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Upasana – My Love Of Life

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  • January 8, 2016

Hi all, this is Abhi from pink city Jaipur, my age is 19 currently in 12th std. I have a slim body but on the healthier side (I weigh 68 kilos) and a dick size of 6 inches. Anyone girls ,bhabhis, aunties in Jaipur unsatisfied can contact me at P.s. This is my first story, purely real, so please kindly excuse mistakes.

Coming to the story, the actress in this story is Upasana(name changed) who became my biology tution teacher,age 26,unmarried her stats are 36-28-34 , very sexy boobs and nice ass. I am more of a boob person, I love boobs and I think they’re the best thing in the world.

Anyways, I took bio as my subject in 11th only to realise that I’m a complete dunderhead when it comes to bio, I passed 11th barely in bio, I am positively a nerd in other subjects and good in studies but bio took its toll on me. When I came to 12th ,since boards are important, my parents hired a tutor, at first I was against it, but when I saw upasana for the first time, smiling at me saying hello, I was so mesmerized thai I was onlY able to utter Haaai! . I was then more than happy for her to be my teacher, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her round breasts, she always wore tight salwar kameez and her boobs always protruded out.

At first to get a good impression on her I behaved as a nerdy boy, interested only on studies, and days passed like that. Then one day I remember she was teaching and asked me to write some lines from textbook, while I was doing so she suddenly put her palm and placed it on my head and said” wow you have such silky hair” , we sat on the bed of my bedroom and I always closed the door of my room so that no disturbance occurs, and while placing her hands on my head she had to lean a little forward, and then I saw her ample cleavage, so white so round,

I just wanted to rip off that salwar and suck the hell out of her nipples, as a result of thinking so, I got instant hard on visible over my pyjama(without underwear), I swiftly covered it with my textbook, and she took off her hands and started on her mobile phone. After some time , to explain me some terms she took the book from my lap ,hiding my hardon, and she saw it, my saluting dick under my pyjama.

I was embarrassed and turned red and again took my copy to hide my hardon while creating distraction, and yess I clearly remember her smile while she looked down.

Anyways from next day onwards I peeked at her cleavage whenever I got my chance, she noticed it after a few attempts and after some days while leanind down to write on my copy, she placed her left hand over her cleavage hiding the view, I felt sick after that as I realised she knew I was staring at her boobs, but anyway controlled myself in same room.

After some days she grew really friendly to me, and she now sometimes to make me understand placed her hands on my thigh, I loved that and days passed.

Often we went off topic and on one such occasion, she asked “abhi do you have a gf?”

This was sudden, Me” nope, never had one, why?”

“Nhi bas aise hi, acchi baat hai agar nhi hai toh”

“Hehehehe ( I laughed mockingly)

And I muttered up enough courage and asked her ” aapka hai koi boyfriend?” and looked down immediately with a sad face. She noticed my face and said” nahi abhi toh koi nhi, tha ek chutiya pehle and stopped . I was complete dumbstruck as I heard her speak vulgar lang, she immediately said sorry but I smiled and said

“Kon chutiya ho sakta hai jisne aapko chorr dia?”

She was surprised too ” control Abhi that was a mistake”

I instantly added ” what, your vulgar language or your relationship with that chutiya?”

At this she laughed” as a matter of fact, both, now please study!!.

Me: but I don’t wanna study today

She was taken aback, I was a studious kid and never had left any impression of being moody.

Her: toh kya karen janaab?

Me: vahi jo ek ladka ladki karte hain jab vo akele hote hain

I couldn’t believe what I just said and was about to say sorry when she spoke

Her: par abhi toh aapke parents bhi hain ghar par

I got that ,she was getting naughty

I decided not to stop and continue….

Me: unka kya hai vo toh hamesha hi ghar par hote hain, iska matlab ye thodi na hai ki hum rukk jaen

Her: baat toh sahi hai aapki, toh bataiye kya karte hain do ladka ladki jab vo akele hote hain

That was it, my hormones took over me and I leaned over and kissed her on her lips, but fear also came rushing so It was only for a second or two.

Her:abhi what.the.hell!!!

Me: (I had to continue, I knew it , I had fucked up enough times in my life and I didn’t wanna fuck this up too) I am sorry Upasana, but I love You, I have loved you since the first time I saw you, you are very beautiful,very attractive, god you’re sexy, and I don’t wanna lose you , I want you, I need you

I said all this in a breath and I when I finished I was breathing heavily, what she did after that, I can’t forget it even if I want to

She came forward and regardless of my mother and younger brother in the other room, she kissed me, and kissed and kissed…

It was such a juicy experience , I couldn’t stop after that ,I got up to my knees and started kissing her passionately, but I was more in senses than her, so I stopped , got up and locked my bedroom door (safety first) came back and started pushing mu tongue into her mouth, she responded perfectly, and for minutes we exchanged our saliva,she was so sweet, after 10 mins we separated , panting

I didn’t want to waste any time so while she was still panting ,I buried my face deep in her boobs and started rubbing my face over her salwar, I could feel slowly that she was getting hot and red and I got hornier, in one go, I pulled up and threw off her salwar on the floor and started kissing her body eagerly.

