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What Is Wrong

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

One of my friends got loss in his business. He lost nearly all of his assets. His family was very close to me. He has three children. I managed some money to help him but unfortunately he couldn’t them. At least he decided to go to middle east for a job. This time I also help him to getting visa and other expenses which he promised to returned as soon as possible. Before his departure he asked to his brother in law to shift his home for caring his family, he also request me to keep eyes on his family.

His brother in law was now there in his home and I made my routine to talked them by phone. I asked his wife that she could call me any time when they need with out any hesitation. My friends send money for their day to day expenses. He saved some of its income to return his loans from bank and friends etc. Once Sahira phoned me at 2 PM in my office. She was very angry with me that I am not coming there. I excused and told her that I am too busy now a day therefore I did not. (In fact I was trying to avoid visit their home that she was too pretty and I was afraid of scandals.) She invited me tonight for a dinner. I promised, and at 8 o’clock I went there as my wife was in her paternal home with kids. When they saw me they all became very happy. I have met Sahira a hundred times but today I found her another Sahira. We sat in drawing room and chatting while Sahira went to kitchen. And after half an hour she joined us. Then we went to dinning table and she served dishes with the help of her daughter. She was served me all dishes her self. When she was bending her extraordinary white breast was clearly visible to me due to her low neck. We finished it soon. And I request them to let me go now. When I was seating in my car Sahira told me in very low voice if not necessary don’t tell about this meeting to your wife.

And I forgot about it when Sahara once again phoned me. She asked my health and business then my family. We talked about her family and her hubby as he has a regular contact with me. In the end of our conversation she said, that she has some urgent need of 10000 ruppes. But this is required totally for her personal use, and that I should not mention it with her hubby. It is not a huge amount for me. I asked her OK. But how I send it to you. She told me that my brother would come to receive it. After an hour her brother came and I give him a chicque of Rs10000/. Next she again phoned me to thanks. I told her never mind it is not an important. Exactly 15 days after that she requested for more 5000ruppies. Which I gave her on the same way. By this way she received from me 35 000 rupees. She always strictly prevented me neither my wife nor to tell her hubby. Now I was suspected and think about the money. Next time when she again requested for money. I asked her what are you doing by this money. Your husband is sending you enough, and he is not earning like these as you spending. She promised me that before his return she will managed it. I told her that this is not a very big amount for me. But I am telling for you. She requested me to come myself at her home that she also wants to discuss it with me. On that day I came out from office to meet her on my way to home. I went there, and knock on the door. Sahara opened the door, she gave me way and I went in. She was alone at home, her brother has gone to the market with children and expected with in hour. We sat in drawing room she brought tea. She sat with the same coach where I was seated. She made tea for herself and me. We were talking while taking tea. I asked her that what is the problem, that she needed money like these when her husband sends enough for their expenses. She told that there are a lot of things to buy except daily utilities. As you know I am a young and have to buy a lot of things for my own uses thus the children have also required a dozens of little things which we were get to use already in at that time when we had much for that. I will try to get ride of from these, but it will take time. Oh I see. Ok this is not a serious problem. But Sahira would you like to tell me about these things. She smiled a strange and replied that these are things which you men did not admit is necessities. She folded her hand to me, to keep it to my self. I promised her that I would keep it to me.

She changed the topic and asked about my wife that I how I feel with her? I told her that all fine. Then she said that how she is lucky to be have my wife. She was looking to me her fill. I saw a new and astonish brilliance in her eyes. She was saying some thing in through her looks. I felt her hand touching my hand and pressing it. I was just shocked to felt it. And I suddenly asked her to let me go that I have some important meeting to attend. She was much embarrassed but not showed. She came with me to the door to see off. I came stright to home and went to bed for a rest. As I was once again alone at the home that this time my family were at my native place for long time due to winter vocation of the children. Which the spent in village. I was thinking all the night about Sahira and her action she acted. I thought her very committed women. And I had never thought, from this direction about her. But fact is fact. She had done that. Now I was thinking about her and her whole figures were dancing before my eyes. Actually Sahira was very beautiful woman of her maid youth of 35. She had blue eyes reddish color with a brown hair, and she had a gorgeous normal size of body, means neither fat nor much slim. She has firm tight tits. She always wears Shalwar qameez with the low neckline, which shows curves of her breasts when she bent or whenever her dupatta displaced. She had a huge, taut and fleshy ass and it moves in circular manner whenever she walks. I always ignored these and never thought about it. But now all these scenes were remembering me one by one. She had a normal size of body, means neither fat nor much slim.

