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Wild Sex With My Personal Assistant

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi readers, I am Alex Chacko here. I thank all of u for your feedback for my previous stories. i am going to narrate another story of my sexual encounter. This story is about how i fucked my colleague. This incident took place 5 months back. Her name is Tanya she was 23 yrs old and used to work as my assistant. She was from Bengal and was very hot. She had figure of 34-29-36. She was married but didn’t have any kid. She was fair and had long hairs. Everyone in my office was crazy for her and never missed any chance of talking to her even I was one like them. But she was very professional and pretended to not noticing it.

One day I had fight with my wife and was very angry and in that mood I came to office and I was very irritated. I reached office and started running through my files. then I called upon Tanya and asked her for a particular file. She told she will get in 10 minutes. I told ok and went out to have a coffee. After 15 minutes I returned into office and found that that particular wasn’t there. I called Tanya again. She came and looked nervous. I asked for file she told that she kept file on her table and now she couldn’t find it. My temper was still high. I started scolding her you useless girl if you can’t take care of such important things why do you take responsibility. Don’t u know how important that file was (though it wasn’t so important), get me that file or search for new job. And I asked her get out of cabin. After sometime my temper came down and then I remembered that I had taken some file along with me and it could be possibly with it so i called Tanya so that I ask her to forgive for acting so harshly. But as She came in and she started crying and started telling that she was able to find the file yet and not to sack her as her husband has lost his job 2 months back and hasn’t been able to find a new one yet. This clicked a dirty idea in my brain that if could this situation I could take her for sex.

I told her that I am not bothered about her personal life but if she doesn’t find that file there is no escape for her. She started crying and telling sir please don’t sack me. I told her to go search again properly. She went out and started searching. I called my wife and told her description of file and she told it was there. Now it was lunch break and I went to see Tanya. She was still desperately searching for that file. I asked her whether she got the file she told she searched whole place but couldn’t find it. I told her to come to my cabin. she came in asked me to help her. I told her that I can save her. She was very happy and started thanking me. I told I will help her only if she thank me properly. She told she didn’t understand what I meant. I told her that she will have to have sex with me. She was shocked to hear that. And told that she isn’t a girl of that kind. I told her to become a girl of that kind or say goodbye her job. She started saying please don’t make her do such thing. Then to increases my chances I promised her that I will help her husband get a job if she has sex with me. She looked down and wasn’t saying anything. I realized this is it. I then went near her and told her that no one is going to know about it. Then she don’t want to cheat her husband. I told her she would doing this for her and her husband. She told said ok. I was happy and pulled towards me and asked get her ready for everything because she will have to do everything to satisfy me that night. And kissed her on cheek and asked her to go. Then I called my wife and told her that I have work so I will be late. she started asking all kind of question but I was able to convince her.

Then it was time for closing of office and I went to see Tanya I walked to her and told her to come to car parking lot. Then I went to parking lot and sat in my car after 5 mins she came and sat in car. I then took her hand in mine and kissed her on it. She was shy. She was wearing a yellow saree. And believe me she was looking ravish and very beautiful (like all other Bengali woman) I started car and to drive towards a apartment of mine. On my way I stopped at medical stores and purchased anti pregnancy pill. Then I drove towards towards a liquor store and purchased beer. And then we proceeded towards my apartment. Then I stopped at a signal and looked at her. She was looking outside I removed the saree covering her belly and started to fondle her navel. She closed her eyes. But then signal became green and I had to take my hands of her awesome belly. On way I asked her lay on seat she did that and pressed breast with my one hand and other handling steering. I then took her hands in mine and massaged it and then kissed on it. Then I sucked her fingers one by one. I reached the apartments. My room was on 7th floor we got in lift. I pressed 7 th floor button.

Then as door of lift closed I pushed her against lift and kissed her on neck. She tried to get out of my hold but failed. Then we reached the 7th floor and got into my room. I switched on the lights and asked her to sit. And I went into the the bathroom and got myself fresh and came back. She was sitting on sofa and I sat next to her. Then I put my arms around her shoulder and kissed her on her cheek. And then I took beer and opened two bottles of beer and offered her one. She thanked me we took a sip and then hugged each other. Then I kissed madly on her cheek and neck. Then pushed her on to sofa and laid on her and continued to kiss her on her face and neck. I licked her face. Then I kissed her on lips and started to suck her upper lips and then lower lips. Then I sandwiched her upper lips between my tongue and upper lips. She was responding to the act so nicely by hugging me and running her hand through my hair. I then put my tongue into her mouth and started to roll my tongue on hers. Then I sucked her tongue it was superb feeling. I kept on kissing her on lips for some more time.

