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Virgin Khala

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi, i m munna (nick name) narrating you real story of my life happened few years ago, when u read it you realise that its real story. I did first sex with my mausi (khala) she was 18 years old at that time and i was 15 years old. I didn’t know about her size and stats later she told me that her stats was 36C-26-30, well my father is a businessman and my mother is doing job in MNC in Accounts dept. and my mausi (khala) was studying in college that time, she was taking care in absence of my mom, she love me alot and treat me as small kid b/c.

She gave me bath and feed me lunch and everything. My dick was small at that time and never have sense of any sex as she was touching and washing my penis. I passed 8th standard and i was 14 years old and i didn’t know about single word of sex at that time. I got an admission in one of the best boarding school and i started my studies over there, i cried too much because that was the first time i am moving from my parents and khala. Well, somehow i reached to campus hostel and made some friends in the hostel. After some time when i franked with my friends they always discussed about girls and sex topics. I didn’t understand what they are discussing, one day i heard the word masturbation (muth marna). I asked him whats that means, they were laughing on me, and asking me u don’t know what is the masturbation, i said innocently, they laughed a lot and i was confused.

Then they decided to show me a blue film to understand the concept. They told me that we will tell you about this in the night. I said o.k., they brought one of the xxx film having all kind of scenes. They started the film when i saw the first scene i was totally out of senses what they are doing, one of the guy kissing her, take it out her undergarments and after sometimes guy put her penis into her and moving in to and fro motion. After few seconds he took it out the penis and through her sperm on boobs. On the next scene, one of the guy started playing with his penis and moving his hand for 2-3 minutes and he ejaculated the sperm. Then my school friends told me this is the masturbation understand. I was confused and out of senses to see the whole film. I didn’t do masturbation before, so i tried to do b/c. my friends told me its give pleasure bla bla… so i tried but i failed and i went to my friend and told him that i tried but i failed he asked me the procedure how u did, i said i moved my hand on my penis again and again but there is no effect, he said stupid, apply some cream, or oil so your hands move very smoothly. I said o.k. i went inside the washroom, also scared about the situation, well i applied one of the face cream on my penis and started jerking and after 1 min. i felt there is something wrong in my body and i felt there is something coming outside from my penis, and continuously i was moving my hand and finally i ejaculated with few drops of sperm and i enjoyed alot that day because that was my first masturbation.

In the mean time, they showed me many romantic and love story films like basic instinct, titanic, original sin etc. Also they were discussing sex with aunties, neighbour girls, khala etc. After sometime i know each and everything about sex and start masturbation 2-3 times in week b/c. i gives lot of pleasure. Also thinking about my khala in sense of doing sex with her. Well after the final exams in summer holidays, i went to home after 2 years and met with my parents and i asked from mom for khala, they told me she is inside taking bath. I am eagerly waiting for her to see her. Well she knew that i m coming therefore she was taking her bath and prepare herself to meet with me. But suddenly, i reached 1/2 hour earlier. Well i want to give her surprise so i knocked the door but she didn’t come out, i thought she is taking her bath still. I want to go inside and hide myself to give her surprise but i thought the room should be locked how i can go inside. Well, i went to the room and tried to open the room and luckily the door wasn’t close b/c. she know no body is coming into her room.

Well on her bed i saw red shalwar kameez suit when i took it on my hand i saw the undergarments, i aroused to see the underwear and brassiere, the panty was in black color and white color bra. Well i guessed she is coming out from the bathroom, so i hide myself inside the cupboard and i tried to close completely but suddenly there was something stuck so the door of cupboard didn’t close completely, in the meantime she came out from the bathroom and i saw her from the opening of cupboard door, she was wearing towel from top to knees and having big hairs and she went near to dressing table to comb the hairs and i was watching from inside the cupboard she didn’t about that, well after that my mom called her and said munna is there come hurry up, she hurriedly comb the hairs and fall down the towel ufff… first in my life i saw nude girl that is my real khala and i can’t control myself and my hands reached to my cock to jerk and within few second i cummed, i saw her two sweet breasts, her vagina, and she was wearing the panty she took out one pad from the dressing table i didn’t know at that time what is the exactly this pad, after sometimes when i did sex with her i asked from her then she said its used at the time menstruation or periods, well i didn’t about this things before even in the boarding school no body discussed with me or might they even don’t know. Well, she quickly dressed up and after that i open the door and quickly went inside my room and take a bath to clean myself. She went downstairs to see me but i was at my room, well she came inside my room at that time i was taking shower. After few minutes i came out wearing trouser and shirt. At that moment, she come again and she hugged me, and my face was touching her breasts b/c. she is taller than me so i was enjoying that moment and even i hugged her tight to feel her boobs touch, she gave me kisses on my chicks b/c. she love me alot. I told her i waited for u but u was in bathroom. She said i was thinking u will come after 1/2 hour therefore i was taking shower and going to dressup myself. Well, how is everything, hows ur boarding school, she was asking this kind of question.

