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Virgin Reema Bua’s Daughter

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

I am Citu (Sachin), 23 years of age. Please Give your comment about story on

I am very much interested in sex and always feel horny and ready to fuck the nice and hot girls. It was 4 years back when I was 19 year old. One of my cousin Rima came to Mumbai from Pune to stay here with us.

She was my Bua’s Daughter, my bua’s name is Shanti, but this incident happened with my cousin not with bua. Rima has completed her education and looking for some job in Mumbai. At that time Rima is 21 years of age, looking very beautiful in salwar kurta. She is around 5 ft. 4 inch, not heavy but not thin also, you can say she has the enough flash where it is required to be known as a sexy girl. She has plans to stay here for nearly one month and if she gets the job here she may stay with us.

I was very excited by this I know some day or another I will get her into bed and fuck that hot and sexy Sis. I will tell you people about my house, we have only two bedroom and one drawing room. One room is occupied by my parents and one by me, so Rima use to sleep in the drawing room in night.

One day when I was taking bath, I noticed that bra and panty of Rima are laying there. I got exited and took her panty and put on my nose…….ooooooohhhhhhhh it smell also nice , I got mad by that smell and masturbated on the panty and unloaded my hot cum on that. During dinner that night I told Rima how you are feeling in mumbai. She told “Its very nice place.”

One fine day my parents has to go to Nagpur for 2 days, as they have to attend some function there organized by father’s best friend.
In the evening Parents left for Nagpur.

After dinner , Rima changed her dress and came out , she waswearing lungi and baniyan and smiling with some meaning. Oh god her full boobs are ready to come out of her beniyan and some part of them was very clear before me. I got exited and said “ Kya katal karne ka irada hei” my lund was standing to go in her pussy. I told her Rima what u r waiting for. She said nothing and said she is feeling sleepy and she went inside my bedroom.

After some time I also went inside and set by Rima. Oh gggooooooooddddddddd she was looking like goddess of Venus. Her boobs were coming up and down due to breathing. Her lungi also was not in place and exposing her beautiful thighs in light blue light. I just turned towards her and placed my lips on her naked thigh , she moned with exitement “ oh citu , don’t sit so far from me take your sis in your arms and love me…………… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I immediately turned her towards me and said “ oh Rima , I love you….. let me hold you and I grabbed her beautiful full boobs.

I was pressing them pumping them and I took her small nipples in my mouth and started sucking them. I said Rima tum bahut khubsurat hoooo, tumhari choochiyan to bahut hi mulayam or solid hein , inhen choosne mein jannat ka maja aa raha hei.” Rima was feeling shy now , I removed her bra and put my other hand in her pink panty. She closed her eyes and said “ citu pls light off kar do mujhe bahut sharam aa rahi hei,” I said “ no Rima , mujhe aaj ye sangmarmar ka jism jee bhar ke dekh lene do.

Mujhe roko mat. Meine ye jism baho mein bharne ke liye kafi intjar kiya hei” she replied “ Citu, mein bhi to itne dino se tarap rahi hoon, aaj meri bhi pyas bhjha do” after that I removed her panty , ooooohhhhh her beautiful choot was before me “ choot ke upar black kalar ke ghungrale bal the, I got mad by seeing this and put my my finger on her cunt lips, they were shaking in anticipation .

I asked Rima “ Rima kya tum kabhi apni jhaten saf nahin karti”

Rima “ Oh citu, Kya aap ko balo se bhari meri choot acchi nahin lagi.”

I said “ Rima tumhari choot to bhaut acchi hei, meine to ase hi puch liya” and I placed my lips on her cunt and started sucking her cunt lips.

Suddenly she put her hand on my brief and pulled it down, and got hold of my standing lund and said “ Citu ye kya hei ” I asked “ Tumhe nahin pata ye kya hei” Rima “ Batao na citu, ye mota sa kya, iise kya kahte hein” I said “ Rima ye tumhare citu ka land hei, jo tumhe bahut maza dega” after that I took Rima’s mouth toward my lund and touched my lund on her cheeks. She stared moning and suddenly she took my cocks head in her mouth and started sucking. Now we were in 69 position.

I was sucking her choot and she was sucking my lund All of sudden I felt that I could not hold for long and exploded my load in her mouth, she sucked all my cum with great interest and said, “ citu aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh tummmmmmmmmhari malai to bahut tasty hei , mujeh aur chahiye.” After that we were laying naked in each other’s arm for some time.

She was playing with my cock and I was playing with her boobs, She said “ Jante ho citu, ye paheli bar hein ki mera jisam bina kapdon ke kisi mard ne dekha hei. Bahut se ladke mujhe patana chahte the. Lekin meine socha ki agar apne kuwaren jism ka maza dena hi hein to kayon na apne citu ko du.”

I said “ Rima, mera land dobara khada ho raha hei, abki bar ye tumhari choot mein jana chahta hei”

Rima “ Citu, ye sis appki hei, jo karna chaho kar lo,” and after saying this she pulled me over her and kissed me on my lips, I pressed her boobs and with another hand spread her Creamy thighs and said “ Rima mein ab tumhe kali se phool banane ja raha hoon”

Rima “ oooooohhhhhhhh citu, please dhire – dhire dalna meine suna hein bahut dard hota hei”

I “ Ek bar dard hoga meri jan, bad mein bahut maza ayega, tum ek bar chudva logi to haroz bina chudvaye nahin rah sakogi.” After this I rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips and she started screaming with excitement and said “ uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh citu, kya kar rahe hoooooo. Meri aaaaaaggggg ko mat bharkao pls. Apna mota lund meri choot mein dal do.”

I pushed forward ooooooohhhhh goddd she was very tight and hot I was deflowering a virgin pussy. My lund went in and she started crying “citu bahut dard ho raha hei” I put my lips on her lips and started rubbing her boobs and pushing my lund further in. I pushed in with great force and my whole length was in now heaven. Rima was crying with pain and excitement “ uuuuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhh bhaiji bahut maza aa raha hei, pls rokna mat, chod dalo apni Rima ko, chod dalo apni sis ko, phar do meri choot bhaiji ye jism hamesha ke liye aapka hei, jab chahe apni sis ki choot mar lena,” Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh, dhak dhak I was pushing in and out, she was out of control now “ or tej citu or tej” lelo apni sis ki choot.

After fucking her for nearly 10 minutes I exploded my whole cum in her pussy and said “ Rima tum meri ho mein tumhari choot bahut choduga” after that we fucked whole night in every possible way. Meine apni sis ko kali se phool bana diya. Or wo bhi ab meri diwani ban gayi, we fucked nearly 10 times in 24 hours and after one day Parents came back from Nagpur.

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