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Widow Rukmini Fucked By Me

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hi readers of the DESIPAPA, I have read quite good stories at this wonderful site and thought its my chance now to contribute to DESIPAPA, I hope this story will arouse your carnal passions .. .. I ran, ran and ran till I caught her on the spiral staircase, catching her from behind, gripping her large tits in my palms, drawing her towards me, bringing her arse closer to my bulging manhood, nestling my rigid organ between her fat arse cheeks I kissed my BUA JEE my fathers distant cousin who was infact a couple of years younger than me ( I am forty seven).

She is Rukmini, widowed at 21 living in US and accompanied by her daughter Sunanda aged 25years still unmarried(virgin?? lets find out) visiting India after two decades and into our house on DEWALI the festival of lights. Sunanda was a pleasant looking girl, no extras, nothing great, but at the same time a young female with an average body, maybe 34 on her tits and about 38 on her arse. Both mother and daughter are BLACK (as most of us SOUTH INDIANS ARE) but both have tall figures around 5feet 6 inches. I always had the hots for my BUA jee and when I heard the news that she is returning to Indian for a vacation after almost 27 years, my cock rocked in anticipation of penetrating her hole(s) and was I the blessed one??????? Dewali night and we burst crackers, drank to our hearts delight both Bua jee and Sunanda partaking in the merry making, both of them drank like pigs.

As always, the space in our house suddenly shrank, all of us struggling to find space to sleep and lo behold!! I get space to sleep just beside my Bua jee and do I gladly accept? I gather it with both my arms, enveloping my BUA jee’s great girth in my Crushing her tits, I kissed her. At first she shook me away, I then murmurred sweet words of love and regard and respect and my life’s longing to make love to her, the alcohol, absence of her departed husband and the natural urge to fuck, overtook her, turning to face me she gripped the back of my head and kissed me with all her might, pushing her sweet tounge inside my mouth probing all corners and then her fingers sliding along my chest, abdomen and finally my cock region she undid the cord on my nightwear and swallowed my cock, sucking on it, bringing it to its glory of more than six inches, thick as my fist, after a while releasing herself, undoing her blouse to reveal her big breasts, her nipples erect like mini cocks, thrusting her tits into my mouth, drawing me closer, pressing my seeking mouth, she made me suck hard on her nipples which grew in size while I sucked them. Same time I slid my hand between her legs tugging at her skirt, pushing her legs apart, tearing at her panties I found her wet hot triangle of love, I placed my middle finger on her clit and began rubbing it, gently and ever so slowly bringing it into prominence, the clitoris quickly grew thick and protruded itself from the labia majora. Buajee had a big pussy, covered thinly with hair (she told me she clips the hair short regularly) and smelt very good.

I bent down to flick the clit with the tip of my tongue and just in couple of seconds I could feel Buajee’s pussy melting and dripping, she lovingly caught my hair with her fingers and pressed me into her pubis, it was then I tasted her sweet juice which had a fantasting, cock-erecting aroma, I slid my tongue further down and entered it in her fleshy, wet and warm hole, Buajee moaned, but in whispers, aaahhhuuummm Randy come on , fuck me darling, she beckoned. I was more than eager to do that, positioning myself on top of her, I put the cockknob on her entrance without entering and then I laid on her catching her left nipple in my mouth, I pressed my cock in her pussy and gosh.. it slipped in, her hole was real slipppery coated with her juices and her size was big, even my fist like thick cock slid in without any resistance, I began pumping her but cudnt feel the grip of her pussy on my cock, so it was simply an easy in and out and without much pleasure and I was quite disappointed, I looked at her face and found her smiling.. was she upto some trick?? ”So you not really liking it? Am too wide for your small cock, No??” she said teasing me, I didnt know what to say, thinking hard, I said ,’Buajee, you bit loose in your choot, been masturbating with a base ball bat?? I had barely finished saying that, when Buajee slid my cock out and pushing me on the side quickly swallowed it fully, giving it a pumping action in her mouth and quickly bringing back my cock to its full girth, ‘lets try once more Randy, just put your dick head on my cunt’ I did that, Buajee asked me to slide it in.

