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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I am aysha from a rich family. I had sex with my male servant Tahir and wanted you readers to know how it happened. I am going to narrate my affair with my male servant Tahir . I am 21 yr old girl, completed my bachelor’s degree recently and was home after completing it waiting for my marriage to be arranged. I am very much interested in sex from the beginning but was very shy to express myself to other boys or males.

I have nice features with dark tan on my body that attracts all the male attention. I have pert little breasts that stand hard and strong over my chest the size may be 34. My ass is also taut and fleshy and it moves in circular manner whenever I walk. I wear Shalwar Kameez and love the low neckline. This shows my top of the breasts as I bend or whenever the dupatta is displaced. My eyes are light and my friends say that they are sexy. I am really shy and afraid to express my feelings to my friends. We are rich family and employ many male servants for day to day work. I never thought of having sex with any of them until recently I found one servant very interesting, his name is Tahir and he is about the same age. One day when I was going to our servants quarters for some work to be told I saw him. He was taking a pee in the corner of the garden when I saw him. I hid myself behind the nearest bush and watched him pissing. He had held his cock in his right hand and when I saw it my cunt started to grow wet.

His cock was about 6 inches in the soft condition and I could see his glans as he was circumcised. It was really making me hot watching him in this condition. I remembered my position! I was his employer and he was a servant! But still I could not hide my feelings about him. I had sexual urge no one can describe. It was the first time I had seen A MATURE COCK and never thought it would be so exciting to watch. I had to back out from the scene just in time before he completed his peeing. I pretended not to notice him and asked him to do the work I had to tell him. This incidence awakened my sexual desire for him and I could not control masturbating thinking of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I thought of many ways to make him fuck me but backed out due to fear of dignity. But my mind was not idle and I went on thinking of some ways or the other. One idea struck my mind. Why not pretend to be fainted while he tries to make me come to my senses. This I thought to be the best one since in that case I would be unconscious for him to do anything to me. But before that I had to flash my body to him to make him want me and to make him think that I am doing it on purpose. But that has to be accidental, always. So I wore shorts and tight T-shirts in order to expose my body to him. I watched his eyes bulging out of his sockets to look at my bodily charms. He was slowly attracted to me in a different way but I never gave him lift to make him bold to touch my body. I wanted one day when nobody would be home and then I would execute my plan. I soon go the opportunity one day when every body had gone for a relative’s marriage. I pretended to have severe headache and the sure shot excuse, menses. My parents understood my problem and let me stay behind.

Fortunately they took other two servants with them to assist in the wedding. I pretended to be sleeping in my room and Tahir was cleaning the house in his routine work, I knew he would come to clean my room too. I prepared myself for that. I loosened my gown and threw away the thin shawl, which I had taken over my body. I tugged up my gown to expose my milky thighs and opened two buttons of my gown too. My breasts were half exposed and I knew he would be able to see even my nipples if he came closer. I removed my panties and kept it on the bed, well exposed, so that the would see it. Thus all the preparation was made and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I heard Tahir enter my room and out of the corners of my eyes I could see his movements. He started to sweep the floor and when he came near my bed, he looked at the panties lying there. He did some unexpected thing! He took the panties in his hands and started to sniff them. Shis nostrils flared and he started to breathe faster. I knew he was getting the whiff of my pussy and the idea excited me too. I kept still as if sleeping and watched. He then looked at the crotch of my panties and found it interesting. His tongue shot out and he started to lick off the dried pussy juice. He was wearing shorts (the Indian type they usually wear in homes) and may be he was not wearing anything tighter inside. I observed the fabric being raised as his cock started to grow. Soon as he continued licking the cock became bigger and bigger. Now he wanted more than my panties and so he looked at my body. His gaze went to my half exposed boobs and I saw his mouth watering.

He was staring at my chest for quite a few minutes and then he stared at my fleshy calves and thighs. I knew it was really exciting for him and he won’t be able to control his urge. Now he was all hot and ready to do something more. He brought his face near mine and I had to really close my eyes to keep pretending. He heard my breathing and then as if to confirm that I was asleep he touched my hair. Ohh his touch was like electric current and I felt my body shudder. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. It was difficult for me to keep quite, but I managed. His hands became bold and slid over my face, touching my cheeks and lips. He really thought hat I was asleep and slowly he touched the cleavage of my boobs. He judged their hardness and then slid his hand deeper. By now I could see his cock almost jumping out of his shorts and wanted him to take it out. He was now cupping my hard boobs in his palms but did not press them hard, afraid that I would wake up. It was becoming very difficult for me to be pretending but I wanted him to go further. He slowly pushed my left breast out of the gown and admired its full ness for few seconds. He touched the now hard nipple and caressed it lightly with his finger. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I knew I could not keep quite for long time. His hands searched my buttons and he fumbled with them, unbuttoning the front of my gown and exposing both my boobs. I felt my boobs swell with anticipation and looked much bigger. He was now 100% sure that I was asleep and so he pushed my gown up from over my thighs and exposed my curly triangle. My cunt was exposed and I felt chill run up my spine.

