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With Mami During Rainy Days

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

I loved my grandmother (from my mother’s side) very much. So after she died when I was in 11th standard I stopped going to my mama’s house. There was just nothing left for me there. After that I went for engineering out of state. After i complete my engineering, I came back and had 3 months time before I went out of state as I have got placement in a good company with a handsome salary.

During my vacation my mom asked me to visit my mama. Apparently, he had married an out of cast girl and was currently suffering from mental illness. He was very much eager to see me. In fact, as I began to recall, I had a good relationship with my mama. So, reluctantly I agreed to spend some days at my mama’s.

So here I was in a village station, I was coming here almost after 6 years. I took a van(that was the mode of transportation there) and arrived at my mama’s house. They used to be the landlords of the village so money wasn’t that much of an problem for my mama.

As I arrived, I opened the front gate and went through the garden and finally knocked on the door. Just as I did the door opened and a beautiful lady was standing in front of me. “Katu”, she exclaimed. That was my nick name. I figured it was my Mami most probably, I bent to touch her feet. She took me in her arms. Her big boobs pressed against me. “so good to see you, everyone, Katu has arrived”. Finally I saw my mama and few other cousins and relatives coming from the rooms. I touched everyone’s feet for blessings, my mama took me in his arms and patted on my back.” So good to see you son.”

AfTer that we talked a lot about my college, job and stuff. In the meanwhile, I couldn’t help but look at my Mami. She was a beautiful lady, not white but not dark also, light brown complexion but the best thing was she had an absolute even skin tone with a nice curvy body which I could see through her saree. I see why mama married her.

Next day in the morning, I woke up and came to know that my mama goes to town once in a week for business matters and comes in the evening. So me and Mami were alone. I was a bit shy but me and Mami got long well. She was 26 so there wasn’t much difference in our ages. It was very hot and humid day so I decided to go swimming in a pond. But Mami said that most of them are on lease and not fit for swimming and said she would take me to the one where people bath. So in the afternoon, Mami took me to the pond as I didn’t know the way and moreover people haven’t seen ne for so many years and it’s a village, so, better be with someone.

I was a good swimmer, and it felt great to be in water after so many months(I used to swim in my college pool). Mami was sitting near the pond, I asked her if she would like to join but she refused. After some time, when we were deciding to head back, it began to downpour heavily. When we reached home, we were totally drenched. But Mami was looking Damn hot in drenched saree. All her curves were perfectly visible in that wet state and she was looking like a sex goddess. I was wearing shorts and the hard bonner was perfectly visible I guess. I tried to hide it but in that drenched condition it was impossible. I guess Mami noticed it.

After we went inside, Mami removed her saree in front of me and through her wet blouse, her boobs were perfectly visible. I could even see her nice areola. I guess she did it out of a wimp, because afterwards she felt embarrassed and quickly took a new saree and went inside the bathroom. In hurry she forgot to take a a blouse with her and so asked me to pass her a blouse. she gave me directions to find them but I couldn’t find it in the drawers she told me. And like an ass I bluntly said, “there’s only bra and panty in this drawer”. I guess she got embarrassed.

She suddenly came out of bathroom without any blouse with her saree covering her boob saying, “all you boys are same, good for nothing”. She opened the drawer below it and said,”see? It was right under your nose stupid “.

But her words were not going through my ears. I was rather busy admiring her beauty. She was looking like apsara from Medieval periods. She handed me a towel and said, “do you want to catch a cold? Go dry yourself quickly”. I too forgot to take my underwear but felt embarrassed to ask her for it.

And furthermore I don’t like people disturbing my things (here my suitcase), so I came out wrapped in my towel and again saw a great sight of Mami struggling to hook her bra. I guess she felt weird after that blouse incident and though of wearing a bra. But now I see why she was not wearing a bra earlier, because she had difficulty with hooking it up and since mama was not present so.

So she called for me and asked me to hook it up. OMG, my hands were literally shaking, and I tried to hook it up without making a body contact but my efforts were futile. She understood it and said, “I don’t give electric shock, you can touch me”. Oh, that feeling, my hands rubbing against her silky smooth back.

I hooked it up and she turned. Shit,that hot cleavage was making my dick throb and I was in towel. I quickly turned and went for my room, but I guess she saw it anyway. BTW, the rain had slowed down a bit and to go to my room, I have to pass through a long corridor and then about 10 feet of open space. These were old house so the structure were like of old days.

The rest of the day was going smoothly. The rain started heavily again and in the evening my mama called that he will not be coming tonight due to heavy rain. So, me and Mami alone for the night.

We had lunch and then I slept for the whole afternoon and till late evening. Swimming after a long time had taken its toll. The rain continued heavily. Electricity was gone. Lanterns were lit up in every room. Mami was preparing for dinner, village people sleep early. I was having chat with her. Slowly our talks became more intimate.

She asked me whether I had a gf. I told her it was over. I had once. I came to know about my mama’s illness with a little more details. Apparently due the medicine, their sex life was ruined. I mean most of the mental illness medicine hamper the sexual activeness in humans. She didn’t told me openly but I could make it up. So she was sex deprived as well.