Well, after sometimes the time for lunch and we were discussing about the schools and studies and everything for a day and in the night i had dinner. Before joining the boarding school, i was scared to sleep alone so i slept with her in her room on same bed sometime on the floor. But my mother told me u will today in your room, o.k. i setup everything, i said o.k. but i want to sleep with my khala to touch her to feel her, i was thinking what i do to go to sleep with her, what i did, at 2:00 a.m. i went to near to her room, see everywhere, and open her door, she does not close the door usually as nobody is coming to her room except my mom, well i reached to her bed as she was wearing the night dress, pink shirt u can say see-thru little bit and white trouser. she is not habitual to wear the undergarments in sleeping. Well, what i did i slept next to her on same bed, its big and double-bed, and after watching her that she is in deep sleep, i placed my hand on her right boob, as showing that i m in deep sleep and i don’t where i placed my hand, still she was in deep sleep but i don’t want to take risk, i just pressed little bit, i surprised its to soft, and just playing with her boobs, at that moment my cock is strong like tent and i was feeling for sperm, i cummed in my trouser with pressure, my whole trouser is wet the sperm, i still didn’t remove my hand over boobs, remain on the same place, i slept in the same position, she used to go college on tuesday and thursday for practical and taking some private tuition classes from institute, so she used to wakeup in the morning at 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. when she doesn’t go to college otherwise at 8:00 a.m. on that she supposed not to go college b/c. it was saturday, the alarm rang i wokeup and she also going to wake-up but she didn’t realise that i m sleeping with her, and my hand was not on boobs its on tummy but i hurriedly move nearly to her boobs, when she got the senses, she surprised to see me with her bed, she didn’t wakeup me b/c.

She was confused what to do, and saw my hand on her breasts, somehow she went inside the washroom and come after 15 mins. and found my still in deep sleep but i wasn’t i just want to show her that i m in deep sleep. As my mother and father are working to they left earlier in the morning at 7:30 a.m. So my parents doesn’t know that i slept with her, as she told her in the night that make breakfast for munna in the morning b/c. she will early. She said no problem sister, i will do it, but she didn’t expect this thing, well after making the breakfast she came inside the room to wake-up me, and i woke-up, she said go to washroom and come for breakfast. I said o.k. I went to my room take bath b/c. i was dirty b/c. of cum, after that I reached to breakfast table she was waiting for me, and she asked what r u doing at my bed, i know she definitely asked this question so I prepared myself for this question. I said to her, u know i can’t sleep alone in the dark before i slept with u and in the hostel we are 2 friends in the rooms, somehow i managed the hostel but at home i can’t sleep alone u know that, she thought i am telling her truth and she knows that he is still kid doesn’t know about anything, she said oohhhhh…. thats why u slept with me, o.k. but why u slept first in your room, i said i want to try to sleep alone but in the late night, i was feeling some thing strange, therefore i moved to ur room, she said o.k. don’t worry i am with you, u can sleep with me, no problems, from inside i was very very happy that i got the permission from her. Everything is going fine, but still i didn’t have sex with her, just i pressed her boobs, i am eager to see her naked again to play with her as i saw in the movies, but confused how to tell her my passions, its very difficult situation for me, i made a plan, she gave me bath before i went to boarding, so why not convence her to give me bath, but at that time she was treating me kid and i don’t have any kind of attraction with her. But I was confused how to tell her to give me bath might she thinks something else, so what i did, from 2nd day i can’t wash myself properly and also in the night i wore the short and throw black ink on my legs, she didn’t notice that my legs are fill with black ink, well we slept, having some fun and she woke-up and saw my legs with some black ink spot.

