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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

My hello’s to all the horny readers of desipapa & doodhwali, hugs & Kisses to the sexy and horny gals of this site, My name is Mekaal (Not real to keep the ID secret) and I work for a multinational Financial Organization. Before moving to my experience I would like to say to all the readers that it’s a true incident weather believe it or not but it is, and secondly the names which are used are fake ones just to keep the ID’s secret. The reason for which am sharing this with you is that, am a very regular reader of this beautiful site and all the beautiful stories has encouraged me to share it with u all, but as I have told u the are kept secret. Here I would like to thank desipapa that by lunching this site you have done a great favor for us all by giving us such a great platform where we all can share THANK YOU. U can always mail your comments on

Now coming to my experience, it happened six months back. Last summer vacations I planed to visit my cousins in Canada as they were insisting me to visit them. So I took a one-month leave. Now this incident happened during my travel on plan.

I was traveling through a foreign airline, I was flying from Lahore to Toronto but it was a connecting flight. When to flight took off, I had to go to wash room coz if the natures call, on my way back my eyes caught a very beautiful women on my front seat. I started walking slowly so that I could observe her, but suddenly she got up from her seat and started walking towards me. She was about 5 feet 8”, with very attractive figure, she had a fair complexion; I must say she was an Arabian beauty. She was wearing a tight skintight dress; she had long brown long hairs (My weakness), elegant style of walking, and sexy face make-up with dark red glossy lipstick. She looked gorgeous, a shear class. I could not help but admire her. As she came close to me she said with a very cute and sexy smile, “excuse me please” I in response gave her a space to pass through and replied with a smile “ oh am sorry please please” said in reply “Thanks”. When I came back to my seat I saw her going into the washroom. Now in her absences my mind started to think of plan to talk to her and could convince her for some sex. But first thing was communication…

After some time when she came to serve me, I managed to drudge up enough courage and asked her with a smile “sorry about that” she said “oh come on don’t bother” without wasting a time I asked “so how is your travel till now” she said “boring very boring” and pin pointed towards the passenger who was a old very old lady, she came close to me and said “she talks like anything” at first I was little surprised by her response and the level of frankness which she showed so with out wasting any second I offered her and said “as you can see the seat adjacent to mine is empty so u can join me if u want to be my guest” she kind a seemed thinking than said “oh thanks but…” she wanted to say some thing but I interrupted her and said “but ! wat come on lets be friends” said with a smile “oookey if u say so” than she came on my seat and I moved to the other one.

We started to to introduce ourselves there I came to know that she was from Lebanon and her name was Leyla. We talked about many thing and on many topics she told me about her country and its culture. During our chat I found her to be an open-minded lady. While we were talking the lights off the plan went off and some movie started on the screen. So we never toped our conversation but lowered our voices so that the people wont be disturbed from our chat. After some time we both started to watch the movie. Suddenly a kissing seen came in the movies and the hero was kissing his heroin in a very passionate way and squeezing her boobs. I started to fantasize about her that if it was she and I. Due to that imagination my tool got erect and it cud be seen clearly on my pants. She observed that and I got blushed, to my surprised she smiled and again started to watch the movie.  That was a clear indication for me so I grabbed her hand in mine and started to massage. She gave me a positive response but kept on watching the movie. I started to move close to her and came very near to her ears where she cud feel my hot breath. She closed her eyes and that was the clear indication that she wants me as well. So I started to kiss her and lick her ear, which made her breath very fast, and she became hot like any thing. She moved her face towards me and started to kiss me in a very passionate way. It was all-dark so no one knew what we were doing. We both were sucking each other lips and tongue. Suddenly we both realized that we were in a plan and some one might see us.  After two three mins we both kept quite and was watching the movie when I felt her hand on my tool, She looked up cheekily as she rub her hand on the front of my groin area of my trousers. than she came close to my ear took it in her lips and bite it in a very teasing way and said “open ur pants I want to feel your tool”. I unzipped my pants and drag my pants down a little. There my tool flopped into the air like an iron rod. On seeing that she said “ oooo my my u have got some tool hidden there”, grabbed it and stated to play with.  Man it was a pleasure of my life, she bent towards my laps and She wrapped her warm and soft lips around my cock and began to suck me and tease me licking it with her sweet warm tongue and rubbing her teeth on it. I felt like I was in haven. That’s was the time when the caption of the plan made an announcement the plan is going t land in Dubai due to some weather problem the plan is gonna stay there for 24 hours. She immediately stopped what she was doing. And we both made a plan to stay there in some hotel together. As soon as the plan landed the crew took us all to a five star hotel and me & Leyla reserve a single room for both of us. As soon as we reached our room Leyla without wasting anytime pushed me on the bed and came on me. We started to kiss each other and fondling around eachother like we were hungry for sex since ages.