Then I lifted her up in my arms and laid her on a table. I removed her saree now she was layin on table in her yellow blouse and petticoat. I kissed her on her belly. Then I poured beer on her navel and drank it. Then I took beer in mouth and kissed her and passed the beer into her mouth. She enjoyed it and asked me to do it again. I did it again and asked her to do the same. She sat on table and took beer in her mouth and passed into my mouth. Beer tasted more intoxicating than before. We did to each other alternatively and finished 2 bottle of beer in this manner. Now she hugged me and asked me to take her to bed. I took her to bed. She kept on smooching me while I was carrying her. Then I held her in my arms for some time and kissed each other. Then I made her sit on bed. She held my hand and pulled me towards her. And made me lay on bed and she laid on me and smooched me. She then kissed me on my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt and again started kissing me. I then held her by hair and bit her on her neck. And I asked her that in morning when I asked for sex but now it looking like you have brought me here for sex. She told that she hadn’t had sex from 3 months as her husband was depressed as he lost his job and she knew that she will have to have sex with me so thought of enjoying the act rather than weeping and crying. I told it was a nice decision and promised her that you will enjoy the act.

She told me that I must fulfill the promise I made in office. I told not to worry. She thanked and smooched me again. she then kissed on my chest and stomach. Then she licked me on my navel. Then she removed my shirt and kissed on chest and sucked my nipples. She was really making me enjoy the moment. Then she again started smooching me I hugged her and turned around.making her lay underneath me and continued smooching her. I then kissed her on neck and then kissed her on her cleavages. Then I kissed her on her navel madly and put my tongue in her navel. Then I licked her belly and bit on it. She was moaning in pleasure and kept on running her finger in my hair. Then I unhooked her blouse and put my face in her cleavages. Then I licked her cleavages and started squeezing her breast. She kept on moaning and was saying come on sir go hard on them they are all yours. This all was making mad I pulled her bra its hook broke and bra came in my hand. I set her breast free I could see her erected nipples. she was seriously hot item. I then sucked her breast and while doing so I pressed her other breast. I even pinched her on her breast. I then bit on nipples gently and then covered her mouth with my hand then bit it real hard. She was in pain and screaming like but my hand reduced her volume considerably. I then rubbed my face on her breast.

Then i removed her petticoat she was now just in her panty. I rubbed her thighs with my hand and then kissed her on her thighs.. then I removed her panties and smelled her pussy. It was smelling nice. I licked her from her knees to thighs and to pussy I did this many times her pussy started cuming. I licked and drank it . nice salty refreshing juice of woaman. And then I started licking her pussy. It wasn’t clean shaved. I then put my tongue into her pussy and fucking her pussy with my tongue,. She was moaning like hell and kept on murmuring yes sir I am loving it, do it again and again. I then kissed her on pussy and moved to to her mouth kissing her whole body from her sweet pussy. We were sweating so much that our bodies became slippery. I then said her to suck my dick. She asked me to sit on bed taking support of wall. I did that she removed my pant and underwear together. My full erected 7 inch long tool was now ready to roll. She held my dick in her hand and stroked it. Then she started licking it from balls to top part of dick. Then she sucked my balls and took my dick her mouth and started sucking it hard. I felt as if she is gonna pluck my dick from my body. She kept on sucking. Then I asked her to lay down so that we can start the main program. She smiled and laid on her back. I sat on bed on my knees and my ass resting on calf muscles.

Then I held by her thighs and pulled her towards me. Then I rubbed my dick on her pussy. I kept on doing for some time then she started telling oh come on sir don’t play with me please fuck I can’t wait any more. I kept my dick on her pussy entrance. And i laid over her. She hugged me and bit me on ears. I then inserted my dick slowly into her pussy. She moaned. I kept it in for some time. I then kissed Tanya on her lips she responded to it nicely and we licked each other’s tongue. Then I slowly started stroking my dick in her wet pussy. She was moaning hard. I started stroking fast and hard she was now moaning loud and saying come on fuck me harder baby, don’t show any mercy on me, treat me like a slut etc… I kept on fucking her. After fucking her in that pose for some time. I asked her sit on me. She did that. I asked her to insert my dick in her pussy. She sat on my dick and inserted into her and started jumping on me. It was such an awesome moment. Her boobs bouncing like anything and her ass was sticking to my thighs due to sweat. She jumped on me with my dick in her hole after sometime she got tired and laid on me. I held her face with my hand and kissed her on face and she supported herself with her hand. I then started moving my dick in her pussy. Then I stopped and she started moving her ass and fuck herself and I kept kissing her on her face and lips. She then got exhausted and laid on me. I turned around. I made her lay on her side facing away from me. Then I put my dick into her pussy from between her legs and held her breast.