Well she left the room and made breakfast and asked what happened to your legs, i told her yesterday i was filling my pen but some the ink dropped on my legs, i washed but the ink wasn’t going, she said you are still kid, you are grown now, and still you are not washing your self properly, why ur neck is so dark, what ru doing, why ur not cleaning ur self properly, i made myself very emotional, i said her i don’t know how to wash b/c. u gave me bath before, she said buddhhuu, still u r depending on me, now u r not child, u have to clean urself, i said but i tried what shall i do?, o.k. teach me today i will do next myself, she said, no no, u have to clean urself undersood, i acted like i m going to cry, she said, why u can’t understand, if my sister knows that still im giving u bath she will cry, i said why she will i cry, i know the reason, but just want to fill her that i don’t know things, she said o.k. i give u bath this is the last time, but don’t tell ur mom, otherwise she will angry on me understand i said o.k. When I was 14 yrs old, i think my size was 3 inch and now its increased upto 4.5″ almost when its in full erection. She said i will give u bath after washing the utensils, she said go to washroom, she didn’t say that wear underwear or shorts, she thought i will hide myself from her but i want to show her that i m innocent and doesn’t know about anything, and i did masturbation b/c. my cock was in full erection as i was dreaming what happened, just show her that i don’t know about sex and these kind of stuff, well, when she came inside the bathroom, she shocked to see me naked and she told why u didn’t wear the underwear or shorts, i said why, she said what means why, i said that before when u gave me bath i never wear anything so now, she said ur shameless boy, i nooded my head down and i tried to cry, she said ur still kid ur now grown as she saw my penis and even she saw first time young teen penis as she was virgin i came to know at the time of having sex journey with her.

She said u r so dirty as my pubic hairs are there and i never cut my hairs before she asked why u didn’t the hairs, i said khala before coming to here, they cut my hairs, she said oh stupid i m not talking about ur head hairs, i m talking about these hairs pointing to pubic hairs, i innocently said i have to cut these hairs as well, she said what will happen to you, i don’t know that i have to cut these hairs and how, she said u don’t know anything about these, i said how shall i know, nobody told me, well, she took the shampoo and applied on my head, and as she wearing the night dress with out wearing undergarments underneath as i told u before, so i want to take the advantage to wet her and see her boobs. Well she applied shampoo on head and she took the soap and i applied on my body and that time i can’t control myself and my cock was started for erection after sometimes b/c. i recently did masturbation to control the situation, she noticed this thing that my penis is little bit grown, well she was washing my body and didn’t touch my penis and went down to legs to remove the black ink spot. After that she confused whether she clean my penis or not, at mean time, i asked her question, do u take the bath she said no, i have to take the bath when i will free from u, so i took the cup throw the water to her top, and i was laughing just want to show her that i am playing as i was doing with her before, but not like that, i saw her curve of her boobs and nipples from her see-thru shirt, she was angry and said u wet me stupid, i told her u want to take the bath therefore i throw water on you, and again i throw any cup of water on her, she said stop it don’t do, she was also laughing in sense that i m still kid but i was enjoying that moment with her, she said o.k. now stop, don’t waste my still i have to clean you, she then get confidence that she is still behaving like kid so she put her hand on my penis washing my penis, public hairs and my balls, i was enjoying that moments, and my penis is erected u saw this situation and i asked what happened everything is o.k., i said naaaa, yaah yaah everything is o.k. why u r asking? she said no nothing, b/c.

What she will ask from me, and i was watching her wet boobs ufff… what wonderful scene ever i never forget that day, i told her innocently why u don’t take bath here, she put her hand on her head and said stupid don’t ask silly question, i will take it when i will free from u, i said why not now, she again in anger mood why u can’t understand go wear ur cloths and will take it after, i was crying like kid to show i m very innocent and still kid she said hugged me and try to teach me that girls and boys don’t take bath together its not good, i asked why, she said u can’t understand now, so don’t ask me this question o.k. now she also pointed me for pubic hairs, cut this hairs o.k. i asked her i don’t know how to cut, she said o.k. sit here, i m coming, she went out from the bathroom after a while she came up with razor which bought it before for her but she didn’t use b/c. she is using hair removal cream instead of razor. Well she applied soap on my hairs and after that placed the razor start the moving the razor, she said see carefully next time u have to cut the hairs like this understand, i said her o.k. she was cutting the hairs and my penis is started to growing and i was confused what to do b/c. she was watching the situation, she asked what happened why ur lully (penis) is growing i said her i don’t know she asked its happened before, i said yaah sometimes when i wake-up in the morning, she said o.k., well after that started to cut the hairs on my balls so she is not able to cut so she placed her hand on bottom of my cock to take it up so she will get access to cut, at the mean time i felt that i m going to cum, but what to do even i can’t say her to stop, she just have finised cutting the hairs and my liquid came out, i was in trouble and relax, and she know that i cummed and i know she will going to ask me this thing before she ask from me i asked her whats white liquid coming out from my penis, she understand that i don’t know about that thing, she said u don’t know whats is this, i said no, i told her that i m feeling (kamzoori) to show her that its my first time, she asked me its happened to u first time, i said her yaah, i asked her whats is this exaclty, she is confused what to tell me, but she said its money, i laughed her to show her innocence that is this money, she said bhuddu this is not that money, its different thing, she said this is the indication that ur grown and not kid now, ur become young boy o.k. Well she hurriedly wash my body with towel and say wear ur clothes b/c.

