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  • August 31, 2015

Hello, Readers and fans of desipapa, as I am not a regular reader of desipapa erotic stories, and I haven’t been at this site. Otherwise I should have told you my experiences very first.

So guys let me introduce my self. Sorry I can’t tell you my name but my nick is honey, I am from Lahore Pakistan. I have a
strong structure, height 5’5” , so now I let u enjoy my experience.

My mom has a cousin named Saima, but actually she is even smaller then me, o I forgot to tell u my age, now I am 20, but
when this incident happens I was 18. She is very sexy and had a great figure about 36`28`34. She was then 17. She always
walks in a special style in front of me like a model, and she always wear tight clothes; she looks gorgeous when she is nude. ya sure I have seen her nude from the hole of the lock of the door of the bath. I have also a strong weapon of 8-inches like my
structure. So it always wants to be free in front of her. But I am afraid if she tells my mom.

So in the summer holidays she came to our home to past her holidays. But I haven’t thought that those holidays were the best I ever had. At first she disappoint me but after a week she become free with me. She hasn’t seen Lahore. And she is here to
enjoy so I got the authority from mom to show her the whole city. I got my chance; at first I treat her as a friend. And I always
use car to show her different places. And during this I start touching her waist, face and buts with abuses, but she don’t mind
because she don’t know what is in me. So after a week u can say it’s my luck, our car got some engine disturbance, of course I have a bike and I offered her, and she accepted. While driving I brakes a lot of time to feel her boobs. They were so soft and firm. By then she realized by intentions. And start giving me more opportunities to touch her.

Another luck I got was, there were some guests in our house. So we have the sleeping problem, so it was decided that she, my little sister and I have to sleep in the same room.

That night I can’t sleep, and about 2 am when I was conform that she is in her dreams, I got at her side and see her figure in the moonlight coming from the window. She has worn my shirt, as she hasn’t got any sleeping suit. I touched her breast, and waist from outside the shirt. I got confidence and start opening her shirt buttons. She hasn’t worn a blouse, so I got full access to her breasts. First I use my hands but then I start using my tongue. Suddenly she moans and starts breathing heavily. I got feared and ran to my sleep place and start acting like sleeping. After five minutes I feel some soft touch upon my lips, when I open my eyes, it was her lips, I got courage and responded her action. I was surprised to see that she hasn’t debuttoned her shirt. We kiss a long time, and then she offered her breast to me, I start sucking it like a baby one after another. I feel the hardness of her nipples. Suddenly she came to my pants and open my zipper and my 8” anaconda gets free she starts stroking with her hand.
And after 5 minutes she stoped and got a small packet from her purse O my GOD it a condom. She told me that she knew it
will happen and she has purchased it from a medical store last night. She covers my cock with condom. Then she got nude and stands in front of me. Seeing her nude I got mad and rushed towards her and threw her on the bed. Other part of the story I will tell u in my language

“ bed par girnay kay bad us nay aankein band kar lin aur us ki beauty daikh kar maira lund pura khara ho gaya mainay bhi bed par chalang mari aur us ki tangain apnay shoulders par rakh kar apna lund us ki phudi main dal dia aur wo aik dam chienkh pari . mainay apna lun us ki phudi main say fauran nikal lia aur us kay sath lait kar upar chadar lay li kyonkay meri bahan uth gai thi. Jab us nay daikha kay hum donon soyay hoy hain to apna waham samajh kar daubara sonay kay liyay lait gai aur main us kay sonay ka intizar karnay laga aur itni dair main Saima kay mamay choosta raha aur us ki phudi main ungli marta raha . aur wo meri kamar par hath pherti rahi. Jab hum donon ko yakeen ho gaya kay meri bahan so gai hai to mainay dubara apna lund us ki phudi main dala par is dafa aaram say . aur us nay aik lamba sans lia ab mainay apna khail shroo kia aur 15 minat us ko apnay lun ki sair karai aur us kay mamay choosay aur phir main release ho gaya aur maira condom meri mani say bhar gaya . mainay condom utar kar phaink dia aur apna lun khara honay ka intizar karnay laga aur us kay mamay choosta gaya . jab lun khara ho gaya to mainay us ki phudi main ghusa dia us nay sargoshi may chirlana shroo kar dia . kay apna lund bahar nikalo tum nay condom nai pahna . par us waqt mujhay koi nai rok sakta tha mainay us kay mun par hath rakh kar taiz taiz lund us ki phudi main ghusana shroo kar dia wo maray hath kay neechay muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooofffffffff ki aawazain nikalti rahi .par phir mujhay hosh aia jab meri mani nikalnay lagi mainay apna lund bahar nikal lia aur us kay mammon par shower kar dia.

Us nay mujhay thapar mara aur bathroom ki taraf bhagi main bhi us kay peechay bhaga aur usay bathroom main pakar kay
darwaza band kar dia. Wo masti main thi, apany aap ko churwana bhi cha rahi thi aur churwa bhi nai rahi thi. Us nay shower
khola aur nahany lagi main usay daikhta raha aur maira lun phir khara ho gaya wo meri taraf ai aur mairay lun ko choom kar tub main ja kar lait gai par main khara raha aur us say kaha aur condom nai hai kia? Us nay kaha mujhay condom kay bagair zaida maza aia tha. Par mujhy pragnent mat karna. Mujh main khooshi ki lahar daur gai main tub main gaya aur us ko godh main pakar kar lund us ki phudi main dal dia aur phir sab say lamba round chala . HONEY ZOORSAY CHODO
OIIIIIIIMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA. AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH . aur phir jab meri mani nikalnay lagi to
mainay lund bahar nikal lia aur us nay apnay mun main dal lia aur phir mainay apni gun say zordar goli mari kay us ka mun bhar gaya . phir hum donon nahay aur a kar sonay kay liyay lait gay aur main sari rat uss ko kiss karta raha aur nipple choosta raha jab tak wo hamaray ghar main rahi main har rat usay chodta raha aur phir jatay hoay mujhay hi usay wapis chornay jana para aur train main upar wali birth par bhi mainay usay choda . jab us kay ghar paunchay to pata chala kay us ki 3 mahinay bad shadi ho rahi hai. Aur phir shadi say aik din pahlay bhi mainay usay choda . ab bhi jab wo hamari taraf ati hai to main us kay khoobsurat jisam ko chodta hoon . aur wo bhi bauhat koosh hoti hai kyoonkay us ka husband business man hai aur wo sex main interested nai hai.

I am waiting for a girl, who also like sex may be one of u. every girl from Lahore contact me at . I
promise I will make u satisfy. And if just want friend ship then she is also welcome. Mail me I am waiting.

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