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With My Sister-In-Law In The Wild And It Led To Something Else

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi, this is ilrumjack again with another story of mine with my sister-in-law, Preeta.

You must have hopefully read about how she got me to have sex with her the first time (“How My Sister-In-Law Did Me In?”).

This is further to that day of how we had sex for the first time and really enjoyed it. After that sex session with Preeta, I started missing the extra thrill while having sex with my wife Neha. Though Neha too is a wild cat when it comes to sex, this was different for me. I realized that this was because sex with sister-in-law is forbidden by society and that adds to the thrill. Let me tell you all – the pleasure of having sex with someone, hiding it from your spouse is always a great feeling. And that too if it is your wife’s sister, the excitement is greater.

This was what made me keep looking for opportunities to have sex with Preeta, though my sexual appetite was being taken care of by Neha.

It was after almost a month of our first sex session that we really got an opportunity. I planned for a trip out of town with Preeta and told her about it. That way we could spend time in the car, shack up at a hotel and return back by night. But, if it was a holiday trip, my wife would have joined too. So, I told Neha that I have to travel to Vapi for some work and she did not suspect anything.

Preeta also told her hubby that she is off to her friend’s place and will be back by night. In any case, he was out of town himself. So, early morning I took my car and picked up Preeta far from our place.

She was wearing a black short-shirt and jeans and man…was she looking hot? The shirt was nicely hugging her body and showing off every curve. She got into the car and we drove off. As soon as we hit the highway, she held my hand and sighed ‘finally, we get our own time yaar’. I said, ‘really missed you darling’.

She said ‘after that day, I have only been fantasizing about our next meeting. And I have a lot of plans for today’. I said ‘really. Do you want to tell me about it?’ She said ‘no, just wait and watch.’

I really was now dreaming up things in my mind. Since it was early morning, there wasn’t much traffic on the road. We crossed the toll quite soon and I settled down to a gentle speed. As we were travelling, she slowly kept her hand on my thigh and reached out to my zip. My dick needed no further signs – it was getting hard.

She slowly pulled down my zip, and then undid my jeans button. Her hands then moved over my dick and she was gently rubbing it. I found it hard to concentrate on the road. She realized this and said ‘just keep your eyes on the road darling and let me see to the rest’. I said ‘ok’ and relaxed to enjoy.

She began her movements and started rubbing my dick with my brief on. My dick was getting hard like a rock and was waiting to tear off the brief and come out. She realized this and pulled my brief down and out sprang my dick.

She grabbed my dick in her hand and said ‘ah…it is freshly shaven, isn’t it?’ I said ‘Yes, shaved it this morning. I wanted to be well prepared for our session dear’. She smiled and then spat on her hands and started giving me a hand job. I knew her skills as she kept lubricating her hands with her spit and was enjoying this while concentrating on my driving. She was slowly jerking my dick and then she suddenly bent down and took it in her mouth.

I was in heaven. Never had I been given a blow-job while driving. I asked her to be gentle as I was scared and did not want to meet with an accident in my excitement. She started licking and then sucking my dick slowly. She went on for a good 10 mins like this and then suddenly began sucking my dick really quickly.

The sounds inside the car was great, her moaning and sucking sounds and well…the real movements on my dick made me shoot my cum off. She drank all of it and got up. She pulled off a wet tissue from the glove box and then cleaned my dick. Then she tucked my dick back inside my brief. She said ‘let him rest now, darling’. So saying she sat up straight and we kept moving.

After some distance of travel, I said ‘now it is my turn’. She said ‘what? You too were planning something is it?’ I said ‘yes. I want this trip to be a very memorable one for us’.

She said ‘ok…what do you want to do’. I said ‘pull down your jeans, dear’. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She was in her beautiful black lace panty which was barely covering her beautiful pussy.

I gently rubbed her pussy over the panty and she began moaning and writhing. Then with my finger I slid down her panty to reach her pussy.

I told her ‘ohh…you too prepared for it, right’. Her pussy was clean shaven and waiting to be eaten. I kept my hands on her thighs and started rubbing them. I then gently reached her pussy lips and started parting them with my fingers. She again began moaning…umm…ummm.