This whole situation took 45 mins. She said i have to take bath as well and prepare the lunch and mom will come at 1:15 p.m. I said her o.k. take bath, she said go outside from bathroom, i asked why i don’t stay with you, she said, take it out from bathroom and locked the doors, she was shouting that wear ur clothes o.k. im coming within 10 mins. I was also tired b/c. i already masturbate and again i cum so i feel very tired therefore i didn’t force to have bath in front of me. Well after that we had lunch and as usual i passed my night with her. But i need some more i was thinking what to do and when to do, b/c. it is very difficult to me to create that kind of situation, well 10 days passed i didn’t get any moment to do some more fun with her. Luckily after 3 days, my mom and father got invitation for wedding ceremony of her cousin sister so they have to travel to another city for 3 days, so my parents planned to take me also, but they think they my khala will be alone at home so i told my parents i will not go and stay with khala even still i have to meet with my old friends. They agreed and they depart after 2 days, i was happy that there is no tension of mom and dad.

We are only in home, so i just thinking what to do with her, how to start, well i didn’t get any chance, and my parents are supposed to come after 2 days, i was wondering wat to do, but accidently what happened she slipped in bathroom while taking bath she didn’t tell me, but she came out and went to kitchen to make lunch and i was setting with her discussing and chat with her, during that she 5-6 times pressed her tummy and hips, i have doubt that what happened to her why she is pressing again and again. I asked her is everything is o.k. she said i have pain on tummy she didn’t mention about her hips, i asked what happen did u eat something wrong, she said no in the morning i slipped in the bathroom and i have pain in my body so i told her that apply some cream or do massage so u will feel releax, so i did i can’t able to do properly on my back, my mind works why u didn’t tell me about this incident, she said no i don’t want to make trouble for you, i said khala what happen to you atleast u have to tell who else is there except us. She said o.k. baba sorry bata to diya (i told u now), i said o.k. i will do massage to u, she said no no its o.k. the pain will go in a day i will take some pills, i said no khala, there is no any body at home, if some thing bad happens with us who will go to hospital, i said u take care everytimes now its my duty to take care about u, don’t worry after dinner i will give u the massage, she said o.k. but inside she was confused b/c. she has to remove the clothes, well, after dinner, i told her don’t wash utensils i will wash and u go to bed and have some rest and i will come after that, she said no no, i will do, i forcely said her go and i m coming, well somehow she agreed and went inside the room and said to me be careful don’t break anything. After washing, i wear the shorts and shirt, and went inside the room she was sitting on bed, i asked her, where is the cream or wicks so i will give u massage she said we don’t have any cream or wicks, leave it it will be fine by tomorrow. But I don’t want to miss this opportunity, i said her o.k. wait i went to my washroom took oil bottle and came inside her room.

She asked what u brougt, i told her this oil and we also can make massage with oil, she wants to ignore this situation b/c. she lied with me she has cream but don’t want to give me. Well i asked her where do u have pain exaclty, she said i have pain on my whole body b/c. i slipped very bad and have pain on legs, on my tummy and on back, so i told lay down on the bed so i start the massage the she still don’t want this, i told her plz khala otherwise might we will be in trouble, after 10 mins. she agreed that don’t massage just press my back, i said there will no cure for that it should be massage then u will feel relax, and i am stuck on my point b/c. i want to do sex with her today at any cost so just want to see her naked body very close. I told her, remove your kameez b/c. she was shalwar kameez with undergarments, she hesitated, i again told her plz. remove your kameez i have apply the oil, well removed her kameez and laid down but i didn’t able to see her boobs and her back in front on me. I applied oil on her back and started massage but my target is not achieved, so i told pointing to bra as showing that i don’t know that name exaclty that its creates problems, she asked who creates problems i pointed again to her bra strap she said ohh o.k. what happened, i said i can’t do massage properly b/c. it disturbs and even its going to be dirty, so she should remove this do have comfortable massage, she said no no, u can carry-on like this don’t worry, but i told her no you should remove this one, otherwise u can feel relax and pain still remain same. But she was thinking what is my planning, am i doing to see her naked or do her massage only.

