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  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hai desipapa fans !I am a regular reader of this site. this is the first time I am writing my experience which I had with a beautiful lady. Iam 6ft height I’m a 27 year old guy, from chennai . I have a very high sex drive. I live in a very good society and almost everyone likes me coz, they say I’m very quite and cool . i was at the hyderabad railway station waiting to board the train to chennai . I saw a lady at the book stall she was around 30 years. She was whitish in complexion with large boobs and her eyes were big and sexy . I too went to the stall on the pretext of seeing her near. She bought some malayalam magazine . I thought she must be malayalee.

The train arrived and I lost her in the crowd. I boarded the train in first class. I was surprised to the same lady in my coupe. One man was near her he enquired me to which place I was going . I said chennai. He asked intoduced me to that lady as Srikanya as she was going 1st time to chennai he asked me to help her in case of any need. The train started and the old man left.the t I introduced my self as Rajkumar and said to her that her father was worried to send u to chennai. She laughed and said that it was her husband. I was shocked to hear that. I asked her If u don’t mind why did u marry that old man . she said that she was his second wife . We were alone in the coupe. We were talking for about an hour,and the topic covered everything , the circumstances that lead to marry this old man. I asked her that if she was satisfied with him . she said yes . I asked her in sex also. She started crying . I went to her side asked said sorry and asked her not to cry . She just slide on my shoulder . Then I placed my one hand on her back and one hand on her cheek to stop her tears. She just slide on my shoulder . I kissed her on the forehead . she did not say anything . I kissed her on the lips. she tasted hands exploring her body. I started kissing her fingers one by one. This aroused her and said she has not felt like this before. Her waist was as smooth as silk and she was truly beautiful. .

Her huge tits were bulging in her tight blouse and were looking as if they will tear of the blouse and will come off. I untied her hair and then started kissing on her neck. She said that I she wanted to see me naked first I took of my T-shirt and she started kissing me on my chest. As she removed my pants my dick came out as if it was released from some prison. She started sucking my dick up and down and after 10 mins I cummed in her moth and she drank the whole bit of it. After five mins I regained my erection and this time it was my turn to explore her body with my tongue This time, I moved my hands over her beautiful and shaped hips. I couldn’t believe that I was touching the same hips, I was circling my both hands on her hips just to know her reaction. Now, I was there for some time and now, I moved up my hands in her saree and my fingers were touching her thighs. I was in heavens seeing the milky and smooth thighs I opened her tight blouse and her boobs were now captivated in her bra. They were looking great. I asked the size she told me that it’s 38D. Then I opened her bra and they two were just sexy, too much near to my face. I started sucking them. Wow what great sexy boobs had she got. Then we both took of our clothes and we were exploring each other’s body. She had really got a nice ass, very tight and sexy Now, I went on my master-tricks. I climbed the bed and started licking her legs from toes. My tongue was moving smoothly over her legs and that made her shiver. I was also moving my hands all over her legs. I went up and up licking her thighs now. I was deadly eager to see her “Pretty” ass so I lifted her saree again up.

While doing so, she was helping me to lift the saree just making it free without any noise. I lifted her saree to waist and I was gasping as soon as I saw her ass covered in Red and transparent panty. Seeing her buttocks, my pole so triggered, I thought it would tear my pants and come out. I slowly moved my finger along the curves of her panty making her shiver again. I was expecting her to scream, but she did nothing and that aroused me more. After playing a lot with my hands on her buttocks Now, I was nearly lying on her. I could not control myself to fondle it. Now, I went on to show her I am eager, I laid myself totally on her so that her ass can feel my pulsating Cock. Now, I was licking her boob from one side and fondling another. I tried to kiss her, as I could see her cheeks from one side. I also tried to kiss her lips, but she turned her face away on the other side. I stood up and removed all my clothes. I removed her panty too and, I could see her naked from behind. I nearly fainted to see her beautiful ass and the pink hole that was hardly visible. Again I started licking her from her legs, ass, her back, neck, her boobs making all of it to glow from the saliva. I was expecting her to moan and cry, but she did nothing except grabbing me tightly. I went on to bring her in the heavens by just freeing one of her legs on the floor. Now I could see the opening of the mystery with which all women have made men crazy. The pink hole was hairless, which I like most. Now, I was licking it so as to open her leafs and make my entry easy. I was taking long licking strokes up to her anus, which made her hips up and down with my tongue going inside little by little.

I could see her juices flowing from her pink hole. I sucked her boobs for quite some time and then went down to her wet cunt, which was full of juices. I sucked her pussy for 15 mins and she cummed again. I understood it as a right movement to have me inside her. I could not forget the moment and joy I felt while entering her beautiful and tight pussy. I spread her legs so wide that I could enter my 9 inches dick deep into her with one stroke. Her juices were bathing my dick from inside. She was grabbing the edges of the bed with every stroke. Lying on bed with back towards me, she was also moving making the fuck as a rythmatic play. Now the animal (true and dynamic sex lover) within me was totally awaken to make me fondle everywhere, each and every part, each and every inch of her body with the strokes becoming more powerful and speedy. I closed my eyes so that I could feel her only. I could smell her etching pussy with my pulsating and throbbing dick. I was patting her from inside making her feel the highest level of pleasure she could get. Orgasms hit her one by one while I was fucking her for more than fifteen minutes. My body was sweating heavily. I was moving like a lightening and at one moment I was most inside of her and touching her cervix and I exploded like anything. I was ejaculating drums of my come, which after mixing with her juices, flowing on the bed sheet. With that last stroke, her hips were so high in the air, I expected a loudest scream of her, but I could not hear.

I was lying on her for more than twenty minutes, now my dick was to its smallest size, I had never seen. Just to know her reaction, I looked her at face and was surprised to see tears flowing from her eyes. I did not know of the reason, either from the pleasure she must have gotten in her own life or getting fucked from a man, who was not her husband. I dressed up and said a loud “Sorry” with flowing some kisses on her cheek. ” Can u please come inside me for another time”? I said “THANK YOU, CAN WE DO IT AGAIN..??”. I was the happiest man ever after. In That train journey fucked her 3 times She gave her address at chennai. I visited her at her place and had a lovely times this will be in my next letter. Bye till then If any beautiful woman, Aunties,or unsatisfied women or any women just looking for fun feel free mail me at: It will be kept a secret

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