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  • August 16, 2015

Hello every one, I am Rahul from Vizag, India. I am 22 years old and I am an undergraduate. Well, every day I am used to read the stories which were published in one fine day I thought how would it be if I publish my sex experience in the same web site. Well, to start with my sexual intercourse, first I have to describe about the lady with whom I had my course. Her name is pavani.

She is from vizag and her age is of about 21 years. She is my neighbor who were shifted recently to our area and she is the only daughter for her parents. She is a very good looking girl with a statistics of about 34-28-34. She has a small pony tail and she mostly uses chudidars and occasionally she uses sarees. Ever day I have a glance at her face when she goes to college and as we are neighbors, we all are invited for the colony function and we all attended. That night she wore a red sari and almost she is the beauty for that night. Every one is looking at her and all wants to talk to her. the party started and to my luck she sat in front of me facing towards the Dias . well, I could clearly see her back part and the area below the blouse. Her skin is really milk white in color and I hope she is wearing a black bra to hold her breast . as the party went on, I started to look at her back and feel her in my arms. As the distance between the two rows is very small , when ever some one passes in front of me, I have to fold my leges so that the person can cross me easily and while doing like that , my legs went and gave a dash on her back and she turned back and as It happened accidentally , I said sorry and she said no problem with a cute smile on her face. Well, the party came to an end and we all are about to have our dinner and during the dinner , I tried to meet her to say sorry and she said that it is not at all a problem and she asked me to forget it and we both introduced each other and from from that day we use to exchange some sort of conversation .

One fine Sunday she came to our house and she asked me whether I have any work and as I am free I said yes. she invited me for a movie and upon her request I went to a movie with her. I thought that some of her friends are also coming to the movie but later I came to know that she has invited only one person that is myself. As the movie was released 150 days back, the hall was not completely filled and both were the only person who were sitting in our row. The movie started and we are watching the movie and within 15 min, she started to talk to movie about some of my interests and as I am busy in watching the movie I said that I will talk to u when we go home. She again said that she has invited me for the movie so that she can talk to me without any disturbances . I thought that she wants to tell me some thing and I asked her to continue and she started talking romantically. She took my hand and she started rubbing against her hand and later she placed my hand on her breast. I started to shiver and I still kept quite and later she asked me whether I has sex with any girl and looking at her courage, I said I dint have and she in turn asked me whether she wants to have wit her. as I am having some crush on her, I said yes and she said that we will wait for some good moment and we shall start and we continued watching the movie , but her hand is on my pant pressing my dick and my hands are on her right thigh with a two and from motion.

During the break, I brought a coke and come frames to eat and as the second half of the movie started, she started to unzip my pants and feel my 7 inch cock with her hand. She started to shag my cock and I just enjoyed her moments. I could not understand that how she developed this much crush on my body. As the movie went on, she continued to play with my dick and after 15 min I said that I am about to cum and she got up from her seat and she took my dick in her mouth and she started to roll her tongue on the head of my dick. She is really licking my cock just like a lollipop and as I am about to cum, I told her to lave , but she did not listen to my words and I ejected my cum in her mouth and she drank all of my cum without wasting a drop. We both really enjoyed the movie and as the movie has come to and end , we both got up and adjusted ourself and reached home safely. I dropped her in her house and as I am about to leave , she called me and said that my cock is tasty . I gave a small smile and went to my house . from that day onwards we both have become good friends and we use to talk to each other only through phone. Every time we use to chat about sex and sex life and all that sex items. I came to know that she is very fond of sex and she likes to have ex through out her life. as the time passed , she took me to her room and she showed all her items in the room including her garments all all that stuff. We both sat side by side and she kept her hand on my cock and started pressing it and it started to grow in side my pants. I told her that I think this is not the right place to have sex and she replied me with a very deep kiss on my lips. Well, looking at her desire of sex, I told her that we shall plan for having sex in a very good place and she agreed for that.

