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When Dolly Catches Me With My Bhabhi And Then On

  • desipapa
  • October 23, 2015

Hi everyone, this is ilrumjack again with another of my episodes.

Hope you have read my earlier story about how my bhabhi had seduced me and we ended up having sex.

This episode was about some months after I had begun to have regular sex with my bhabhi. I will talk a little about the set up for this story. My bhabhi used to live at my place as my parents were posted abroad. She was staying at my place so that she could take care of me in my parents’ absence. She has two kids and my cousin (my bhabhi’s hubby was working abroad too).

In a few months of living with us, bhabhi had managed to seduce me and we were enjoying the best of sex. I used to be at home those days during that day and was only out for my specialized course in the evening. The field was open to us the whole day as the kids used to be at school and we used to have rocking sex every day.

One such day when the kids had gone to school, my bhabhi came to my room and lied down in the bed next to me. We hugged each other and were sleeping. Slowly she put hand inside my lungi and started feeling my dick. My dick needed no further invitation as it became straight and hard with her touch. She then pulled down the lungi and said ‘give me my breakfast’. I said ‘have your banana bhabhi. It is good in the morning.’

She then slid down and reached my dick and began licking it slowly. She was wearing a sari and this was troubling me. I said ‘bhabhi, please take off your clothes and do it.’ She got up, removed her clothes and sat down next to my thighs. Let me tell you a bit about her. My bhabhi was 5.2 and very fair. She was neither very slim nor fat. But she was a stout kind of a woman in her late 20s.

Her biggest assets were her tits, which were around 34C and proportionate to her body. She always kept her pussy clean by shaving it regularly. In fact, I had taken over the task of shaving her pussy regularly. Me, I was 22 and 5.6 with a slim body. Though I was not a tall guy, my dick was 7” long with a good girth.

It was quite early in the morning (around 7.15) and as she sat down next to me she held my dick in her hand and began slowly giving me a hand job. She lubricated my dick with her spit and began to move the hand up and down the whole length of it.

Sex with my bhabhi had become a natural thing for me for quite a few months but we were very careful about it. We could not risk getting caught in the act by anyone, so caution was paramount to us. We mostly made out in her room with all the doors closed as we did not want the neighbours to get a wind of what was happening at my place. However, this morning she had come into my bedroom and I was more than glad to have a good fuck session early morning.

We used to live on the 3rd floor in an apartment complex and all the rooms had balconies. We had two wings that were on the opposite sides of the building and the flats were in between. The construction was such that two of our bedrooms walls were common with the flat on the same floor in the other wing. Actually, the neighbours in the other wing and us could stand in our respective balconies and share tea and a biscuit as there was just a wall separating us.

Since it was summer, I always used to keep my bedroom door open to the balcony and sleep. And this morning too, the door was open. But, I did not think much about it.

Bhabhi was beginning to move her hands nice and smoothly over my dick and I had my hands on her tits and was kneading them. She then bent down and began licking my dick and balls. She hand her hand on my dick and my balls were inside her mouth. She then began sucking my dock and this was going on like slurp, slurp, slurp…

I was enjoying it and said ‘nice bhabhi, suck my banana…goooood’. She looked at me and then said ‘wait…’ and she came on top of me. She pushed herself down my dick and cried out ‘yes….ahhh’. I had her tits in my hand and she began her thrusts. She went up and down my dick and began her moans ‘uhhhh….uhhhhh….uhhhhh…’

I sat up and began sucking her tits and she was continuing her thrusts. I then sucked her nipples and bit them hard. She shrieked loudly ‘ahhhhh….what are you doing? Be gentle…’ But she had cum at that instant. And she asked me ‘bit me now…again…please.’

I kept pumping her and her moans were getting louder and louder. Then, I asked her to get on her knees and I approached her from behind. I spanked her butt hard and she yelped and said ‘yes…yes…spank your bhabhi…she deserves it…yesssss.’ I inserted by dick inside her pussy and kept spanking her.

