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Wahini’s Milk

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hello, first of all i will like to introduce myself. iam 22 male living IN PUNE MY NAME IS RAJ & I am unmarried with high sex drive. This is real story of my life. There is a family beside my house. There is very beautiful aunty (NITA) and her husband is a bank officer. Their marriage is late marriage and her age is 26 years . Damn she has perfect figure from top to bottom. When ever I see her figure I used to excite and worked myself at bathroom .Usually she keeps a very closeness with me and when ever I need any thing I used to ask her as I am living lonely. I used to go there for a moment especially for phone, she offers me cool drink and asks me very much. But due to fear I unable to catch the real moment.
Daily she watches me and we both laugh each other and there is no real thing happened between us for a long time. Later I went to my native place Rajahmundry for my vacations and usually I used to telephone her but there is no significant moment came. One month after vacation I went again to PUNE and searched for my beauty and learned that she is pregnant and went to her home KOLHAPUR. So I felt disappointed for long time and returned to my studies. Six months later I got information that she conceived a lovely child and both are coming to PUNE. I was really exited to see her face and body shapes after a long time. I don’t know how many times I worked myself in bathroom imagining my aunty . The real day came! She returned to home . Oh what a shapes they are . She looks very attractive and the bodily shapes are perfectly shaped for a sexy women. Immediately I entered to her house and greeted her . She smiled and I kissed baby and I felt excited with her closeness towards me. We both along with her husband chatted for a long time and in the mean time I closely observed her body ,especially her upper shape. Because she feeds her child she has no bra on and that shapes really mad me. Oh what a big boobs they are and unable to adjust in blouse.

In the side view, I have seen wetness of oozed due to milk from nipples. She served many things that day and the day long I was able to cover maximum time with them for full sight of her entire body. I was so excited after seeing her from back side .what lovey shapes they are! Due to wetness and cotton sarree I have seen her buttock cleavage and excited my self. My body completely filled with lust and my trousers tightened due to heavy pumping of blood in my rod. I left their home after 9 o clock and really I have no sleep that night. Every time I close my eyes she is coming to my mind and aroused a lot. Two days later I went to her home after her hubby went to bank. I knocked the door and entered the room as no sound is coming. Then I went directly in side the bed room ,oh my Sujatha aunty is laughing at me. She sat on the middle of double cot and on her nap she is feeding her child. I said sorry but in excitement she asked me to come inside. There is a chair in front of the bed and I went there to sit. But she said no no you can sit on the bed as the bed is very big. I felt aroused and unable to keep my straight looks on her. Watching my hurry she laughed and said why are you feeling un comfortable to day Narayana? I said no thing to her but my blood pressure increasing like any thing.

She is closely observing my intention and eagerness and laughed at me. Her smile mad me further . She asked again why are you feeling so hurry ??? Then I replied nothing. Instead I started moving to my house she hurriedly stopped. why Narayana ?? are you leaving??? I said yes. You are busy so I am going . Busy? oh no ! I am just feeding child… Yes that is why you are busy.! No, I have been keeping this child and feeding since half an hour? Half an hour?? I think he has no appetite?? No ,he is taking his meal lately I mean daily??? No since lost to days . I think may be he fell ill?/ Oh no no I thought in the same way but I found another reason. What another reason??? She felt little shy and said ” from last today’s the milk is coming like any thing and I unable to control the oozing ” again I feel uncomfortable with heavy oozing” by saying this she kept her child aside and returned to me without hooking her blouse/??? Damn she has very big melons and the nipple is like one rupee coin. She laughed at me and said I need your help. I am in completely in trans. She said last night I offered and requested my hubby to drink some milk to avoid this uneasiness but he is reluctant to breast feeding so can you help me??? With no time I hugged her and she said ‘wait a moment I will be back’ and she went to hall and closed the door and entered bed room . I was with out any words and kept my mouth shut, expecting the excitement and I removed my shirt. She kept her child in sofa as the kid is in deep sleep.

I was controlling my self as my ‘ under’ is keeping me in pressure. She is laughing and said if you help me I will help you later???? Oh god saying this she removed her sarree and slowly unbuttoning the blouse. Oh what a site it is?? Really the two loved ones are like big melons!!! In hurry I kept my hand on left boob and pressed ..oh the milk is coming and forcible felt on my face. Don’t waste this sweet milk dear and don’t press another boob also. Please. In full madness a kept my mouth close to her nipple and closed . then she pressed her right boob slowly..sweet milk is coming . for one suck at least considerable amount of milk is coming .. doing this I opened my mouth and four inch away from her right boob. She is laughing and pressing her boob slowly, the milk is coming and forcibly filling my mouth. She is rhythamatically pressing her boob so that I can make good swallowing…