I inserted one finger inside and started moving it inside and out. She could not split her legs wide open as her jeans were at her knees. She pushed her jeans down further and opened up her legs. This allowed me to insert three fingers of mine into her pussy.

And then, I began my motions with my fingers. She started to howl loudly, and I was worried if the noise carried outside the car. But it did not seem to. And in any case we were moving and the traffic was light. I kept finger-fucking her and then she grabbed my dick with her hand and held onto it. She then came down in torrents, orgasm after orgasm. And my hands were full of her juices.

I pulled my fingers out and she licked them dry. She pulled up her jeans and sat contently and said ‘my, my, your fingers are magic darling’.

We had any way not wanted to travel to Vapi as the journey is boring so we were on the Goa road as there are nice joints there where we could shack up. While we were on that road, after some bit of travel, we saw a small road leading off the main highway. This was kuchha road leading away, lined with large trees. It seemed a quiet place with nobody around.

She said ‘hey, why don’t we get off the highway and onto this road?’ I said ‘fine, let’s do it’ and turned into this small road. The road was very beautiful, lined with large trees and looked to be going to someone’s private property, well inside. The road kept going – turning and twisting and we reached a corner and stopped the car. There was nobody around and it was very quiet. I parked the car on the side and got out.

Preeta too got out of the car and came and held on to me with a mischievous smile on her lips. I looked at her and asked her ‘what is on in your mind, you devil?’ She just came and hugged me tightly. She said ‘what a lovely place, let us spend some time here’. I said ‘sure’ and we went and sat down on the grass.

I was resting my back on a large tree. She came and lied down on my lap. I bent down and kissed her full on her lips and she too pushed her tongue in and we played liked that for quite some time. And there was no one to disturb us. So, I said, ‘let’s do it here’. She said ‘in the open…yes it will be great fun’.

I gently opened her shirt buttons (I had been waiting to do this since she was in the car and now I couldn’t resist it). I open her buttons and parted her shirt and removed them. She was wearing a nice black lacy bra. I began caressing her tits over her bra and she was enjoying it. Slowly I traced my hand down to her jeans and opened them up. I then lifted her butt a little and pull off her jeans completely. And then pulled down her panty too.

I always loved her tits as they were the nice and round like tennis balls, so I removed her bra and feasted on her beauties. I began licking her tits while she was lying down on my lap. Then she got up and sat on my lap and thrust her tits into my face. Said ‘you like them, na…here suck them and bite them.’

I began sucking and biting her tits and nipples. Her nipples had become nice and taut and I was playing with them with my tongue. I was rotating my tongue around her right nipple and she was going orgasmic and moaning quietly. She said ‘hey don’t be partial…the other one is waiting too’. I then shifted my focus to her left one and did the same for her. She was going bananas with this.

She said ‘bite them baby, give me your marks so that I can remember them and have fun when you are not with me’. I kept up to her needs and began biting her tits and leaving my marks while she was moaning deeply.

Then she took off my shirt and pulled down my jeans and brief in a frenzy. She said ‘I can’t take it anymore baby, take me quickly. I want you inside me now…please.’

I made her lie down and then spread her legs. I got on top of her and slowly touched her pussy with my dick but did not insert it in. I was teasing her and she began pleading ‘don’t tease baby…please come inside…can’t bear it. It has been close to a month and there is not one time that I have not missed it. Please come inside’.

I then relented and thrust my dick inside her pussy in one single motion. She gasped and held my butt tightly. Her nails were biting into my butt and she was pushing me all the way inside her. I locked my lips with hers and began my thrusting motions slowly.

She too matched her body movements with mine. We had no care in the world, here lying out in the open and making out. I kept my motions slow as I wanted this to last for a long time. She too wanted the same and then after some time, she pushed me off and got me to lie down. She then mounted me and began her thrusts.

She held her hair with her hands and was pushing as if she was in a trance, slow and gentle. I sat up and grabbed her tits between my teeth and began sucking them wildly. She began going crazy and started vigorous thrusts and had an orgasm. But, she did not stop, she continued with her thrusts and finally I shot my load into her. We both were spent with our energies but I did not pull my dick out of her pussy. I let it remain there and we just lay on the grass with her on top of me.

