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With My Sister And Her Yummy Teacher

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello girls and guys. I am Shivang back. I know I have been gone for a long time and sorry for that. For those who dont know me I am Shivang,22 from Mumbai 6’1 in height and a tool of around 6.5″.

There has not been much to write about recently as nothing really has turned up so I decided to write a fantasy story just to stay connected to my readers. So the following story is imaginary but with real characters. I’ll try making the story as lively as possible such that it feels real to you all.

The protagonist of the story is me Shivang and complementing me is my sister Yashvi and her teacher Smita. Yashvi is my 1st cousin and we live in a joint family in a duplex flat in Mumbai.

Describing the sexy women, Yashvi is 21, very short in height and has got fats in right place but not fat in any case. Her height must be 5ft with boobs of 32, waist of 28/29 and ass of 34. She is mildly fair and usually wears jeans and tees. Smita is Yashvi’s tuition teacher who comes to our place to teach her.

Smita is a typical south Indian woman who wears sarees. She is fair and is about 5’6 tall. Her age must be around 35 and her stats are 36-32-36. Yes I know all guys just imagined pressing those south indian boobs :p And also a background of our families I have my mom dad and a younger sister and yashvi has her mom dad and an elder sister and our grandparents. Whew pretty big family!

Anyways so Smita ma’am comes to our place to teach yashvi as her university exams of final year were coming up. She was not good in accounts, reason why my aunty asked for tuition from Smita ma’am. The first month was normal.

All the children have their bedrooms on the floor above and so Yashvi and Smita ma’am used to occupy her bedroom and I used to be in mine. My dad and uncle went out for work and mom aunty dada and dadi usually didnt take pains of climbing the stairs and coming up. So there was privacy.

After about a month one day I decided to go to a friend’s place so I just informed Yashvi and went out but then I thought of driving there so I again went up to take the car keys. I went to the living room it wasnt there then mom told me it must be on the upper floor.

So I went upstairs and heard a noise from my bedroom as if someone had opened my wardrobe. I slowly walked till there and peeked inside through the half-shut door. OMG! Smita ma’am was in my room searching for something in my wardrobe. Initially I thought she must be stealing something but then I thought she is pretty well to do why would she do that.

Suddenly she smiled as if she had found what she got. She shut the wardrobe and in her hand was one of my underwears! I went AWOL looking at this. This MILF here has been fantasizing about me and what an idiot I am not to notice her. She started smelling and licking it. I went to Yashvi’s bedroom and asked her where is ma’am she told ma’am has gone to washroom.

Now it was clear that Smita wanted me and as I’m always there for MILFs I quickly went to my bedroom she was still licking it. I opened the door she quickly threw the underwear and looked at me. I went to her and started sucking her earlobe. She stood still for a minute then she separated us 2 and quickly grapped my lips and joined them with hers.

She was sucking my lips like a wild tigress. Soon our tongues were in each others’ mouths and we were sucking and lightly biting it. I took both my hands to her boobs and pressed them hard she moaned but not loudly as her lips were in mine. Uuhhmmoiiihhh

I then broke the kiss and reminded her of Yashvi. She told me to just wait right here. She went out of the bedroom meanwhile I straightened my bed and arranged everything expecting a nice long fuck. She came in within 2minutes and shut the door saying she told Yashvi to solve 5 problems which will keep her engaged for about 40/45minutes and told her  she has to go and talk about something to her mother.

I grabbed her and again started kissing her and licking all her face. She meanwhile started undressing me. She took off my shirt and started licking my hairy chest and nipples. Oooohhh it was so erotic. Next she grabbed my pants and was off with it she grabbed my underwear and started licking it saying “Muje underwear chaatna bohot pasand hai” I was just moaning in pleasure oouuuahahahh

Now I made her stand up and started removing her clothes. First came off the pallu and her heaving white translucent blouse was visible to me. I started licking her sweat from her cleavage while she herself removed her petticoat and panty. I soon removed her blouse and tore off her bra which is what I always do.

Those beautiful milk jugs were fairer than her face with dark brown nipples and a perfect size of aerolae. I started sucking her boobs and my 2 fingers went inside her hairy pussy. She was moaning aahuuh hooass and she cummed rather early. We then went into 69 and sucked each other very harshly.

She was so excited that whenever I used to put my tongue out she used to bite my penis hard. I used to take playful revenge by putting my teeth on her G-spot and she would leap up in air moaning ouuuu ahaha hhahaha haabhass

We started sucking vigorously and soon cummed. Her juices were salty and I drank most of it she did the same. This act took us about an hour and she stopped after that saying she had to get back to Yashvi. I didnt complain as I understood its her work. She complained about her torn bra due to which she had to wear her blouse without her bra. I laughed and kissed her again when she left my bedroom.

I was exhausted so I wore my clothes and went to sleep. After sometime I felt a hand on my penis, I thought Smita is back and so I woke up happy that she was there and again OMG! It was Yashvi who was caressing my dick she was sitting besides me on the bed totally nude and Smita stood behind her totally nude as well.

I was so confused but…. well thats for another part. Thanks for all your attention. I hope I made this story as real as possible and made each girl and guy cum who were reading this story. Second part will be here soon.

Till then send me your feedback on and my kik id is bigdickforallwomen . Any lady in and around Mumbai can contact me for sex chat or real sex and I assure you wont be disappointed. Secrecy will be there for sure. Thank you and Happy masturbating 🙂

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