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Unidentified Caller In Mobile

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

This story is a true incident of my life. Let me introduce myslef to all of you desipapa fans. My name is Raj and I am from Kathmandu. I am 30 years old, a gorgeous, muscular guy with all techniques and skill of love making. I was very popular among all women and was known as lady killer in bed in the circle of ladies who spent their nights with me in bed. I used to respect ladies feelings so I used to take care of their desires and apetite in bed very much.

They always liked my way of making love to them, whether it was kissing them at all parts or fucking them vigorously. So now let me tell you my story with this girl Rakshya (now on I will call her R). One fine day I received a call in my mobile, this was a unknown number to me still I took the call. Thank god I tok the call as it was some sweet sexy voice of a girl. She told me that she is alone at home and is feeling lonely thats why wanted to talk to someone. At first I didnt believe her but then thought whats the heck let me talk to her. Then we got introduced but I never told her who I am. For few days we started talking over the phone and we became friendly. After that there was a gap as my wife was in town. Then one fine day my wife went out of station with my in laws. Now I was feeling as if I have become free bird and must enjoy and make girls and ladies enjoy with me too. So in the very same nite I called R and spoke to her. It was nite time and well you know when you are alone what will you do. Yes, I started talking to R very sexily and she started getting turned on. She was softly maoning and was asking me to stop talking like that. Still I kept on talking to her and I knew she is feeling very hot by now. Though she has never been exposed to real sex and I have never seen her still I knew she is sexy by nature.

She told me to stop as it was becoming unbearable to her. Then it was already 1am in the morning so I told her lets meet tomorrow morning and see each other. She agreed for that. WOW my idea worked. So I told her that I will go and book a room in a hotel and will let her know about the room number. So next day I went to Thamel and took a room and called her at 6:30am. She was waiting for my call. So I told her to come over. After about 30 minutes she knocked on my room door. I knew it its her so I opened the door. WOW what a marvelous site it was she is perfect beauty with one of the best sexy figures. And when I looked at her boobs I could not shift my eyes lovely one. She was fair with little plump face. She is 22 with best of figure I have ever seen or taken in arms. She is one of the most beautiful girl at that age with such sexy figure. Later I found out that she has sexy figure of 36 26 38. Then I just closed the door and took her in my arms. I touched her fingers She was trembling as I was gonna touch her and it would be first male touching her in private. She was shaking as I slowly leaned in to kiss her. My powerful embrace held her tight as she couldn’t escape my tight grasp. Her whole body tensed as my warm lips touched hers. Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. She tried to pull out but the empowering embrace made it impossible. At first she resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good for her so she started responding to my tongue. As my lips were pressed tight against her, she started to feel a hot sensation deep within herself and I could sense her desire was coming out of her body and eyes. I parted her lips and slid my tongue against her mouth. She parted her lips and allowed my tongue deep inside her.

My warm tongue slowly entered her mouth as she stood motionless. I warmly licked her teeth and mouth as she was fighting for some sort of control. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through her body. She was beginning to lose control of her inner sexual power. She passionately licked my tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other. She didn’t think of anything else as she was so turned on by this incredible sensation. We relentlessly ran our tongues across each other as we continued to be locked at the lips. As we feverishly frenched I could feel her nipples getting erected some where in my chest. Nothing else was on our mind but this powerful kiss. As I pulled my tongue from her lips I started to lick her neck. My warm breath and wet tongue was triggering a deep sexual desire inside her. Somehow she muttered to me that she is a girl and never done this before, she was little scared and didnt wanted to fall in any trouble. I knew how she felt about me as I continued to suck on her neck. As good as it felt she knew she couldn’t let it go on much longer. I re-entered my tongue into her mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. She couldn’t get enough of me as I again made my way down her neck. I magically licked her neck and the warmth of my mouth on her erogenous zone did not allow her to notice my hands on the zipper of her dress. She again tried to pull herself from this carnal spell but by this time I had unzipped the top of her dress, releasing her tight soft melons. Her ripe melons were beautiful and inviting. I knelt down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. My warm tongue licked across her swollen nipples, sending her into a sexual confusion. Her cunt had started to get wet as I sucked her tits. I sucked one, then the other. Then I lifted her off the ground and held her as I continued to suck her tits. I licked her tits up and down and was starting to have my way with her. Now, I knew that the girl will do anything I want as she was flowing from her panties.

She wanted me and me thats all her eyes could tell me. She felt like mine pleasure piece of meat as I rested her on the bed. As she laid on her back, I was already taking her dress off. I wrestled her white laced panties off, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of a man sent a shiver up her spine as instinctively her legs spread open. The smell of her sex was thick in the air and her soaked pussy was looking for more. Then I knew that she needs me so I took her swollen cunt lips against my mouth and let my tongue in to probe. This primal carnal moan ripped out her lungs as my hot tongue split her cunt lips and entered her pink lipped soft and wet pussy. I sucked and licked inside of her. I drank from her cup as she offered all the love juice she had. Mine warm tongue penetrated deep into her inner core as I was hungry to eat her out. I licked her deeply as her pussy was on fire. Her body was quivering and instinctively started to buck. I was licking and sucking her g-spot and she was overcome by this sensual feeling erupting inside of her. Her tight little cunt was in spasm. Her body was burning and she grabbed my head and was burying my face into her drenched love cave and started bucking wildly. I was licking her clit as she moaned like a woman in heat. Sweat was pouring from her body as she was yearning to be entered. I knew I was sending her body into a sexual frenzy as my face was buried into her drenched pussy. I was experienced as I knew exactly what a woman wanted. I continued to run my tongue through her lips and to the prize. I lifted her pelvis and exposed her deep seed. I hungered her and she felt a nervous excitement as she knew exactly where this was leading. Then I thought of showing her the prize was she has won out of this battle of sex. So I took off my boxer short and here came my 8 long 3 thick manhood in front of her. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t dying to see what a mans rock hard cock looked like. She was now looking up on a man whose muscular physique was complemented by the biggest dick she could ever imagine. I was fully erect and waiting for her answer and when I saw her mouth wide open to see my size I got my answer. She was gasping with erotic heat she slowly moved in. She was out of control with her enlarged pussy screaming for action, she was totally turned on to my mammoth missile. By looking at her expressions I could make out that she is more than happy to give up her virginity to this monster god of 8. She leaned in and opened her mouth. The swollen head of my shaft needed more room. She opened her mouth as far as she could and took in my head.