I looked up at the sky and said ‘wow, baby, this is a dream come true…making love out in the open’. She said ‘yes, I never thought that I would have sex like this in the open. It was great fun. We then got up put on our clothes and sat in the car.

As we sat down, she looked at me and said ‘why are we leaving now. We could stay her for more time.’ I said, ‘sure Preeta…let’s chill here’. We got on to the back seat and I said ‘let’s get a drink and come back here na’. She agreed and we took off in search of a wine shop.

After some driving around, we came across a wine shop and I picked up few chilled beers and got back in the car. On the way back I stopped at another local store and bought some fresh honey too. We then drove back to our secret spot and parked the car.

We both got out of the car with the beers and sat down at the same spot where we had made out. While we were sipping our beers, Preeta reached out and started fondling my dick. Her hands were moving over my jeans and my dick was up for one more round. But she kept teasing me by just moving her hands slowly over my dick.
My dick was waiting to burst out, so instead of allowing her to tease me I too grabbed her tits over her shirt. Preeta said ‘ahh…gently please. You are quite being wild.’ I said ‘you like it that way, right.’ She said ‘yes, very much, ravage me.’

I then, pulled off her shirt and then her bra. She too undid my zip and pulled down both my jeans and brief. She then came and sat on my legs and bent down and began sucking my dick slowly. I let her do it for some time and then asked her to stop. She was confused, but got up. I went to the car and got the bottle of honey with me. I took off my shirt and pulled down her jeans and panty.

I then made her sit down on the grass and knelt in front of her. I poured enough honey over my dick. And then I thrust my dick in front of her lips and asked her ‘Preeta, lick my dick dear…you will enjoy it.’ Preeta took a look at my dick dripping with honey and gleefully put her tongue out and began licking.

She held the tip of my dick and began licking the honey on my dick from the base. Her tongue moved from the base of the shaft to the tip in a gentle movement and it was giving me the ultimate pleasure. She went ‘slurp…slurp…slurp’. She continued licking me for over 10 minutes and then she grabbed my butt and shoved my dick inside her mouth. I was all inside and she began her job. This went on for quite some time and I came in a spurt and she drank all of my juices.

I then made her lie on the ground and poured honey over her tits. I moved my fingers over her tits and got the honey well spread over them. I bent down and began licking the honey off her tits. I rolled my tongue over her left tit reached her nipple which was taut by then. I kept circling my tongue over her nipple and she was crying out in pleasure. I then moved to the right one and began the process all over again. In 15 minutes I had licked all of the honey off her tits.

I then reached down and poured honey from her belly button till her pussy. I then began by licking her belly button and then moved my tongue to her pussy and began licking the honey off it. While I was licking her pussy she came and I felt the taste of salt and sweet on my tongue. I held her butt tight and kept licking and enjoying her juices mixed with honey….it was pure bliss. Preeta was meanwhile in complete ecstasy and moaning loudly.

As I was finishing this, I could hear a faint laugh from behind. I was worried and looked back. I did not see anyone. I asked Preeta to keep quiet and slowly got up and walked to a tree behind us. I wanted to see if there was someone watching us. We were taking a huge chance to make out here in the open, but if there was someone there we would be really fucked.

I crept up slowly and peeked behind the tree and there I saw a village lady standing behind it. I was shocked and did not know what to do. I came back to Preeta and told her ‘Preeta, there is a woman behind the tree and I am sure she has seen us in the act. What should we do?’ She said ‘before she creates a scene, let us leave from here.’ We quickly picked up our clothes to rush to the car. At this point the woman came out from behind the tree and confronted us.

We were nude and trying to get away. She spoke in Marathi (for everyone’s ease I have written this in English) ‘where are you two love birds going? Do you think you can come here to our village and fuck in the open?’ I replied in Marathi too ‘we are sorry…we did not realize there would be anyone here.’

