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Victim Of Desire

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

This story is written as a fantasy, from the point of view of Shilpa, who is the victim of desire, forced into sex from a strong man named Nishant. She writes a letter to her friend called malini. The main content is as follows. Shilpa : It was late at night and my shift was over. I just worked a double at the nursing home and was happy to go home. My husband was not going to be home so I felt I would have some private relaxation. When I tried to start my car the engine wouldn’t turn over. Now what would I do? Just then this doctor pulled up to see what my problem was. It was Nishant, a gorgeous, muscular doctor who all the women wanted.

The only problem was that he knew it. Nishant had a reputation around the nursing home and all of the nurses liked to talk about him. Nishant was a player and he wanted to bed everyone. Nishant always flirted with the women at the nursing home and liked the challenge of trying to bed married nurses or those who were involved with someone else. Rumor had it that he was very well endowed and great in bed. Nishant was so cocky that it was hard for me to take him. What he had in looks he lost in personality. Nishant rolled down the window and asked me what the problem was and I said I did not know. Nishant checked under my hood and said I would need to take the car in. He offered me a ride but said he was going to get a bite to eat at the local bar and grill first. If I wanted he said he would drive me home after. With my husband gone I didn’t have much choice. I was in a hurry to leave work since they might ask me to stay on if I hung around. I figured I could stomach Nishant’s macho talk enough to get home. We ordered some wine and waited for our meal. The bar and grill was very busy and after a few bottles of wine on an empty stomach I was starting to feel it. I had noticed all the women gawking at Nishant and I must admit that he was very attractive. If he wouldn’t talk, he would be almost perfect. When Nishant suggested we leave I was right behind him. I must admit I was looking at Nishants ass as we walked out of the bar.

The alcohol was taking away some of my inhibitions as I liked the feeling of power I felt as I was with the man all the women were staring at. I smiled as they gave me dirty looks, thinking that I was ‘with’ Nishant. I was a little startled and somewhat nervous when Nishant took me to his apartment. he said that he could fix up a meal in no time and that since my husband was out of town I had nothing to rush home to. I wasn’t sure of this since Nishant was such a player. The drinking made him tolerable and I couldn’t believe he would actually be interested in me. I naively accepted the invitation. Nishant poured us a drink and we started to make small talk about work. He then put some light music on and retreated to the back room. I had a feeling that Nishant might try to come on to me but I nervously felt in control even though I had been drinking. I started thinking about the situation and was fantasizing about what it would be like to be with another man since I had never done that before. I loved the fact that I had only given myself to my husband but as I got older I sometimes wondered what another man would be like. I had no thoughts of finding out but it was interesting to think about it. I nearly dropped my drink when Nishant came out of the room wearing what he called his lounging outfit. He wore these little cut off sweatpants with a draw string and nothing else. His well chiseled body went almost unnoticed since I couldn’t pry my eyes off his tremendous bulge in the font of the sweats. I could tell that the rumors were true and he was massive.

Anxiety filled my body as he strolled off into the kitchen. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew I checked him out. His egotistic smile was just the thing I hated about Nishant. As he fumbled around in the kitchen I was thinking about an excuse to leave. Nishant started talking about the nurses at the nursing home and about how sexy we looked in our uniforms. He said they made him feel hot and that one day he took Patti, a single nurse I worked with, into the boiler room on a break and had sex with her. I was wearing the standard nurses uniform. The one piece outfit hugged my little body tight. The laundry was piling up at home so I wasn’t wearing a bra or nylons but I didn’t feel he could notice. I stood up a looked in a full length mirror to see for myself. My nice hard chest looked impressively inviting as they were being held hostage by the buttons on my uniform. I noticed my nipples had become enlarged and were trying to pierce out through the cloth. I was impressed with how I looked and felt sexy. I started to feel nervous as Nishant was talking about sex and I was feeling light headed. I felt for the first time that something might happen that night. I followed my marital instincts and was going to get out of there. As I started to turn around, Nishant grabbed me in a powerful embrace. His rock hard body was tight against mine and I couldn’t help but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest and above his rippling stomach. I couldn’t talk, I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time knew it was wrong. Nishant was actually making a pass at me, a happily married woman.

I was in a nervous shock as Nishant slowly leaned in to kiss me. His powerful embrace held me tight as I couldn’t escape his tight grasp. My whole body tensed as Nishants warm lips touched mine. Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible. At first I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. As Nishants lips were pressed tight against mine, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within. He parted his lips and slid his tongue against my mouth. At first I resisted but the energy rush was so hot I felt like I was going to pass out. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue deep inside me. His warm tongue slowly entered my mouth as I stood motionless. He warmly licked my teeth and mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. I wasn’t kissing back but I was not stopping him either. He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control. I never liked this man but feeling powerless under this boiling passion I felt, I raised my tongue. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body. I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other. I didn’t think of my husband or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. We relentlessly ran our tongues across each other as we continued to be locked at the lips.