I pressed hoping my Lund will conquer the Madrasi-American choot, but no, I felt resistance, surprised, I pressed a little harder and still no ‘gateway’ I pressed real hard and managed to lodge my dickhead in her choot, Buajee too pressed my butt with her hands so that her choot could take my cock, flabbergasted I looked at my dear Buajee, twitching her nipple asking her, what was all this? You have two choots, Buajee, one tight like a 13year old girl and one of 60year old?? She laughed and said, Randy, you were right I was shagging away with a king sized cucumbers but I also learnt how to move my muscles, I can clench your cock like a vice inside my pussy, want to see it? saying so her choot devouvered my entire cock and she began training her vaginal muscles, almost masticating my poor cock, milking it and in seconds I came inside her. Buajee, didnot let my cock slide out, instead we locked ourselves into kissing and petting, her choot muscles working overtime, gently bringing the flaccid cock into rigidness and so we began our second fuck, this time Buajee presented me with a pleasureably tight, warm and fleshy choot, yearning for my LUND, I began fucking her choot in different angles, small dips, larger dips, very slow, some very fast and when I felt my ejaculation was round the corner, I laid on top of her sucking her breasts, kissing her full on the lips, my hands went below her buttocks clenching them, searching her arsehole, which was already wet with our juices and just when I was about to shoot, I slid two fingers in her anus.

She had a thunderous ORGASM, RANNDDDYYY she shrieked, you mother fucker, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME MORE, FUCK THE SHIiiiiiT OUT OF ME, she reeled away and after few minutes when her vaginal contractions were over she hugged me and planted a very loving kiss drawing my tongue in her mouth sucking on it and said, THANKS. Naked, holding each other, at last satisfied we fell asleep. I woke up in the morning to find Buajee gone.. I also jumped off the bed wore my clothes and got on with the day. All day, Buajee was passing me those meaningful extra smiles and I noticed even Sunanda had that look on her face expressing that she knew whats going on – for sure she did, in the evening when we were having our drinks, Sunanda came and sat beside me on the dinning table and under the table cloth she brought her hand directly between my legs and gripped at the junction of my trousers, feeling my cock and balls and said, ‘so mom ate you last nite? was she nice? anything left in that cock or she dried you up? So she knew what was going on, I smiled and told her there’s plenty Sunanda, want some? Soon the time to sleep, the beautiful dark nights of the winters make you reach for your bed quicker than you normally do in the hot summers. Since a few guests had already left, I got my bedroom back and I was all alone in my room, waiting, anticipating that Buajee will tread into my bed and we could fuck ourselves crazy. I waited for almost an hour and then the Baccus wings took me along and my beauty sleep overtook me. I must have been in deep sleep, I didnt know when Sunanda, without a thread on her body had slid into my covers and was giving a mouthful to my cock which was fully UP.

I slid my hands under chest, softly and gently caught her nipples which were taut with passion, Sunanda was a better sucker than her mother (or was it the younger body..). She continued to suck my cock and moaned with pleasure everytime she would go down taking its entire length in her mouth, giving me the DEEP THROAT treatment, using her tongue to tease the underside of dick head, oh what a pleasure it was. I brought my hands further down on her abdomen and asked her to slide over me so that we could engage ourselves in the 69 position. She disengaged herself from my cock, and said ‘ Hi Randy(so far she hadnt spoken a word as her mouth was simply busy with my LUND), are you sure? you want to eat my pussy? Actually I would prefer if you ate my ‘butt-hole’, dont worry its clean like a whistle, only a bit hairy, would you do that for me my sweet Randy? The idea of eating arse was not that appetising, but when a beautiful lass like her asks, one could try, especially as she claimed cleanliness. So done, we got down to gving ORAL pleasure to each other, she went back at my cock and I spread her butt-cheeks and searched for her hole, it was difficult job, no she didnt smell bad, infact it was a perfumed arse but she had a lot hair. I jumped from the bed and took a trip to my bathroom and came back with my razor and asking Sunanda to gon her fours, I shaved her arse bringing her black hole into light, now I knew what I was dealing with, it was curled up small aperture in which after wetting my middle finger with my saliva, I inserted it, it was tight all right and ofcourse clean. We returned once again to our oral manipulations, my cock having lost its rigidity in the meantime, regained the girth.

