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When Only Lust Remains

  • desipapa
  • October 29, 2015

Hi all

This is Mayank. I am an average looking spectacled guy, and a to-be civil engineer studying in a not-so reputed yet government college.

I am into porn and stuff since i was 12 and had started masturbating since then

I am a regular and loyal reader of ISS for 6 yrs.

First of all i want to thank every writer out there as u inspired me a lot

I, like many other people, also thought that all the stories published here are fake till this incident happened.

I hail from Bhopal and went to my native place during navratri holidays. My relatives live there including the protagonist of my story: My bhabhi

Let’s cut the crap now and le’me tell u about her. Her name is Kanika. She is a bombshell in her mid-30s with killer vital stats of 34-28-38 to die for. She had the right amount of flesh at the right parts. She is extremely fair in complexion and a mother of a 4 yr. old kid. She is a very conservative lady and does not flaunt her body in any ways in front of other men neither inside the home nor outside. She always uses to call me bhaiya and referred me with “aap”.

She is very friendly with me even after we meet in long intervals. We share a lot of stuff and have fun. But still, she ruled my heart. I died a thousand deaths whenever I got a chance to get a glimpse of her navel or cleavage for a few seconds. I lust her from the day when I saw her during her wedding in the beauty parlor when she was getting ready for the ceremony.
When I went to my native place there was a pooja at one of my relatives’ place. I met all the family members but I could not locate HER. I came to know that she will be late. Then she called me and asked if I can pick her up from her place. I agreed and went there. She sat on my bike and we came back.

After the pooja was finished everyone else in her family went outside for devi darshan. I was supposed to stay at her place for the night. I took her to her place along with her kid. En route, she told me that her legs were paining as hell and mockingly asked me to press her legs after we reach home. I agreed to that and cracked a joke and we laughed. Then we reached home. I placed my stuff in a room and changed to boxer and tee. She asked me to play with the kid and in the mean time she changed from her sexy purple saree to a maroon cotton gown. It was a full length gown, closed till top not having any buttons and was not at all revealing anything.

She then took the baby and made him sleep on a sofa in the drawing room. She called her hubby and was sitting on a chair talking on the phone. Her hubby works in Surat and comes home twice a year. I was lying on a couch and was simply scrolling fb on my phone. She then came and sat near my legs still talking on the phone. She signaled me to press her legs. I was also feeling bored so I started pressing her legs. Also, I would die to touch the soft skin of such a Goddess like beauty.

After 2 min she guided me how to press her legs without uttering a single word i.e. only by the action of her hands. She said bye to her hubby and cut the call. I asked her doesn’t she say love you at the end of the conversation or was it because of me. She said that after 5 yrs. of marriage no one says that. We both know that and that is enough. I continued pressing her legs.

I was not able to press them properly due to our congested position and told her so.

She said lets go to the bedroom. The bedroom consisted of two beds placed sideways to each other separated by a distance of merely one foot. She laid her baby on the larger bed and covered him. The baby asked to turn off the lights. She asked me to do so. I did it.

After a minute she lied next to the baby and I sat on the other bed. The baby was in a sound sleep now. She told me to turn on the lights as if anyone might come they will think suspiciously. I replied “per hi to daba raha hun aapke, kuch aur thodi kar raha hun”. She still insisted to turn on the lights. I turned on the lights.

Finally, I started pressing her legs. She was lying on the bed on her stomach. I was mesmerized by the view of her shapely ass. Round, huge, busty and firm. I started pressing her legs beginning from the middle part. I didn’t have any wrong intentions at that time. She said press harder. I increased the pressure. We were also talking random things. The light and fan were switched on.

We were talking about random stuffs. Her daily life, her quarrels with her family, her hubby and kid, my studies, girlfriend (I have none). It was normal for me as she had asked such questions a million times and made a joke of me and my forever loneliness. She asked me to press her toe. I followed her command. She was enjoying and closed her eyes. She was looking relaxed. She took hold of my arm and pressed it with her thumb and index finger. I looked at her. She said ” bhaiya aise dabao”.

I obeyed her order. She again closed her eyes. She was looking extremely relaxed. She said in a low voice “bahut accha lag rha h”. By that time, her gown was moved till her knees. She didn’t mind that. I looked at her legs. They were super fair. Not even a single strand of hair. I asked her out of curiosity”bhabhi, do you wax your legs?”

She said no. I asked her then how come there is not even a single strand of hair on your legs? She just giggled. I then continued what I was supposed to do. She asked me how was her saree which she wore in the evening. I told it was beautiful and it added charm to your beauty. She said that she don’t like wearing sarees. They are so uncomfortable. They inhibit various body movements. It also reveals enough body. I said in a flirty manner “but that makes u look sexy”. She blushed. I was now pressing the calf of her leg. She had loosened herself and was saying that she was feeling wonderful.

She asked me to press her knee cap. I did that. She released a moan. “Great” she said. I asked her if I should move more upwards. She said “No thanks”. I again insisted “bhabhi, aren’t your thighs paining?” She said softly “durd to ho rha hai”. I didn’t say anything and started pressing her thighs.

Unfortunately they were covered by the gown. And I didn’t have the courage to lift the gown further. Man! Her thighs were soft as velvet. I was pressing the thighs till her bust line and again moved downward. It continued for two to three minutes.

She asked me to press her back now. I started pressing her back in the same position. She asked me to apply more pressure. But due to the distance between us it was difficult for me. I got up from my bed and sat on her back by crossing my legs (in the same way as one sits on a bike). I was sitting on the lower back.

