. Many questions started flashing in my mind. Anyway, next day we pack our food and other belongings and in open jeep JOHN and MYSELF moved to that forest area. After moving few kilometers in forest we stopped at a place which was near to a pond to take some rest. There was silent all around. No sign of any animals. Some times we heard sound of monkey or some birds but there was no sign of any animals. After taking rest we again started to find out that big bear. While I was driving JOHN was holding gun and while JOHN was driving I was holding gun. In the noon we took our lunch on stopping our jeep near by a waterfall. Even after lunch in the afternoon we kept moving in dense forest. When sun rays started declining then we decided to return back. While returning I felt to urinate and asked JOHN to stop somewhere near to water. Soon we reached a place where there was water flowing in some deep. Quickly I got down from the jeep and asked JOHN to wait for me, she is coming bacg back just now after urination. I slowly step down from the slope and nearby water I started urinarion and afterwards when I tried to use water to wash my pussy suddenly I saw a large black bear standing infront of me. After seeing that giant size bear I started geeting faint but some how I tried to climb to reach the jeep but my leg slept and I fell down on becoming unconcious .

When I got concious in the next morning I find myself in a den and that giant bear was seating neaby and watching me. When I tried to get up the bear jumped neaby me with mouth open then I quickly slept. I realised that bear is male because while coming to frightend me I saw his large red male sex organ which was hanging between his two legs. While lying I started to watch my position of clothes and etc. From maximum place my clothes were torned out. Myself was totally wrapped with dust and all looking very dirty. The bear he was seating just nearby my and on my small movement he opens his large mouth with big teeth to frightened me. I was lying movementless infront of that bear for few hours. All of sudden that giant bear came nearby me and started pulling and tearing my clothes one by one. Within half an hour he made naked on tearing my clothes out. After making me naked he started to see my body/ boobs/ pussy/ face just like as sexy man. Sometimes he licks my pussy and sometimes to my abdomen and sometimes to my face and sometimes to my boobs. His tongue was very rough and I was feeling my skin scraching while he was licking me.

After sometimes the giant bear adjusted my both legs apart with the help of his mouth and when I adjusted the leg as normal he make me frightened with his long teeth. Anyway lastly I decided to behave the same like wahtever he wants. After widening my legs he took me in between his four legs. I started sievering on his act. His body’s bad smell was killing me. Slowly he adjusted his sex organ on my pussy on lowering his back I felt something hard started penetrating in my pussy and soon I felt my pussy bbbbbbreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkk apart and I started to scream with paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin but the bear kept on frightening me and kept busy in nailing his big and large sex organ. I was feeling his sex organ in my stomach and due to pain I kept on crying but no use. The bear remain in the same position for few 10-15 minutes on nailing his sex organ maximum in my pussy and afterwards he started shaking his back to make his organ going in and out. After another 30-35 minutes I felt his orgasm in my deep pussy and slowly he took out his sex orgasm from my pussy. Bear orgasm mixed with drops of my pussy blood started spreading in the ground on coming out from my pussy. Afterwards bear got out from my top and on seating nearby started licking his sex organ and orgasm. I was feeling greeeeaaaaat pain in my pussy and in my stomach.

After gap of few hours again the bear got up and came to me and started licking my pussy and its deep. I was feeling great pain during licking due to rough surface of bear’s tongue. Whenever I tried to get up the bear always frigtened me on opening his big mouth and on showing his large teeth. After licking my pussy and precome he started licking my body and boobs. I was crying but of no use. After licking for few minutes again he adjusted me in between his legs and nailed his large and thick sex organ in my pussy. This time I was feeling more pain because I was not in habit of this very oftenly. After some time the bear orgasm in my deep pussy and again lifted himself from my top and on seating nearby me started licking his large, thick and red rod which was almost 20-24″ long and 4-5″ thick When I saw bear’s sex organ from close distance I started shivering on thinking that he is fucking me with this lllllllllaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggeeeeee and thick tool. My mind was not working about how to fled away from that den and clutches of that bear. I was feeling very hungry and thirsty but there was no way out. After gap of few hours again the bear repeated the act and fucked me without caring my cry and agony. I was feeling great pain inside my pussy wall and stomach. After orgasm he left me and again seated nearby me started cleaning his sex tools on licking that. I could not understand why he feels to have sex with a woman? What is his feeling? After taking some rest the bear got up and started licking my feet. While licking I was feeling very uneasy due to his rough tongue surface. The bear kept licking my both the feets for hours and after some time I started feeling pain in my feet. I got understand that on licking me he wanted my feet skin away so that I can not fled away on my feet. He kept on licking my both the foot till the drops of blood started coming out from my foot surfaces. I was crying but there was no way out. After finishing this job the bear went out from the den. I was lying due to pain/ hungry and thirsty. After almost one hour again the bear came back and lay down nearby me.

Next morning again the bear got up and fucked me brutally twice and made my foot wound fresh on licking it and went away from den. Due to pai in my foot/ stomach/pussy I started loosing my patience I started loosing my patience. After some time while bear returned back I saw a bunch of banana in his mouth. The bear kept the banana nearby me. I realised the bear wanted to keep me alive to enjoy more and more. I quickly pulled the bunch and in no time eaten 16-18 banana quickly. Now my mind started to work. I thought why not made the bear as friend which may help me to escape. Bear was seating nearby me then slowly I took my hand to his legs and started to show love with him on making my hand move on his thick hairy skin. First he saw me then he remained in the same position. Slowly I took my hand to sex organ and started moving my hand around the genital opening. I saw the bear widened his leg and slowly red organ started coming out from that. I got surprise that the bear is enjoying on this act. Soon red, long, thick, hard erected sex organ start coming out from his opening and soon it turned out to be 24″ long and 5″ thick erected red sex organ was before my eye. I amazed to see such a large organ by which the bear was fucking me. Slowly I started rubbing my hand on that. The organ was so thick that it was not coming in my hand’s grab. Bear was seating movementless and watching me very catiously. Sticky liquid was present on his red erected rod. I started to move my hand fast and faster on the rod and within 10-12 minutes bear orgasm and around a glass of semen came out from his sex organ and spread away around. Afterwards bear started licking his fall which was splitted on his body. :

Time kept on passing. By helping bear to orgasm with the help of my hand he stopped licking my feet wounds and slowly my wound started getting hill. He continued to fuck me daily twice / thrice and even after that used to seat nearby me to make his ejaculation with the help of my hand. Daily he used to brought bunch of banana for me to eat. Though I was having fruit food daily but due to bear’s hard and irresistible fuck my health was getting poor and poor. Almost after one week I heard the sound of fire on the mouth of den and I saw my husband, JOHN, firing on bear which was seating nearby me. After killing to bear JOHN ran to me and took me back to home. He told me that there was believe that myself is alive and on that believe he kept on searching me. One day he saw that bear and followed him to that den and on believe may be you are inside and he entered and first he killed that giant bear and rescued me.

Whenever I remembered that occurence my legs start shivering. Still I feel frightened on imaging that giant bear fucking me with his large and thick tools. Many months took me to become normal. Due to great love and patience I became to normal and I am enjoying sex life with my JOHN. Though JOHN’s cock is not even half of that bear but inspite of that I am enjoying with JOHN’s cock..

Broadminded female / couple / widow / boy-girl friend are requested to write us ( NAZIA & my handsome hubby JAMIL) with their details to make the life more and more pleasurable : Secrecy is assured and expected.

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