I tasted her arse with my tongue, pushing and probing the hole with the tip of my tongue , licking it, kissing it with my pursed lips, Sunanda continued to suck hard on my Lund was herself getting aroused as her pussy began dripping and those wonderful harmones which give that great smell to a woman’s aroused, hot, pussy, began their work, her aroma was filled inside the blankets we were covering ourselves with. Her pussy juices began streaming down my neck and I liftied her torso and slid under her pussy and licked at her crevice which made her scream with ectasy and she went down harder and tighter on my cock. The time was ripe to fuck, my cousin Sunanda. I gently lifted her off me, laying her on her back. Raising her legs in the air, I brought her pussy at my cocks level and just when I was about to put the dick head on her entrance, she clamped her choot shut, using bothe her hands and said, ‘Randy, not here, go down, the newly shaven hole is where I want your prick, not in vagina but in my anus, fuck me lover in my arse, I love it, you will also love it, the pussy is a forbidden area, its virgin and only for my husband.’ Damn it, I thought, its ridiculous to save your pussy for some guy who will come and marry you.’ As if reading my thoughts, Sunanda said, ‘you can lick my cunt, put your finger only half way and thats it’ , its my arse hole which you can fuck, you want my pussy?? Marry me!!!!.

I dint want to get into that, so raising her legs, folding them at her knees I pressed them wide open, down on her sides, her knees nestling under her armpits, her butt high in the air I brought my cock at her arse hole, asking her to hold her legs, I held her hips with one hand buy cupping her butt and with the other hand I applied the dickhead on her arse and in one sharp strong movement lodged my cock’s head in her GAND. She wailed, eeeeaaagghhhh as her sphincter cracked open but her eagerness to insert my cock and be buggered was something seen to be believed, even in her discomfort, she lifted herself halfway up, cupping my butt she pulled me in her, thread by thread, millimetre by millimetre, slowly I got fully ensconsed in her rear portal, my pubic hair brushed her butt hole, my balls pressed against her arse cheeks. Sunanda was in a world of her own, caressing my arms, pressing her own breasts, pulling her nipples, rubbing her clitoris and all the time murmurring, ‘come in me, fuck my arse, oooooohhhh gggawd, fantastic ummmmmmmaaaah, she was gyrating her hips withdrawing and thrusting her arse on my rigid member, her frenzy grew faster and she caught my hands and placed one of them on her tits, asking me smash, press, maul, squeeze her breasts, bite her nipples, infact she caught one of her nipples in her teeth and pulled and pulled it, her fingers busy on her clit and pussy. Her orgasm was building, I could feel her inner thighs tighten around my torso her sphinter quivering and pussy oozing with her fluids, she came.

It was almost like a earhquake shaking the building, she shook and shook and so did I, almost uncontrolled. For me this was a first of its kind, I had never seen / experienced any female enjoy the arse fucking so much that she could have such a volatile orgasm. It was simply fabulous as long as it lasted. I had been more or less a spectator so far, maybe a passive partner in this episode. My cock fully blown was yet to come, thus, once she had mellowed down I began pushing and pulling my cock in her arse deriving sensational feeling from her tight hole, grabbing her tits and n my classical fashion locking her lips with mine I began in genuine earnest to maul and mince her arse, her juices flowing from the pussy helped lubricate her arse as each time I brought out my LUND from her GAND, her drops would fall on shaft and each time I pushed my cock in the fluid slipped along with my LUND in HER GAND. It was painfull for her, as soon, she began pleading with me ”darling come quickly, I am getting pain, you dont want to hurt your baby sis, do you? I was enjoying her GAND so much that I didnt care if she had pain for next few seconds or couple of minutes, I began giving her long and hard strokes, bringing my cock almost out and then RAMMING IT IN fast, when the pain grew beyond her endurance, she began crying and even abusing me, but I kept on going and in next few strokes, I began coming, I pressed hard to get the farthest in her GAND and spent my cum in her sides, just as I was getting my breath back after sucking my Sunanada’s wonderful tits, I felt a hand cup my balls and squeeze them gently to empty the last drops of my cum in Sunanda’s gand. I turned around to see my Dear Buajee, helping her daughter get my entire juice. I quickly eased myself out of Sunanda’s gand and ran to the wash room and after cleaning myself returned to my bedroom to find both the mother and daughter stark naked in a 69 position sucking on each others choot, Sunanda was atop her mother, so just mischievously I inserted by middle finger in her Gand and as the hole was still raw from the buggering, she jumped up in pain but on seeing me was generous enough to give me a broad smile and catching me from my neck brought her lips to mine and gave me a lovers kiss. I was quickly accomodated in the bed to begin a night of endless love. email your impressions to RANDYRAM2000@HOTMAIL.COM

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