Then I started fucking her she was so tired and bed sheet had become wet with our sweat. I kept on fucking her and squeezing her breast and biting her earlobes and sometimes smelling her. After fucking her on this pose for some time I was about to cum. I sat on her breast but didn’t put whole weight on her. Then I asked her to suck. She did it and I cummed in her mouth. Then I laid by her side. She put her leg around my thighs and hand around my cheat and kissed me on my shoulder. And said sir I really enjoyed the act. she told that she never had such a nice intercourse even with her husband. Then we laid on bed for some time it was around 9p.m I told her that I will get something to eat from nearby hotel and asked what she wants to eat. she asked whether she could go home. I told her I am not done with her and not to expect to leave the room before next morning.

She smiled and told that she didn’t expect anything less. I kissed her on her lips and told her get fresh and we proceed with what we were there for. And I left the room. I reached hotel and parceled the food and returned to room. I entered the room and kept the food parcel on table. And turned back I standing in front of me towel. She pushed on to sofa and started dancing in front of me. I tried to get and dance with her, but she pushed on to sofa and continued dancing in front of me. In between she would open her towel and show her assets and then quickly cover it again. She had turned me on. But she wasn’t letting me to come near her. Then she removed her towel and threw it on me and continued dancing. Then she sat on my lap facing me. And she started kissing me all over my face. And I must admit she was dominating me. I was squeezing her ass. She held my face with her hand and licked my lips and then smooched me. She then removed my shirt and kept smooching me. She was licking my tongue. I was wondering who brought whom for sex.

Then she held her breast in her hand and pressed it against my breast. She then hugged me in such a way that my face was buried in her awesome breast. Then she started rubbing her breast on my face. After that she got down from my lap and removed my underwear and pant together. And then she started to suck my dick. It was the beat blowjob I have ever got. She then again sat on my laps and smooched me. Then she inserted my dick her pussy. I felt as if she was fucking me. She put her arms around my neck and started rising and sitting on my laps and fuck herself. I then hugged her and lifted her and made her lay on sofa and I laid over her and pinned her arm to sofa and fucked her. During this we were looking into each other’s eye. After fucking for some time s I told her I want to fuck her asshole. She denied and told that she tried with her husband but it while inserting it pained a lot so they discontinued and never tried it. I insisted that I want to fuck her ass and there is not getting through from this. She then agreed unwillingly. I asked her kneel down for doggy style and applied oil on my dick.

Then I pushed my dick a little in her asshole she screamed in pain. I was scared somebody might hear her screaming and this may cause trouble. So I stopped pushing and took a cloth and put in her mouth. And apparently it was my underwear which I put in her mouth. Then I held her waist and pushed my dick harder into her asshole. She was screaming like in hell but my underwear in her mouth had reduced her sound considerably. I was holding her by her waist. After inserting my whole dick inside her asshole I stopped for some time. Her ass was so tight that I took hell lot of effort to insert whole dick inside. Then after sometime I started stroking inside her asshole. She was in pain. But I was in real pleasure so didn’t bother to stop. I kept fucking her asshole for 5 to 10 minutes and since her asshole was so tight I cummed quickly. I discharged in her asshole. Then held her in that pose for some time and withdrew my dick. She laid on the sofa I took underwear out of her mouth. She told sir you are so dirty and ruthless. I asked her as joke how was the taste of my underwear. She told disgusting. I thanked and laid over her.

We hugged each other and laid for some time. Then we had dinner. after that I fucked her once more. It was around 11.30 p.m. then we got dressed. And we left for your house. I dropped her home. On way she asked what about my husband’s job. I told I will help him. She thanked I told she needn’t thank since she has paid me for that with her body. She smiled. I then took her hand in mine and kissed on it. She told that I was awesome on bed and that she enjoyed the whole session with me. i asked how about tasting my underwear and getting your asshole fucked. She slapped on my arms and said that I am bad boy and she loves bad boys. She then told that if I want to fuck her again then I was welcome. Then I dropped her home before leaving we hugged and kissed each other. And then I left for home. After that we used have intercourse with each on every Saturday. And sometimes I fucked her in my office bathroom also.

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