I then reached out under her and held her tits tight and began pumping her. The sounds that we made were just exciting us further to keep fucking. I increased the speed of my thrusts and then in one final thrust shot all my cum inside her. She too came in a torrent and I just held her tight and did not remove my dick from inside her.

After a few minutes I let go of her and crashed on the bed. She looked at me and said ‘we should have this morning sex every day now. It is so much fun to begin the day with you.’ I replied ‘yes this is the perfect beginning to the day. And we can have more during the day too, right?’ She said ‘once is not enough for you, is it?’ I teased her ‘is it enough for you?’ She said ‘no, not at all. I want you more and more, as many times as you want.’

Then we both got up and went for our bath.

The day went off quite well after that. I also bunked my class in the evening as our sessions continued and I did not have any problems missing on my class for this. After my evening sex session with my bhabhi I stepped out to buy some vegetables.

The vegetable vendors were around 10 minutes away from my apartment complex and I walked down to that place. I was around 7 in the evening and the sun had just set. I was at the vegetable vendor and was choosing some vegetables, when my neighbor, Dolly, too came there. A little about Dolly. She used to stay in the other wing of my building and her flat was just behind mine on the same floor. Our balconies were next to each other.

She was a Bengali woman of around 30. Her husband used to fly for Cathay and she had two small school-going kids. She was a 5.5 fair and sexy woman – slim but with such good size tits that would make any man cum just by looking at her. She never looked her age as she maintained her body very well. She was quite friendly with me, but it was always a formal acquaintance.

She was wearing a salwar kurta and as she approached the vendor, she smiled at me and said ‘Hi, so you too have come to buy vegetables?’ I said ‘yeah.’ And she came next to me and began choosing her veggies.

As she was choosing her veggies, she reached out to some lady fingers across me and her tits brushed my arm. I suddenly felt a tingling sensation in my body, but I did not move my arm. I too was choosing the lady fingers and I continued this. She did not seem to notice that her tits were brushing my arm and continued with the picking.

She then moved a bit closer to me and her tits were now really pressing against my arm. I began to get a hard on with the feeling of the softness of her tits. She kept pressing her tits against my arm and casually said ‘the quality of the lady fingers are quite good today, na.’ I said ‘yeah, and I like lady fingers a lot.’ She said ‘me too.’

Then she moved slightly away and was buying some more veggies. I too went about my task, buying other veggies, but the feeling of her tits remained on my arm. She then bought potatoes and cabbage. Finally she picked one carrot and asked the vendor for the total price. She paid him the money and was waiting for me to finish buying my stuff. I finished my buying and then we both started walking back together.

She said ‘so, I don’t see you in the evenings buying veggies.’ I replied ‘no today I did not go for my class, hence.’ She said ‘ok, well…how are things with you?’ I said ‘fine…so what will you make tonight?’ She said ‘some potatoes and curry.’ I said ‘you bought only one carrot, it is for salad.’ She sort of blushed and said ‘that’s not for salad or cooking…you know.’ I said ‘ummm…what is it for?’

She slowed down and said ‘I am not as lucky as your bhabhi yaar. I have to make do with a carrot.’ I was quite surprised and said ‘what do you mean as lucky as my bhabhi?’ She coyly said ‘she has you na, I am not so lucky. I don’t have anyone.’ Now I was completely shocked and wondered what she knew about my bhabhi and me. I was mum and kept walking.

She said ‘you know, I saw you having sex this morning with your bhabhi.’ I said ‘what…how did you?’ She said ‘this morning I was having tea in my bedroom and heard some moaning. So I stepped into my balcony and I realized that it was from your bedroom and it was your bhabhi who was making those noises. I began wondering. Your bhabhi’s husband is not here so was she having sex or was masturbating? So, I peeped from my balcony into your bedroom.’ I said ‘oh shit…you saw?’

