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University Teacher Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

This incident happened five years ago. At that time, I was 23 years old and a student of MBA in Punjab University of Lahore. I am Noman(Not real name). Now my age is 28 years.I am 5’8″ tall fair color medium size body and blessed with 7″ cock. I had laready tasted two pussies of my class fellows at that time. There was our teacher Madam Rubina (not her real name) who used to teach us Economics. She was in her midle thirties may be 34 years of age. But she had kept her figure very trim. She was married and had two kids. She used to wear tight clothes usually shalwar kameez which accentuated her body more.She had a perfect bottle neck figure. At 5’4″ her measurements were 34A-29-38 (which I myself measured latrer).She had long hair little below her shoulders. She was fair in colour and used to wear nice perfumes. I had an eye on her from the first day. When she used to write something on Black board, I used to stare at her bottoms. She was very lovely but a conservative kind of lady.

In University, we had Tutorial groups and I was head of one of them. Luckily my tutor was Madam Rubina. I was very happy to see her in my class. Then in daily extra curricular activities of the university, we came near to each other. She used to stay at university even after closing hours. Sometimes, I used to give her lift in my car to her home. She lived with her husband in a nice flat. There she offered me tea and once a lunch also. Thus I became very closer to her. It so happened that one day we were informed that we have to go to Karachi for a week long seminar about uplift of student culture in Universities. I alongwith my tutor was detailed to attend the seminar at Karachi. Madam Rubina seemed comfortable going with me to Karachi. We departed by air and arrived at karachi in the evening. The arrangements were done by the university. We settled in a hotel with separate rooms. But our rooms had a separating door in between. At this madam Rubina was very happy. She said that we will open this door for security reasons. After settling down we took bath and changed. It was 0700 pm. We made necessary phone calls and informed others of our arrival.

Next day, we had a busy schedule till 0300 pm. After this we came back and took our lunch. I suggested my madam that we go to sea side. First she was hesitant but later she agreed while saying, “Aaj main azaad hoon apne miyan se, chalo thodi azadi se ghoom lete hain. Or tum bhi bohut khush nazar aa rahe ho apni madam ke saath akele aa ker”. I replied ” Madam yeh meri khush qismati hai ke main aap jaisi khoobsurat khatoon ke saath akela aaya hoon. Aap bohut achhi hain.” On hearing this she blushed but i took her out to sea side. I had sufficient pocket money to hire a car for personal use. So we hired a car and I took my madam with me. We went to sea side and we remained there till 0800 pm. There at sea we had a lot of fun. We threw water on each other. There a lot of touching went on but madam did not notice it. Then we ate our dinner and saw various markets. When we returned it was 1000 in the night. Madam phoned at her home and we changed. At 1030 madam came to my room and said ,” Mujahy to abhi neend nahin aa rahi.” While saying this she rubbed her shoulders. I said, ” Madam aaj aap bohut thak gaye hain . Aayen man aap ko daba doon”. She flatly refused but i convinced her and we went to her room. Now I was becoming mad of her beautiful aroma. I rubbed her shoulders, her back and her face. We were very quiet at that time. Perhaps she knew what was coming ahead.

