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Wife Swapping With Father

  • desipapa
  • October 26, 2015

Hi readers here is my story it happened 9 months before

My name is Amal age 28 and my wife name is Vidhya age 24. She got married to me at the age of 21. She is very fair and slim we are living with my parents in Kerala. My father Raju his age is 53 he is a private finance company owner. Currently I am helping him in the business my mother name is sreedevi her age is 50 but look like 40 I have a elder brother too he is now settled in Dubai.

I have been lusting for my mother from the age of 19 but I never got a chance to lift her dress. At the age of 25 I got vidhya. Ours was a arranged marriage. My mother and my wife are very close. Like that my father and me are very close we used to discuss everything. Even sexual matters. Every weekend we used to drink at home.

One weekend while we were drinking father asked me about my unfulfilled dreams I told him some bullshit then he told his unfulfilled dream

He said that son I have a desire to try wife swapping but I never get the chance. You know in this society you can’t trust anyone . After saying this he drink another large. By hearing this I got a hard on then I too drink a large and said father I too had a unfulfilled desire like this if I told you that then you become angry.

Suddenly my father started to laugh and said oh h my son I will never get angry just tell me. I want to know

Then I said I have a long desire to fuck my mother.

By hearing this he said it is quiet natural. Thank god you did not rape her

Then I said father you know what we can fulfill our desires with a wife swap

Father then said it is impossible my son

I said it is possible the thing we have to do is convince our wife’s

Father stood up from the chair and said that his wife is my mother and she will never let me to fuck her. After saying this he went to bed. That day over like that.

The next morning when I woke up my father asked me to come to garden when I went to garden he said he is interested in my wife swap plan. Then I said father first you convince mother then I convince vidhya then he said son that is a hard part. It will take time I said him that take your time.

That day when we eating breakfast I saw father looking at vidhya I saw the lust in his eyes. I started looking at my mother .Next day when father and me getting ready for office my mother did not show up I asked to vidhya she said mother is ill. I then went to her room. When she saw me she started to shout she said get out of the room I asked her what happened she said shame on you. Then she close the door.

Then I understand everything my father must have said her everything .When I asked him about that he said son it will take time . Next weekend while we are drinking father said son your mother agreed. Only for one time and then we have to forget everything. By hearing this I actually jumped up with joy. And he said that is my time to convince my wife. That night I tried but failed.She became vary angry and she said she is leaving.

Then I told her about my lust and offered her a costly necklace then finally she give up. At night 11.30 pm I called dad and said she agreed then he said ok we do it now. I said we will do it tomorrow then he said girls mind will change any time we can’t take that risk now come to my room with vidhya. I followed his orders

When we enter into parents room my father started to undress mother sitting in the bed she was looking down

I wasted no time I sat beside her and I plant a small kiss on her cheek. Then I started to hug her at that time my father hugged my wife then he started to undress her I too did that to mother I made my mother to sit on my laps then I started to suck her boobs with bra on. Then I showed her my manhood. She take it in her hands and started to stroke it my father and my wife started fucking mother looked at them

I put my cock on her mouth she started to suck it I said to mother that I always wanted to do this with you. After some minutes I made her lay on the bed and I mounted on her she widened her legs for me. I looked at her women hood it was very hairy. I then put my cock into her pussy and started to pump her.

While pumping her I said to mother that I love her she said shame shame my own son is fucking me. I then increased my speed. While fucking mother I looked at vidhya my father fucking her very hard. That night I fucked my mother in different positions when everything was over we left the room.

Next morning no one talked about that. Mother looked at me and said come on son have some breakfast you must very hungry you look very tired. And the she give me a smile.

After breakfast I try to start a conversation with mother. I asked to mother how was last night she said with a smile don’t ask me like that. Her words give me a hard on. I couldn’t control my feelings I hugged her and try to kiss her on lips then she said your wife is watching. When I look back vidhya was looking at as I then released mother and said to her that my cock needs you . She smiled and walked away like a model

Wife Swapping With Father

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