As we feverishly frenched I could feel my panties moisten as my angelic mound was gushing. Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips he started to lick my neck. His warm breath and wet tongue was triggering a deep sexual desire inside of me. Somehow I muttered to him that I was married and couldn’t do this. Nishant knew how I felt about him as he continued to suck on my neck. As good as it felt I knew I couldn’t let it go on much longer. Nishant re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. I couldn’t get enough of him as he again made his way down my neck. I knew I couldn’t allow this to continue since I really started to feel turned on. I again told Nishant to stop. Nishant magically licked my neck and the warmth of his mouth on my erogenous zone did not allow me to notice his hands on the buttons of my blouse. I again tried to pull myself from this carnal spell but by this time he had unbuttoned the top of my uniform, releasing my tight fun bags. My ripe melons were beautiful and inviting. He knelt down and took one of my inflated nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, sending me into a sexual confusion. My cunt was so swollen and wet as he sucked my tits like they were his lifeline. Nishant sucked one, then the other. It felt strange yet hot to have a forbidden man who I could not stand milking my silky smooth jugs. At this time my body was so filled with passion I became weak at the knees. Nishant had sucked my tits to the point of full erection. The blood rushed to this hot zone and filled my breasts. I thought I was going to explode with hot passion. Nishant lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. The sheer power of this man holding me in the air as my tight body fed his hunger made me feel like his sex slave. My ripe melons looked huge in proportion to my small waist and expanded rib cage. Nishant licked my tits up and down and was starting to have his way with me.

I felt like his pleasure piece of meat as he rested me on his couch. As I laid on my back, he was already taking my uniform off. I felt like this was a chance to stop this erotic heat. As I laid there fully exposed except for my little white panties, I thought about how I secretly wanted another man at least once in my life. I also thought about the fact that Nishant kissed and told and that this might not be the right situation to experience another man. I was torn inside since I probably couldn’t have another man as hot as Nishant. The thought of Nishant bragging about having me and the thoughts of what this could do to my marriage, allowed me to whisper out that I couldn’t do this as he was now trying to take my soaking panties off. As passion continued to fill my hot zone I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have another man taste my love and that thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. The crotch of my panties were unwilling to leave my warm treasure as the joy juices were flowing relentlessly. As I looked at Nishants determined face I thought who did he think he was taken this pure maiden and poisoning her with his sexual prowess. As Nishant wrestled my panties off, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. The smell of my sex was thick in the air and my soaked pussy was looking for more. I could not believe I was letting Nishant sex sonar find my heat. I was powerless in anticipation of his oral attack, I again whispered out in a frantic but orgasmic way that I couldn’t do this I am married. As Nishant went for the prize my heart was racing. In the same motion he took my swollen cunt lips against his mouth and let his tongue in to probe. This primal carnal moan ripped out my lungs as his hot tongue split my cunt lips and entered my pussy. He sucked and licked inside of me. I thought I was going to explode as Nishant took in all of what I had to offer.

He drank from my cup as I offered all the love juice I had. Nishants warm tongue penetrated deep into my inner core as he hungrily ate me out. He licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. Thoughts to stop quickly escaped my mind as I wanted Nishant to eat me out. I couldn’t keep still as a new man was tasting my love. My body was quivering and instinctively started to buck. Nishant was licking and sucking my g-spot and I was overcome by this sensual feeling erupting inside of me. I had never felt like this before. My tight little cunt was in spasm. My body was burning and I grabbed Nishants head and was burying his face into my drenched love cave and I started bucking wildly. Nishant was licking my clit as I moaned like a women in heat. Sweat was pouring from my body as I was yearning to be entered. Would I let another man’s rock hard member enter my private canal? That question was being answered by Nishant. He was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. Nishant was relentless and experienced as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He continued to run his tongue through my lips and to the prize. I was thinking at the same time that I couldn’t do this but then again this powerful man was in charge. Nishant lifted my pelvis and exposed my deep seed. Nishant hungered me and I felt a nervous excitement as I knew exactly where this was leading. This experienced stud ate me out like he was starving. I bucked wildly but was contained by Nishants powerful grip. I realized I was losing the battle with my primitive sexual urges. As Nishant rose up to get in the position my wet pussy was pleading for I felt a glimmer of doubt. As I sat up facing what now was bulging so hard that no fabric in the world was strong enough to hold it in, Nishant leaned in and whispered that he desired two things in this world, One was my innocent married mouth around his mammoth pole. As the passion filled my body to the point of thrusting explosion I argued within myself that if I were to suck Nishants dick I might be able to quench my thirst and satisfy this stud without allowing him to launch his love missile into my craving shuttle.