I started pressing her back. Her gown was covering her entire body but still the part near the neck was visible to me. I was moving my hands up and down. She asked me to press her shoulders. I did so. She kept her palms on mine and told me where to press. I pressed just beside her neck by folding my thumb and index finger using the back part of palm. She let out a moan. Ahhhhh. Bhaiya bahut accha lag rha hai. I started pressing her nape and shoulder. She moaned in ecstasy. I was feeling something building inside me. I was pressing more vigorously. A momentum started building up. Suddenly I felt that my dick was erect. It was rubbing on her back every time I moved forward and backward.

I wanted to feel more of her body. My breath started getting faster. I sensed that even her breath was getting heavy.

Suddenly she said something. I moved forward and lied on her back and asked”kya?”. She said “aapko kuch ho raha hai bhaiya?” I said no. I realized the situation and controlled myself. I became normal. I pressed her shoulders with both my hands calmly. I was feeling guilty. What was in my mind. She is my bhabhi. I should not do this. All these thoughts were on my mind. But slowly and steadily lust took over my mind again. I started feeling the same feeling. Again. I was aroused. My breaths were getting heavier. So were her.

Again. I started pressing her shoulders more vigorously. She started moaning, softly in the beginning. Her moans started getting louder and passionate. It was driving me crazy. I attempted to remove her gown by the sideway motion of my hands. Her gown slipped to her shoulders’ edge.

I tried to enter my hands into her cleavage by pretending that I am pressing her shoulders. She kept her palms on mine and guided me a bit INSIDE. I tried to grab her beautiful breasts. But I couldn’t as she was lying on her stomach. I again made an attempt, this time with more force. I grabbed the upper part of her boobs but my motion was stopped.

My hands were stuck in her bra. She was murmuring something. I lied on her and placed my ear near her mouth. She whispered “Bhaiya aap ye kya kar rhe ho??? Ye galat hai…. hum aapki bhabhi hain …. mmm …. aaahh” I continued my efforts, keeping my position intact. I placed my chin on her neck and was massaging her upper boobs. I whispered in her ears” accha lag rha hai?” She didn’t respond. She was only moaning. Mmm …. aaahh ….. bhaiyaa …. pleasee….. mat karo naa ….. aaahhh ….. ye galat hai….

I said “kuch galat nahi hai”

She said “ni bhaiya….plzzz mt karo”

I said “bhabhi I am about to turn 20…… I had never seen a woman’s body…. this is my first time and that too with a gorgeous lady like you….. i love you bhabhi…. jo ho raha hai hone do….. I won’t tell anyone ever about this….don’t worry”

I again started kissing on her shoulder and nape. She was shuddering in pleasure and continuously moaning. I stopped my hands on her breasts and kept them on her neck. I was still lying on her. She was protesting. I forced her to keep still by pressing my hips which were on her lower back.

I started kissing her nape. Her moans were increasing with every kiss of mine. I slid her gown from the shoulder on the left side. I was kissing on her shoulder now like an animal. Her moans were getting louder. I was now completely turned on. Lust had taken over my mind completely. I didn’t care about the world. No guilty feelings. Nothing. All I wanted was to kiss each and every inch of her body. I wanted to consume her completely. She was still protesting. Her protest was getting stronger now. She was trying to get away from me. I was now losing my control over her.

Suddenly she pushed me. Hard. So hard that I was about to fall from the bed. She sat on the bed and told me that this is not right. “Hum aapki bhabhi hain …. ye nahi ho sakta hamare beech ….. ye bahut galat hai”. But I was so horny at that moment. I said “kya hua bhabhi …. kuch bhi galat nahi hai isme”. She said “No bhaiya…. I won’t do it” I now realized that this is the end to fun. But I didn’t want so. I tried my best to convince her. I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. But she stood firm on her decision.

She looked into my eyes and said in a polite but serious tone “this is wrong bhaiya…I won’t allow you to do it”. I asked her to show me her boob once. She finally agreed to that after convincing a lot. She strictly told me to not touch it. I agreed. She was sitting in front of me. She slid the front part of her gown a bit but then stopped.

I quickly understood that her modesty is prohibiting her to show me her boob. I inserted my hand inside her gown. The gown was loose and I took her left boob out with some difficulty due to the bra. Her bosom was finally in front of me. It was like a ripe papaya hanging down from her gown. The thing which made my heart skip a beat every time I looked at it was finally in front of me. I had only been imagining how it would look like during my masturbation sessions for five long years.

At last it was right there in front of me. And it was more gorgeous than I could ever imagine. White as milk and soft as tampon. I could feel its softness with my own hands. It was definitely huge with a brown areola of a radius of 2 cm. Her nipple was brown and large. Really large. Of the size of a bean. I could not resist the urge to feel it. I put my mouth on it and planted a soft kiss. I cannot describe that feeling in words. It was heavenly. I was on cloud nine. I was sucking it hard like the world will end in a few moments and I have to fulfill my last wish. It was awesome. She was moaning. Aaahh….. mmm ….. bhaiyaa …. aap ye kya kar rahe hoo ….. ooohh ….

After a minute or two she came back to her senses. She flicked me away. She again told me that this is not right. Her voice was stern this time. Her facial expressions told that she was angry now due to my act. I was blank. What had happened? What’s on her mind? Is she going to shout on me? One thing was sure that she is about to slap me hard. Really hard. Harder than I sucked. And I deserved that slap. Maybe two. Perhaps a few more than that. What the fuck had I done. I had lusted on my own bhabhi. She was like my mother.

She cared a lot about me. She was my friend. She was there for me every time I needed someone to consolidate me. She was there when I was feeling low. And how the heck did I paid for all that. I tried to do the sinful act with her and that too wantonly. I was feeling angry, astonished, perplexed, embarrassed and panic. All at the same time. She didn’t slap me however. Perhaps this was the end of the session. But destiny had something else for me. What happened next??? Read in the next part.

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When Only Lust Remains

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