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Virginity Lost

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

This happened when I was studying in 2nd year in my college, in Karachi. It was a co-education college but I was just a shy type of girl who is only concerned with her studies. I never tried to make friendship with males. Even the female friends were few in number. But when it came to seek some help in my studies, I never hesitated to get it even from a male class fellow but that too remain within limits.

Due to the marriage of one of my relatives in the native town, I missed some classes so I had to make up by having notes from class fellows. I sought them from my female friends but none were satisfactory. I then asked one of the male classmates, Zeeshan, who was amongst the most intelligent ones. He promised to arrange them on the next day but he couldn’t! saying that he forgot and I can accompany him to his house if I need them urgently. I asked him to bring them next day which again he didn’t. He again apologized me and requested me to accompany him to his residence to have notes.

I was of the view that there must be his family and there is nothing to fear but when I reached there and entered the house, I came to know that we were alone at home. I at once stopped at the main door and asked him to bring the notes but Zeeshan told me to have a seat in the drawing room for a cold drink and within a few minutes he would give me the notes. Though unwilling, I sat on a sofa and he went inside and returned with a glass of coke. I took it and he again disappeared in the home. I kept drinking the coke while waiting for him. By the time I finished my glass, he returned with an envelope of notes and handed over to me. I took the notes and stood up to leave but as soon as I stood up, I felt dizzy and fell on the sofa. He held me by arm and asked what happened. But I was now unable to answer. I don’t know what he mixed in the coke which didn’t changed its taste but made me helpless. I wasn’t able to speak nor able to move according to my will, but I was not fully out of senses. I was able to see what is going around but fully unable to resist.

Zeeshan then passed his arm under my arm and held my back, lifted me and took me to his bedroom. As I told, I knew what is going on but unable to understand or resist. I accompanied him and there he laid me on his bed. He then went to washroom and when he came back, he had nothing on his body. He approached me and start kissing and pressing my breasts then he lifted my body and removed my shirt. Those days I was having slim body and so always remained without a bra and panty. After removing my shirt he kissed and sucked my boobs. This created some hot feeling in me but I was just able to feel it but couldn’t resist at all. During his sucking I was feeling something hard between my legs. Then he got up from my body and pulled down my shalwar, so now I was without anything on my body.

He again resumed his job and started sucking my boobs, then he got down between my legs and started sucking my pussy. This further enhanced my dizziness but I was already unable to do anything. During sucking my pussy, his hands kept pressing my breasts. After some time I felt something entering my pussy which caused me pain but I was not able even to move my body. That kept entering me and then I felt a sharp feeling inside and after that he suddenly gave a push which caused me severe pain. He then started pulling and pushing his dick in me. My pain lasted for some time and after that it kept reducing and I then felt some pleasure. Suddenly I felt something hot deep inside me and with that feeling his body became loose and he laid on my body calmly. After about an hours time I became able to move my body slightly which he sensed and got up from me and went to washroom.

In some more time I fully came to my senses and seeing my condition and recalling the memories of the period of dizzyness I became aware of what has happened with me. I was full of sorrow and started crying and weeping and during that kept wearing my clothes. By the time I completed wearing clothes, he returned from the washroom, fully clothed this time, and took me in his arms speaking gentle words to console me. I pushed him back and cried on him that he has spoiled my life and I will tell my parents who will kill him. But he said that he will marry me and within a week he will send his parents to my house to ask for my rishta. This helped to console me and I, after taking notes from him, left his house. When I reached home, my mother was worried to see my condition to which I told her that I am feeling headache and fever and I want to take some rest. Next day I didn’t go to college.

When I went to college after two days of my first fuck, I found Zeeshan waiting at the college gate. He welcomed me and asked me to accompany him to the canteen as he has to talk something important to me. I thought that it must be about his promise about sending his parents to my house. But when we had a seat there at the Canteen he told me that he had an eye on my for a long time and when I asked for the notes from him, this facilitated him in his dirty desire. Now I have to obey to anything he will say to me, and if I will not obey, he will tell about my fucking to every male of this college.

This was a dangerous situation for me but I had no option. He called me four times in a period of about two months and on my fifth visit to his house I was terrified to see that there were 3 more boys. I refused but he again threatened me that he will tell about me to all the boys of the college. So I had to give up and that I decided to think something to permanently get rid from Zeezshan.

President of the Student Union of the College was a very strong man and seemed to be a badmuash type of person. On some occasions he tried to draw my attention for friendship but I didn’t care much. So this week I myself went to him and asked him for a cup of tea. He was very happy and we went to the canteen. During the tea he offered me for a long drive to which I readily agreed. We got up from the canteen and went to the drive. He took out the car and started driving aimlessly but after sometime I realized that we are now far from the populated area and there is nothing around except bushes and trees. He stopped the car by some trees and bushes and tried to hold me but I resisted. He said that he loves me and wants my love in response. Then I said that if he helps me in getting rid of one man, he will get all my love. He asked me who is that person and then I told him everything about Zeeshan. He was angry on listening this and promised to help me. So that day we just had some kissing and hugging after which we drove back to college. After two days I came to know that while crossing a road, Zeeshan was hit by some anonymous car and both his legs have been broken.

I was now free from that bastard but to pay my thanks to the Union president, Zulfiqar, I had to spend a whole night with him. Though it proved to be very painful for me being the first anal sex experience but that was my last sex during the period I remained in that college. Zulfiqar never again asked me for sex.

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