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  • September 19, 2015

HI friend I am bigpenis again on this site presenting the other section of my golden days in heaven on earth. As you know my encounter with my bhabie, and also asked that she is very friendly with her Bhabhi Sheela who is mother of one daughter but she is very beautiful lady with very good breast and waist part. my bhabie asked everything to her Bhabhi and when ever I went their home she is giving some sexy smile and asking me a hungry man. First I never understand the meaning of her talking but later on Bhowmika ask me that she asked everything to her that is why she teasing you. Now with this I get confident in me and think about her bhabhi’s encounter. But I don’t know how she comes to know about my fantasy she smile at me and give one flying kiss without BHABIE’S knowledge and went inside kitchen. Now my mind is thinking about the incidence and I waiting for the moment. At last after 4 days I got a chance when I went their home as per routine my brother went to office and her mother -in-law is also went to office.

my bhabie also went to town side with her friend, I buzz the door bell and seven year old girl open the door and welcome me and she asked me uncle you sit in the drawing room my mother is inside bathroom and bhowmika aunty went out with her friend and she went to kitchen and bring the water for me and she take her school bag and asked her mother from outside the bathroom that she is going for the tuition and from tuition to school. So she is in a hurry and went out she didn’t ask about my presence in the house and she went out and close the door. Now in the house only we two person, but Sheela didn’t know about my presence and she is busy with bathing now in my mind start thinking about her naked pose and immediately went near bathroom and standing near the door with my surprise the door is not closed properly because she is thinking that she is alone with her daughter and now she is also went out so she is careless and put the door half closed and I get the chance and watching her Oh my good she is like a cream colour marbles mermaid on the earth. I stuck over their and my eyes want to catch her fully in mind I seen her breast Oh god what a boobs and what a beautiful naval part and her cunt area, she is shaved her cunt area and it’s very amazing scene for me. My instrument is erected like a rod under my pant and my breathing is increased with voice and she get idea that someone is watching her but she is full confident that is only I watch her because she know my time so she slightly turn look at the mirror I didn’t notice that because I eagerly watching her she catch me in the mirror and she told me, “Mr. why you are watching me from far come inside I will show you everything,” I am zapped about her open invitation but with full control I think it is the same what I was thinking and want so without wasting time I went inside the bathroom Oh god I get a current by only seeing her she is absolutely beauty queen she is well maintain her boobs and body only her naval part is slightly ahead which is very normal for any 30’s Indian lady.

She ask me that to remove cloth and she come close and start removing my cloth she take care about not to wet my cloth and she take and hanger it in the bathroom. Now we both are open and nearly same aged and experience, I start her kissing her and put my lips over her lips and starting squizzing her lips and put my tongue inside her mouth she is also start squizzing sucking my tongue with very deep squizz we both get more excitement and my hand starting movement and as common practice in the world my right hand get the destination point means her very maintain and medium boobs Oh wonder it’s very tight her nipple is also tight and become red so I start pressing and snatching very hard and she is moaning I heard moaning voice and get more excitement and now I start with two hand and kissed her below the ear and over shoulder and neck and came below at chest and I get both her boobs in two hand and take it near with each other and at a time I start sucking her nipple and sucking it very hard and pressing it very hard she is moaning loudly and loudly, I suck the boobs one after another and pressing the same she is also excited and suddenly stop me and ask me I want to play same game as I played with bhowmika so I lift her in my hand and I take her in her bed room and I put her in the bed she is lying in the bed naked it’s very sexy scene.

She ask me now common don’t waste time and get the bottle from the table I am surprise see keep the honey bottle ready and malai ready on the table I asked her sheela what’s this ? she ask me that see know everything about bhowmika and my relation and encounter of her, bhowmika asked her everything so she want to enjoy the same with me. So without wasting time I took the honey bottle in hand and spread it on her body part on hand, neck, shoulder, boobs, near and around and on naval, thighs, knee toes, every where I put the honey drops and malai on her body.

Then I started licking her body from toes to knee and on her lips mouth shoulder neck, below ear every where I start kissing her and sucking and licking she is more and more excited and moaning ohhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, suuuuuuuuuuuuuu Uiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaa DD……common suck it very hard common eat me common kiss me take my whole body, than I came to naval part and oh what a horney she was when I kissed her on naval part and lick her around naval part she start pressing her boobs herself so my one hand also starting pressing her boobs and then I put some more drops on boobs and take it in mouth and start sucking very hard she more and more moaning and Uhhhhhhhhhhh……. Ohhhhhhhhh. Uiiiiiimaaa DD your are simply great in the game you are sachin tendulkar of the game, so I am more excited and take bottle again and get some more honey from it and now I sitting between her two spread legs and put my hand on her pussy her pussy is total wet her precum is wetted her pussy from inside her pussy now become more soft and silky and lusty and pink so my instrument is moving up towards roof side I spread her pussy lips and rubbed honey on it and over clitoris and inner her pussy who what a pleasant smell she become total wet then I slowly put my tongue inner her pussy and starting licking my hand spread her vagina lips and my tongue start stroking inner her pussy and then I suck it very hard and I went slightly upper side and my tongue start licking her clitoris and I took her clitoris between teeth and starting gentle bite and licking it with tongue, my tongue now make magic and it’s move up and down very fast and she get’s stroke over clitoris and she start moaning loudly she snatch my hair and she push my hand more towards her pussy side now she is out of control I think so she is at cum she start stroking up and down her pussy now moving up and down and my tongue also in the rhythm with it she now moaning and jumping over bed she put life her both feet in the air and she ask me common now fuck me DD I want whole your 6 inch big and 1.5 inch thick instrument.

So I take her legs on my shoulder and I also lift my body in air and I put my dick over her pussy love hole and pushed it in her vagina Oh what a experience of married women I can’t believe that her pussy is tight just like bhowmika, so I stroke it hard and my dick set in and I start moving forward and backward than I put my hand over her boobs and squizz it and then I lift my body in air and like dips I start stroking upward and downward by this I penetrate more her and she squizz her boobs very tight and she moaning loudly and after 15 minutes time we both get’s to come and we both start stroking in the rhythm and she catch me very tightly and pushing my hips more towards her side and and she cums and I am also at final stage so I increase my speed more and her whole pussy is very lusty and wet so my dick is also moving very faster and at last I also at cum she asked me DD pour all the hot juicy water inside her pussy so I pour all saliva inside her pussy it’s become more hot inside her pussy and we start kissing each other then I get down and she sit near my dick and catch my instrument in her hand she start stroking with hand and asked me what instrument you have it’s very thick now you give it to me, she gulp my dick in her mouth and sucking and licking it very hard and giving also stroke she put some honey and malai on it and start licking and sucking once again after few minutes it’s become tight and she sit over it and start stroking and after few minutes when we both at cum she get down gulp it in the mouth and drink all the hot juicy water I also start licking her pussy in 69 position and drink her juice by sucking her pussy very hard. Than laid down besides each other I seen her she asked me that DD you give me very good experience I never get this experience in the life from my hubby. Then at that day we again bath together and fuck more two times she fully satisfied that day we enjoy each other upto around 4 hour than she giving me bye bye kiss and fix our meeting very soon and really now it’s become her habit with me and and she enjoy it whenever we get chance.

So any lady from kanpur who want’s to share experience with me e-mail me at i am waiting for the email from any Horney and sexy or lasbian or interested women.

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