She grabbed my dick and started to suck it like any thing “The pleasure was unbelievable. She was taking my cock deep into to her throat, eventually she grabbed both my ass cheeks and forced me to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as if it was her pussy. I grinded my hips into her cock sucking face. My hands were squeezing her soft melons. I erupted suddenly without any warning; half streaming onto her face the other down her throat. She gently cleaned the remainder of cum of my dick with her tongue. When I wanted to fuck her lovely, sweet pink cherry, she stopped me by saying that she is a virgin I would never like to lose it except by her husband. She said “you came lick it or even fuck it with ur tongue but please try to understand me ” than further she added “but for sure you are most welcome to fuck me in my ass I just love to have ur juicy dick in my ass”

At first I was little surprised but I understood what she wanted to convey and I guess It was her and every girl has the right, so I agreed to it and started to suck her pussy. Which she wanted. At first I started slowly with gentle kisses and than stated to lick her pussy like any ice cream. She was enjoying it like any thing with that licking session I also started to tease her asshole with my figures, which really made her enjoy like any thing and she started to moan louder, I took it as a right time and penetrated my tongue in her sweet juicy pick pussy and on the other side I penetrated my figure in her asshole and stated to give her a pleasure of her life time. I was moving my tongue in & out of her pussy and at the same time I was licking it, on the other side seeing her enjoying and screaming with pleasure I penetrated my send figure in her ass. Her pussy began to flood with juices. She as moaning with pleasure ooooo yesssss plz eat it oooo u r killing me ooooohhhhh aaahhhh don’t stop eat it just eat it oooh aahhhh. Man her juices were so tasty. That session carried on for more than 15 mins.

After that I came on her and we both started to kiss each other, she said “man u r some sex lover u know how to satisfy a gal I will never forget this” after some time she wanted my dick in her ass.  I lubricated her asshole with oil and she bend herself in doggy style. At first I tried to enter her very slowly but as soon as my dick head went into her hole I just stayed there, she cried loudly hey don’t do that plz fuck me me plzzzzz, I wa teasing her want her to enjoy it at its max. but I never entered I took it out and again I entered her and stayed there she became crazy and started to beg me to fuck her but againi took my tool out and than stated to fuck her asshole with my figures. She was enjoying it like any thing and moaning with pleasure ooohhh aaaaaah you some lethal sex killer bastered fuck me plz fuck me I want to in my ass plzzzzz, at that time I entered her and kept on penetrating my dick in her ass till the end, as far as my 8” dick could go. She enjoyed it like any thing. Now I stated to fuck her ass, in n out, we than changed positions, while changing our position I never took my dick out of her ass and now she was on me. I wa lying down and she was enjoying setups on me, I was also massaging her tits with both of my hands, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the complete length on my dick in her ass. Man the pleasure was out of this world. After 20 mins I was about to come and I told her that am coming but she never toped and wanted all my hot cum in side her ass. I suddenly erupted like a volcano in side as ass, I felt this time the flood was like any thing and it kept og flood like any thing and she enjoyed the cum like any thing and never let my dick out of her pussy ever after the flood was over. Both of us were very tired but my dick was inside her ass and the entire ass was filled with my cum and her ass was dripping with all my cum, but she never let my dick out of her ass. Afther about 15 mins she let my dick out of he her ass. We were lying on the bed and were tired. After two hours or so she got up and again stated to suck my dick She was again ready for another session and started to prepare my dick was another penetration.

Anyhow it was a long fucking day. We had 6 to 7 sessions and took energetic food to keep ourselves energetic so that we could enjoy each fucking session; we drank lot of milk with honey and banana milk shakes.

After that day we both took our flight and went to Canada. There we again plan to meet each other and we did meet. But this time she was not alone she had a very sexy lady with her. And you would be surprised that she was also conscious for her virginity. I guess now am the perfect ass fucker. In Canada I I had one more experience which ws other than that, but both of them are different experiences so I’ll be writing two different stories for that, so now do send ur comments on, and all those bold gals, sisters, aunties infect all the women as most welcome to become my partner, ur ID’s would be kept secret. And if the young gals are conscious of ur virginity than don worry even than u can enjoy sex which is everyone’s desire. So don’t kill ur desires or dreams we have just one life so enjoy it. Take care

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