Well, somehow she tried to unhooked the bra but she didn’t, she lied back so i told her i help you khala don’t worry i try to unhook and i unhooked her bra ufff. i feel pleasure that now i have to see her breasts again very close well i started the massage, and after sometime i touch my hands to side of her breasts to feel softness, well, i told her to change the position so i give u massage on front now she totally want to ignore b/c. she is worried that i will see her breast or might i will press so she don’t want this situation. I am eagerly waiting for this situation, now i am feeling well, leave it, so how you have lot of pain on your tummy and you are saying , u r o.k. She said, you can’t leave me, i said u care me alot and i can’t see u in pain, well she said o.k. she turned and now i saw her in white bra, i started massage by applying oil on her tummy and moving my hands over her tummy and pressing her tummy and slowly slowly i go down and i was also confused how to tell her to remove the bra, what i did, i took bottle of oil and i dropped the half bottle of oil on her bra and oil went inside the breasts as well, she said oh what u did, stupid, i said sorry to her, and i remove my shirt and clean the oil from her body but i told her remove this thing, she said you made my bra oily, i said ohh we call it bra, i don’t know, she said you r very simple and stupid, well she said i will do myself give it to me, i said its my mistake i have to do it, remove the bra, she said no, its not good, why not its not good, she said i can’t remove the bra in front of you, but i insist her to remove she said why u can’t understand its not good to be topless in front of anybody. I said her, i was topless even naked in front of you on that day when u gave me bath and from the first day when you started to give me bath i was naked you see me everything i didn’t hide anything so why u r hesitate, she said o.k. u r right but i can’t plz. leave this topic don’t discuss, i felt that she is interested to have sex with me b/c. she remove every thing but she was hesitated might be somebody know about this incident so it become problem for her, b/c. she didn’t try to have sex with anybody, she thought why not i enjoy little sex with my cousin, well that thing i know after this incident. After lot of comments she agreed but she said listen do not discuss anything what happened today, please keep in mind otherwise i will not talk further to you.

I said o.k. don’t worry, then she remove her bra and my eyes was fixed at her breasts for few seconds, she asked what happened to you, are you O.K., i said hhhhmmmm yah yah, i m o.k. she asked u didn’t see boobs before i told her no, she said ohh, yah you are not medical student this is the problem. Then I started massage on her breasts slowly moving my hands on round shape breasts and afert sometimes i started playing with her nipples, she closed her eyes and she was enjoying that moments, now i was happy b/c. i know she also need this thing, well i heard some words from her hhhmmm.. ahhhhh. i asked her what happened she said no no its o.k. i feel comfortable and my pain is going. I understand she is enjoying, well i asked her one question deliberately that what is vagina? she shocked, b/c. she is medical student and know everything, she said what, i said vagina, she said you don’t know what is vagina, i nooded my head that i don’t know, she said from where you know abou this word, one day my friend were discussing about vagina, but i didn’t get what is exactly, she said you are stupid, she said i have to teach some basic structure of male and female body, then u get the ideas. I was happy that now she will discuss each and everything. Well, she told me in the beginning don’t feel shame when i will discuss about medical terminologies understand. I said o.k. she asked me question whats the differences b/w. boy and girl, i told her girls has long hairs but boys has small hairs, she said oohh stupid not this kind of difference, tell me thing which can’t be change, you can have big hairs, this is not natural difference, tell me natural differences, i just want to show her my innocence, i was quite little bit, she said what happened tell me, i point towards her breasts, and told her we don’t have, she said what we call tell me, i said (mummay), yes ur right we call it breasts or boobs in english this is one difference, do you know about any other difference, i said no, but i know we have penis and girls has vagina, but i want to see her vagina therefore i played this game.

