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  • September 16, 2015

I have been reading stories on Desipapa for a long time and have enjoyed all the material. I am a married man of 41 living in London my name is Rajendra (Raj in short), I settled in London in 1983 before this I was living in India. I have spent my childhood and teen years in New Delhi. Then we moved to my native state of Gujarat. This is going to be a very long story and I am going to describe to you all the sexual experiences I have had so far in my life, so be patient and enjoy. I was sexually active at a very early age (14) I use to fantasize about having sex with practically every beautiful girl I came across. This my first ever sexual experience took place when I was in Delhi studying in the 8th standard, that was my last year in that school and city.

My age at that time was 16yrs, I was not at all good at education, to be honest I hated school, the only thing I liked about going to school was to look at the beautiful girls in their school uniform and drool over them. I was very shy so was never able to approach any girl. In this particular year of schooling I had joined the school band, I soon progressed and the band teacher asked me if I would like to play the big drum from now on, I agreed and so I started receiving training for the same, soon I became very good at it and I started playing the big drum in the school assembly. Every morning with the rest of the band I use to play the big drum during the assembly at the end all the students will march back to their respective classes, during this march past I noticed this girl of around 14 yrs staring at me, I took no notice of it and carried on playing the drum. Next day the same thing happened and it kept on happening for the next 15 days, I just could not understand why? So I decided to find out, that day during our lunch break I started looking for her in the playground she was nowhere to be found, I asked a few girls from her class but even the did not know, eventually after spending the most part of my lunch break looking for her I opened my lunch box and started eating my sandwiches that is when I noticed her sitting alone at the far side of the playground. I walked towards her she saw me coming and smiled, on reaching I asked her if I could join her and she said yes, I introduced myself and asked her name, she said her name was Varsha.

I asked her if I could sit with her? She said yes, I sat down and started eating my unfinished sandwich, I offered her some of my sandwiches but she refused. I asked her that why is she staring at me everyday during assembly, and she said I was not staring at you and then she changed the subject, she started asking me about my class and subjects I was interested in etc. I found that she is very shy just like me, although I could feel that she was attracted to me but she could not say it. We sat and talked till the end of the lunch break, during the talking I noticed that she was very beautiful girl and well developed for her age, she had a very innocent face, nice shoulder length black hair, her tight shirt showed that she has big tits, and her short school uniform white skirt showed off her beautiful legs. Before leaving for our respective classes I asked her if she would meet me again tomorrow and she said yes. We returned to our classes but for the rest of the day all I could think of was of her. Next day at lunch as soon as the bell rang for the lunch break I rushed to the spot where I met Varsha , I was surprised to see her sitting on the grass waiting for me, this gave me a lot of courage and one thing was sure that she too was keen to meet me. I said hello and she replied back Hi, I sat in front of her and noticed that she had two of her top shirt buttons open and that her skirt was a bit shorter, the way she was sitting she was displaying a lot of thigh, I was literally mesmerised at the sight, she was looking very sexy. I started talking of this that and other, suddenly she asked me what is this, pointing at my hand ( I have a disfigured finger) I said nothing I got hurt when I was a child, she took my hand in her hand and started looking at the finger, her touch was electrifying, she looked at the finger for a long time and at the same time she was using both her hands to caress my palm and fingers, I was enjoying her touch. I got a bit closer to her and I too started feeling her hands, she too was enjoying my touching. Now since we were touching each other I gathered all the courage and said to her that, Varsha you are very beautiful and kissed her, she responded and she kissed me back. At that point I realised that this is a school playground and someone might see us, so I told Varsha if we could move to a safer place and without replying she stood up, I also stood up, she started walking towards the other end of the school ground where there was some construction was going on, for some reason the construction had stopped since last few days and the place was deserted. I was walking at a distance behind her and was thinking about her boldness, she looked shy but was she? On entering the site I saw that it was a safe place as it had four walls only and at the front there were a few bushes so no one could see us, there was a lot of building sand inside the four walls lying on the floor. Varsha was sitting on the sand and as I walked in she called me towards her and asked me if this place was ok I replied yes. I sat down next to her and once again I started touching her, we did not have much time so I decided not to waste time, I started kissing her on her lips and made her lie down on the sand she was cooperating , she had hugged me very tightly and I was kissing her madly.

