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Wife Banged By Hubby Business Partner

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

As the door bell rang, Sandy cursed the visitor. She was halfway through her bath. Just then her hubby john had left and her 5 year old son had gone to her mother’s house for vacation for 15 days to Pune. She was all alone in that palatial house. The previous night they had gone for a party and John had really troubled her almost whole night after taking hot rinks. They had attended the official party as John and his partner Vijay had bagged a major contract in Singapore. Since it was a big achievement for John, Sandy also dressed up with interest. That night everyone complimented Sandy for her beauty. She had worn a flowing white gown with a open back. A single thin platinum chain with a big diamond pendant and diamond earrings had increased the glow on her face. Her long hair was covering her white skin on the back. The gown had a slit on either side only up to her knees and her cleavage was slightly visible through the cut on her chest was being covered by the big pendant on her chain. The sleeveless arms were tender looking with a diamond bracelet and white colour fancy watch. She was looking like an actress in that outfit.

God had given her beauty and brains together. When John’s partner of the firm, Vijay shook her hand, his eyes were wide open, and he had taken little extra time squeezing her hands purposely. He was a tall and strong man in his 30s. She had not got many occasions to see him often. Whenever he came to their house she was busy with their only son and had hardly exchanged greetings. John said Vijay had organized the party fully. It was only for the known circle of the office. It was in the garden of Vijay’s big house. There was an attractive floor created surrounding the fountain which had awaked female statue in the middle. Everyone sat around the stage, sipping hot drinks and junk food. There were trees around the place. The party had a dance bay sexy dancer. The dancer had entered the floor with full frilled red colour gown to start with. But as the dance progressed she had stripped slowly. The first one to get out of her body was the velvetyfurr that she was wearing on her gown. She removed it and threw to the audience. There was a huge applaud from everyone. Next Sandy saw 4 strong black men entering the stage. The dancer was pretending to escape from them. After some drama she was carried and thrown in to the fountain water. Her hands were tied above the naked marble statue. Then the water started to flow from the fountain on to her body. The song had got more erotic. In no time the gown got wet fully anther fair skin was visible from the gown. She was wearing a black lacy very small bra and panty inside. Her body was shown inch by inch on the huge screen projected on a side screen. As the camera moved on her full body there was full silence with everyone looking at the stage only. Again the four black men came and in full view of the audience her gown was removed and thrown to the crowd. One man even cut off her shining neck piece and threw it off. The scene got very wild with everyone staring at her marvellous body in two pieces. The bra and panty were too small just covering enough. Again her body was shown from full close up. Sandy could see John getting aroused at that view. John, Sandy and Vijay and their secretary were sitting in place. All the staff of John were seated a bit far around the stage. From four corners drinks were thrown on the dancer’s body and the four black men licked her body. She was making all sexy moves and looked like she had personally got involved in the act. Sandy was wondering unto what extent the show will go on. She was surprised also as to how can such parties be held in open. Then the dancer was released from the rope and as the music continued she stripped each of the 4 black men with their colourful trousers and pants. Now even those muscular men were only in their small underwear’s. She was being squeezed between them. They did lots of gymnastics together exposing different positions of kamasutra indirectly. In one of the positions she was standing in the middle of the 4 men.

Two came from behind and caught hold of her hands on either side. She was pinned to the glittering floor. As everyone saw two other blackish licked her body from head tote, taking more time on her private parts. Though they were doing it on top of her bikini piece it was almost naked to see. One of them took her boob through the bra in his mouth and sucked it erotically. The other spent time on licking her naval. The guys we repressing her boobs too. Everything was shown very clearly on the screen. Suddenly Sandy felt two strong hands caressing her back. To give more effect there was bright light only on the stage. All the lights in the garden, bungalow and near the gate were also switched off. Rest all part of the garden was in utter darkness now. She looked at John, he was busy sipping the whisky and seeing the erotic dance on the floor. He had even forgotten that she was sitting next to him. She tried to turn back and see. It was Vijay who was behind her, at the back of her chair. When she saw him he grinned at her. She wouldn’t want to create ascend there so she just removed his hands and sat quietly. After sometime suddenly his hands got inside her gown from behind, through her naked back, slid onto the gown and rested on her boobs, sending waves of shocks inside her body. She just rose up on her chair. As she tried turning John this side, John only shouted at her ‘Don’t disturb’ and continued to see the stage. Smiling at her helplessness, Vijay bent down, kissed her on her cheeks and pressed the boobs once very hard and went off. She was relieved but still her body was trembling with the fear.

