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  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends, I m Raja a normal boy doing my bachelors and i am from a upper middle class family in Tamil Nadu… My dad runs the biggest provisional stores in our locality and my dad name is sundar and my mom is RAJI the heroine of this story.. well as a normal teenage boy i too had urge to have sex with a women and this interest made me look my teachers, my class mates,my neighbour aunts,my relative

Aunts and even my friends mom and sisters in a sexual way..

I usually got more care from my parents as i m their only son and they love me so much.. So i used to get a lot of pocket money and which i mostly used on surfing on a net centre to surf on the porn sites (as my mom s a house wife she will be around my house so seeing porn sites in my house is quite risky).. And we have a big house and we have left two rooms for rent and the couple living there where a newly married one and the husband is Mithun and the wife is

Devi..the rooms are just separated from my bed room window by a verandah….I have a very dark secret of having devi in bed and have peeped their bedrooms when i hear moaning sound and have masturbated seeing them making love… the category which attracted me the most was the INCEST one…It was lighting the fire on me and that too the stories named after the sexual relationship between mom and son pulled me in so much…

From then i started seeing those category and the stories like that very often… My way on looking my mom changed very soon… Till that i have seen her in semi nude positions like when she is only in her jacket and petticoat without a pallu showing her belly,i haven’t cared about those scenes at that time…

I started seeing her as a normal women whom i used to fantasize in my dreams… Let me tell about my mom she is a awesome looking Indian women her physique look like the combination of Tamil actress NAMITHA and MUMTAJ..She got married when she was 18 and had me when i was 19 and now i m 19 and she is just at her 38.and none find her to be at 38 and many thinks that she just enters
her later 25’s.. And i have even found few of my very close friends having a secret fantasy to fuck her and this makes me horny… And one day while was peeping at their room while they where fucking very lustily i found mithun saying my mom’s name and fucking his wife and whereas his wife was saying my name..i was puzzled and then while they where resting they where talking about the fuck and he said i m waiting for a chance to fuck raji and his wife said raja is dark and handsome i cant wait so long to have him in me…i was very much excited to hear those words..and i thought of moving from there and decided to fuck my for sure and if i succeed to fuck my mom i will get devi for sure..

Let me start how i ended up fucking my dream lady MY MOM. she usually never wears a bra in home and i have never found a inner ware of a women so i declared that my mom s a free lady at home.. Usually my dad sleeps at the shop at night and will be at the shop till 9p.m at night and his food will be taken to him by our workers. and so me and my used to sleep at a single room and i started watching her acts for a couple of days and i found that she wakes up at night and piss off and returns to the bed… So the next day i woke up when she went for pissing i just moved the lungi (a petticoat type night wear men usually wears) i wore and i shagged my tool well made it erect to the extent and made the scene as if the lungi had moved in accident.. When my mom returned she saw my tool and she was shocked on seeing that,she started breathing faster and then she came near me had a clear look of my tool and checked me whether i am sleeping and she smiled and moved my dress and covered my tool and slept.. the next day she was as usual in the way she speak,the way she hug and kiss..i felt very happy on that.

On the same day night i moved it very earlier as soon as the lights where putt off and dis time i moved the dress till my knees and slept…She saw it and then said Damn horny boy erect always and covered my tool and lied closer to me and kissed on my fore head and slept…This made me very horny even thought of return a kiss to her and fuck her the very moment..But i controlled my self…
The next day i dint move my dress and to my surprise my mom moved my dress and touched my tool and started smiling at my face and kissed three times in my fore head and slept…
From that day on i found my mom had changed in her dressings and her way she dresses,she usually wears a saree above her naval but that day i found it very low from her naval..i was very much excited on seeing that..But i have to leave for my college with a normal hug and a kiss.

Few days after that i went for having a bath and i forgot to take a towel and i shouted to my mom to bring my mom a towel,but she replied dont worry son no one is at home you can come outside and your mom have seen you naked many a times…I wanted to use this chance so i made my tool erect and went out and my mom seeing that laughed and tapped on my Butt saying naughty boy and covered me with a towel she had in her hand…that was very much a green signal but i dint have enough guts to go further and waited for another chance…

From then on i started to remain nude at home when no one is there at my home except me and my mom. once my mom asked me to wear dress but i refused to wear saying that you have seen me nude and what is the use of wearing a dress..She smiled and said i never thought my son would be so naughty and went..

Next came her birthday so planned to make this day as my day and then during her birthday my dad went for a trip to my native for a house function of his sister,so i was with my mom in my house so i decided and bunked my college and spent my entire day with her at 9am we started from home and took her for a long trip in ECR and went to a movie in Mayajal and then at eve we returned to a shopping complex in out locality and in there i decided to seduce her and took her to buy a saree and bought her a saree in black transparent color and then a crimson red transparent saree..

