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Upasana Mehta Leaked Sex Scandal Story

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

This is me Upasana Mehta from Bangalore. My age is 37 and i got married at a very early age of 18 and now i have two kids both son age 17 and 14. This is a true story of me getting raped by my own son, a story of incest in India. This is just last month and from then my life has changed so much i can’t explain. To be really frank i love it and i am loving it more and more i do it. My husband is a bussiness man and i am an bussiness executive in a multinational. My husband is out of country most of the time. He hardly has time for our family and some times even i use to feel lonely apart from having so much of work. Because some times you need sex and relaxation. I loves sex in this age also. I am 5′ 8″ tall very fair. I look young to my age and have a body to envy by most of the women of my age. My figure is 38/30/38. I am not slim but very fit. This happened in the month of september and as i told you my life has changed.

My husband had gone to US for a bussiness work and we were alone in our house. As i keep myself fit so we don’t have any permanent servents in our house they come once in a day and go back to their house. So that was 4th of september and i was not in the mood to go to office i took a break for the entire week. So i was home. My children had went to school my elder son has just joined collage. To my surprise he came back from his collage much before his time i was shocked and asked him but he had no ans. And went back to his room. I followed him and went inside his room he went to take a bath without knowing that i might come to his room. That was first time i was visiting his room because we are so busy that we don’t get time to meet each other very oftenly. I was shocked to see his drawer which was full of adult magazines, and his comp. was on and when i opened his media player a blue film was running. even his messanger was on and suddenly there was a message that have you been successful in fucking your mother. I was shocked and waited for next message and then next was if you are not successful then wait for me tonight we both will do it. I was shocked and told him no no i will do it today and close everything and went back to my room. I was very nervous and breathing heavily as i was frustrated myself as i hardly had sex with my hubby since last four months and thinking of getting fucked was enough to make me wet but then with my own son i felt ashmed of myself and threw that idea from my mind. But then i went to kitchen and started cooking luch for both of us without thinking of what i saw. I was wearing a short and a tshirt what i use to wear at home and was cooking suddenly i felt a hand behind and then it grabed me from behind i turned my face to see who was it and i was shocked it was my son wet just out of his shower. Firstly i just closed my eyes and felt it like a man’s touch but then i tried resisting and asked my son what was he up to.He said that he needs me as much as i need a dick of a man. I got rid of his clutch and slaped him and said how dare you i am your mother. Then he said mother please he loves me and apart from being his mother i am a beautiful lady first was i shocked as he was without wearing his undies standing naked right in front of me and i could see his dick which i had seen when he was very young and it use to be small was like a monster staring at me bigger then his dad’s. I quickly turned back and within a moment he pressed my boobs. I shouted noooooooooo but he didn’t listen and kept on pressing them, I was helpless but i tried fighting.But he was stronger and was able rto remove my tshirt i was in my bra now i somehow got rid of his grip and tried running but i was not successful he said mom please just once if you don’t like it then you can say no to me forever but just let me show you once how good your son’s dick is. HE caught and opened the hook of my bra in no time. Now i was topless and trying to hide my tits with my hands but unsuccessful because he was holding them. He pressed me against the wall and my hands behind me and started kissing my brest i could remember how he use to suck them when he was a child but this time he was sucking them like a man and i was getting hot and wet. He bit them from time to time making them rad. And i use to cry on his every bite and he use to feel pleasure in tourchering me. By this time i could feel that i can’t get away from him but i didn’t gave up i tried resisting but he was too powerful. He grabed both my hands with his one hand and with the other one he opened my shorts and pulled them down so now i was only in my undergarment of black colour and he said he has waited so long just to see them on me. He removed it after staring at them for a minute. Now i was totally naked and tried closing my legs but he putted his leg in between and made them apart and showed me how wet my cunt was he said see mom you also need my dick when don’t you understand. So while standing only he inserted his dick inside me and i couldn’t bear the pain as his dick was very thick abour 6″ and 9″ long. I felt like some hot and thick rod was inserted inside me. I was In great pain but enjoying it everybit of his dick he said he actually wanted to make me more hot by licking me but i am not ready for it so he is just raping me just to show how long he can last .he just kept on fucking me for next 30min. i came 5 times in that time as my sessions were very quick when ever they use to be. But without getting hot just by the idea of getting fucked by my son was enough to make me come so manytimes i have alsoi always wanted him but never had guts to say so beacuse of our social structure. Then after he came inside me he left me and went back to his room i licked his come from my pussy and was really hot. Next evening when i came back from my jogging i wore sexiest bikini of mine ansd went to his room he was shocked to see me like that i told him hey yesterday you were showing your mother how big man you are won’t you show it today. He got excited and took me in his arms and put me on his bed he removed his colths very quickly and was playing with my tits as he pulled my straps down. This time i performed a striptease with him and we both enjoyed the dance. Then he asked me mom would you like to ride on top of me i said i would love to. He sat on then edge to the bed and i took his tool in my hand and was thinking that this monster only raped me yesterday and i was there to take my revenge i gave it a bite first and my son shouted and held me by my hand and said you bitch how dare you i will fuck your ass i said my dear son yesterday you loved teasing me and today is my turn i took his entire length in my mouth and sucked him like he was never sucked before i cupped his tip with my touong and rolled it all over i tried taking his full length inside my mouth was was unable as it was too long but then he caught hold my head and inserted his entire length inside my mouth forcefully i was chocked an took it out immediately for few minutes i couldn’t breath and he enjoyed that site he is too wild in sex. He loved it and when he was about to come he pulled it out side my mouth. Then he sucked my pussy for about 20 min. i was really hot by then and came thrice in that process. Then he laied back and came over him and sat on his dick he held me from my waist and his eyes were closed and i started riding him. After about 10 min. he caught hold me from my back and pulled me towards his chest his dick still inside me i was lying on him and over him. Then i felt other hand on my ass cheeks and i was surprised that there was another man there other then my son. Oh my god he was his friend who use to chat with him. He putted some slive on my ass and parted my ass cheeks and inserted his monster inside my ass for a min. i was breathless this was my first anal and it pained so much that my eyes were full of tears and they both laughed at me and said today we are going to tear all the holes of this bitch. And they both stared as fast as they can firstly i was not able to control the pain but after 5 min. i started feeling great and statred enjoying both of them then my son asked wether i would like to suck his friend to i said yes and started sucking him he was also 8″ in length and 5″ in width. It was great whilke i was sucking his friend my son fucked my ass. That was the day when i first had threesome and i loved it both of them fucked me whole night changing thier positions and sandwitching me i was help less and loved it. From then onwards when ever me and my son are at home we remain naked and serve each other. Everyday morning i suck him to say him goodmorning. His friend is not a regular visitor but he visits sometimes. Then my son told me that since past two three years he had lust for me and this friend of his who is also a mother fucker encouraged him to do it. But i am really thankful to his friend who taught him this other wise i would have never been able to enjoy this what i am doing now.
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