On the stage, two men had slid their hands inside her bra and two others inside her panty and were squeezing and rubbing her. Looking at that scene anyone could have got aroused. John’s hand was pressing his downtick over his pants. but everything was being done with the cloth on. That was more erotic. As the big scene splashed her face from close-up, she looked more sexy enjoying the hand job she was getting. The men had placed their big hands on her boobs and we repressing it in rhythm with the music. While one man licked her naval, the other man slid his fingers inside her pussy and was finger fucking her in full view of the crowd. Now suddenly they stopped the music and microphone was placed near her mouth. She had lost control on herself. She had half closed her eyes and moaning. Her ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ were too loud now. Sandy saw once all around. Al most all theme had dragged their partners close to them and under the cover of the dresses were busy either squeezing or finger fucking their partners. She saw that Vijay was sitting right next to her and while looking at Sandy he had slid his hands inside the blouse of their secretary, who was very much drunk and was squeezing her boobs. It was quite dark so nobody could be sinfully. Just then Vijay called one of the guys and said something to him. He nodded his head and went back to that female dancer. As everyone looked they lifted her up and asked her to remove their undoes. She was surprised and said ‘No. never I have never got fully naked on the stage…no full sex here. may be in the room. no sorry’.

But the four strong men took hold of her and threw her again in the fountain water. Now the skimpy two piece got stuck to her body. One person caught hold of her hair, lifted her head and poured whisky into her throat. As she drank it the crowd started cheering them. Now she was slowly stripped off the remaining two piece from her body and were thrown on Vijay. He took them, while giving a naughty look at sandy, smelt them. She just turned her face the other side. Now the girl was fully naked. They started fingering her and pinching her nipples. In no time she got aroused fully and one by one removed their shorts with her own hands. They spread her legs and placed neither side of the naked statue. She was asked to gather hands to the back of the statue too. As the close-up showed, her boobs were standing out with erect nipples and pink shaven pussy fully exposed to the crowd. The 4 black bodies went close to her and the next moment was the sex act in full swing on the stage. Women placed themselves on her either side and placed their hands on her boobs, started teasing her with the circling and patting of nipples. They were pulling the nipples and leaving. The other two sat down and were licking her legs. Then slowly one tongue reached hiragana as the tongue went inside her sensitive area she let out a loud moan surprising the whole crowd. One man took a chair and rose up, gave his dick in her mouth. It was too much for everyone out there. By now, most of them under the cover of darkness had either started masterburating or had lifted the dresses oftheir partners. John was silently playing with Sandy’pussy from under the table. She was praying thatnobody sees them. But Vijay had seen her beautifullegs almost exposed. On the stage the grunts of the dancer were gettingmore and more louder. Now the two men on her sides hadtaken her each boob in their mouths and were suckingthem loudly. The microphone was clearly giving awaythe sounds. Her full body was occupied with one decking her mouth, two pairs of hands on her either of hobnobs, and a deep tongue fucking by another man down there. There was another loud noise from her as sheorgasmed to the public view. The man getting the blowjob, caught hold of her hairs, and pressed himselfstill deep inside her mouth and started mouth fuckingher fast. Now the man down got up, standing straighthe entered her pussy in one straight push and kept hislegs on her either side, allowing the others the spacetoo.