Then I held her from her shoulders and lift her up. She resisted but I apply some force and lifted her up. She stood up without removing her hands from face. I brought her closer and embraced her. I wrapped my arms around her and tightened my grip. Her body was shivering and she started heavy breaths. I kissed on her neck and whispered in her ears “Madam you are looking very beautiful. You know I always think about you, you are woman of my dreams and I love you” With this I licked her ears and she started shivering more. I held her chin with my hand and lifted her face then I removed her one hand from her face. She was blushed, her eyes were closed and her lips were half opened. I place my lips on hers and inserted my tongue in her mouth meantime I wrapped my hands again around her and hugged her tightly. She removed her hand from her face and wrapped around me and let my tongue in her mouth. I moved my right hand on her back and held her hips and brought her more closer. My cock was fully erect and was trying to insert in her thighs. She bit on my tongue and removed her lips and bit on my neck and with shivering voice she said, ”If my husband come to know about this” while kissing on her cheeks I said “we will not let anybody know about this. Madam I really love you!” With this I again started kissing and she started sucking my lips and hugged me tightly. After a long kiss she buried her face in my chest and said, “Mujhay dur lag raha hai” “Madam aap mujh se kiyoon dar rahi hain?” I asked her. “Mujhay nahin pata” She replied. I put my right hand on her boobs, squeezed it and said, “Aap mujh se iss liye dur rahi hain ke man aap ko abhi chodoon ga” I wait for a while and said, “Kya man theek keh raha hoon na?” She took a sigh and said “pata nahin”. “Madam kya man aap ko chod loon?” I said and squeezed her boob with force. She moaned and hugged me tightly and said, ”Nahin Noman man barbaad ho jaaoon gi” I squeezed her boob more tightly and said “Kiyoon?” She bit on my ear and said “aahhh aaraam se dabao, mujhay dard ho rahi hai”. “Man aap ko kiyoon nahin chod sakta Madam?” I inquired again. “Kyoon ke man shadi shuda hoon, do bachon ki maan hoon. Phhir tum mere shohar nahin ho or sirf shohar hi apni biwi ko ker sakta hai” she replied in a hoarse and sexy voice. I moved my hand under her kameez and squeezed her boob from under the bra. It was hard and her nipple was erect. “Madam!,Chudai to shaadi ke baghair bhi ho sakti hai” I said. “lekin yeh theek nahin hai” She replied. I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger and said, “Madam mujhay pata hai ke aap ko maza aa raha hai. or jub maza aa raha ho to mana nahin kerte. Madam mujhay chodnay dain na aap ko. Bus aik dafa. Man kissi ko nahin bataoon ga. Please madam mana nahin kerna mujhay” I kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly. As you know she was a shy woman. She was enjoying my dirty talk.

She replied in inserting her tongue in my mouth. I sucked it for few minutes and said “Madam mere LUN ko pakrain naa or mehsoos karein ke yeh aap ki phhuddi ke liye kitna paagal ho raha hai.”. Saying this I unbuckled my pants.Meanwhile she sat on the edge of the bed. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. Firstly she hesitated but after few seconds she gripped my cock. As she held my cock she shivered and left it suddenly and hid her face in her hands nad laid down on bed facing away from me. I came over her and hugged her. “Kya hua?” I inquired. “Mujhay dur lag raha hai.” She said. “Madam aap mujh se nahin darein. Man aap ko koi nuqsan nahin doon ga bul ke aap ko chod ker aap ko maza karaoon ga”.I assured her . ” Achhha, tum bus aik dafa karo ge aur iss ke baad yahan se chale jaao ge” She made it conditional. “Ooohhh madam aap kitni achhi hain. bus man jo kehta jaaoon aap kerti jaain or agar maza na aaye to bata dain man ussi waqt aap ko chorr ker chala jaaoon ga.”.I assured her. “achha theek hai tum ne jo kerna hai ker lo. Lekin araam se kerna” while saying this she pressed my cock very hard and again said, “Tum yahan se kafi lambay or motay ho, man to mar jaaoon gi” I embraced her in my arms and held her tightly. My cock was really very hard and erect. She pressed my cock hard and moved her hand on it and said “Bus jaldi se ker lo”, I asked, ” Madam kya ker loon?”, “Wohi jo tum chah rahe ho” she replied.”Madam man kya chah raha hoon, aap aik dafa apne pyare munh se bhi to keh dain naa” I teased her and while saying this, I pressed her left breast very hard.’ hmmmmmm, aaaahhhhhhh, araam se karo Noman, man mar jaaoon gi” she protested. Now I held her nipple in my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it. It was erect and very long, almost 3/4 inch. She writhed on her bed like a snake. I again asked her, “Madam bataein na, aap se kya ker loon”. “Mujhay sharam aati hai” she replied. ” Man aap ke mammay ko uss waqt tak nahin choroon ga jab tak aap apne munh se na bol dein Madam” I replied and I also pinched her nipple. She had closed her eyes and was panting. ” Hai Noman tum bohut ziddi ho. Achha baba lo mujhay CHODO” when she said this, she lifted her hips in air and then suddenly fell down on bed.I needed no other invitation.I lifted her from bed and stood her near bed. She hid her face down due to shynes. I lifted her chin with my hand and kissed her on her lips. This time she responded. She opened her mouth for me and my tongue entered her mouth. I explored every corner of her mouth with my tongue. She tasted sweet. I grabbed her tongue in my teeth and sucked it in my mouth with full force. She held me tightly and placed her hands on my back. “aahhhh ummmmmmmm” she was moaning.