She said there is one major difference, i said her i don’t know, boys has penis and girls has vagina which you was asking before, i said i don’t know about vagina, oh yah even you don’t know about that, listen i will show what is vagina but don’t discuss anything with anyone understand. I said o.k. she was wearing trouser and panty inside, she took it out the trouser and i was watching her sexy legs and my eyes eagerly waiting to see her pussy (vagina), she was pointing from panty that this is vagina, i said you wear the underwear how can I see? She asked me you want to see, i said otherwise how can I know exaclty, then she started to remove her panty and said this is vagina, my eyes was fixed and my cock was strong and i didn’t control myself and cum (sperm) inside the trousers and she noticed why your trousers is wet? I said no no its o.k. there is oil she understand she said remove your trousers, i said no no its o.k. b/c. she wants sex also, then she saw my cock fill with cum, she said, this is your cum, why you lied i said i feel shy to tell you, she said its natural process, therefore i don’t want to make this situation, you are younger and you can’t control yourself, i give her compliment at that time, i said you are beautiful, she was smiling and said o.k. and i told her that i want to say something to you if you don’t mind, she said what, i said but you promise first then i will tell you, she said o.k. promise i can’t mind, i said her that i saw you naked before, and from that day i am eager to see you again your body, she shocked and asked me when you saw me, i said that first day when i came to home i was searching but you was in bathroom so i hide you in cupboard to give you surprise but when i saw you naked i don’t want to lose this opportunity. She was angry but she said did b/c. she never see any naked body before, and this happened in this age.

Now we were naked, i asked her one question that how girls are pregnant, she said no, we discuss it later when you become adult, its not necessary to discuss, i said her plz. now we are frank to each other even i promise i can’t discuss anything with anybody plz plz. She was also need sex, so she agreed and started that sperm of man when goes inside the woman then sperm (eggs) meets with woman (eggs) when it will meet then the process start. I show her confusion on my face how this eggs meets, she said üff ohh budhu(stupid) man penis goes inside the vagina and drop his sperm inside the vagina, then its starts the process of child birth. I still said how it will go inside, she said when you will become adult then you know, my cock again gain strong position and she understood that i need something she also need sex, she said o.k. but this is one of most important part of having sex with female understand i am telling this thing b/c. u didn’t learn medical things (i know she also want sex therefore she was agreed) but don’t discuss otherwise its create problem for you and me. I said don’t worry i can’t discuss, she applied oil on my penis, i was in heaven she touched my penis, she said cool down, after that she applied oil on her vagina, so penis will go smoothly b/c. it was also first time for her, she was virgin, she did many times masturbation, but never did sex with anybody she was scared with boys, well she guided me to insert my penis into her hole, i didn’t find it and after sometime i able to know, b/c. she has some bush so i can’t find it, but somehow she guided and i got it she said now press inside i pressed her very fast she screamed she said stupid slowly i am virgin, i said sorry to her she said now move it slowly inside outside and i started she closed her eyes and in the meantime i was playing her boobs, she was feeling pain also little bit, but both want this thing so we carry on and finally i put my penis inside her, and she shouted (aahhhhhh…..maaaa….mur gayeeee…..ahhhhhhhah..uuhhhhhh) like this and i saw the blood on my penis which is coming from her vagina, i was confused what happened, b/c. i don’t the blood will come when u break the seal, later i know, she said don’t worry u broke my seal (now we are not virgins), she said common i need ur penis inside, we played for few minutes and i feel that i m coming and i started very fast and finally i come inside her. And i was tired b/c. it was second time for my cum i laid down on her and started kissing with her till 15 minutes, she said o.k. you can know everything. That day i lost my virginity and even she also lost her virginity we enjoyed alot of these two days, and after that my parents came but we can’t get time in the morning but enjoyed alot in the night. On the last day she was crying that i asked her what happened she said i will miss you, i said to her, i also miss you, and i fucked her three times on last night. In the morning while i was taking bath she came behind and kissing me and i was pressing her boobs and i gave her last fuck in bathroom which was memorable for me in the tub. Well I left the home, you was thinking that i cum inside her might she was pregnant but she wasn’t she took the tablets already as she is medical student, she know everything how do deal this situation. This is my true story which I share with you.

When I was in boarding in 10th grade, i came to know that she is engaged with somebody and she will marry next month. I was so upset and cry b/c. i am going to lose my khala my first sex partner ever in my life. Also I have to attend the marriage ceremony well i took 1 week emergency leave from boarding and reached to home and was very upset and i met with her she hugged me that i m going tomorrow and its part of life well i can’t say anything she kissed me and hugged me and she said we will do today last time if we get the chance. Well in the night there are lot of people in our house so its very tough situation and i want to do sex with her last time, even she didn’t get a single opportunity but i got only 2 min. with very difficulty i sucked her lips and pressed her boobs and thats it. Next day she was married, and now she has 2 kids and she is also happy with her husband. I know mine story is very big buts its real. From Munna

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