She was literally sandwitched with these guys.Sandy turned around and saw that now Vijay had pulledoff the sari of his secretary. She was in her smallsleevless blouse, with her petticoat risen to herwaste, legs fully spread and Vijay was pulling out hisfly to enter her. His eyes were fixed on Sandy but. Itwas looking as though he was imagining Sandy andfucking his secretary. Sandy face turned red and shesat back with closed eyes. John with his finger workmade her to come there itself. The female on the stage was getting the rough fuckingin her mouth and pussy, rough pressing on her boobs.The guy in her mouth ejaculated full load in to hermouth and withdrew. The juice flowing down her mouthto her boobs was too erotic. She threw her headsideways and was enjoying the deep fucking on thestage. There were other ohhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhsin the garden with many more pairs getting into sexact. The area was getting filled with sex. Some hadmoved to the back of the trees. But still only thestage had light rest all in dark. After sometime, theguys brought out that female to the floor from thefountain. She was finding it difficult to stand. Oneof the guys slept down on the floor, she was pushedroughly on him by the others. She was lifted andplaced on him. One guy helped in her pussy slippingdown on the erected dick of the sleeping man. She satfully on him and the man pulled her mangoes roughlyand she fell on him. Two men lifted her waste a bit,and the free man just placed his long and thick toolbehind her and she cried out loudly, as he pushedhimself hard into her ass hole. Only one inch went inand she gave out huge cry. Immediately one man wentinfront of her and forcibly pushed his dick in hermouth, stopping her from crying. The crowd startedclapping for them. Encouraged by this, the man pushedhis monster again inside her. In the third attempt hestabbed her asshole fully and waited for sometime. Nowshe had a dick in her pussy, asshole and mouth. Theylifted her a bit to give full view of her hangingmangoes to the crowd.

The fourth man, who had alreadycum once in her mouth sat next to them and startedpulling her nipples, milking them. As they startedfucking her with full understanding, the noise startedcoming from them. Bang….bang…bang…it was a fiercefucking in public view. With each banging, her boobswere shaking. Everyone was looking at the giant screengetting the close up of the scene. The huge giantcocks were sliding in and out of her holes. Vijay now roughly pushed his secretary down on thegrass, ripped open her blouse, roughly pulling hertits out, and started fucking her roughly. He was likea wild animal. That sight of him made Sandy to getcomplete scared of him. Only Sandy and John were closeto them and could see them. John seemed to be carelessabout this. Sandy could hear moans and grunts from thepeople. Vijay was fiercely moulding his lady’s breastshurting her a lot. He had not undressed but had onlybrought out his dick through the zipper and wasfucking her. John had put two fingers inside Sandy’spanty and vagina and was fucking her in full speed andhis other hand was inside his pants jerking himself. On the stage, the guy in her mouth came first andwithdrew himself.