After 10 minutes of kissing her, I parted her from me and looked in her eyes. She had closed her eyes. She had tied her hair in a chutiya(A local form of tying hair in Asia). I took both of her nipples in my thumbs and fingers and gave them a hard squeeze. Sha moaned loudly.” Aaaahhhh, ummmmmmm, oooeeieeeee, man mer gayeeeeee, Nomaaan pleeeaasse aaraaaam se karoooooo” .”Madam jaldi se apne baal khholein” I asked her. She started opening her chutiya. She had shoulder lenght thick black hair. In the meantime, I unzipped her shirt from behind. When she opened her hair, I placed her hand on my cock. She left my cock and unbuttoned my shirt and lifted it up. I helped her and removed it. Now I was fully naked. I lifted her kameez and removed it then I unhooked her bra and throw it away then I untie her shalwar and removed it. Now she was full naked too. She again held my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her love hole (vagina). I moved my hand and gripped her cunt with my palm. She moaned and pressed my cock hard and said in my ears “Noman, mujhay dar lag raha hai, please araam se kerna” I wrapped my hands under her hips and lifted her up and brought her on bed. I sat on her legs and started sucking her boobs. She held my head and pressed it down in her boobs. I sucked her boobs for about fifteen minutes and she begged for several times to fuck her. Then I licked her belly. After that she sucked my cock and made it more hard. She was sucking my cock like a bitch. We remained in this position for next ten minutes after which I was about to cum. I told her that I was about to cum but she held my hips and started biting softly on my cock with her teeth. It made me more excited and when my cock was full inside her mouth I exploded and her mouth filled with my cum. She spit all my cum on my cock. I ejaculated again this time my cum fall on her face.

Then I didn’t know what happened to her she took my cock in her mouth and started drinking my cum. She sucked and cleaned my cock so madly with her lips and tongue that after few minutes there was no sign of cum. With this situation I was so excited that my cock was still hard. Then she asked me to get up and I did so. She held my cock and said “Now I can’t wait more, please noman ab mijhay chodo” I lifted her legs and placed on my shoulders and put my dick in her pussy. It was very wet and hot. Keeping my cock on her vagina I laid on her and held her one boob and put my tongue in her mouth. She hugged me tightly and gave a jerk to her hips. I pushed my cock in her vagina and inserted it full in one jerk. “Oh Noman ! I love it, araam se karo na. itni zor se karo ge to man mar jaaoon gi. araam se karo aur jaldi se chod dalo mujhay” I obeyed her and I fucked her like a mad dog. During my fast strokes she was moving her hips up and down. After about ten minutes I stopped and told her that I would cum on her belly. She wrapped her legs around my waist to stop me withdrawing my cock. “Noman mare ander hi kar do. man pregnant nahin hoon gi. waise bhi agar tum bahir karo gay to yeh zaaya hi hoga na” Hearing this I increased my speed and exploded deep inside her pussy. She also came at the same time. She pressed my cock with her pussy to squeeze my cum in it. During this we kissed passionately each other. I did not withdraw my cock from her pussy and kept on kissing her lying on her. After about ten minutes she again hugged me tightly and started biting on my ears. During this she said, “Noman! Tum ne to bohut maze se choda hai . mujhay pehlay kabhi itna maza nahin aya. Aur tumhari baaton se man jaldi satisfied ho gayee hoon. Tum bohut achhay ho. Bus dil kerta hai keh tum mujhay chodtay hi raho”. I squeezed her boob and said, “Madam aap ho hi itni mulayam ke man aap ko saari raat chodoon ga. Aap ki phhudi to bohut hi tight hai. Lagta hai aap ke miyan aap ko istemaal nahin kertay.” She insert her tongue in my mouth. With this my cock again got erection and I started movements of my cock in her love hole.