She said ‘man, what I saw shocked me. I saw you fucking your bhabhi like crazy. You were also spanking her butt like mad yaar…I was glued to the act.’ I said ‘Oh shit…please Dolly…please keep this to yourself. Please don’t tell anyone…our lives will get screwed…please.’ She said ‘don’t worry yaar…your secret is mine…I won’t tell anyone, ok.’ I said ‘thanks a lot.’

She then said ‘one thing is sure, you have quite a good tool…big and thick…’ I said ‘you think so?’ She replied ‘You know what…I was trying to get a carrot that was like your tool. I wanted to feel what it would be like with that size.’ I said ‘ok Dolly, try it and let me know.’

She said ‘or better would be I try the real one, what say?’ I was shocked but was elated. All the guys in our society would have loved to get her pussy and here she was proposing me for sex. So I said ‘you mean we can have sex together?’ She said ‘why, you don’t want me…am I not attractive?’ I said ‘Dolly, I would give my right arm to get into bed with you…anytime let me know.’

By this time we had reached our society and before we parted, she said ‘why don’t you come home tomorrow at around 10.30 or so. The maid would have gone by then and kids will be in school. I will hang a white cloth on my balcony’s clothesline as a signal that you can come. But, be careful.’ I said ‘I will wait for it, Dolly. See ya.’

I went home and kept thinking of my encounter with Dolly. I could still feel her tits on my arm and could not wait till I had them in my hands. After dinner, I went to sleep dreaming of the sexual pleasure that I would have tomorrow. I was asleep and around 1 am my bhabhi slid into the bed with me.

I said ‘bhabhi, would the kids not get up?’ She said ‘they are in deep sleep and I have shut the bedroom door…so they won’t know.’ I said ‘it is risky…if they get up what will happen?’ She said ‘I know but, I was feeling the urge very badly. Let’s do it, na. I will be quiet, won’t make any noises…please.’ I said ‘fine…even I want it.’

We took off our clothes and she began sucking me. I suddenly got an idea and said ‘bhabhi, let’s do it in the balcony. There is nice moonlight and it will be fun.’ She readily agreed to this and said ‘yes in the open.’ I had an ulterior motive behind this. I wanted to have sex in the balcony so that with the little noises that we make, I could get Dolly excited and want me more. I was not worried about any other neighbours as no one else could look into our balcony, except Dolly, who could peep in from hers.

So we slid out of the bed. I took a blanket and laid it on the floor of the balcony and we went and lied down on it. Bhabhi began sucking my dick and though she was doing it quietly, in the calm of the night, there was enough sound of her slurps that could travel to the right ears.

I was facing the outside of the balcony and bhabhi was facing the inside. I had positioned myself in such a way to see if Dolly peeps over. I had my hands on bhabhi’s tits and was pressing them tightly. This produced a short shriek from bhabhi in between her sucks.

I then made her lie down and began sucking her pussy. My tongue was inside her pussy and she was rubbing it with her fingers. I then inserted two of my fingers and began giving her a finger job. I increased the pace of my fingering and she was ecstatic and going crazy. In that instant, I saw Dolly peep from her balcony very slowly.

I pretended that did not see her and continued my fingering. Then I quickly withdrew my fingers and thrust my dick inside. Bhabhi exploded in a torrent and my dick was swimming in her juices and the sounds of my thrusts were quite loud. Dolly was peering into our balcony and watching us in the act.

I kept up my thrusts and after about 10 minutes, I withdrew my dick and came all over her tits and face. Bhabhi was very excited by this and began spreading my cum all over her body. We both then got up and quietly left the balcony and went inside to the bedroom. Bhabhi went and cleaned herself up and then she came and slept with me nude.

I hugged her and felt a bit guilty too. I had used my bhabhi to further excite Dolly. But, then I realized that in any case bhabhi was cheating on her hubby and she was fine with it, so I too have the liberty to have sex with others. I was contemplating telling bhabhi about Dolly but, decided to not tell her. I realized that she would surely feel bad about it. With this in mind I went off to sleep.

