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Wife Takes Revenge To Satisfy Herself

  • desipapa
  • November 26, 2015

My name is Sameer and I’m 26 years old and me and my wife live in Mumbai. I work for an MNC and have to go out on tours every month or two. I have a well built body and I’m 5’10” tall. Now, my wife’s name is Sakshi and she is 24 years old. She is 5’4″ & has the body of an angel, milky thighs, firm young curves and incredible good looks.
So, coming to the story, One night at around 1:30 am my phone started ringing. It was on the nightstand for charging.. So by the time I woke up, my wife was getting up to get the phone. She answered the phone and a girl’s voice came through… I could hear her in the pin drop silence. I was afraid that maybe my girlfriend, Rachna from office might have called.

My wife asked “Who do you want to speak to .. ?”

Rachna replied “Can I talk to Sameer”

My wife said “Who are you?”

She said “My name is Rachna, I work with Sameer, can I please talk to him”

My wife handed me the phone looking furiously at me.. I took the phone and went out of the bedroom.. I was numb struck… Rachna was drunk and telling me to come to her and leave my wife.. I disconnected the call.. She called again and started crying and said that she is pregnant… I was Shocked!!.. I turned defensive & yelled “No it can’t be… we used protection” and disconnected the call again and switched off my mobile.

As I pushed the bedroom door open, my wife was standing right next to it listening to the call all along… She gazed into my eyes and said “I knew you had an affair”

She started crying and using bad language “I loved you, married you and this is what you do… kyun kiya aisa, main kam padti hu kya? .. Sach me, All men are dogs… tum bhi kutte ho kutte!”

I was angry but far more embarrassed to respond….. we went to sleep in different rooms. Dead silence.

A few days passed and we were not talking to each other.. Then on a Sunday afternoon my wife’s father came to visit us… So we had to act normal as if nothing had happened. While doing so we were in kitchen sometimes helping each other to make lunch for all & we started talking a bit to each other by the evening. As my Father-in-law was about to leave my wife told me to insist him that he must stay for dinner… I was happy that at least my wife started talking to me and I managed to convince my FIL.

When we were cooking dinner I touched my hand on my wife’s ass by mistake.. and she looks at me and gives me a naughty smile… I took up on the hint.. I understand that both of us longing for physical intimacy. So, this time deliberately I touch my wife’s boobs. She turns to me, looks at me and starts kissing me.. I was hungry too…

I started smooching her madly.. she went straight to opening my jeans and I started massaging her breasts from outside clothes. She put her hand in my underwear and untangle my throbbing dick out and starts stroking it… I was amazed that she would do this when her father was sitting right across the hall in the bedroom.. but i was enjoying.

Now she opened and unzipped her jeans and pulled it down. She was wearing a black panty, she pulled it down too.. and walked two steps away from me and instructed to me “Sit on your knees”

I did that. the she said “Walk on your knees to lick my pussy”

She acted like I was her slave and I gave in because of what I had done and was excited too.

She said “Take out your tongue” I did that

Then she held my hair and started sliding her pussy on my tongue… I was licking her too and she started moaning.

I said “Kam awaaz karo Sakshi, uncle sun lunge”

she angrily replied “sunne de, unhe bhi to pata chale tu kitna harami hai”

I said “dheere bolo plz”

she said “aur zor se bolungi.. Saale kamine” and turned around, bent down & told me to lick her ass… we had never done that before and i wasn’t keen on doing it.. so i barely licked it and then stood up to have sex with my wife in doggy style (which both of us love btw)….. But she refused… she said “You don’t deserve it” and started wearing her clothes.

Dinner was served and after my FIL left, I tried to touch and seduce my wife again. She pushed me away and said she was angry at me and that she could never forgive me… I said sorry a million times but she wouldn’t listen.. exhausted, I asked “I’m sorry but what can I do to make up for it?” I said “Sakshi tum jo bologi mai taiyaar hu”

She asked “Pakka bolo…. are you sure ?” with a wicked/naughty smile on her face.

