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Unforgettable Train Journey

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Dear guys and gals of Desipapa erotic stories club. My name is Kirti Singh, I am 37 years old Male staying in Delhi. I have read most of the stories on this website. I had many sexual encounters in my life right from the age of 19 years. After reading these stories I thought of posting one of my latest encounter. Depending upon your response I promise to put other stories too for members of this club. Coming back to me, I work for a computer firm in Delhi and had to travel a lot at time in short notices and at inconvenient point of time. I am 6 feet tall and unlike most of the people who have posted their stories I am thin and average looking due to my slight build structure I look younger than my age. Coming back to this incidence, this happen on the New Year eve. I left Delhi for Mumbai on December 28 for some work I thought that the work will be over on December 29 and I will be back by December 30 Rajdhani express and will be at Delhi on December 31 for new year party thrown by our office. Nobody in office want to miss this party as it is really freaky party with bear, wine, scotch and not to miss good girls. As luck was not on my side, I did not get ticket for 30 December on Rajdhani Express the earliest availability was a waitlisted ticket for December 31. I had no other option but to travel by December 31 train. I was cursing my luck to miss party. I informed my folks at home and office that I am travelling by December 31 train and will reach Delhi on January 1.

When I reached Mumbai central railway station, I found that my ticket position changed from waitlisted to RAC (reservation against cancellation). I was really disappointed, but when I saw name of other person who was allotted that birth I was thrilled. I was supposed to share that birth with Richa Gupta, Female 25 years. I thought at least the journey would not be that bad. When I reached my seat, Richa was already there. Let me describe Richa, she was 5 feet 3 inches. Dusky complexion, juicy lips and exact amount of flesh at right places. Her tits were not big must be 34, narrow waist and wide hips (must be 38). She was wearing a pink colour shalwar and white colour loose kurta. We exchanged hi and hello and introduced each other. Richa was also from Delhi and was working for a financial MNC and came to Mumbai like me for work. She was also cursing that because of this journey she is going to miss a New Year party thrown by her friends. We console each other saying that we can celebrate party between two of us by singing and talking and let other people in coach also join in.

We then looked for other persons who all are there with us in remaining five births. There were two couples and one old man of sixty year who was allotted birth above us. He changed his birth with another guy of around 30 years. Richa and I started talking to each other and found that we stay at a distance of five kilometres in Delhi. All in the coach started singing after dinner and this continued till 11.00 and then because some old people we had to stop singing. Everybody went back to his or her births. All people were thinking that Richa and myself are together. Infact someone even addressed to us as husband and wife before I reacted to correct them I saw a sweet smile on Richa’s face so I didn’t corrected them. I asked Richa what to do for sleeping, she said we can sit by spreading our legs on opposite sides and when any one feel sleepy then we will see what to do. We took our blankets and sat there and again started chatting. In this process our legs were brushing against each other’s thighs and heat started generating. Nobody said anything and kept on chatting, this continued for a while. We moved from sitting position and both were lying on birth with our faces on opposite sides of birth. Seeing what is happening, I switched off the reading light which was only source of light in the enclosure covered by curtains. I then removed my blanket and moved in her blanket. We were facing each other and our hands were on each others thighs. I started massaging her thighs through her shalwar first outside and then from inside her thighs. After around five minutes of massaging she opened her thighs bit more to give me more access and now I was massaging her cunt through her shalwar and panty. She was enjoying and I could feel her wetness even through her shalwar and panty.

Seeing that she is aroused I untied knot of her shalwar and moved it down, Richa helped me in moving her shalwar and panty down by lifting her buttocks. There was some hair on her cunt, she must have shaved it couple of days ago. I inserted first one finger and then two fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her, in between I moved out my fingers and pinch her clit by my thumb and fore finger, she was trying very hard by cloning her lips not to moan. I could imagine how difficult it is for her to do so. Now I decide to give her full pleasure, so I sat on birth and started licking her. Curtains were providing us enough protection from other people and the thought of doing it in moving train in presence of so many people was giving me more pleasure. Meanwhile Richa was riding on a heavy orgasm and suddenly she burst and her juices started oozing out from her cunt. Richa’s body was trembling and I had to hold her tightly in order to not let her fell on floor. I kept on licking her juices till her cunt was dry. She kept like that for around five minutes and then moved ahead to kiss me. We kissed passionately and let her tongue wander in my mouth, Richa was tasting her own cum from my mouth and the way she was sucking my tongue, it seem that she love tasting her own cum.

Now it was Richa’s turn to reciprocate the favour to me. She opened my belt and unzipped my trousers and underwear. My cock was already hard by now. She took my cock and started shagging it by her right hand and by other she was playing with my balls. After playing for some time with them she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. When my cock entered Richa’s mouth it was about to explode due to warmth of her mouth. She kept on sucking me for around five minute and then I exploded in her mouth and she kept of licking it. Richa swallowed each and every drop of it utill I stopped coming and she left my cock only when it went limp. I embraced Richa in my arms for around five minutes. I was thinking that this is the more memorable train journey and New Year eve happened to me. I whispered in Richa’s ears thanking her to made the New Year eve wonderful. Richa’s answer was same here. By this time my cock was hard again and it wanted to enter in Richa’s pussy. However, seeing the situation that we are in a train I had to suppress that desire and we slept in each other’s arm while playing with her small firm tits.

In morning I got up around 6.00 AM and went to toilet and freshened up myself and came back and send Richa also to freshened up her before others get up and see our conditions. By the time other people got up we were back to normal and wished each other happy new year again. After reaching Delhi we went to our respective places and we havn’t met each other after that although I have her address and telephone number but I am contacting her only because of the fact that I don’t want to force her to have relationship with me. However, if she calls and contact which I know she will, I will pound her pussy very hard and that will be another story. Please mail u r comments at

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