I moaned in delight as she was fulfilling my first goal. I had only imagined this incident in my fantasies or in my dreams. I understood that her body needed my dick so bad that she started to shiver. There was more than enough room for both of her hands as she grasped this huge snake and relentlessly sucked. She bobbed her head back and fourth trying to mouth fuck me. Still holding my gigantic pole she sat back and tasted this mixture of saliva and precum that filled her mouth. The taste of my love, the look of my love cannon and the sound of my approval sent her body into a tidal wave of passion. Now I could sense her urgency and pulled my monstrous crank from her mouth. Pre-cum dripped from her mouth as she cried for my cock. My gigantic rod could do what it wished. Then I told her that my long time desire was to feel my hard cock penetrate deep into her sweet sexy body. The thought of this gigantic cock inside of her sent her body into a shiver. She fell back and eagerly spread her legs as I asked if this is what she wanted. She said yes, yes, yes dear Raj please give me the pleasure of your dick. I want to taste your huge manhood inside me. Her body was erupting, Her tits were swollen, her love mound was panting and her inner core was begging for my dick to ram her. I then grabbed her legs and held them up as my serious meat pole slid in side her slippery cunt. I had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch her tight cunt. When I didnt felt any tightness as much as it should have been I could make out that I am not the frst man in her life. I always loved experienced ones and this was a prize prize surprise for me. Her swollen pussy was stretched to the max as my manhood made its way. She screamed with ecstasy as mine pulsating 8 inches easily past her other mans territory and slid deeper into its own. Her legs were straight up in the air and her fingernails dug into my muscular arms as I landed all 8 inches of my rock hard cock into her engorged cave. Tight and satisfied, I gave her what she was dying to take in. I wasn’t holding anything back and strongly ripped open her cunt with my rock solid wide 8 inch load. I pumped her fast and hard. She felt she was going in and out of conscience as I fucked her. I hammered down hard and fast and I could not control her legs anymore. She was numb to the world as she was being fucked like a wild animal.

Her feet were planted on the ground. I was ripping her in half with my huge package and couldn’t take enough. She needed my 8 inches long thick juicy dick so bad that she started screaming out of joy that she had it all inside her love hole. She bounced and bucked so hard, she thought my thick prick was going to rip her in half. The feeling of her drenched cunt stretched to the max and sliding down on my pole was unbelievable. She took me in even farther than when I was on top. She couldn’t keep up anymore, The massive size of my cock was getting the best of her and she was slowing down. I put my hands on her sides and started to pull her down deep onto my shaft. She was so soggy that every thrust produces a splash and her entire body quivered with hot passion. She cried for me to fuck her. My eyes gleamed in delight while this proper girl begged to be fucked. She needed to get fucked and begged me to finish her off. Seeing that I had conquered her delightfully made me more happy and more hard. Then she suddenly attacked my meat pipe like it was a candy stick. She bobbed up and down on my cock and sucked it hard. Then she started moving up and down on top of me and the sound of her moans and slapping of her thighs in between my thighs was making me excited more and more. Then she started shivering and I knew she is cumming again like last time. Then I loved being sucked by her pussy so much that I could not control and started loading her cunt with my white thick juice she was longing for. Then I asked her to lick me and again I started growing after sometime. I grew further and reached my size and then I slammed her home as I dug my pelvis into her ass and stuck her repeatedly with a 8 inch volcano. She gave me all she had and I was ready to set her loose. Mine thick prick slid deep inside to where other mans prick could only dream to get.

At the same time her body came, I filled her up with mine pent-up passion juice. She came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of her. The thought of fucking innocent happily unknown girl jacked me up to the point that I filled her up with about a gallon of my hot cum again in her ass. Her ass also got what her pussy got few minutes back. She was shivering and liking it so much I cant express in words. She was pulsating as her body fought to ingest all of my love cream. As she lay spent, I dismounted her and gave her a lovely french kiss saying thank you darling. I smilingly asked her how was it and she shamelessly answered that I will tell you in next meeting of ours. Well, I liked the way she squeezed my pole and said ok it will be fun to know. Then I got dressed. I helped her dress too as she was hardly able to move after she engulfed my huge meat organ. I ordered for breakfast and started thinking about post breakfast session as we were going to be together for whole day. Wow today I was not missing my wifey as this girl was tremendous. Well after breakfast we were again in each others arms and we were now exploring all possible positions.

What all we did was kind of fantasy for so many guys and girls so I will explain you next time in my next story. For now, if any gal or married lady up to 35 in Nepal or even in India (I keep traveling to India mostly to Mumbai, Dehli and Calcutta), if you want any intimacy or want to experience the lifetime fun then do let me know in my mailing address so that we can plan some thing special. I am sure there are ladies who have never been licked or kissed down there they have been missing so much of pleasure dont you wanna know how much you are missing? If yes then mail me in my mailing address specially ladies from Kathmandu and around are welcome to contact me soon.

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