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Wife’s Best Friend

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Dear friends of desi erotic stories after reading somany stories some real and some not so real ,I am going to tell you some thing that happened  to me last year.My wife and I were visiting my in-laws in the United States last December,my wife’s best friend Chanda lives about five miles from there day we went to see her she was very happy for our visit,my wife and Chanda sat in dinning area and start chatting while i was watching tv.her husband was at work he had two jobs and love to make money he spend very little time at home.

Chanda is a very beautiful girl in her late 20s, with a pretty smile long legs nice round ass and very pretty feet I love to look at her feet all the time.I noticed that while thay were talking Chanda was looking at me with a naughty smile i knew that thay must be doing some dirty (girly talks).we left after few hours and my wife told me on our way back that Chanda is not very happy with her husband,he spends very little time with her and she is getting  very little sex.once a week when he feel likettv gets on top give few jerks and before she is even ready he cums and go to sleep. I was very disappointed.

Chandays later i was getting ready to go see a friend of mine,my wife ask if i can dropoff some clothes on my way to Chanda,I took those and when i got to her house it was 10amthay she was drinkChandaffee and she ask me if i want some i took a cup and thayat in thenbsping room sofa. it was a cold ,windy and cloudy just a romantic day we start talking about little Chanda while tnbspng i was looking at her pretty feet and she noticed that and ask my why i always stanbspt her feet and i said because thay a very beautiful she said yes your wife told me that you like pretty feet.i asked her that what else she told you abour me and she replayed a lot, and gave me that pretty smile it was turning me on and all of a sudden she lifted her feet and put them in my lap and said you can look at them all you want.I hend her left foot and start playing with her toes and then i lifted up and kissed the top of that pink foot and then kissed the arch under it i heard a ahh. when i looked up her face was turning red and she was enjoing it.then i lifted her pajama upword and started kissing her smooth leg.then i moved up and kissed her juicy lips and rolled my toung in her mouth she was giving full respons.then i helped her to take off her kamiz and there thay were small but beautiful round tits with long pink nipples i took one in my mouth and played with other she was enjoing it all then i moved my hand in her pajama and felt that smooth and wet choot then i put my middle finger in and started playing with it.after a while i put my face between her legs and started licking her choot like a dag she was breathing heavy and moving her hips towards my face.

I lifted her legs up and licked her hard then i moved up and presented her my 7 and half inch lun and ask her to kiss she kissed it twice but refused to take it in her mouth becauce she had never done it before but promised to do it next time. then i lowerd my self and placed my hot lun on her tight and wet choot and with one push my topa was in and few more jerks i was half into her tight choot thats when she stoped me because my lun was to big for her i slowed down and start giving small but deep push after a while she got use to my lund and started pushing back her hips ,then i turned he around and fucked doggy style and moved my hand on her nice and round ass cheeks her ass hole was very pretty pink in color and very tight i put some”thook”on my finger and push it in her hole she moved away first and i asked her if she was ever fucked in the ass she said no.but told me later that once when she was about 13 years one of there driver try to fuck her ass but it was very painfull he had a very big topa on his lun and before he can put that in she ran away.But i did not stop playing with that tight hole and after a while she started enjong it too.we fucked for more than an houre and her choot was dripping with her cum then i pulled my lun out and came on her ass.

Did i get that ass ? will tell you later .girls of all ages from US and  around Lahore can write and tell me how thay like my storie.Love u all.

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