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Virgin Babe Souji

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  • August 30, 2015

Hello all, My self is Honey (nick name) I was a big fan of desipapa. I daily used to read all the stories and watching the sex clips. Finally today I got a chance to share my experience which was happened very recently and forgive me if my literature having grammar mistakes because I have written this story by sitting in bus.(bcoz strike going on in Hyd so I got only bus to travel) I think to expressing, feeling is more important than grammar ha haa..

I am sharing my story in short and simple way. let me introduce my self My name is Honey. I am basically from Rajahmundry and doing job at Hyderabad as software engineer.I am looking little bit good, having good physic, 5.10 feet height and not too fair in colour.. I had a friend name Souji (Nick name) when I was studying my B.Tech. she was very good and having charming face.

now I will tel me past story and how this things will started. we were good friends and our friendship is bit cross beyond normal one. after 2 nd year of we slowly talking about our personal things so that our friendship has became too strong. normally we speak in cell phone for more time after college.

After few days I started talking dirty words, some times she ignored my words and cut my call also, because she was good in nature as I mentioned but every time I forced her. this thing was keep on running for few months after that she like my words. We used to do phone sex and one day I asked her that I want to fuck u.

she simply rejected and said, “I gave u much lenience if u go beyond this I will leave u”. so I dint force her because I dont want to loos her friendship and more over she is very good in nature.. and finally I got success upto make her to do musterbate during my phone talk..and after that I start sending some links of sex movies, when she is in mood I got a advantage to have nice phone sex.

I want to fuck her for real, I even asked so many times but I got same reply ” NO”. you wont believe that I dont have even single nude picture of her..This thing was happen till the end of my 2010. I even know all her sizes. she having small boobs, 32-26-38. I very much like her back, its looking like Illiyana ( actress telugu). my thrust cant filled out But My was over.

After we cant do more and we dont have time to even speak, but when ever there was a time we normally speak about personals and romance. 1 month before she said her marriage got fixed. I feel sad and even she because we are too close.we even want to love and marry but its not possible for so many reasons..( I dont want to waste time by mentioned all)

She said she having engagement after dussara and then marriage on November 1st week and all cards are ready given for printing also. As I am coming to dussara to my Home Rajahmundry and I asked her to meet but she refused and said my marriage was fixed so I cant meet u openly. so 3-4 days back she call me and said that she want give me invitation card.

I think it is our last meeting to see her face. I said your always welcome my doors are always opened for you. 2 days back it was my fate that she call me and said she will come today to my home. she is clever enough and asked me that is there your parents in home???….she knows that what can I do if she come infront of me alone.

luckily my parents were gone out side and they will come after evening. So I am very Happy that I can atleast Hug for last time. and cleverly I said Yes my parents are at Home. She said she is coming in 15 minutes and she is near to my Home. So many thoughts are coming into my Mind.I am 23 years old and hungry for sex.

So I want to take advantage of this time.If my fate is support me then anything can be happen. I immediately took my bike and buy a condom packet at Appolo medicals which is next street to my House and reached back. Finally she came and first question she asked where my mom, bcoz she know how naughty I am.

I initially said mom is doing work at downstairs and we start speaking emotionally that it was our last meet and after marriage there may not have a chance of meet etc… she started crying, I asked why? she hugged and said I love U… I surprised and said I too love u and asked what happen, she said she dont like that guy and she expect guy like me.

Then I said dont worry you will soon start liking after your first night.then she said thats why I like you. after long time I saw her, I think after 6 -8 months. I asked her that your size is increased. She replied ya 34.. again I started speaking sadly that its our last meet bla bla bla…. She became emotional and Hold my hand and kiss on my hand By her kiss I got erected.

because my mind is mentally fixed that I have to do romance..Then I Hugged her tightly and start kissing on her neck. because I know its her weak point during my phone sex. she start responding and suddenly asked that your mom is at Home. I said my mom is not here, she understand that I wont leave her and I start kissing her neck and slowly on lips.

I kept my hand at her boobs. initially she throw my hand and after some time she liked it.. and we kissed like hungry people who doesn’t have food for 3 days and just now got… then after I kept my hand at her bottom and took her to bed.we kissed for 15 mins then I slowly lifted her top salwar.

I saw her cleverage and start kissing on stomach and slowly come to down and start biting slowly on her vagina through her bottom. she is much excited and hold my pennies. she want to see bcoz she never saw pennies in real. she is very much interested to lick it as she seen in sex clips which I sent to her.she start lick my dick. as its my first time so I got cum in 5 mins and it was fall on floor.

she was watched my cum with full interest. step by step I remove all her dress, but she hesitant to remove her panty after 1 hour of romance she accepted to remove her panty.. So finally my dreamgirl is full nude infront of me. I didn’t waste my time and started my second shot, Now its time to loss our virginity of Both. she was afraid to loss her virginity.

I said now a days nobody is virgin even your husband who going for foreign countries for meetings. then she agreed and want to fulfill my dream which I having from past 5 years. Now I start insert my cock in her vagina. I forgot to said my cock is normal 6 inch. Now I Inserted my pennies. she sounds like hell and got some tears from eyes also.

I was waiting for a blood which come from vagina. But it was not came. I surprised and start ramming in and out, She is sounding and moaning like anything but the virginity losings blood is not came. but I can see very little drops are appear on my condom. I asked her that u should get more blood while first fuck. She said she got blood while she doing musterbating with two fingers.

while I was doing phone sex I said her to do with 2-3 fingures and even she did that. So today I got a new information that a gal who do musterbating with 2-3 fingures can also lost virginity and got blood. I dont know guys wether it is correct or not. I am fully confused with that concept and my cum has came for second time. and after I even did 3rd time after half an hour.

This is my real time experience and it may be my last meet with her. Next day she call me said she got some blood vagina while she doing pissing. So guys I hope you enjoy by reading this story of mine and once again sorry for my grammar which I used. please clear my doubt that if a girl do musterbate with 2-3 fingers can get blood and wont get blood while having sex

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