Slowly I started feeling her tits from over her shirt and she started moaning, I could feel her nipples they were aroused and hard, I stopped kissing her and asked her to show me her tits, she was a bit hesitant and looked at her watch then she just came up to me and started kissing me, I got the green signal and started to open her shirt buttons, I opened all her buttons and pulled her shirt out of her skirt, I was faced with the best sight of my life, her tits were bigger than I thought, they were confined in a white bra, the bra was a thin cotton one and I could see her nipples poking from the thin fabric, I started kissing her tits from over her bra, I was going mad with lust, just then she turned around and asked me to open her bra hooks, I opened the hooks and started pressing her boobs from behind, for the first time in my life I was touching breast of a girl, I was finding it difficult in controlling my lust, I was pressing her boobs too hard and she must have felt some pain so she said to me Dhire se karona, my cock was aroused as well and it was getting painful for me, she too could feel my hardness on her bum. I turned her around and once again started pressing her boobs I took her right nipple in my mouth and I was pressing her left boob with my left hand she was enjoying all the attention I was giving to her tits and I could hear soft moans coming from her.

Then while she was enjoying her tit treatment I put my right hand under her skirt and started looking for her pussy, to my surprise she spread her legs a bit allowing me full access to her sacred area I pushed her panties on one side and started rubbing her pussy lips, she was enjoying this and her moans became louder then when I inserted my middle finger in her pussy hole I heard a loud oooooooooh and sssssssssss, she was soaking wet and my fingers were wet with her nectar, we were both getting carried away not realising the time, after finger fucking her for a while I removed my hand from her pussy and said to her, Varsha my pecker needs some attention she immediately put her hand on my zipper and opened it, my cock was hard as rock and wet with precome she was finding it difficult to get my cock out of my underwear so I opened my trouser hook and let the pants fall to my ankle, as soon as my pants dropped Varsha pulled my underwear down and started massaging my cock, it was a heavenly feeling. I looked at the watch and noticed that we only have 7 more minutes before the lunch break was over, I told Varsha to wank me, she did not understand so I showed her how to and she started wanking me in about 5-6 strokes I started ejaculating and jets of spunk went flying everywhere. That was the best orgasm I had ever had Varsha just stood there looking at so much spunk, I felt relieved and thanked Varsha but she said thank you. I told her to get dressed quickly as the time was almost up, we both got dressed and promised to meet again the next day. I was thinking about the events of that lunch break throughout the day and was looking forward to the next day; I had made up my mind that I will fuck her. The next day I again went to the disused building and found her waiting for me, I kissed her and without wasting any time I started feeling her breasts to my surprise she was no wearing a bra, I immediately took off her shirt and started sucking her tits she was delicious. I took her hand and placed it over my hard cock she got the hint and unzipped me and took my cock out and started playing with it, I sat her down and I sat besides her she was still holding my dick, I laid her on the sand and pulled her skirt up I saw her tiny panties and also noticed that she had a damp patch, I put my thumbs on the waistband of her panties and pulled it down and for the first time in my life I saw a real pussy, she had very little hair in her pubic area, I immediately put my middle finger in her pussy hole and started finger fucking her , she was very wet and hence my finger was moving very easily in her. She was enjoying all this and at the same time she was also giving me pleasure by playing with my cock, my cock was oozing precome and that made her hands wet, but she did not mind that.

Since I had already decided to fuck her I started to put my plan into action, I removed my cock from her hand and got between her legs, I bent down on her and started kissing her on her lips, I was also playing with her tits and making her more hot, when I was sure enough I decided to fuck her, I held my cock in my hand and started rubbing on her pussy lips she was enjoying this and moaning after a while I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and tried to push my cock in but she was too tight It was very painful for me and she too screamed, I immediately put my lips on hers and kissed her and once again tried to push my cock in her hot furnace, I managed to put the cock head in but it must have been very painful for her so she pushed me away and started saying no no don’t do this it hurts and moved away. I tried to tell her that it always pains the first time and all that but she would not listen. Since I did want to loose her or force her I gave up and promised her that I will not put my cock in her if she does not want me to, she relaxed a bit and then we started our usual petting, towards the end of time she again wanked me and we left. We kept on meeting like this for about three months but we did not make love just heavy petting.