Suddenly she kept another hand on left boob and pressed .. Both boobs are oozing sweet milk at a time..filling at a time my mouth.. Really she is right!!!! The milk is coming like any thing . How much I am swallowing, the oozing is not stopping.horridly she stopped pressing and kept one hand on my head pressed towards her right boob forcibly ..white sweet tasty milk entering my mouth without gap. I was sucking like how much I can.. she whispered in my ear .suck oohh dear suck .. I need your help dear please empty my melons.oh .suuuu. Oh…abba…suuuuohhh Slowly I worked on my cloths and removed my trousers and underwear. After great suck I was able to empty right boob and took little sigh and again turned to left boob.. oh again same situation long as I suck the sweet tasty milk coming .in the mean while my sujatha aunty lost her control and passed her hand to my nap.there it is like red totted iron rod which resembles like iron rod from fire..she pressed her hand on the bulb by peeping the skin .red bulb with small opening on it keeping high as high.. she release her hand for a moment and again grabbed… slowly I moved my tongue all over the nipple of left boob and still the milk is coming. then sujatha aunty whispered in my ear ” dear how is my milk?” very tasty?? Really ?? I nodded yes while sucking .. she whispered in the ear again the taste is only because you are sucking in mood..

Immediately I took some milk in my mouth half full and dragged my aunty and spitted on her mouth .oh she swallowed the milk mixed with my spit and said darling you are great .tasting my milk with your lustful spit oh super . again I went to boob and made this game four times . She enjoyed very much . oh I was not in a position to control my self and begged my aunty that I will finish the suck job while doing remaining work. she replied remaining work means. then in lust I shouted .”I will empty the melons while fucking” .. she laughed and whispered in the ear fuck means?? I said chodna’ she again chodna means’ I said immersing my rod in your choot ..There she again shouted in low voice wah what a fire, common I won’t allow you to enter. surprisingly I replied why?/ First you have to make me mad then only I will allow you to chood..ok? I said o.k. Then she lifted her petty coat up to thighs and said I need your tongue help?? Oh it is interesting .. I need really..she came near to my mouth and kissed passionately .she asked me to show my tongue first . I opened my mouth and showed my tongue ..She kissed my tongue and sucked . She said she has deep intention to be tongue fucked but her husband not interested . Now she is planning to take all her desires from me. I am lucky fellow .. She felt on the bed and loosened her petticoat and there is no panty. She opened her legs wide.oh what a beautiful site it is? Really my desire coming true. immediately with out any late I felt on the cunt and opened the real mouth . yes it is as great as I can not explain.. reddish with spot fully erected . from the other side aunty moaning ‘common darling enter your mouth to my deep underlips and lick..then started ohh oh..ohhha ssuuu .. oh ..

She is moaning like snake. fuck.. fuck with your mouth and tongue. yes darling move fast. oh yes deep . I am deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling and cunt juices which making me mad. she is raising her mound high with excitement and she grabbed my hair with her hands and pressing my head towards the cunt . Real play begins . I am not in apposition to control my self and breathing is also difficult to me..but my tongue fight continues.. Oh . immediately she asked come up move and immerse your rod. come up and she took my head towards her face and I kissed passionately some of her cunt juice spreads all over my mouth and she licked her own taste said. oh really I never enjoyed come put. then I took my 6 inch rod in my hands and I deeply entered in to her cunt forcibly. Sssssssssssoh chood. chood . Come move like animal yes I need your fastness and quick jump.. yes oh ohhhh ssssooooh fuck . she is moving like any thing .. I am moving my mound in jet speed. In the mean while she again said you have only emptied my right boob, yet there is lot of milk for you in the left one. saying this she pressed left boob. milk scattered on my face. Immediately I bended in the left boob and started sucking..

>From one side my rod is penetrating deeply in the aunty cunt and at the same time she is feeding her sweet milk . really it’s a fantastic experience. she is shouting.. fuck darling fuck .. today you must tear my cunt to half yes .speed …move .faster she encouraging like any thing. In excitement she is asking darling what are you doing ? in reply” I am fucking my aunty”… laughed and she even used filthy language in reply to my words .’ i was working on her like jet speed for 15 min.. I am coming to end immediately I told her that my fight is coming to end. then she said don’t pour your juice in cunt- I will be again pregnant .. I need some gap, come on to mouth .. yes I want to taste your testicle juice she is shouting . saying this quickly I took my tool out of vagina and moved up to her mouth and pressed with hand on bulb. my white lava entered on her wide opened mouth .. . she said darling oh it tasted good come more. She took my tool in to her mouth and sucked like any thing. I am fish out of water. My eyes closed for while with real sensation. Oh . the game is over. We fell on the bed each other .After a while we laughed again and there is no shy on each others face. We kissed passionately . It is only day time and after noon., Her hubby never return before 6 o clock .

We looked at deep slept child and laughed.. Again we started licking each other. Like this we enjoyed up to 4 o clock that day. From next day onwards my routine job is to empty her melons and fucking as long as I can. We enjoyed anal fucking bathroom fucking . and many angles. I enjoied with her milk for more than one year. Daily she feeds me her and some times she used to keep some milk for me . We continued like this for 3 years. Now my sujatha aunty is far away from me at maharashtra. Any aunties nearhydeabad , surrounding areas pune respond to my my special is tongue work , hour long fucking and total body licking . I can satisfy any women. WAITNG 4 HOT LADIES CALL

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