Tahir was looking at my exposed cunt and rubbing his groin over his shorts. My cunt is not shaved and he must have seen the tuft of curly hair on my cunt and the pink slit within. I wanted to see what he would do further. He was flushed all right and was hesitating to take his cock out. But when he saw my exposed cunt he lost his control. He hurriedly pushed aside his short and took out his hard cock. Ohhhhh what a cock he had! It was almost 8 inches long and thick as my wrist (6 inch). His cock was circumcised and I could see his cock-head very clearly. The crown was well shaped and thick with nice deep ridge on the lower side. The cock was full of blood and the veins were prominent. My mouth and cunt started to water at the same time and I wanted to touch it. He watched my cunt and rubbed his cock very hard. I was afraid he would come and spunk on my body. But he had other things in mind. He pushed my legs aside and put his hand on the hairy bush. His fingers probed to search my cunt and he found the love hole. His finger went inside my opening and probed deeper. I knew his fingers would be wet with my pussy juice! He took out the finger and looked at it and then licked shiny juice. He must have loved the taste and decided to sample my cunt. His mouth came near my cunt and his tongue moved along its slit making me shudder in lust. Ohhh God! I could not resist it any longer. I slowly spread my legs to give him access to my cunt and he felt me move too. He suddenly took his mouth away from my cunt and stood aside.

I knew I had frightened him. I kept still for few minutes and he was satisfied that I was really asleep. His boldness increased and now he removed his shorts and took out his cock. I was afraid to look at it. It was really big and I wondered how he would shove that thing in. he rubbed his cock with his hand for a while looking at my exposed cunt and some pre come oozed out of his piss hole. Then I saw that he was out of his mind with excitement and some way determined to do something. I did want him to do more than just look at me too. He suddenly climbed on my body and spread my legs with his strong hand and squatted between my thighs. I felt his cock rub against the soft flesh of my pussy and suddenly I found it enter into the tight opening. Ohh God! It felt so nice having that hard cock in my cunt for the first time. My cunt was slippery with excitement and he had no difficulty pushing about half of his cock in. How could I pretend to be asleep with all the activity going on? I opened my eyes and cried out, “Hey Tahir what the hell is you doing? Ohhh no! Get off my body and go away. Leave me alone. How dare you do this to me? I am going to tell my daddy and mommy about you and they will kick you out! Get the hell out of here!” “Ohh Memsab! You cannot leave me like this. You are the one who made me do this. You teased me by showing your body for quite a long time and now you are telling me this? Come on! Let me complete this. Then you can tell anybody you want. Do you think I am afraid? NO! I am going to fuck you now.

You may shout if you like but remember that you too want this. Come on spread those legs of yours and take my cock in your cunt.” “NO! Don’t do it. I don’t want to take that dirty rod there. Go away!” and I tried to cover my body with the gown he had pushed away from my body. But he was determined and he held my hands and pushed his cock deeper. WOW it went all the way in my cunt in one stroke. I felt some pain but the pleasure was more. I pushed my ass up to swallow his cock. I never intended to do it but it seems that my body did what was natural. He was encouraged with this and started to fuck me hard and fast. He pushed his hands on my boobs and held them with all his might. The poor globes were crushed with his strength and I cried out, “OOOOOOH! Don’t presss them hard Tahir. It hurts! Please don’t fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the protests mixed with my moans were very weak and I don’t know how I really moaned. That must have been automatic due to the pleasure Tahir s rod was providing. Dear readers, this is the state of a young cock hungry female getting some rod from a MAN! Let him be anybody! But the cock matters. My cunt was all wet with the juice it secreted to welcome the invading cock and I had no control over it. The juices continued flowing and Tahir continued fucking me in spite of my weak protests. My ass moved as his cock fucked my inexperienced cunt and waves of pleasure continued to sweep all through my body.

His hands massaged my tits and he sucked on my pink nipples to his hearts content. The servant was the master of my body and I was his sex hungry slave. He fucked me and I came! I came and my pussy flowed copious juice to welcome the fertile seed that he was about to ejaculate in my cunt. Tahir lay over me panting and his thrusts grew faster and faster. My cunt was burning with all the friction he made as he fucked. His hands went behind and grabbed me tightly to his body. I knew that he was going to discharge his sperm in my cunt and I felt afraid, thinking of getting pregnant with his powerful male seed. I told him not to come inside my cunt and also that he will make me pregnant. I told him my fear and he must have understood it for he quickly removed his cock from my cunt and got up to ejaculate on my swollen boobs. His come spray landed on my breasts and globs of sticky fluid went on falling on the globes. His sperm was hot and sticky. I saw with fascination how his cock twitched to expel the come. It was so beautiful to watch the spurting cock, ladies. Finally he collapsed on me, avoiding the come that was trickling down my breasts. I smeared the come cream on my boobs and without any intention licked it for taste. It was saltish and smelly. It had peculier smell and I liked it.

We looked at each other and he felt shy and guilty. “Ohhh Memsaab! I am sorry! I got carried away and fucked you. Please forgive me and don’t tell this to anybody.” “OK Tahir! You misbehaved with me and hurt me! I am not going to tell anybody about it but you have to obey me every time. Do whatever I say and you are safe. Disobey me and you are gone! Now clean my thing and go away!” he obediently cleaned my cunt with a towel and went to perform his routine jobs. Readers, one routine job were now added to his list! He had to fuck my cunt each day whenever it was possible. I got addicted to his cock and could not sleep unless. Any guy with big dick living in Islamabad want to fuck me plz mail me at

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