We had our dinner and we went to sleep. I went to my room through that open space with an umbrella, it was raining heavily. I jerk Off at night and after today’s incidents, I just had to. I was thinking of her when suddenly I heard her calling me, I opened the door and Mami came into my room.

She asked me if I could sleep with her as she was feeling afraid alone in the dark. I agreed. Now as we were going for the room, in the open verandah I told you about, she slipped and fell hard. I quickly picked her up in my arms and took ker to her room. Her saree was wet with water as water was staging in the verandah due to heavy rain. She was having pain in her back.

She asked me help her undress her saree as it was wet. I took a balm and applied it on her back. She lied on the bed in her petticoat and blouse. Suddenly she took off her petticoat too saying it was wet and will wet the bed too. I had a faint idea where this thing was going but thought maybe I was wrong. I asked whether I should message her back. She agreed.

She was in her panty and blouse and a Lantern was illuminating the room. I began messaging her lower back. She asked me to message a little upward but the blouse was blocking my way. I told her so, and so she opened her blouse. Now I was sure where this thing was going. I got a little bold and asked if i can open the bra hook too. She agreed.

I started messaging her back. She started to moan a little and said. “oh, its been a while since I have received such a message. Your mama used to do it in the early days.” i said in a funny voice, “ok mam, now you will be receiving a full body massage from the worst masseur in the world.” She giggled. Now I started to message her back, her hands and her legs. She said, “hey, I though it was a full body message, why are you skipping parts?”. Now I was sure she wanted it. I slowly took off her panty and in the Golden flame of the Lantern, I was watching a thing of beauty.

I started messaging her ass. OMG, it was awesome. I grabbed, pressed and twirled her ass. I ran my fingers through her ass Crack. She started to moan slowly. I started for her breast. She suddenly turned and looked at me, I was like “full body message?.”. She closed her eyes. I slowly removed her bra and began to Crease her breast. OMG, her large breast were melting in my hands. And in the Golden yellow flame, she was looking like a sex goddess. I was feeling like I was some king from Medieval time and she was my queen. She held my face in her soft hands. I slowly pulled my face closer to her and slowly, we kissed.

Her lips were melting in mine. Tongues twisting like snakes. Our bodies were on fire. She rolled over me and her boobs were pressing against my chests. I grabbed her ass and started pressing. She was rubbing her tummy against my rock hard dick.

Slowly she got up. Her face was shinning in yellow flame and in the background of thunders and falling rain. She slowly pulled my boxers and underwear down and my erect penis got out. She was smiling and the atmosphere was giving a surreal effect to it. I got up, grabbed her boobs, kissed her hard.

Then I sucked on her boobs. She started creasing my cock. We both wanted it so bad, so she laid on her back and I slowly inserted my manhood into her. It’s not like it was my first time but it surely was my first time feeling like this. Slowly I started pumping into her in missionary position. She started moaning slowly.

Then she rolled over and got in cowboy position and started to ride my cock. She started moaning heavily and the sound of rain and thunder were making it more intense. Then we got into doggy position and I started ramming her pussy. She was screaming at this point. And then she came. I could feel it. I couldn’t wait much longer myself. So I came too. I came inside her. Then we collapsed.

I don’t know when but woke up again at late night probably by the sound of thunder. The weather had gotten more violent outside. She was lying in my arms facing against me. My hands were on her boobs. The sweet scent of her hair was getting on my head. By now my thing was hard again and it was pressing against her ass cheeks. I kissed her neck and started playing with her nipple and boobs while my cock started to rub in her ass Crack on his own. She moaned and said in a sleepy voice

“its rude to cum inside a woman’s pussy without her permission “.

Me,” well, it was a small service charge for the massage Mam. And sorry, it won’t happen again. ”

She,” well I told you this for other women. You have my permission anyway. ”

I kissed her again and started fucking her in the same way in which we were lying. I grabbed her tightly and grabbed her boobs too. She started moaning loudly and in the dim light of the Lantern I was fucking her violently. She came and so did I. I fell in deep sleep after that.

I the morning, I felt an unusual tingling and woke up the find out that she was giving my a blowjob. Her wet tongue was swirling around my dick. She was going up and down and playing with my balls. It took me no time to cum in her mouth hard.

Apparently she woke early in the morning, did all the household works and right now she was fully dressed. I got up, kissed her and started exploring her legs. I was slowly raising her saree and petticoat and giving kisses and love bite on her legs and milky thighs. Then I got up to her pussy and started liking it. And then I finger fucked her.

She told me that although the rain had stopped but many places were flooded so mama won’t be coming home today. Yes, one more day for my to fuck Mami. She said, “you need a bath, I need a bath, we need a bath.”

So we went for a bath together. We were naked under the shower while soaping one another. I was exploring her body inch by inch. Kissing every part. So was she. Giving me blowjob and then I fucked her in the bath.

We did our morning prayers. Well most of it and then had breakfast. But although I wanted to do more but my thing was tired and was not ready for another round.

She asked me seeing my dull face, “what’s up hero? Why so sad?”

Me, “I guess I won’t be able to use this day to its fullest” pointing at my dick.

She, “ah, everyone needs some help sometimes” and saying this she brought me some rocket capsules. “my friend on tough days”.

Well, this day sas going to be more interesting than I thought.

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With Mami During Rainy Days

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