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Vassala Chahie Ke Sath Sex

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

Valsala chechi was very tasty Hi Friends, I am Unni here From Cochin, I have recently started reading Indian Sex Stories collections through Internet. Most of the stories are very good .So I decided to write my Experince. So all our Friend can enjoy the same.

This happened when I was 15 year old. I am born to a good aristo family. I know about sex from 14 year of age. I used to read lot of sex storybooks and masturbate at least two times in a day. My neighbor, Valsala chechi use to come to my house to chat with my elder sister and mother. She was from a middle class family and studying for her first year degree. I was very poor in maths and her main subject was mathematics. She had got pressure from my mummy that, to take maths tuition for me. She agreed to that and every day after school hours, she used to come to my house and give a class for one hour. She was very brilliant and reserved especially to boys like my age. Once she was sitting on floor and having jackfruit from my house, I had came there to have two three pieces of the same. But she never knew that, I was watching her half seeing silky & shining boobs through her lower cut jumper.

She was used to wear skirt and long type jumper in house. She was very cute looking with good shape boobs and well shaped ass. I was very fantasize with her and masturbate many times thinking about her boobs, kundi and sweet wet pussy with urine taste. I was very sure that my dreams would not come true because she was very strict and very gentle behavior also. One day I was alone in my house and was reading one good sex magazine with messaging my erected penny with other hand. Suddenly, somebody rings the doorbell and I was not in a position to open the door. Somehow, I had tried covering my erected penny with my lungi and went to front room to open the door. But I did not forget to hide the magazine in between my books lying on my table. It was very surprise to see my neighbor Valsala chechi (tuition teacher) that time because she suppose to join with my mummy to attend one birthday party few km away from our house. She noticed my bulging lungi and turned to my study room to start taking tuition without any reaction. She noticed the sex magazine in between my books and taken it out with curiosity.

I was totally upset to see this and got scared of thinking about the consequences of this incident. I had begged her to hide this incident from my mummy and returned the book to me. But she was not ready to do that. She had threatened me like anything and took that book to her house to show it to my mummy later. I was shocked literally and went to terrace with gloomy way. After one hour she come back from her house and asked me to keep the book very safely. I was very surprise to here this from her. She started taking class with a different mood and different style of smile. I had understood that, she gone through the almost all pages of that book. She come and stand very close to me in the way of pretending to watch the maths problems which I am working on. I could smell her sweetie skin aroma and that got changed my mood again. She slowly put her hand through my shoulder with very friendly and started to rub my checks with other hand. I was very happy and realized that, my dreams about her going to be realistic.

I turned to her side and given a kiss on her stomach without stand up from my sitting position. She had lifted her jumper slightly up and pressed my head on her stomach. I could not control myself and started to rub all over her jumper with my face. She then unhooked top two hooks and given me chances to have her soft lovely mula. I could see her medium sized but stiff breasts partly through her bra. I wished She would even remove her bra also. To my luck she had lifted her bra also. I was amazed to see her solid breasts. I had squeezed both the mulas many times and kiss all over her face neck and lips. She was standing with closed eyes to allow me to do whatever I want. I lick her breast and armpit with many times and my right hand was trying to lift her skirt and under skirt to touch her inner smooth thighs and the sweet spot. She slightly widens apart her one leg and allows me to enter into the secret place. That lovely spot was slightly wet and soft. I had got up from the chair and sit on the floor on my knees and went inside her petticoat to have the urine smell of her sweet pussy. I lifted her petticoat over her milky white thighs and soon had a view of her beautiful wet pussy. She spread her thighs apart and I buried my nose in her crotch and she smelt really great.

I started licking her inner thighs, slowly moving upward to her outer pussy lips and separated them with my fingers. She was very wet inside and her pussy syrup was leaking down towards her ass. I quickly licked her juice and it tasted somewhat salty. I inserted my middle finger in her cunt and she was wearing panties and it slightly wet with her pussy juice and urine. I had inhaled the smell five minutes with rubbing my face on her inner part. She was not wearing panties. She asked me to give kiss on her pussy. I had bite slightly and lick her shaved pussy and had all her precum, which come out from her sweet hole and it, was light salty and tasty. I asked chechi to turn to the opposite side and keep one leg on the chair to lick her ass hole. She lifted up her skirt and petticoat together for my convenience and kept her left leg on the chair. That has given me good access to eat her pussy hole and ass hole in good way.

She very much enjoyed it and started to rub her pussy on my face. We had enjoyed lot through this way. She asks me to put my tough in to her pussy hole in deep way. I pushed my tongue into her pussy hole and fuck her with my tongue. She had come all the way and I had it very taste. She put her hand on my thigh and started caressing my dick. It was rock hard. She asked me to remove my dress. I refused, as I felt shy. But She made me remove my dress. Then, she caught my head with both hands and kissed on my lips and sits down on her knee and started to chew my hard. I could not breathe because of full of enjoyment and had come in good way.

We never prefer to have intercourse, thinking all consequences come in feature. We enjoyed in future also whenever we get chance to have such type of oral sex course. Any south Indians ladies especially Kerala ladies want to have secret sex mail just contact me . Also give your opinion about my above said experience with my beautiful Valsala chechi.

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