She said ‘I watched you both…what were you doing licking her pussy? You like licking only is it…you don’t fuck?’ I was shocked and said ‘no…no…it was just that…please we will leave now. Please don’t call anyone.’

She came forward and said ‘come on lie down here and continue doing what you were doing…I will watch you both sitting here.’ I was shocked and said ‘no…we will leave.’ We were scared. She said ‘come on…you have to do it in front of me…or else I will call the whole village and tell them about you.’ I was sure she would call the rest, so said ‘ok…but please don’t call the others.’

I asked Preeta to lie down. She was petrified, but she slowly lied down on the grass. My dick in all this commotion had gone limp and was just dangling. I was trying to get it up but could not manage it. Maybe it was the shock of being caught and the possible consequences arising out of it.

I held my dick and tried to get it up but could not manage it at all. The lady saw this and began laughing ‘what your lund is not waking up, is it…now how will you do it?’ I was embarrassed but just sat there looking at her. She was eying my dick and then she got up and came up to us.

A little about this lady…she was dark and around 5 feet tall. She was maybe in her early thirties, but quite slim and fit, as any typical villager would be. She was wearing the typical nine-yard Maharashtrian sari.

As she sat next to us, she said with a naughty smile ‘let me help you.’ As she sat close to me I could smell her body. She smelled fresh, as if she had just taken a bath and her body had a faint fragrance of jasmine. So sat down and put her hand forward and held my dick and said ‘I am Sushila.’ I said ‘ok.’ She continued, looking and talking to my dick ‘…come on baba…wake up.’ She then started moving her hand up and down over my dick.

She seemed to be highly experienced at this and her movements were very gentle and seductive. She kept playing with the tip of my dick, rolling her thumb over it in gentle movements and by some sheer magic my dick was getting hard again. I couldn’t believe it as it reached its full length and girth. She said ‘ahha…now you are ready, right?’ I did not say anything.

She continued ‘now suck her tits…let me see.’ I bent forward and began licking Preeta’s tits. Her nipples which had also become soft began perking up. As I was licking Preeta, Sushila moved close to Preeta’s legs all the while playing with my dick in her hand.

She sat next to her and then put her other hand on Preeta’s pussy. She started rubbing Preeta’s pussy and said ‘wah…what lovely pussy…no hair…so soft.’ Both, Preeta and I were taken aback by this. She then began inserting her finger inside Preeta’s pussy and said ‘enjoying it or not?’ Preeta replied ‘yes…yes.’

Then Sushila got up and began removing her clothes. She first removed her sari and dropped it to the ground. I was surprised to see that she had a fab body – quite lithe and well-toned. She had a nice bush around her pussy, adding to her raw appeal. She then removed her blouse, there was no bra.

Her tits were drop-dead gorgeous. They were shaped like mangoes pointed outward with sharp nipples, quite different to Preeta’s who had round tennis balls. They were not dangling and all. They were in a fit condition and quite perky. I was mesmerized by the look of them.

As I was looking at her, she bent down smiling at me and held my dick in her hand and began giving me a hand job. I was in heaven. At one end I was licking Preeta’s luscious tits and at the other end my dick was being entertained by Sushila.

Sushila then pushed me on the ground and asked Preeta to get up and suck my dick. I got on my back and Preeta began sucking my dick slowly. Sushila came over and thrust her tits on my face and told me in her rough tone ‘suck my tits…come on.’

I held her tits and brought one of them close to my mouth and began licking it.

It was awesome. Her tit was nice and hard and her nipple was really erect. I began biting her nipple and she cried out ‘by easy, you fucker…don’t bite it off.’ I relaxed a bit and began sucking.

While I was sucking her tits, she took Preeta’s hand and asked her to finger her. Preeta too was fascinated by this and enjoying it. So, while she was giving me a BJ she was also fingering Sushila and getting her wet. After some time, Sushila asked Preeta to lie down on her back. As soon as Preeta was on her back, Sushila began sucking her tits and said ‘what maal you are…gori, gori..’

Her hand was on my dick and she was fondling it simultaneously. Then she moved to Preeta’s pussy and began licking it. While she was bent over licking Preeta’s pussy, she asked me ‘come fuck me from behind…put your dick in…come on….’