I got up early and saw that bhabhi had left the room and she had covered me with a blanket as I was nude. I could hear her getting the kids ready for school and went back to catch a nap. After sometime bhabhi came into the room nude and got inside the blanket with me. She got on top of me and started riding me.

Bhabhi did not know it, but I was dreaming of fucking Dolly while I was fucking her. I could just imagine Dolly on top of me and how I would be enjoying it. After some minutes of fucking, I shot my load into her and she too came. She just sat on top of me and then she got off. She said ‘hey, it felt different having sex with you now.’

I said ‘how different, Bhabhi?’ She said ‘it seemed like you were lost in your thoughts and not interested in the sex.’ I felt a tinge of shame and said ‘nothing like that bhabhi, it was just that I was thinking about the class that I had missed last evening.’ She said ‘ok…’

She left and I went for a bath. I wanted to prepare myself for my encounter with Dolly. I wanted to present a new myself to her and also wanted to feel a different kind of sex with her. So, I went in and used my bhabhi’s hair removal cream on the hair around my dick. I applied the cream and after a few minutes I removed all the hair around my dick.

This was the first time I had attempted this and was quite circumspect of how it would turn out. After removing the hair, I realized that my dick was much more handsome and strong looking. It also looked very clean. I was very happy about this.

I waited with bated breath for 10.30. I kept going to the balcony from 10.15 onwards to check if Dolly had placed the signal. I was getting impatient. At around 10.40 went I went to check, I saw a white cloth hanging on Dolly’s clothesline. I was elated.

I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I informed Bhabhi that I had to step out for some work and left the house. I did not want to go down the stairs and again enter Dolly’s wing. That way I would be visible to everyone in my building and I could not afford that. Also, there were chances of meeting some of my friends down in the compound and I could not give them a reason to go to the other wing.

So, I went up one floor and reached the terrace. The terrace was common to both the wings in our building and we could access it from either side. I opened the terrace door and went over to the other side and entered the other wing from the terrace.

I walked down one floor and was about to ring Dolly’s doorbell, when she opened her door. She gestured me to come in and quickly shut the door behind me quietly. She whispered ‘I did not want you to ring the doorbell as the neighbor would have heard and they are the prying types.’ I said ‘good’.

I then looked at her and there she was dressed is a thin silk nightie. It was sleeveless with a low neck and was sticking to her body. She looked ravishing in that outfit as every curve of her body was accentuated by it.

I could not wait and grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards me. I hugged her and planted a kiss on her lips. She said ‘hey…wait…you seem to be in a great hurry, hah.’ I said ‘yes, been dreaming of you since last evening, Dolly.’

We locked our lips and began kissing. She had just had her bath and her hair was moist and she had worn a seductive perfume. My tongue was inside her mouth and I was playing with her tongue. She began biting my tongue and we were having a ball. She was surely a fantastic kisser and while this was happening I could feel the softness of her tits against my chest. I held her butt and rolled my hands over them and she was getting terribly excited and said ‘let’s go inside…please’.

She led me to her bedroom and I saw that she had closed her balcony door. She lied down on the bed and asked me to join her. I needed no further invitation so I took off my t-shirt and got on the bed. I held her face and began kissing her on her ears and neck.

She began moaning immediately and I realized that she had not had sex for quite some time. I went down and began licking her feet and slowly moved my tongue up her legs. She was going crazy with this and I reached her thighs. I then pushed up her nightie and saw that she was wearing a thin lace pantie.

I began rubbing her pussy over her pantie and then stuck my tongue there and began probing. She held my head and pushed it into her pussy, while her legs were wrapped around me and dragging me forward. I then bit into her panty line and began pulling it down. I could no longer take her covered pussy. I wanted to see her pussy in real and she let go of me. I pulled it down over her legs and there it was revealed.

Her puss was clean shaven and I could see her lips were nice and pink in colour. It was greatly appetizing to me and I attacked it immediately. She was quite surprised.