I waitied for a chance to have sexual intercourse , but I could not find any place, and later I have decided to take her on a long drive and I planned to take her to araku valey Araky valley is a very good place and it is a hill station which is a 6 hour journey from visakhapatnam. It has deep valleys and also good water falls and many other exciting places. I planned to stay in araku for one day , but she told that she could not stay for a night and upon her request I arranged the tripo so that we can reach to vizag by late night. She agreed for that and she dressed up In a black saree and we started the journey on my bike. We started at 4 am in the morning and we reached araku by 12.30 pm . in tegh middle of the journey , she started to sleep on my shoulders and I enjoyed it very much . when ever I use to apply brakes, she use to fell on my back and both enjoyed it very much. Well, after reaching araku, we directly went into the room and we decided to have sex and she immediately fell on the bed offering me to fuck her. I started to kiss her face and she started to encourage me by kissing in return. When I was kissing her, she suddenly got up and she opened my pants and took my cock in her mouth and she started to lick it like a lollipop and as I could not do any thing, I asked her to sit is a 69 position . this position is just like having her pussy in my mouth and having my cock in her mouth. she started to bit my cock with her sharp teeth and in turn I started to eat her pussy with my lips.

I caught her g-spot and I sipped it like a grape upon doing like this, she started to eject some juices and I drank all of them and as I was drinking her juices, I started to release the same from my cock and she drank all my juices. As we are finally got exhausted, we both decided to have some thing to eat and we both went out and had some junk food and both of us decided to have one beer . we both shared the beer and we decided to go for a small ride. As we passed by, she felt sleepy and we decided to rest under the trees and I took her near the trees and as the place is very visible for every one , we both decided to park the bike n the shade and we decided to have a small walk. We went a little deep into the forest and we found a small pond with fresh water. On seeing that she got excited and she immediately jumped into it and I followed her . we both swam together and we enjoyed very much and I asked her how about having sex in this pond and she agreed for that and we both hugged together and started to undress each other, as we are in the water, we cold not balance properly and both of us caught tightly and I tried to luck my cock inside her pussy. As there is no base for the stroking her pussy, we decided to sit on the shore and have some fun. We came to the shore and I started to bang her pussy with my 7 inch cock and as I got exhausted, I relaxed over her with my face on her breast.

As she is healthy, she turned me down and she got over me and she started to fuck me with some sounds like huh huh huh huh huh huh and as she could not do it for a long time, she asked me to release my load in her pussy and as it is dangerous to do so, I said that I cant and she started moving more faster and faster with more speed and as I could not resist , I said that I am about to release my cum and she immediately got up and placed her mouth on my cock and started to lick it hard with her teeth and I started to eject mu sperm in her mouth. this time , what the sperm came out out of my cock is very much thicker that that which came in the room. She chewed my cum for a sec and then swallowed it . we slept for an hour and we decided to go to room and we reached room by 4pm . we decided to talke bath one after the other but later we changed and we decided to talk bath together and we both undressed and went inside the bath room and we sat under the shower close to each other. My cock started to rise and as she saw that , she started to play with that . I felt like inserting my cock in her pussy and resting on her breast and as she agreed , I pushed my cock deep in her pussy completely and we both sat together facing each other. I started to play with her big , white round breasts and both enjoyed by kissing each other in french and as well as in english style we both sipped out tongues with a deep desire.

Finally as it is getting late. We decided to have the final finish and I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy and finally I ejected my sperm over her breast and she tried to lick whole of my cream but she could not complete the job and she cleaned her breast and we both bot dressed up neatly and freshly so that no one must get doubt and we started for vizag. We reached vizag at 9.30 in the evening and we both kissed each other and we left for our respective houses. From that day onwards we both had oral sex when ever we are free and we became good friend and as time passed by , as her father got transferred to bombay , she left me and we both dot disconnected. MY SINCERE REQEUST TO ALL IS, IS ANY GIRL IS INTERETED TO HAVE SEX, THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME AND WE SHALL HAVE IT IN A SAFE MANNER . I ASSURE privacy and secrecy in a very good manner. only girls who are aged between 20 and 25 only could contact me I will be waiting for ur sweet mail. . please mail me to

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