Then i took her to the section where inner ware where sold.She was shocked to see me taking me there and at that time the sales women asked us the size of the bra and panties you are looking for,my mom got embraced and whispered me in my ears saying that she wont have a habit of wearing that but i said this is the models i want you to try them and you will look more attractive when you wear these inners you will look more gorgeous…she flushed and then i asked the sales women to take measurements of her and came out, i found a accessory shop where i found a waist chain to be more attractive and bought (this idea i got from a story in the iss forum). After she finished with her inners we went to a shop and bought few nighties which where tight and i wondered my mom said wearing tight is the latest trend now and bought them and then we returned home..

At home my mom wore the dress i bought for her in that Red transparent saree she was an angel and she asked me what have you bought for mom and then i showed her my gift,the waist chain and then she asked me to wear it for her,i asked her to move her pallu but she removed it and was standing only in her jacket and petticoat,my tool started to raise,as i was nude i wanted to hide so i went behind her to wear her the chain and i slowly touched her waist and i pinned the chain together and at last i made the dollar of it lie exactly on her naval and i touched it my finger and waited for her to move but she said wait son i ll bring your dinner in 10mins and went into her room to change into her newly bought nighty.

After ten minutes she came out with her dress changed and she was wearing her tight nighty and i could find no bra inside because i found her nipples porking in the tight fit.
i was sitting down in the floor of my hall and was watching a movie and she brought my dinner and then she bent down to feed me and it was a normal thing she usually feeds me and even i m grown she likes to do that,on seeing her dress i started to get a hard on but this time i decided not to cover it and my mom saw that and asked me (From here let me make it as a conversation)

Mom:what makes you erect my son??

Me:It was you mom!!
Me:Yes mom,it was you.
Mom:But Son.
Me:No buts mom.
Mom:What in me makes you so horny??
Me:Your boobs mom,they are awesome and i want to see them..
Mom:What?? But Raja remember you are my son and this is not fair..
Me:Then is that fair for you to watch your son naked around you like this??
Mom: No Raja.

Me:Mom its only you and me and i just wanna see them,you are my dream women dont say no PLS (i donno how i was able to speak like this to my mom)
Mom:(Thinking for few mins and said) Ok son i will show you but this should end up here and no one should know about this ever…Is that ok??
Me:Anything to see you mom…
Mom:Close your eyes until i undress myself..
Me:Yea ok mom(i closed my eyes and started shouting inside me because i m gonna see my mom’s booby)
Mom:Open your eyes Raja (She was sitting near me in the floor,folded her legs and she have removed her nighty and kept in the gap of her folded legs to hide her pussy,and actually we both where sitting nude facing each other).

Me:Mom you are very beautiful,and i moved to her and touched her right boob,
Mom:Raja,i heard that you said you only wanted to see them..but you are touching it???
Me:Come on mom..(and i slowly pressed it and she started cuddling my hair and there was never a opposition to that shown by my mom).

The green signal i got and i slowly started to press one in hand and the other one was in my mouth and my mom started moaning,i was almost on her and she lied on the floor and i went on her and i was locked my her legs below my waist and in a few minutes we where kissing our lips very passionately.. then i just raised her in my hip and we where kissing all the way to our bed room and first i laid my mom in the bed and kissed her from top to bottom i mostly concentrated in licking the navel of my mom which i find more seducing and was playing with her boobs and then i went to explore the hole which i came and i again went into it..then i was laid by mom and she started to lick my tool and next we where in a 69 position licking our genital organs. And then came the main action,

Mom: Come on Raja, Fuck me..
Me: Mom…I m waiting for that for a long time..
Mom: fuck me you mother fucker..

These words of my mom made me damn horny and i entered into my mom very forcefully and she was very tight and it was a pleasurable pain for both of us and

We both where shouting to our extent forgetting our neighbor (our tenant) living to the room next to our bed room and in a few seconds i could see the lights where on at their house and as i know the stuffs i dint want to stop and i carried with my work in entering my mom.. i came in her after fucking her for 15mins and then i fell on her chest and lied there kissing her boobs and was very tired having my first sexual experience that too with my mom. And i found they couple where peeking at our room and they where shocked to see us having sex.. and atlast i found a women in my mom and to my luck i am gonna fuck another women who i wanted to fuck because of my darling mom… And in the following days i had a swap sex with mithun and devi on me and my mom….

Let me continue that story in my next chapter…

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