I went down on her and thrust my tongue into her pussy and began flipping it. She said ‘ummmm…yes…yes…eat me…eat me.’ I then placed my fingers on her pussy and widened her opening and thrust my tongue deeper. After a few minutes her body jerked and she came. I tasted her juices and drank them up.

Now, I had to see and ravage her tits. So, I pushed her nighties further up and from under her back. She got up a little and I had it off her. She was wearing a matching lace bra and I could see her nipples through the net. I reached behind her back and opened her hooks and pulled out her bra. I kept gaping at her tits. I was mesmerized by their beauty. They were large (around 34D with the nipples right at the centre). The area around her nipples was nice and pink and I was looking at them like a fool.

She looked at me and said ‘you like them?’ I said ‘like them…I just love them. I want them right now.’ She said ‘wait, you have seen all of me, now show me your stuff, yaar.’ I quickly opened my shorts and pulled it down along with the brief.

I was kneeling down on the bed and my dick was all up and hard. She got up and quickly grabbed my dick. She said ‘wow…it is so beautiful and clean…you shave, do you?’ I said ‘I just removed the hair with the cream this morning. It was all for you. I did not want the hair to spoil the taste.’

She said ‘yeah…it is so smooth and strong. I wanted hold it in my hand since last morning when I saw it for the first time.’ And then she began moving her hands slowly on my dick. It was like she was gently caressing it with her fingers. I decided to let her take her time and enjoy it. I too was enjoying looking at her expression and then she came closer and began licking my dick.

She began painting my dick with her tongue in slow motion. I held her head and she took it inside her mouth. I thrust my dick completely inside her mouth and she gasped for breath. I held her in that position for some time and then let her continue her sucking. She was an expert at this. She then took my balls inside her mouth while she was fingering my dick.

I then pushed her back and placed my dick between her luscious tits. I held her tits with both my hands and began fucking her between her tits. I felt so good that my dick was in between her tits that I began vigorous thrusts and I shot my load on her face and tits. She picked up my cum from her tits and licked it with a slurp.

She said ‘yaar…when you came all over your bhabhi last night I wanted you so badly…I wanted to ask you jump into my house and take me then and there. I know you were teasing me with the show…you have succeeded in making me desperate…come now, my pussy is waiting for your carrot…take me and fuck me hard.’

I got her to lie down and spread her legs wide like a split and placed my dick at the opening of her pussy and began teasing her pussy by just rubbing it. She yelled at me ‘don’t tease me…put it in…don’t….don’t tease please.’ I then thrust my whole dick inside her in one quick motion and she cried out ‘uhhhh…my god…finally…I have you inside me.’

I brought her legs over my shoulders and began pumping her slowly. She began moaning and that too loudly ‘aghhh…aghhhhh…aghhhhh.’ I said ‘Dolly…I love this baby…you are nice and tight.’ She replied ‘yes…haven’t got a dick inside me for a long time.’

I let go of her legs and lied down on top of her and began kissing her pumping her slowly. Our lips were locked and we were playing with our tongues. She held my head down and was not letting me break the lip-lock. I too was enjoying this very much. I finally broke free and attacked her boobs. I began biting her boobs and she cried out ‘bite me you fucker…bite me hard…give me your marks…’

I too did not let go and kept biting her then I began sucking her nipples…they were like small cherries, but hard. I kept sucking and pumping her at the same time and her body went into a jerk and she came.

My dick was swimming in her juices and after a few thrusts I pulled out and asked her to stand next to the bed. She was positioned with her butt facing me and leaning on the bed. I split her legs a little and entered her from behind. I held her shoulders and began my thrusts.

She was moaning ‘yessss…treat me like your bitch, you dog…fuck me hard…fuck me hard.’ I kept my movements and then pulled her up straight and held her boobs and kept fucking her.

I then went and lied down on the bed and said ‘Dolly…now you fuck me baby.’ She gladly came on top of me and came down on my dick. She began her gyrating movements with me inside her while I was playing with her boobs. She had pretty good strength as she began vigorous movements with her body and kept fucking me.