The prize was in front of me and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t dying to see what another mans rock hard cock looked like. I was well aware of the rumors and I was craving to see for my self. I pulled the draw string and was hit in the face with the likes of which I had never seen. I was looking up on a man whose muscular physique was complemented by the biggest dick I could ever imagine. It was a good ten inches long and had to be the size of a baseball bat wide. Nishant was fully erect and waiting for my answer. Up to this point I never was very excited to go down but Nishants massive meatpipe was very inviting. As I was gasping with erotic heat I slowly moved in. I was out of control with my enlarged pussy screaming for action, I was totally turned on to this mammoth missile. My husband had nothing like this. I was being mentally tortured. I wanted to stay true to my husband. I wanted him to be the only man who I tasted. I was all of the sudden craving a cock. Like a magnate, I was being pulled in and the heat of my fiery passion that burned within I couldn’t stop. I secretly begged for my husband to understand this power that was rapturing my thoughts. I leaned in and opened my mouth. The swollen head of this shaft needed more room. I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. Nishant moaned in delight as I was fulfilling his first goal of conquest. I started to understand that I was becoming all that I despised but I couldn’t control this primal need that I had. My body needed this dick so bad that I started to shiver. There was more than enough room for both of my hands as I grasped this huge snake and relentlessly sucked. I bobbed my head back and fourth trying to mouth fuck this man. I gave up on swallowing this massive unit since I hadn’t had much experience in this area. I started to develop a rhythm of bobbing up and down then licking the side of this long cock.

I wanted to deep throat Nishant but I didn’t know how. Nishant sensed my inexperienced but pleading actions and grabbed my head and thrust. I felt this tremendous mount slide down my throat. As my gag reflexes kicked in I retreated. Still holding his gigantic pole I sat back and tasted this mixture of saliva and precum that filled my mouth. The taste of his love, the look of his love cannon and the sound of his approval sent my body into a tidal wave of passion. I locked on to his rocket and sucked for all I was worth. As the feeling of his mighty sword sliding down my throat, I was shocked to see I only could take half of him. I began jamming my mouth on him as hard as I could. My mouth was opened as wide as possible, my lips were tight against that massive cock. I felt the huge head pass my tonsils and slide down my throat. His precum was lubricating my throat as I was determined to suck Nishants dick. I wanted his dick any way I could take it. Nishant ordered me to suck his dick and I was obliging. This chauvinist pig was screaming for me to suck his huge cock and against all my normal thoughts I did what I was told. I sucked his cock as fast and hard as I could. I was feeling weak as Nishants huge meat missile probed my throat. I knew my mouth could not do what my snatch could. I wondered what would happen if he fucked me. The intense thoughts sent a rush through my body that I could not stop. I let go of his magic wand and stuck my hand up my cunt. It was gushing with juice and was begging for more. I now knew the obvious, I was going to get fucked by Nishant. I had to get fucked by Nishant. This man stood for everything I hated but I was out of my sexual urge. He was succeeding as I was going to do as I was told. My husband could not give me what I needed right now and if he were here I would tell him to give way for this purple stud that was down my throat.

As I continued to slid his huge mount in and out of my mouth Nishant continued to tell me suck his dick. The thought of stopping didn’t enter my mind as Nishant had me under a spell. I was going down on his cock and I was be degraded for my efforts. I was so craving to be fucked by Nishant that as he called me a slut and bitch, I answered back by thrusting his big cock deep down my throat and sucking hard. Nishant kept saying that he wished my husband could see me now as I deep-throated his cock and licked about and down its incredibly long shaft. The feeling of being transformed from a sweet innocent girl to a primitive carnal animal made my moan loudly as I needed to be serviced. Nishant sensed my urgency and pulled his monstrous crank from my mouth. Pre-cum dripped from my mouth as I cried for his cock. I felt bad for my husbands sake. I was his and his alone. Now, Nishants gigantic rod could do what it wished. He told me that his second desire was to feel his hard cock penetrate deep into my sweet married body. The thought of this gigantic cock inside of me sent my body into a shiver. I fell back and eagerly spread my legs as he asked if this is what I wanted. I said yes. Nishant asked if I really wanted this and I screamed yes. By this time I couldn’t control the passion I felt. My body was erupting, My tits were swollen, my love mound was panting and my inner core was begging for his dick to ram me. Nishant asked again as he was rubbing his tremendous cock against my slippery snatch. I knew what he was doing. This well hung stud wasn’t going to give it to me unless I begged. I had always said that I was true to my husband and would never let another man enter my warm spread. As I thought briefly of my loving husband, I looked up at this finely tuned machine. Nishants sweat had his rock hard body glowing. His fully loaded love gun was gigantic and pulsating.