She said in a sexy voice “ Tum ne mujhay kharaab ker diya hai. ab man unn se(her husband) kaise nazrain milayoon gi? ” I squeezed her boobs more tightly and said, “Oh, madam aap ko kharab nahin kiya bulke aap to ab chaaloo ho gayee hain. Ab apne minh se gandi baatein karain na”. Then burying her face in my chest she said “Unhon ne mujhay kabhi peechhay se nahin kiya. Man abhi tak wahan se kunwari hoon. tum agar chaho to mujhay wahan se bhi chod lo.” I asked her “Madam kahan se chod loon?” she said ” paagal peechhay se na”. I asked again ” Uss ka koi naam to ho ga na?” on hearing this she took her hand and pointed it to her ass hole. I said “Iss ko to gaand kehte hain” she replied ” achha wohi sahi ab chodo na yahan se bhi” I asked her ” pehle aap kahain keh yeh gaand hai” My cock was in her cunt. She squirmed under me and said, ” achha baba meri gaand maro”. Hearing this my cock got its maximum erection in her pussy. I kissed on her lips and said “Mujhay bhi gaand marna achha lagta hai. aap ki moti gaand ka to bohut hi maza aaye ga”. She told me that she has tried this for many times from her husband but he did not agreed on it. She further told me that many of her friends liked ass fucking but their husband didn’t fulfill their desires. Then I withdrew my cock and she immediately took doggy position. She held my fully lubricated cock from my cum and her pussy juices with her hand and pulled me towards her. Then she put some love juice on my lund and spread her love juice on my cock with her hand. This action made me more excited and I took my position behind her. She buried her face in pillow and apart her ass with her hands to make her hole wide. I took some oil on her ass and rubbed with my cock on her asshole. After about five minutes rubbing I tried to enter her but she tightened her ass and made the entry for me very difficult. I held my cock in right hand and put it on her asshole and with left hand I pinched on her one nipple. With pain she shout “ooee” and meantime she relaxed her ass. I thrust my cock with a great force into her tight asshole. She tried to tighten her ass again but this time she was late. The head of my cock made way in her hole and I gripped her boobs tightly and with a forceful jerk I inserted my complete cock in to her tight ass. She shouted with pain “ooee ooee uff ! Noman! main mer gayee. Please bahar nikal lo.” And she collapsed on the bed. I also fall on her with my full cock in her ass. I found her ass more tight . As I tried to move my cock in her ass she requested to wait for some time. I obeyed her and we started filthy talks. I said “Madam! aap ki gaand to bohut hi tight hai”. She brought her hands on my butts and pressed me closer to her and said “Noman! meri jan! What is our relation” I press her boobs and said “You are my best teacher your husband is my big brothe in this connection you are my bhabbi ” She turned her face and while licking on my lips she said “then call me bhabbi, I love your fucking being your bhabbi. Please call me bhabbi and fuck me”. Hearing this I squeezed her boobs with my full force and bit on her ears saying, “bhabbi aap bohut sexy hain, aap ki gaand to bohut hi tight hai. I love you bhabbi”. Hearing this she raised her hips up and placed a pillow under her belly. This brought her ass in a more fuckable position. I held her boobs tightly and started moving my cock. Firstly it was difficult but after few strokes it was comfortable. Firstly she cried to stop but after about twenty strokes she relaxed and raised her ass more up and started moving her hip with my strokes. With this I increased my speed and fucked her wildly. After about ten minutes of wild fucking I became about to cum and I told her. She raised her hips more up and became in proper doggy style and moaned “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaahhhhhhhhh”.“Oh bhabbi, aap kitni achhi ho.”. I brought my hand down below her belly and gripped her vagina with my palm and started squeezing it. She tightened her ass and squeezed my cock. With this I exploded deep inside her and at the same time she also got her orgasm and my palm became wet with her love juices.

We lay in this position for about ten minutes. Then we got up and went to bathroom and washed ourselves. That night she remained with me for the whole night and I fucked her three times more in her pussy. She actually asked me that I will do to her more often. And I obliged. For the whole week we stayed in Karachi, I fucked her thoroughly. This afair continued for one year until she went to USA on a scholarship. I also came to Islamabd. That was the best fucking of my life and I still miss her. If any ladies in Islamabad or any where else want to contact me or give any comments about my incident, they are most welcome. I am a student of Love and still learning the art of lovemaking and my degree is Masters. I am now in final semester of my this degree. Hope I find a volcanic lady for my thesis.My email Id is

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