By now that female was too hot andwas shouting loudly. Now as her mouth got free shestarted talking…’ahhhhhhh…ohhhhhhh…u cheaters…fuckingme in public. Yes..fuck me more..hard..harder….u blackmonsters…haaaaaaa…ram my myass…ahhhhhhhhhhh’..Sandy was feeling too shy with thisscene. The guy who was pressing her boobs came infrontof her, moved a bit front and asked the guy below tohold her boobs together and started boob fucking her.Her face was pressed against his scrotum. They allwere banging her in full speed. As Sandy neared her orgasm again, she bit her lipshard to control her screaming. Vijay had his partnerin full noise as she supposedly came and there weresimilar grunts from the stage. When sandy saw thestage, the men were ready to erupt in all her holestogether. All the members shouted, creating a bignoise, came one after the other and fell on eachother. John got up and went behind the trees, to shagoff. Vjay had finished as was getting up and finallyzipped back and came and sat again next to sandywiping his face. John was not satisfied. He forcedSandy to get up and said ‘bye’ to all in a hurry andpushed Sandy into the car. As they passed the dias,Sandy could see that the dancer was thrown on thefloor, fully naked with closed eyes, her hand spreadeagle. As she saw, Vijay was getting up and going nearthe dancer. Many other men too were trying to get nearher. Sandy understood that the poor dancer was in fora more group banging there. May be she will get paidmore too for this extra service.John was so hot from the scene that he did not evenallow Sandy to remove her sandals when they enteredtheir house at around 1 in the night. He closed thedoor and pulled her close to him, giving a wild kiss.Undressing her quickly he had taken her on the livingroom carpet, banging madly, then making her bendagainst the sofa, he had fucked her hard in doggystyle. That night he had fucked her three more timesin speed before she slipped into deep sleep at around3 in the morning. Next day John was suppose to fly toSingapore for a conference. His flight was at 5 in theevening. They both slept till 2 in the afternoonuninterrupted and when she opened her eyes, she hadJohn’s hand on her naked breast, under the blanket ontheir big bed. His long leg pressed against her rightthigh, a satisfied smile on his face. She kissed himlovingly as she tried to get up. He woke up with hermovements and refuse to allow her to get up. Justrolled her up above him and pulled her down to hisface to lock her lips, below his hands adjusted hisrock hard dick against her vagina and pressed it updeep into her cunt. Sandy smiled and said ‘Darling …useem to be too much sexed up because of that dancer’.John said ‘yes..also I have to starve without sex forthe next three days’. and started jerking under her.

She also started co-operating and ended up havinganother wild fucking session. She never said no to himany time in their married life. Finally at 3 she gotup and wore a nighty. John left home at 4. Sandy’s face became red remembering his mischief theprevious night. Leisurely she decided to take a longbath after treating her skin with olive oil and hairwith henna. She was lazily lying in the bathtub withher eyes closed when she heard her door bell ring. Shejust neglected the door bell. It stopped for sometime.But instead her phone started ringing. They had anintercom near the bathtub. It was John. He said he hadleft a file at home which was urgently needed byVijay. He asked her to keep it aside as someone mightcome to pick it up shortly. She said ok. She finishedher bath after sometime. Wrapped herself in a babypink long robe and walked to her room. Her cheeks hadturned a bit red with the hot water bath. She hadremoved all her jewellery except the ring on herfinger. She took cream and applied it all over herslender body and removed the towel from her hair. Thelong black hair fell on her back increasing herbeauty. For sometime she gently combed the wet hairand lightly dried it with the hair drier. As she wasabout to change her robe to a dress, the door bellagain started ringing..but this time continuously.Unable to hear that sound, she jumped to the door andopened it but moved backwards surprised at seeingVijay near the door. Literally pushing her inside,Vijay barged into the house. He sat on the sofa andasked her ‘Did John tell u about the file?”. Slowlyshe said ‘yes, but I forgot to ask him where it is’.Vijay looked at her from top to bottom. With a smilehe said he can find it himself. Oh. God!. She waslooking so fresh like a greek goddess”. Thought Vijayto himself. Vijay and John were close friends.and had started thefirm recently.