I then pushed her down on the bed and entered her. I held up one of her legs perpendicular to my body and began my thrusts. She was shrieking out loud and I increased my pace and finally with a huge shove I came inside her and she too came in a torrent. I just placed her leg down and collapsed on top of her.

We kissed for a long time and then I withdrew my dick and said ‘Dolly…this was my best fuck baby…till date.’ She said ‘for me too yaar…where were you for so long…we could have done it much earlier. But, I have to thank your bhabhi to make this happen. If I had not seen you do her…I would not have approached you.’ I said ‘yeah Dolly…even I never dreamt of this with you.’ We went and cleaned up and came back and hugged each other and lied down on the bed.

Her head was on my shoulder and her boobs were pressed against my chest. She gently played with my limp dick and said ‘man…can we keep doing this often…I don’t think I can live without you now.’ I said ‘yes we can…but when is your hubby back?’

She said ‘he will return the day after…but he will go on his next flight soon…so we will have all the opportunity to do it. We can do it every day.’ I said ‘that would be nice baby.’

She got up and said ‘shall I make tea for you?’ I said ‘yes that will be good.’ She went nude to her kitchen and made the tea while I was lying down on the bed. She came back after 10 mins and we had tea together in the nude. She was looking hot having tea like this. With the tea going inside me my dick was getting its strength back.
Slowly my dick rose and Dolly saw this and said ‘hey…he ready for another one, is he? I want to play with him.’ I said ‘ok…come on play.’

She came and began licking my balls. She took them completely in her mouth and was handling my dick. I got a wild thought then. While she was sucking me I could see her beautiful butt and I wanted to fuck her ass. I grabbed her ass and began kneading them slowly.

I placed my finger on her asshole and tried inserting it inside. It was very tight and she suddenly yelled ‘what are you doing…my pussy is not enough for you, is it?’ I said ‘I want to fuck you in the ass, will you do it…please?’

She said ‘I have never done it…so don’t know how it will be.’ I said ‘even I have not done it before…let try and see na.’ She said ‘great let us try.’

She then bent over and I went near her ass and began inserting my finger inside but it was not going in properly. So I asked her ‘give me some cream.’ She got up and brought a small box of Vaseline. I said ‘ok…now bend over.’ I took some Vaseline and rubbed it on her asshole. Then I placed my finger and tried inserting it. My finger started entering her hole and I said ‘ok now I will try putting my dick in.’ She said ‘ok…be careful.’

Before entering her I also applied some Vaseline on me dick and I placed my dick on her hole. I held her by her ass and slowly pushed inside. I found that my dick was now entering her quite smoothly. Her hole was tight but my dick was making its way inside. As my dick started entering her she began crying ‘hey it is paining me, please take it out.’

I did not listen to her and thrust with all my strength and entered her whole completely. She cried ‘uhhhh…ahhhhh….ahhhh.’ I then began my motions and they were quite smooth and she also then relaxed and began enjoying it. I found that ass fucking was great. The hole was tighter and there was a lot of friction for my dick.

I felt that I would come soon, so I withdrew and pushed inside her pussy. She gasped and yelled at this. Her pussy was anyway dripping with her juices and I found that the sound of my fucking was getting louder ‘pluck… pluck… pluckkkk.’ She too was moaning loudly and began shouting ‘yesssss…yesssss…yesss…fuck me….fuck me.’

I shot my complete load inside her and then pulled out of her. She turned and immediately grabbed my dick and began sucking it. She tasted her juices mixed with my cum and sucked them all in. Then she looked at me and said ‘we should ass fuck every time…it was nice.’ I said ‘yes, it was fun.’

We both cleaned up and I put on my clothes and said bye to her. She gave me a long lip-lock while I hugged her tight. I left her place for my home and with real pleasant feelings.

We ended up with many more sessions together and I will tell you all in my other stories. Ladies, please write to me with your feedback at Would love to hear from you.

When Dolly Catches Me With My Bhabhi And Then On

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