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Virginity Breakup

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Really friends, girls are always ready for sex, all you need is to ask them in alone and after making their mood. Now starting with the story, this was our project time and dead line was arriving shortly. So, we decided to sit together and complete the project as soon as possible for this we sat for hours each day making files, presentations, searching internet for project stuffs etc.

We used to make project at her home, as usual when I arrived her home and her mom told she is taking bath in her parent’s room and I can go in her room and start with the project. I reached her room and I saw the laptop was not locked. I decided to do explore it. I searched C-Drive. D-Drive and E-drive but found nothing but as I was about to leave, I noticed that the 80G B C-drive was almost full as I explored it a little, I got all the adult stuff.

A huge collection of HD sex videos, Sex wallpapers etc and now I just checked that, her system was too slow because of full hard disk. I decided to have some fun today and I am very good at it. I kept her lappi a aside and started to do my work, in few minutes she came in with some snacks and we discussed about the progress of our project and what we need to do more in the project and soon her mom came in and said, that her mom and dad are going out for an hour and will be back soon.

I was really very happy to hear this and could notice a small smile on her face too. She left the room with her mom to see off her parents on return and I decided to start my game. I said that my lap power is gone and I forgot the charger at my home to which she said, we can work on her lap and we started working on her lappi and my eyes was on the clock while working on her lap we were sitting very close as we always did, but this time I had a sudden erection of my penis it paining to get some space while working.

I many times press her boobs as I always did but this time she also pressed her boobs again over me, she was almost leaning on me. I can feel the hotness in her and soon she left the room saying she will be back in a movement and when she came back, she forgot her chunni in kitchen while bringing juice for both of us and she was looking fucking hot and all I could see in her was d cleavage of her ass and breast every time she bent a little her huge cleavage was visible to me.

We started with our drinks and we were again sitting very close and suddenly she unloaded her glass on my lap and she was saying sorry for this and I and asked me to clean myself in her bathroom and she went to bring his dad’s pants for me while i was in her bathroom cleaning my pants she entered saying her parents room is lock and she couldn’t help also her towel was in that room as she took bath there.

After a while, of silence we started making our project, after locking the room as we did not want her parents to see us like this and everything was going nice thanks God for all this as I sat for the project she joined me after few minutes when I continuously asked her about various files where were the saved etc as she sat close to me I could see her cleavage clearly. I had a hard on and it was clear as I was in my underwear and shirt in no time I started touching her boobs in a higher frequency this time.

She also allowed me to do that after some time she just leaned over me to take a book which was kept over my left I saw her ass, and she felt my hard penis, it was clear from her face. She directly asked what it was in my pants. I was shocked she smiled and said, come on show it to me and said no. she said her parents will be back in half an hour please be quick. I said that you check it yourself and she came near me and put hand in my undergarment and I brought out my dick.

She said she is a virgin and do I and I said no I was not, she was surprised and she asked me tell something about sex. I said her to come up in bed and I asked her to b quite in complete process and just see what happens in the process to which she agreed and I started with the lip kiss, had a kissing season and I put my hands on her back, unzipped her kurta from back, she started breathing heavily. I inserted my hands in her panties and started finger fucking her.

She started to moan louder in pleasure soon I undress myself and started kissing her and undressing her all over her body and she was rose heavily then I started sucking her pussy it made her more horny then I asked her to put my dick in her ass and she said she want dick in her pussy and not in her ass and I said it would break her virginity, she said let’s do it today then what I started sucking her pussy and when it was all wet.

I took my penis and kept it on her pussy and again started lip kissing her, fondling her boobs when I started inserting my dick, tears fell from her eyes but, she was smiling and tried again and again and when reached her seal, I kissed strongly and pushed with a large force and she cried loudly and we were in the same position for few minutes.

She did not wanted to continue from here but and I told you’ll enjoy this thing from today and after few minutes I started pushing my dick slowly and she was enjoying a lot, soon we moved to bathroom and had a sex session again from that day and we always and had a sex session in between our project work for more sex contact:

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