Both had freedom in each others house.But till now Sandy had never faced him alone this way.She had not got many chances to meet him also as shehardly attended the parties. Not knowing what to doshe switched on the TV and went inside the kitchen toget Tea for him. After sometime when she came out withthe cups Vijay came out of their bedroom. He said hewants her to help in searching that file. She askedhim to have Tea first. She was feeling very awkward asshe was not wearing anything inside the silk robe andVijay was getting the glimpse of her body indirectly.The material was tightly hugging her boobs and flowingdown. They both had Tea in silence and Vijay got upand asked her to follow him to their room. John hadthe files piled up in the shelf. She started searchingone by one. It was already 6:30 in the evening and wasgetting dark outside. Vijay simply sat on their bedand asked her ‘looks like you took bath very latetoday..why got up late”?. Her face became redremembering everything. She said ‘yes. We got uplate”. He was saying ‘no’ to all the files that sheshowed. Add to the problems electricity went offturning the room in to pitch dark. She got scaredcompletely. She said ‘I will get the candle’ and triedto turn back, lost her balance as Vijay gave his legin her way to make her fall on the bed. As soon as shefell, he came over her without giving her time torecover, pinned her hands down to the bed on both thesides and started kissing her madly. She was trying tofree herself. In that fight, her gown got spread outand her legs got exposed fully. Keeping her mouthlocked with his lips, vijay untied the belt on herrobe, and spread the gown fully. Now her naked bodywas on offer on the silky robe platform. His massivebody had overtaken her slender, soft body. After 10mts of deep kissing when she opened her eyes theelectricity had come. Now she was fully naked infrontof him..all fresh from the good bathing session, likea rose on the pink bed. She immediately tried to coverherself. ‘Vijay was very fast in undressing himself.She was too scared and did not know what to do at all.The fact that there was nothing to hide from him nowas he saw her fully naked already, made her to looseher strength. She just turned her back and slept on the bed closingher face. Vijay ran his hands on her smooth and silkyback. He realized her whole body trembling. He fell onher back, his strong naked male body pressed hardagainst her back, she jumped back when his rock harddick touched her ass. He bent over forcibly and kissedher cheeks. She was asking him to leave her. ‘Noway…yesterday night itself I wanted you very badly.The fucking I gave that girl was all for you. Butsince John was there I did not do anything. But I sawJohn giving a good finger job to you”. Her arms feltthe tight grip as his strong hands pulled her to facehim. She closed her eyes out of helplessness, but wastrying her level best to free herself.

Unable totolerate her resistance, Vijay tied her hands to thebed with the blanket and the robe. Took his hanky andstuffed inside her mouth. Still her legs werestruggling to free. He did not get anything to tie herlegs. So he placed his heavy body on her. When hegained full command over her body he went slow on herbody. Still sitting on her legs, he bent down andkissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck and came downto her beautiful, milky boobs. He forgot himselflooking at their beauty. Every part of her body wasperfect. The lovely fragrance of the cream sheapplied, was driving him crazy. The two small rose buds each placed on her melons madehim excited to the tip. He ran his tongue on themslowly. Immediately the nipples got erected. He feltvery happy and took those buds in his fingers,pinching and stroking. He slowly pressed his nose onthose tips and played for sometime. He was looking attheir beauty. Then he cupped them together and put hishead between them and felt their softness. He took histime in playing with them. He knew he had enough timeand being an expert he was not in a hurry to finishthe act. One by one he took in his mouth and suckedthem to his hearts content. He was such an expert thather body was under heavy sensation. There was somequality involved in his each act. Her soft skin wastempting him further. After licking them for longtime, suddenly he got an idea. He got up a bit andpressed her boobs together again and placed his 10’long cock between them. That was completely new toher. Her body started responding to him. Her handstried to reach her own love spot. But since they weretied Vijay was busy boob fucking her. As her bodyarched out of excitement, the boobs went up more erectand straight. Vijay bent down again and again to suckthem and bite them. After sometime, he withdrew hisdick from there and came down to her cunt. He lookedat her pink cherry for sometime and at once his mouthfell on those sensitive lips. Parting those lovelylove lips he directly hit her clit. She was alreadyexcited. In no time he was able to get her into one ofthe longest orgasms of her life. As her body shook forseconds erupting in his mouth, he drank all her juicehappily. It was then that he realized that she hadstarted responding to him. He removed the hanky fromher mouth and said ‘I don’t think u need this now’ andthrew it aside. She was sweating fully. There weredrops of sweat lined up on her forehead and thecleavage between her love mountains. He licked itpassionately. She closed her eyes unable to face himdirectly. He planted a deep kiss on her trembling pinklips, untied her hands and started squeezing thosesoft hands with his own on to the bed. When his hairybody touched her soft skin, both of them felt athundering sensation all over. The act which appeared to be a rape had become a moresensitive and romantic sexy session. His rubbing madeher body active again. He placed her hands on his backand whispered ‘Hug me tightly darling’. Pressing herclose to him, he simply rubbed his strong body to herlovely body. Both of them forgot the time around themas Vijay rolled over the bed hugging her tightly.