I said “YES… anything! plz forgive me”

she said ok, she will think about it and then she let me touch her and we had wild make-up sex in which she called me names and went a little rough. I had never known my wife to be like this.. she was devoted traditional housewife who went to Mandir every week, But to my surprise I was started to love it.

After a few weeks, I had to go on a company tour to Pune for 3 days so I packed my stuff and was ready to leave… My wife had packed me lunch and came to the door to kiss me good-bye.. She was looking very happy.. almost glowing that day.

I got into my car and as I was getting out of our building society, I saw an old school friend of mine but he was also in his car so we crossed each other.. and maybe he didn’t see me, so he did not stop.

I kept driving too… but after about 30 mins.. I started putting pieces together.. My friend Ashok had only been to my home once after the marriage.. if he had come to meet me.. he should have called me, if not then why did he come into my building.

I took a U-turn and raced back home to witness the nightmare I was afraid of…

I opened the main door with my key and I could hear laughter and two voices… I was confirm that my wife was in there… about to cheat on me…

I understood what she had meant by taking revenge on me…. I waited outside the bedroom with my ear next to the door to catch my wife red handed.. I also pushed open the door a little. It was my wife and my school friend Gaurav. My wife was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and Gaurav kept touching my wife’s legs while talking to her, teasingly.

My wife teased him around a little more and in about 5 mins after I reached.. they started kissing… madly and passionately. I could not believe my eyes that my wife could ever do this. She started kissing on his chest and taking off his shirt. he started taking of my wife’s clothes too. I could see my wife assisting Gaurav to take off her bra… She turned to him and said

“Suck my nipples”

to which Gaurav obliged immediately and started sliding down my wife’s panty.

My wife was standing nude when started taking off Gaurav’s jeans and underwear… As soon as she slid his pants down, his dick sprung up. My wife looked at it for a moment… held it in her hand… came down to her knees, smelt the big fucking 8″ long thick cock and was astonished by the massive cock. It was at least twice my dick.

She took no time and started kissing it and then took it in her mouth. She made Gaurav’s cock wetter, bigger and thicker… Gaurav threw her over the bed.

I knew now they will have sex, So I decided to enter the bedroom and catch my wife red handed, But as I was about to, I saw Gaurav kissing my wife’s navel and then going down on my wife. Gaurav kissed on my wife’s pussy. My wife stopped him and said “No.. don’t lick my pussy, I have a husband for that … I want a man inside me… Fuck me… come on”

Gaurav replied “Isn’t your husband a man?” and smiled…

Sakshi said ” arre wo kaha mard hai… uska to 5 minute me gir jata hai… Tumhe to pata hai na ki mujhe to poori raat chudai karne me maza aata hai”

I could not believe what I heard.

Gaurav said “To bula liya karo mujhe jab bhi raat bhar chudna ho”

My wife replied “absolutely… ab to chup kar sex karne ki zaroorat nahi… mere pati ko maine aisa chutiya bana diya hai ki ab wo mujhe nahi rok sakta..” and they both started laughing.

My world came crashing down to hear these words and to know that this was a plan of my manipulative housewife…. I did not dare to enter the room..

Then finally, my wife took Gaurav’s huge cock in her mouth once again and Gaurav was ready to penetrate my wife. Gaurav gave a thrust and his cock slid into my wife’s pussy. she was ecstatic. Gaurav gave another push and my wife cried in pain. she started scratching his back and holding his hair while he started to pump her slow strokes. The room was filled with eroticism and to my wonder.. I had a hard-on.. I liked my wife getting pounded by a big thick dick. I could see the satisfaction on her face.

after 15-20 mins of continuous heavy pounding, Gaurav was about to come… So my wife hurriedly asked to take the cock out of her pussy… and grabbed it and put it in her mouth… she started deep throating him until he shot his sperms right into my wife mouth which my wife, the slut that she is… sucked all of it.

That is all for this edition

I will be back with more..

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