I went behind her and grabbed her waist, and was about to fuck her, but realized that it would not be safe without a condom. So I quickly rushed to the car and brought two condoms. She looked at me and the condoms and said ‘no one’s fucked me except my husband…so you don’t need that…just fuck me.’ I said ‘doesn’t matter…better safe than sorry…let me put it on and give you a nice time.’ She replied ‘whatever…if it makes you happy that way, do it…just don’t make me wait.’

I put on the condom and then placed my dick at her love hole from behind. Her ass was nice and shapely and I slapped them with both my hands. She let out a cry and said ‘you fucker…you are hitting me…it feels nice…good…hit me again.’ I slapped her repeatedly and then with one strong push entered her pussy. She cried out ‘aieeega…’.

I began pumping her from behind while she was bent over and busy tonguing Preeta’s pussy. I reached out and held her tits in my hand and began my thrusts again. All three of us were letting out our own moans and groans. The air was filled with our sweat and moans. I could feel that Sushila was all wet and cumming like anything from her multiple orgasms. I let go of her and went to Preeta.

I bent down and put my dick on her lips. Preeta grabbed my dick with the condom on and began sucking me wildly. This was a new experience for both of us and we were enjoying with another woman. And that too with a woman who was wild, unabashed and hungry. Sushila took this opportunity and let go of Preeta’s pussy and came and stood in front of me. She held my head and thrust it at her pussy.

The smell of her pussy was just erotic and I began licking it. I held her butt and went deep with my tongue. She was already wet with her juices and I was drinking it up. Meanwhile, Preeta took my dick out of her mouth and said ‘hey take my pussy and drill me now.’

I slid down and lied down on the grass and asked her ‘come Preeta…you take me.’ She got up, came over me and guided my dick into her pussy. She screamed ‘yes, now I have you inside me…let me fuck you.’ Sushila seemed jealous about this so she came and started licking and biting my nipples. I was in seventh heaven then. Preeta was pumping vigorously and finally she came and my dick was immersed in all her juices.

I pushed Sushila back and got her to lie down. I spread her legs wide and thrust my dick inside her. Preeta took Sushila’s tits in her mouth and began sucking and biting them. Sushila was going mad with our combined assault and was screaming in pleasure. I then, brought her legs closer and placed them over my shoulders. This increased the friction and I was thrusting her madly. Finally I came in a long burst and slowly let go of her legs and placed them down.

We were completely tired with this frenzy of fucking and were lying down on the grass catching our breath. I went to the car and brought out a bottle of beer and sat down and sipped it. It felt so good. I had two real sex goddesses lying next to me and they had really dried me out. We shared the beer and then we put on our clothes.

Sushila looked at me and smiled. She came to me and said ‘thank you for a lovely time. My husband never fucks me…he is always drunk…you have really given me the best fuck of my life.’ She then turned to Preeta and said ‘I loved your pussy and balls too…you are very gori…and very lucky too to have a husband like this…please keep coming here and we can have great fucks again’.

I told her ‘yes, we will come back and have a good time.’ She said ‘next time I will get my friend also…she is also very good at sex but starving…we can have great fun together’. I laughed and said ‘I don’t think I can manage three of you together…you are wild and hot and I will be completely down after that.’ She said ‘you are a raja, you can fuck many at a time…please come again…we will do it slowly and turn by turn. Ok.’

I said, ok we will call you and come. We took her phone number and then bid her goodbye. As we drove away, Preeta said ‘man…was she wild and hot…it would be great to do this again many more times.’ I said ‘yeah, why not.’

As we were travelling she said ‘hey why don’t we employ Sushila as our full-time maid?’ I said ‘what?’ ‘She replied ‘yeah, she could come and work at my place and then we could do this threesome at my home, right.’ I said ‘will she agree?’ She said ‘let me talk to her tomorrow and check. If it works out, it will be great for us.’

If any of the ladies want to know how this turned out, please get in touch with me I will be more than willing to share.

With My Sister-in-law In The Wild And It Led To Something Else

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