Nowit was too much for Vijay. He got up, lifted her oneleg up with his hand, widened the pussy lips with hisfingers and with a deep thrust pushed all his 10’ atonce into her. Oh….that was such a wonderful feelingfor her..though it pained heavily to take him fully atonce. Her body jumped up with the pain and she huggedhim tightly to bear that pain. With only her one legspread wide, he was able to pin her down with hisenergy and give heavy strokes to her. She complainedof the pain due to that position. But he was gettingimmense pleasure in that position. So he continued tobang her. His hands pressing her soft globes hard, hisballs banging against her buttock, occasionally hebent down to lock her lips with his fierce kiss. Herhands clutched the bed tightly for grip, to stopherself from moving up with his strong thursts. Herbody was paining with his immense strength, deeppenetration and hard pressing of boobs. She told‘Please Vijay…be slow, it is paining me..please.”. Hedid not listen. ‘Noway…since yesterday you havetempted me so much. I could not even sleep properly.John is so lucky to get such a lovely wife’. It wasonly when he decided to change the position that hebrought her leg down, for sometime just fucked her inthe missionary style, allowing her body muscles torelax a bit. His hands had moved below her back andhad hugged her very tightly to reach her depth in hervagina. His one hand moved down and squeezed her asscheeks roughly. His rough hands were so big and heavy. His bigmoustache hurting her soft skin on her face wheneverhe kissed her on lips or boobs. She once again camewith a shudder. So much was the impact that she almostwent unconscious with that orgasm. He felt very happylooking at her lovely face getting sweat lines. ‘Oh..ur such a sweet heart’, he kissed her again and again.In that passion he continued to fuck her more strongerand deeper, he bit her lovely lips as he ejaculatedheavily inside her. For 3-4 mts his tool keptthrobbing inside her, filling her fully with hisjuice. She was tired, motionless, with drowsy eyes shetried seeing the time. it was showing around 9. in thenight. Tired she just slipped into sleep without herknowledge. After a long time, suddenly she opened hereyes. The room was bright with all the lamps lit. Shehad a blanket on her naked body. May be Vijay hadcourtesy to put it on her. As her eyes turned, she sawhim sitting on their study table infront of thecomputer, looking at something curiously. He had acigarette in his hand. He had only worn the underwearand nothing else. She got up a bit to see what he wasseeing. She was stunned at what she saw. It was thevideo recording of their steamy sex session. May bewhen she was in the kitchen to prepare Tea, he hadfixed it up in their bed room. Oh God!. Her faceturned blue with fear. The scene was clearly showinghis fierce banging with her leg lifted. Her ‘ohhhhhhhand ahhhhhhhhhhs could be heard too.

