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Vilma & Alvita

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
I was a masturbating machine back in my days that was before i encountered a kinky fantasy i encountered while jerkin myself. i was always lookin and thinking of new things while masturbating when i got hooked on incest. the thought would almost satisfy me before i got my hand close. i began downloading porns of incest of the computer and image they were other people, then do scenarios to jerk off to. well i never once thought that anything of the sort would happen……. I might as well start off by describing everyone. i myself am 25, pretty with black eyes/hair and a thick member for my age. my aunt,Vilma, is around 40 with an excellent face, beautiful ass for her age and pretty much uncurupted tits coming in at a 42D. her daughter, Alvita, is in her 18  with an slight over weight body but only noticeable when shes on a scale, perky boobs around a 36C, and a tight assn it started when i was over putting in her yard at her new house, both of them were peridoically there. 

Around 3 when i got really hot, Alvita was home and told that i should come inside to get out of the heat, but i should have known something was up because she was only outside for 10 seconds and already sweaty and her nipples pushing out on her shirt. i agreed and went inside to arrive to her plan. the moment i stepped in, she wasted no time and planted a huge, deep tounge kiss right into me, i instantly popped one rock hard. just as she pushed into my mouth, she did the same with her hips and could feel my cock which was only getting harder. i did not care about anything, here i was getting ass by incest, my biggest fantasy. 

I took her top off and she dropped to her knees and gave me one of the wettest, sloppiest, deepest blowjobs i have ever gotten. she did everything possible. she went fast only to slow down. she dug her tounge into my hole, she sucked on my nuts and swallowed by dick. i was horny as fuck and it did not take long before i was shooting packets of cum down her throat as i began to sit down on the couch while she licked the last bit up. i wanted to fuck, but she told me that there was something much better coming later leaving me to pass out there with my jeans down and my shlong lying in the open. i will fill you in on a little background before i continue the story. i found out later that my aunt had been downloading porn so that she could fuck me well, knowing i was going to be at her house. well she downloaded this one of an `aunt’ fucking her `nephew’ and it happen to be one i jacked off too. so that’s how this next part takes place….. i was still asleep from that godly amazing bj when aunt Vilma came home. she came over to me and went right to sucking my dick. she had been going only a few minutes when i started to wake from it. what a suprise it was to wake up to my hot aunt smiling right at me while she waved her tongue all over. when she saw that i was awake she stood up and took off her dress. i knew this was it, i about blew my load b/c i had always jerked off to the thought of fucking her and she was about to do it. as she was taking it off, Alvita walked in still naked from earlier giggling. 

Vilma placed her ass towards me as she slowly began to sit down on my cock as Alvita helped it in. one beautiful thing about my aunt is that she is spaded. her pussy had not seen a cock in years and was tighter than a virgins it seemed. once in, she began going nuts. Alvita kept her legs spread apart as far as they would go while Vilma and i humped each other with every bit of strength we had in about 20 minutes i had her cumming every ounce of cum she had while couche just clamped the fuck down on my throbbing cock making me shoot more cum than i had with Alvita. i couldn’t stop huming and cumming, it felt to damn good fucking that cum-drenched, mature pussy then Vilma hopped off, but didnot suck my dick clean. instead, Alvita turned around on all fours, as Vilma grabbed my dick and put it up to Alvita. i got the message and shoved all 8 inches of cock right into Alvitas shitter. holy fuck that was tight and damn was i in heaven. Alvita loved the pressure my cock was putting on her ass was screaming for more and harder, but was muffled by Vilmas tongue as the two locked lips in front of me. i did not last long with the sites in front of me and after awhile was shooting cum into her ass as well. then Vilma came over and began licking her ass as i fucked her still, not wanting to pull out yet. after 5 minutes of that Alvita pulled away and flipped over as she began sucking on her mother’s cunt for my cum. 

I sucked on Vilmas tits that were covered with her own and Alvitas juices, tasting the best thing in the world. this only made me horny again so i mounted on Vilma and stuck my slippery dick between her enourmous boobs and began fucking her as she licked my tip. when i blew on that one, both girls started my cool off and sucked on my limp, but hard cum-sopping cock for something like an hour. like i said before, i USED to be a masturbating fool until my encounter. but nowadays i use Alvita and Vilma as my sexual outlets. the nice thing about them is they love to fuck me which is good because i used to masturbate everyday. 

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