Her:aaraam se. Sher abhi hai hamare paas time.

I didn’t reply and continued my kissing and gave her love bites here and there, she was now moaning softly and encouraging me further by pressing my head with her hands on her body, while continuously kissing , I took off her bra and now got back to look at her melons

My god such brown big areolas and such big nipples, it might have been 3/4th of an inch, she was hot by now, and was looking at me lustfully. I wanted it rough so I suddenly grabbed her right boob and pressed it with full force, she screamed , I didn’t stop and placed my tongue over her left boob and started sucking very roughly, I bit and chewed her nipples with my teeth

She was in pain and pleaded to go smooth and easy on her but I was in no mood to listen

I put her full areola in my mouth and sucked with all might she was in so much pleasure that she was only able to moan loudly, I continued this until her areolas now popped out ,fully red and swelled up. Now I moved to her big round deep navel and rolled my tongue inside her navel, she jumped in pleasure and moaned yess ohhh yeess abhii so goodd I lovvve itt aaahah, still kissing her navel I undid her nada of salwar and pulled it out along with her panty, and there lies a fresh juicy pink shaved pussy swelled to be sucked and pounded.

I kissed her milky thighs first and slowly reached upto her cunt and planted a kiss there, she jerked her body, I got more and more hornier, my dick was hard and it was paining even in my loose pyjama and I firstly gor fully nude and the started licking her cunt wildly , she was in heaven and just moaned ohhh my good fuck yeah lick my pussy fuck me ohhhh aahahahh your tongue’s amazing ahahahhh

I continued for sometime and then with a loud moan she cummed entrapping my head to her pussy with her thighs, and fell with a loud thud and utter satisfaction, I licked till the last drop and it was very sweet like nectar,

I then stood with my dick inches from her face , she understood and took my dick in her hand and started stroking it and then she pulled the foreskin back and kissed the tip of my cock “aaahhh” was all I could say and she took the entire length in her mouth and looked at me while giving me blowjob, the scene was so erotic, and her tongue was rolling around my cock inside her mouth, I cummed after 5 mins in her mouth only without warning, she was surprised but took my entire load and gulped it ,it looks so hot, but she didn’t stop and continued giving blowjob to my semi-hard dick,

After sometime it again got hard and when I removed my dick from her mouth, it was covered with her saliva and drops were falling down from my cock, I was lubricated , she fingered herself meanwhile ,got wet instantly and I then started rubbing my dick over her pussy, it was heaven for me ,I was doing that when I heard her scream” saale maderchod daal apna lund meri chuut main, tapa kya raha hai”

I got horny and said: “saali raand apne student se hi chudwana chahti hai to le kutiyaa le mera lund”

And I tried to insert my dick but it slider upwards, she was tight , this time I applied a little too much force and I inserted my full dick in a go, she screamed but I kissed her to make her silent, she muffledly screamed and cried at the same time, she was so darn tight, I gripped my dick very tightly after sometime I started giving slow strokes and then increased my pace ,now she was not crying and was in complete mood, yaaa ohh yeaa yes yess ohhh onhhh fuck yesss tear it abhi, I love you, my stroke increased continuously when I felt her pussy walls tightening It was heavenly and she cummed again with my dick still inside her, but I wanted more so I got her in all fours and held her big breasts from behind and started giving strokes in doggy style, she was loving it, I held her her with one hand ,my other hand still on her boobs( I love boobs) sand started ramming her, she was now screaming with each stroke, I felt pressure buildup in my balls and realised that I was not using condom so I asked aahhhh I’m cumming kahaan choruun?”

She was still enjoying and said ” meri chuut main hi daal de banale mujhe apni kutiyaa” I increased my pace toi my full extent and the whole room was filled with glistening and sounds like thap thap thap and in one go I buried my dick fully inside her womb and cummed, it was a thick load much thicker than my previous ones, and I felt very lightheaded, I turned her and slept on her boobs and started sucking her nipples and cuddling, she was breathing heavily her heartbeat I could feel was beating faster than drumbeats, and she kissed over ny head and said: I never enjoyed so much in my life, thanks abhi you were just awesome”

I was very happy hearing this, after that we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up, she was walking wobbly, and had another steaming doggy style session in the bathroom, when we came out of bathroom I saw it was 9pm she was in the house for more than 4 hours,

That’s when I remembered that my mother must have heard her moaning , and I thought shit ,I was careless, I slowly opened the door and saw that my younger brother was sleeping in the other bedroom and my mother wasn’t in the house. I was relieved, I kissed her deep and bid farewell while spanking her ass and squeezing her boobs one last time before she left. Now we have sex once in a while while studying at the same time.

Then I remember one time I did anal sex with her when my parents weren’t home, but that’s for a diff. Story.

So thanks for bearing this long story , I hope you find it interesting and hot and don’t forget to send feedbacks @

Any aunties girls need to be satisfied or have sexy chat can email me about the same.

Oh I forgot I love mature aunties and I have a fetish for them so all unsatisfied aunties out there in jaipur, I’m waiting for your emails

Thank you

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