The camera wasshowing more of her, and mostly his naked back only.She closed her face with both her hands inembarrassment. Vijay turned back hearing her movementsand came up to her on the bed. ‘Never mind,darling..dont worry, I will not publish this outside.For my own pleasure it will be there with me. But Imust say you are a wonderful piece of meat.’ I hadnever fucked anyone like you’. She was very angry. ‘Ur a bastard, how can u trouble me like this for noreason!’. With a wicked smile, Vijay pushed himselfunder the blanket covering her naked body and pulledher to him again. ‘I told u Sandy, I wont blackmailyou by using this. But I have never been tempted likethis by any woman in my life. You have given me thebest ever fucking session of my life. You know I amnot married and will not marry too as I have nointerest in that. So don’t worry about anything. Maybe after sometime, I will destroy this clipping. Sonow darling stop crying and fighting with me’. He kepthis cigarette in the ash trey kept on the side tablecarefully. Again his thick smoky lips covered her tender lips,not allowing her to speak further. He was alreadyerect again. She was not ready but, so refusing toopen up, she forced herself to turn backwards. Vijayafter licking and kissing her bare back, her nice asscheeks, put his hands below her waste and lifted herup. She caught hold of the edge to bear his weight onher back. Placing his one hand on her hanging melonstightly with another hand he adjusted his tool andbefore she realized what was happening he had rammedher cunt from behind in one push. This time it tookhim 3-4 pushes to enter her. Since she was dry and notready, his penis literally went stabbing inside her.She almost fainted with that push. ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhno…please’ she loudly try to console herself. To bearthe pain she bent her head on to the soft pillow.Vijay also allowed her to adjust for 1-2 mts, whilekissing her neck and pressing her hanging mangoes.Slowly the burning sensation got reduced and Vijayalso got restless and started stroking her again withlong and deep pushes. With his dick still inside her,he lifted her up and turned both of them to face thedressing table.It was giving a fantastic view. Her naked front wasfully exposed to the mirror, her stretched out pussywith his dick fully buried inside her. The dressingtable was hardly 2 ft away. Vijay was at her backresting his hands on her lovely tits. Her fair skinhad turned a bit red all over. Her hair was fallingsideways almost touching the bed. Vijay waited for 5mts to see that beautiful scene. His hand kept oncaressing her soft skin and planting soft kisses onher neck. Her face turned fully red looking at herimage getting wildly fucked by her husband’s partner.Unable to see herself she closed her eyes. ‘See howsexy we both look naked in the mirror. Don’t u thinkwe are making a perfect love couple. Come on. Openyour eyes and see ur lovely boobs being touched by me.See how I am stretching them. Those small chocolateson them as so sweet right?”. Vijay whispered into herear, biting them slowly. His another hand came aroundher waste and touched her clit and started massagingit. Vijay got her aroused with his touch and kissing.He was tall, strong, muscular. She was slim, soft, abit shorter, feminine. It was easy for him to commandher body fully.He caressed her long silky hair lustfully.

As thepassion mounted he bent her a bit down, the clearimage of her hanging breasts, being pressed by hisstrong hands gave him further kick. He kept onfingering her nipples hard. His eyes were on the largemirror. Now his other hand on the clit was rubbing hercunt more fast. She could not help herself frommoaning. As she said ‘hmmmmmmmmm’…sweatly, as low aspossible, he kissed her neck again and again. Theclock showed 2 in the night. Then slowly he startedhis fucking. First slowly, then as he picked up speed,she was struggling to catch her breath. Then he pulledout and made her to lie on her back. While he wasstanding on the floor next to the bed, he pulled herto edge of the bed bringing her legs hanging down tothe ground. This way her pussy got wide open for hisfull view. He ran his hands on that love spot forsometime. He half slept over her and screwed her cuntwith his huge erect dick. His hands had spread herhands, her nipples were touching his hairy chest. Asshe was getting irritated with his mustache, she wastrying to escape his kiss. But he forcibly planted adeep kiss, putting his whole weight on her slenderbody, crushing her soft boobs, under his heavy chest,but continued his deep stroking down. In that pin dropsilence of midnight, the room was filled with theirhissing sounds, and the fucking sound from the unitedareas of cunt and dick. For her it looked never endingas her body started giving up. The friction inside hervagina, brought her to another unplanned orgasm.Though her mind opposed him, her body responded. Hercum made his strokes much easier and deeper. His handswere catching her hands very tightly on to the bed.She was feeling damn thirsty by now. She had not eatenanything the whole of the day, and in the party alsoshe had hardly eaten some junk food. She told him toleave her for sometime as she was feeling too thirsty.But he was fully hot. Looking at her dry lips, helifted her with his dick still inside, made her tocross her legs around his waste for support andcarried her to the kitchen.