Next morning I did not go to office and told them that I am not coming to office because I am not feel good. At 10-o clock the phone rang, Sahira was on the phone. She told me that she has called me an office and they told me that you are ill and not came to office. She asked my very hasty that what is the problem. She said that she is coming to see me at my home. I told her that there is no need for it and she shouldn’t put herself in trouble for me. I am all right now. But she hung up. With in next 14 minutes she was in my bedroom. I was getting when she came in but she forbid me. She came near to me and bent over touching my forehead. She said that there is no fever. I told her that there is nothing wrong and I am all right. It was just anxiety. Oh thanks God it was anxiety. Otherwise I was worried. She sat with me on other side of the bed. She said that might I press your feet? No thank you. It will give you relive, she said. And started press my feet by way of massage. She was right it gave me a lot of pleasure. She was pressing and massaging my feet. Her hands were coming up and up towards my thighs. By now my penis was erecting. I asked her not to do this but she didn’t stop. And when her hand was reached to my penis I once again for bad her that I consider her as my bhabi and that she should stop. By that she put her hand on my cock and caught it. It was now fully erected. He rubbed it gently and said, you consider me your bhabi but it doesn’t, it considers me just a woman. A beautiful woman. Which I am. Am I not? I didn’t spoke a word, but lay calm. She opened my trouser string and pulled down my trouser. She strikeout my dick. She bent over it and gave it a soft kiss. Then she entered in blanket with me and cling together with me. Now I took her in my arms and put my lips on her. She was also very hot and was trying to eat all my lips; she entered her tongue in me. She was playing with cock, while my hand was moving on her buttoks. I opened her shilwar and slide it down. Now my hand was on her pussy, rubbing it. My cock was too erected and her pussy was too wet. She was very expert. She turned over and now her buttocks were to my cock. She took my dick putting it in to her pussy hole and she her self-pushed her hips towards back to me and my dick sledded in into her cunt without in resistance.

I started my dick in and out into her cunt from behind catching he breast. She was moaning and strange voices were coming from her wet cunt. After a few minuets I asked her to change the position. She lay on her back. I climbed on her and she opened her legs little wide and ups. She then grabbed my Prick and guided it into her tight, pink cunt. As I pushed my 7″ cock into her cunt, it went easily. She started moaning loudly in ecstasy. She then started jumping up and down to send my Cock deep inside her hole. I too started pumping her hard, her huge tits were in my hands and her hands were squeezing my ass cheeks. She was trying to push me towards her saying fuck your bhabi. Who says bhabis have no cunts? Bhabi has also needed you. Then she said you fucked bhabi enough now let’s bhabi fuck you. She asked to pull out my dick from her cunt and said me to lay down, I did as she told, and she climbed on me. She guieded my cock into her pussy and sat in it. With one single stroke from her she took my dick in her pussy. She said not to move and started up and down by the help of her one hand putting on bed and by the other she caught her qamiz up to show her tits, which were bouncing with every jump from her. Then she told me be ready I am coming. I was also near to coming. And Soon I splashed my juice into her hot pussy and she cumm too. She fallen over me and put her mouth on mine. After this we laid nude in each other’s arms for about half an hour. Then she stood and cleaned me first as all of ours cum dropping from her pussy over me and then herself. We lay together for a long time. We were playing each other’s. My dick was once again erected. She asked me, he needs more. But now I have made my mind. I was intended by this time to fuck her fleshy ass, as I never fuck ass in my life. I said her that I want to fuck her as. She laughed and said no. Women have a best cavity for dick. But I insist for it. Then she said it will be pain full but for your sake I will do it. She agreed and asked me, have you fucked ass before this. I told no. She said that she has also did this never. I told her there would be not difficulty. I have seen it so many times in x movies. OK, as you wish. I asked her to be in doggy style and she made a doggy style pointed her cute rosy ass hole and asked me to have it. I started inserting my dick in her ass hole but I found it tighter than her cunt and she also found it more painful, so she tried to stop me. She asked me to apply some lubricate on ass hole. There was noting beside me thing like that so I asked her to apply her salvia on her ass hole and my cock. She did it. Then I tried again and this time I was succeed and I inserted my cock 0ne forth and then full into Sahira’s ass with a single full stroke and she screamed and started crying, ” ooo aa mm aaa”you tore my ass. She pressed her head hard into the pillow. It gave me more pleasure than pussy. I kept rumpling it in and out of her ass. The grip of her fleshy ass hole was very tight; I went even faster grabbing her shoulders. She requested me to stop it. But I did not. I kept on pumping her ass and tearing her ass cheeks. I captured her both tits sliding my arms under her armpit. Which gave her pleasure and she said its good. After some time she also started responding to my jerks. Now it was giving her pleasure too. She was felling bite relax now. She was crying with pleasure “yes yes, its right now fuck this little hole. Yes, deeper, give me your dick little more deep.” throughout the time she cooperated with me. Now she herself started up and down her hips with my every stroke. I fucked her ass deep for more than 10 minutes. When both of us were enjoying and then I exploded inside her ass. She was still under me. She said ohhh it was too painful and exiting. Now my juices flew down from her ass hole towards her cunt and bed. She was too exhausted like me. We lay on bed calmly for a long time looking each other without touching each other. Now she asked me to let’s her go to home. But I did not gave permission her and fucked her once more. When she was going back I tried to give her a huge amount of money, but she didn’t accept it, saying that she is not whore. And as I have gave them every time. When I insist she said I would ask you when I needed. An after that it become our routine to fuck when she or I call her. We fuck each other till her husband called them in Middle East.

Once they invited me to middle east for visit. I spend there ten days and I fucked her thrice a day in the morning when her husband and children were not home.

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