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Unforgettable Experience With My Aunt Sunitha

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello Readers and this is my first story at and what I write is my first ever sex experience. I started watching porn when I was in my 10th standard from there on I must have watched some thousands of hours of porn. I’ve a huge DVD collection and I always use to fantasise and masturbate. This is roughly about me, let’s dive deep into my sex experience with my aunt Sunitha.

Sunitha is my Mother’s younger brother’s wife. She’s in her early 30s and stands 5.7″ tall with perfect weight and fair complexion above her thunder thighs is her round juicy ass and her boobs are large but not that stiff I’d say and they’re medium sized. She has 2 small kids, his son studying 1st standard and her little baby girl goes to nursery. They stay in Hyderabad and my uncle is a software engineer.

I was 22 that time and had just completed my post graduation. I was forced by my mom to go to my Uncle’s house in HYD for job search and quite reluctantly, I’ve come to my uncles house at that time and I never knew it’s about to become my sex paradise! Here’s how the first couple of weeks passed by. I wake up early in the morning and get a paper as part of my job search. The Kids wake up early as well and my aunt prepares them for school.

My uncle wakes up a bit late and on the way to office drops the kids at school both the kids and my uncle leaves home by 10:00 am. The kids return at 4:00 pm and my uncle returns at night 10:00. I used to attend an interview or two in a week. The rest of the days my aunt and I alone used to stay in the double bedroom flat for almost 6 hours until the kids come and 12 hours until my uncle come. We used to watch TV and eat together.

I generally sleep after that or read a book or two from the time I saw my aunt at her wedding few years ago, I knew she was gorgeous. I masturbated now and then thinking of fucking her; this made me cum in few minutes! After seeing her for few days so close, speaking with her, eating by her side, my dick often got harder. I’m good at controlling emotions and taking calculated risks. So, the opportunity was always there but I’m just waiting for the right time whenever.

She went to bath and I peeped through the door, searching for the slightest of the crack or whole in the wood to get a glimpse of her nude body unfortunately, there were none. I then go to the bedroom, open the closet, find her panties and bra. I used to smell them, feel them and quickly wear them as well. I then take a newspaper, spread it on the bed and cum on it just by looking and feeling the panties of her and after I’m done, I keep things in place and discard the paper in the dustbin.

I go for bath shortly after she’s done and oh god!! I again use to cum there sniffing at her panties she just left there. That is the sweetest smell I’ve ever seen. It just tickles and arouses me. I sometimes use to find her pubic hair suck in the pores of her cotton panties for now all I can say is that they are curly at nights, my uncle, aunt and their baby girl use to sleep in the master bedroom and I and the other kid sleep in the other bedroom across the hall things are moving this way and I haven’t had any luck with the interviews.

One fine day my brother announced that he has to leave for Germany on an official trip for a couple of weeks. This wasn’t a surprise to me since this trip of his was long planned in his office but for some sort of reason it was postponed. So, he’s finally leaving in 4 days time! As soon as I heard this news, I thought my time was about to begin anxiety aroused in me with a hint of doubt and it was a mixed feeling at that time.

I haven’t slept these 4 nights at all and the thought of my uncle leaving for overseas, fucking my aunt all just gave me a little sleep. I masturbated 3-4 times each night. Finally, the day has come. My brother left in the night to catch the flight and we’re both here alone for couple of weeks leave the kids aside. We were alone before when everyone left for school and office. However, the presence of my uncle around made me nervous to proceed. Now that he’s leaving and I’m all set.

The relationship between my aunt and me was more of a formal one; but we used to crack jokes now and then and had our lighter moments. So, I knew that it was just a small barrier we need to cross and it’s all hours after that. I look good and am intelligent and I’m sure she’d like to have sex with me once I convince her and I knew this because she enjoyed double meaning dialogues in movies and any vulgarity. Although not explicitly expressed and I can understand her liking towards them while watching Hollywood movies together.

Although she has the remote in her hands, she never used to change channel how hot the scene is. We together watched few scenes in the movies involving bikinis and deep kisses. We just took them as a part of the movie, but deep inside I knew we had different feelings. It’s all about one of us crossing the line and expressing our feelings. Finally, the moment had come!! I’ve created it though fashion TV used to telecast Swimwear and Lingerie shows at 11:00 am each day at that time.

