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Watching My Cousin

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

This is Jeevan. I m 21 years old .5.5 height. My exams for 15th were over and I was free. My cousin eeta doing her graduation from Pune also stays with us. She was a romantic gal and having a number of affairs. She used to tell me her stories and affairs. Often I asked her if someone come to know about your relation in home then what ll happen. She confidentially used to say that she takes measures and preventions. in earlier days it looks like boring hearing all that love stories but after wards I too hears them with interest as they were not the simple stories then her stories includes kisses hugs and relation between a male and a female .

We used to spent whole night on the lovely moments collected by her and I don’t know when that urge for love arrived in me. Now when I used to take a bathes in the morning I used to look at my body in the mirror and my hand herself used to run over my body. But I didn’t reveal this to my cousin . It was Monday geeta came to my room and asked me to join her for robber’s cage. a beautiful place stream of water coming from inside the rock and one has to walk between the rock and after crossing the first waterfall a cage comes which is open from top and stream of water enters from there and making water level upto 4 ft in the cave .

So geeta asked me to visit there for a picnic. I know that she will not be alone there and must be having his boyfriend with her but then why she should be taking me with her to make the ciaos Probably she might to show me or to keep watch as that is a tourist place but at 7 am who bothers to go there and that to on working day may be to guard. I made up my mind to go but pretend some hesitation to her and after sometime of confessing I agreed to go. As I was free no restriction on me and she told mom about some college notes problem and we both took off on. In the way I asked her Were we both going there she replied in negative and told that her boyfriend will be there? I further asked about my role but she simply said for security purpose. After 15 minutes we were there. Two guys were waiting there. Seeing two guys my heart beat started and different thoughts appeared in my mind I was afraid but on the other hand eagerness to. Finally we reached the point one of the guys took the vehicle from geeta and parked it in the near bushes. Geeta introduced me to then and we four went inside the cave. The water was quite cold. In the starting I was shivering but became normal after sometime. There are two ways to reach the main fall first to cross the first fall and other to climb. We decided to climb and after sometime we were at the gate of the main cage. I didn’t go inside and sat on the rock. We all had some breakfast there and then geeta and her two friends went inside the cave. They all asked me but I refused and said to join after sometimes They all went inside the cave and my heart started jumping a conflict of thought put to war whether to peep inside or not. My cousin inside with two guys.

My goodness shall I go and see or shall I look from the side and have the charms of the full scene And finally I could not resist myself and by the side of the rock I started penetrating inside with a position that I would not be seen and I would be able to see everything .and finally I got that position Geeta was standing between the two guys both on her each side and were enjoying the fall Then both the guys became closer to her and finally they were touching each other. One of the guy hold geeta by her hair and put his lips on geetas lips with a wildness and get to appears to be enjoying while the other guy start pressing her boobs and sided one hand at gets back the first guy was in the same position for about two to three minutes and as soon as left her lips the other one grab them while the fore hands were busy in two boobs and the bottom they were rubbing at geetas hole and trying to insert their hands from the jean Then they started to open the button of her shirt and within no time they manage to take out her shirt leaving geeta in bra only. That was a pink colour bra. her size was tremendous not less then 34 and the bra was too small to accommodate her boobs and they were bulging out and trying to make themselves free and they need not to wait for long time as the guys remove her bra making her topless they were straight and as white as milk .

Both of them become mad on seeing then and madly started sucking and pressing sometime softly and sometime hard for about fifteen minutes they sucked then. They both removed their shirts and their pants to and were having v shaped franchise on them and the very hard game was to start may I was new that’s why it appears hard to me but on geeta`s part there was nothing like that and the two big cook came out . they made geeta sit by knee and rubbed their cooks with her boobs and sliding slightly and slightly they were on her face and very delicately the one entered into her mouth my goodness she took the full in her mouth and sucking like a ice stick while her other hand was holding the second one and moving to and fro after few minutes the first one took his out and gave chance to another one to fuck her mouth. Geeta was sucking and enjoying the moment squeezing the ball. they both were trying to insert together but her mouth was to small to accommodate them but she was trying the best to give both of them the full pleasure her lips and tongue were continuously liking the two cooks and finally they exploded and they cumed on her face and may be possible if few drops would have been gone inside her mouth. She bent inside water and remained for few seconds inside.

Came out wash her face while the two again started the same story. And slowly and slowly they removed her jean too and removed her underwear. She was nude totally nude. the one guy holds geeta by back and the other inserted his cook into her vagina and started to give her jerk which became harder and faster . Geeta was moaning. They changed the position they made geeta in the doggie style and fucked her but it appears as they all were not satisfied as they could not feeling well with location and exactly it was not the proper place or appropriate place to fuck a girl. They all took their clothes and dressed themselves. seeing then dressing I slipped back outside but I was to be caught as how to hide my wet clothes and the same happened they came out with a smile and one of the guy came closer to me and pressed my boob and asked enjoyed the show . First time in my life I was touched by some male at that place. We all came out of the rock and relaxed near our vehicles so as to dry up our clothes. Talks were going on continuously between all of us and myself feeling shy unable to answered but just shaking head to and fro in form of negative and positive. Every time they asked me the one question how was the feeling. I kept on shaking my head in negative but from inside I was having a desire to be loved by someone. They were clever and read my feeling and I had admitted it but there was no time for all this. They both promised to arrange the better and the safe place where they can break my virginity. That night I could not sleep and somewhere in my heart I was looking for that day.

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