With one hand he poured the milk instead of water in aglass and gave her to drink. She drank it like ahungry cat. Little life came to her. He carried heroutside the kitchen but did not go to the bedroom,instead sat on the sofa with her on top and made herto ride him. From below he was giving hard pushes.Since she wasn’t too cooperative, he lifted her again,and put her down on the carpet on the floor and fuckedher for his heart’s content. It was more than 40 mtsthat he was fucking her the second time, but still hehad not come. His nature was to hold on, but as hereached the climax he used to become an animal. As theclimax started building in him, his speed increased.Not caring about hurting her, he went wild with her.She just gave up herself as she knew it was of no use.He had already made her a puppet in his hands. Afterso much of vigorous fucking finally he cummed insideher in loads, the juice overflowed her love hole andfell on the carpet. He fell on her throwing his fullheavy weight on her body. When he got up, she slowlytried getting up herself. He went to the bathroom toclean up. She managed to throw herself on the sofa andclosed her eyes, unable to move at all. When he cameout and saw her tired face, he came to her and carriedher in his arms to the bed room. Placed her gently onthe large bed and covered her with the blanket. Againwent inside the kitchen and came back with slices ofbread, some fruits and warm milk, woke her up andforced her to eat them. She was damn hungry, sowithout any complaint she ate everything. He himselfwiped her lips with the towel and allowed her tosleep. She slid into a very sound sleep after that. When the bright rays of sun fell on her face, she wokeup to see Vijay fast asleep next to her, holding herin his arms. Her head was resting on his right arm,while his left arm was on one of her naked breasts.His left leg had crossed on her naval, leg touchingher vagina and placed in between her legs. It was onlythen that she saw him from close up.

He had a handsomefigure, with rough face and heavy thick, but trimmedmustache. He had a very hairy body. John always toldher how Vijay was a fitness freak. He had a very broadmasculine chest. He still had heavy watch and thickgolden bracelet on his hands. His neck was circledwith very thick and heavy gold chain. But she wasstill scared of him. She saw around the room. The bedwas all crumpled, her silky pink robe was crumpled onthe ground. Vijay’s pant and shirt was again cuddledon the floor. John was to come only after 3 days. Shefelt so lonely and helpless. Somehow she felt likecrying. She could not control her sobbing. As hertears fell on his hand covering her, Vijay woke upslowly. When he saw her crying he did not know what todo. He said many things to console her. He promisednot to trouble her when John was there…not to forceher for sex anymore…etc. etc. He also said that shewas very much different than the females he fuckedearlier. She knew complaining to John will only createa major problem for all. Though she was a devotedwife, John never understood her feelings. He alwaysbothered about only his likings. He was so muchbusiness minded that there was no place for real loveor romance in their life. When he was horny he wouldanyway force her. Sandy was a post graduate but wasbasically a soft spoken person. She hated argumentsand fighting with anyone. If this issue comes out whatwill happen to their son’s future? As Vijay kissed hereyes and drank her tears, she had no option but tokeep quiet. The next 2 days he visited her when he wanted, fuckedher brains out, almost everywhere. Kitchen, living, onthe dining table, bathroom. When he fucked her underthe shower, he fucked her atleast 3 times. Such washis sexual urge. Those three days she was hardlydressed up only when he went to the office. She didnot eat properly. Only was trying to sleep to get outof the pain in her body. Her lips, nipples, vagina allwere burning. Since they had an independent bungalow,no neighbor could see him coming and going. Plus hewas using John’s car to go and come. When John cameback and saw Sandy’s pale face, he thought she was notwell. When he asked her what happened..she only criedand cried but did not say anything. The new firm hadlots of loan in his name. They need time to settle.What to do???. When Vijay presented a brand newexpensive car to John for the new year, John was allpraise for Vijay. But only Sandy knew the reason. Butthat was the last party that she ever attendedofficially

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