Our final exams were approaching fast so she told me that she will not be able to meet me till the exams were over as she had to do some extra classes during her lunch break I was very disappointed by this but I could do nothing. I did not have much time because as soon as my exams were over I had to leave for Gujarat for good, so I had to do something. In two weeks our exams started, on the last day of the exam I finished my paper early and was sitting in the playground reading my exam paper, suddenly someone put a hand on my shoulders from behind when I looked back I was overjoyed to see Varsha, she too had finished her paper early. She said lets go to our usual place, I said ok, when we got there she immediately starter kissing me she said she had missed me very much in the last few weeks, I too started kissing her and told her that this is the last time we will ever meet as I am leaving for Gujarat and will be staying there from now on, on hearing this she started kissing me badly and said I love you please don’t leave me. I said I have no choice I have to go where my parents go, on hearing this she started crying, I consoled her and said to her that lets make our last meeting a memorable one she agreed and immediately started taking her clothes off, she stripped to her panties and the sight in front of my eyes was out of this world, she looked extra beautiful, her big firm tits were standing out like two mountain peaks and the two hard nipples were like cherries on a cake. I just went mad with lust and started kissing her lips and pressing her tits, she too was very excited and started pulling at my clothes, I helped her take my clothes off, this was the first time we were seeing each other fully naked, our mixed uniform was lying on the sand, I laid her on the sand and started kissing her all over, she was moaning and playing with my cock it was a fantastic feeling. I wanted to fuck her today no matter what, so I decided to arouse her to such a point that she will beg me to fuck her. I started playing with her pussy lips, she was very wet, I saw drops of her juices at her entrance, I started finger fucking her and at the same time I started liking her clit with my tongue as soon as my tongue touched her clit she just froze, her breathing became heavier and gasping sounds started coming from her mouth, and then I felt that juices were literarily flowing from her pussy, I did not know then but today I know that that was her orgasm.

She was shivering with excitement, and I decided that this is the best time to penetrate her, I got between her legs and started rubbing my cock on her wet pussy, she started withering about I applied some saliva on my cock and her pussy and then I put my cock on her hole and started pressing towards my goal, she was very wet and that allowed my cock to go in about an inch or so, but she was still too tight, I asked her to relax, I slowly started to push my cock in and out and every time I pushed in I went a little bit more deeper, it was painful for both of us but both of us wanted to achieve the ultimate pleasure, half of my cock was already in and that is when I came across her barrier, I paused for a while and started kissing her and biting her hard nipples, my cock had stopped going in and out, then the magic words came from her mouth don’t stop do it to me. I kissed her one last time and pulled my cock out until only the head remained inside, I asked her are you ready and sure and she said yes as soon as I heard the yes I rammed my cock with full force into her hot tunnel of love and broke her virgin barrier, she screamed with pain initially but then relaxed and started enjoying her first fuck. I was now ramming with full force and we loved every moment of it, I felt my own orgasm building up and soon I shot my spunk in her, there was so much spunk that I felt it oozing out of her pussy, I also saw some blood mixed with the spunk, we were both exhausted I just hugged her and slept on her body my shrinking cock still in her. After a while I got up of her and saw her, she looked fully satisfied and happy, she got up and then moved away a bit and squatted on the ground (sat down as if going to the toilet) she started pushing and I saw that my spunk and her blood was gushing out of her pussy, I was looking at her she was looking very sexy. Then she stood up and came to me and kissed me on my lips it was a long passionate kiss her left hand dropped to my now limp cock, she pressed it a bit and then suddenly dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, my cock was engulfed in her hot mouth and it started growing soon it was at its maximum, she started sucking me with pleasure, I had never had a blow job before and soon I felt that I was going to come I told her that I am coming she still kept on sucking me I soon came in her mouth and she drank all my spunk. I now was fully drained and could not even stand up so I sunk to the ground and sat down on the sand, she sat next to me and hugged me her lovely firm breasts crushed on my chest. She thanked me and said ‘ I will never forget this lovemaking and you’ I saw tears in her eyes, I kissed her one last time before we got dressed. We had a final hug and a good by kiss and we went our separate ways. I left Delhi the next week for Gujarat. I went to Delhi a few times after that but I could not find her. I still remember her and the lovely times we had together. So friends this was my first sexual experience, this experience gave me a lot of confidence which has helped me a lot. I hope you liked it and hope you will send me feedback . I have had many encounters after this and I will post it on the net soon so watch out for me

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