I had a fire inside my body that only a long, hard hose could extinguish. Nishant had me were he wanted. I started to beg and cry. I was leaning back against the couch, my hairy wet treasure was off the end of the cushion. I stuck a couple of fingers inside my furnace and stroked my clit. I was struggling to get satisfaction as I pushed my hand in as far as I could. I couldn’t do it alone and Nishant knew it. This well mannered innocent married women was willing to do anything for his joy rod. He knew I had enough. I was in tears as Nishant was pulling my fingers away from my gushing clit. I needed him. Nishant stuck his rod into me and I almost fainted. He made me beg like a dog and he finally was giving me the bone. As his engorged head entered my shaft I could feel my cunt stretch. I had never had another man break this plane. I thought about the sanctity of marriage and how my husbands beloved pleasure hole was being invaded. At this point it didn’t matter. I was so swollen and wet, Nishant had an easy time getting his head inserted. Nishant then grabbed my legs and held them up as his serious meat pole slid in further. He had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. My husbands custom fit hole was now being resized. My swollen pussy was stretched to the max as Nishants manhood made its way. I screamed with ecstasy as Nishants pulsating ten inches easily past my husbands territory and slid deeper into its own. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into Nishants muscular arms as he landed all 10 inches of his rock hard sausage into my engorged cave. Tears of ecstasy raced down my face as I begged him to saw me in half. Confident my joy canal could take his wood he slowly pulled it back and fourth to spread his wide load with my joy juice for lubrication. Tight and satisfied, Nishant gave me what I was mercifully begging for. He wasn’t holding anything back and strongly ripped open my cunt with his rock solid wide 10 inch load. He pumped me fast and hard. I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me. Nishant hammered down hard and fast and he could not control my legs anymore.

I was numb to the world as a was being fucked like a wild animal. My feet were planted on the ground and I was bucking like a bronc. Nishant was ripping me in half with his huge package and couldn’t get enough. Nishant had taken my carnal desires from my husband and fucked me to the point that I was in a trance. Seeing that I was his sex slut, Nishant rolled me on top of him. By now my innocence was gone and my once proud pussy took in his 10 inch pole like a pro. I needed it so bad. I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to rip me in half. The feeling of my drenched cunt stretched to the max and sliding down on his pole was unbelievable. I took him in even farther than when he was on top. I couldn’t keep up anymore, The massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. Nishant put his hands on my sides and started to pull me down deep onto his shaft. I thought Nishants thick prick was going to come out of my mouth as he thrust his pelvis hard and pulled my twat down. I was so soggy that every thrust produces a splash and my entire body quivered with hot passion. I cried for Nishant to fuck me. His eyes gleamed in delight while this proper, one man women, begged to be fucked. The excessive passion and draining fluids led me to the point of dehydration. I needed to get fucked and begged Nishant to finish me off. Seeing that he had me conquered he delightfully pulled me off. With Nishant seated on the couch and me at his knees, I was desperate for him to take control. To prove I was serious I attacked his meat pipe like it was a candy stick. I bobbed up and down on his cock and sucked it hard. I noticed Nishants eyes roll back as he pulled my stretched lips off him enormous dick. He was close to shooting his wad as I left a sticky string of pre cum from the tip of his cock to my mouth. I had never tasted my husband yet I yearned for the salty fluid I drank from Nishants mammoth staff. Nishant tossed back on the couch on all fours and mounted me from behind. I buried my head into the couch seats as a hung my pulsating cunt and tight ass out to dry.

Nishant slammed me home as he dug his pelvis into my ass and stuck me repeatedly with a 10 inch volcano. The feeling of this Muscular body pounding me from behind sent me to the verge of convulsions. I gave him all I had and he was ready to set me loose. His thick prick slid deep inside to where my husbands prick could only dream to get. At the same time my body came, Nishant filled me up with his pent-up passion juice. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me. The thought of fucking an innocent happily married women jacked Nishant up to the point that he filled me up with about a gallon of his hot cum. My cunt was pulsating as my body fought to ingest all of his love cream. As I lay spent, Nishant dismounted me and proved he conquered me by shooting the rest of his load on my face and in my mouth. This was a grudge fuck for him and he won. I instinctively swallowed all I could and licked his long pole clean. Nishant stood up and got dressed. He helped me dress for I was hardly able to move after I engulfed his huge meat organ. Nishant drove me to my car and put me in it. He than connected the spark plug wires and told me I could drive it home. Now showing on my face that I knew I had been had, Nishant laughed at me and told me to go home and wait for my husband. He said that my husband had nothing to worry about. He had set out and did what I didn’t think was possible. He made me, an innocent married women, beg him to fuck. Please mail me your comments to vishy_khanna

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