I used to watch them sitting in the hall while my aunt is doing her work like washing clothes, cooking food etc. I used to change the channel when she’s in sight. One day, I wontedly put Fashion TV and left the room to balcony on the other side pretending I’m talking a phone call. I waited till she saw what I was watching on the television and I noticed that she saw the channel for some time and while I was coming in she moved away. Next time, I dared a step ahead and put the channel on while she sat in a chair beside me after finishing her work!

It was the Lingerie program and all the models were on thongs and micro mini bikinis exposing their ultra smooth bums and their transparent tops almost showed their nipples! It was a moment of mixed feelings for me. I was anxious, tensed and several things were running in my mind at that time. My hand with the remote is trembling and my heart is thumping. My mind wants me to change the channel but my hands are reluctant in few moments, my aunt looked at me and commented.

Wow! Those pink panties that model is wearing aren’t they good? I wish I had them! I was awestruck by that comment! All this time, I was wondering what her reaction will be to my actions. Listening to this, I’m now for sure that I’m going to fuck her soon very nice and I commented. Next came a model with transparent top and back. We could clearly see her puffy nipples and ass line while she’s in her way back the ramp – we both stayed calm, not a single word.

We watched the show for few minutes and held some talk in between which mainly involved the program we’re watching. I then asked my aunt a question. I don’t know how I asked it, but I had to ask it if I’m going to take this any further with all the guts and wits I asked does females have hair in their arm pits? She looked confused and replied don’t you know that? No, seriously! Said and I and she said well, females do have hair over there.

I countered as if I knew noting then why don’t I see it anywhere? Do all models shave? For this she gave a reply I could never forget yes, they shave. Do you believe if I say females do have pubic hair just like you males? Pubic hair? I exclaimed I was thinking only males have beard, moustache, axillaries and pubic hair said, I surprisingly. She gave a cunning look and said: “Don’t pretend you knew noting. You’re a post graduate.

I promised I seriously don’t know that and I then asked do you have pubic hair? What! She replied it was more of an exclamation than a question. Looking at her reaction, I was scared to death and thought of saying no, noting but I could not resist. I again repeated the question. She didn’t reply and left the room to kitchen. All this time, beautiful models in bikinis are walking down the ramp in the 32” LCD.

She had a glass of water and stayed in the kitchen for a while. She appeared anxious and I wondered if she’s taking her time for deciding whether or how to answer my question. I was clever and don’t want to give her time to think. I went straight into the Kitchen. She was startled to see me there. I pretended as drinking water but she knew I’ve come for her.

After that, she went for bathing and I finished masturbating by the time she came out. I then got a phone call from my friend. We thought of meeting a week ago. So, I had to go out and returned late at night. Sunitha served me dinner. We talked little over the dinner. While I was going for bed as usual in the other room, she asked me to sleep with them since she’s afraid of dark. It was a double cot bed both the kids were put to sleep at the far end of the bed adjacent to the wall so they don’t roll over in sleep.

My aunt lay next to their right and I lay next to her right. I was on road the entire afternoon and felt asleep fast. I woke up suddenly as if someone slapped me. It was my sixth sense waking me up as I turned my left, I saw my aunt turned on her left to the other side. I could see her broad but curvy waist line and succulent ass and I took a big leap this time. I softly put my hand over her bums. I just put them there but did not move and waited for her reaction.

Since there was no reaction, I gently moved my palm over her round juicy ass. O boy! It was so smooth, soft and tender and I just want to press the ass cheeks so hard and even spank them hard! After caressing her ass cheeks for some time, I put my hand across her waist to the front. I dared to touch her boobs but was scared. So, I quit and my dick was so hard by now. I just felt like putting it straight in her ass cheeks and cum as I was about to get out of the bed to cum, she turned over.

She was lying on her back and I’m now more aroused by the sight of her boobs. I resisted my temptation to cum and gave in to the pleasure of touching her boobs. I hesitated a long time and then finally moved my hand closer to her left boob. I moved it further closer just so that my hand was in contact with the side of her left boob at this time I wasn’t feeling anything romantic but my heart was beating a million times. I then slowly moved my hand upwards until I completely rested it on the top of the left boob.

It felt like heaven! I then started pressing it gently, very gently. I didn’t dare to touch the other boob because I might wake her up. I then slowly moved my hand from her left boob to all the way down to her navel. Now my hand was resting on her little tummy. I moved it further down and was literally touching her love nest! It was so soft and tender that I can’t resist gripping it tightly but a little caressing was all I did. My cock was rock hard by now.

I can’t wait any further and I went to bathroom and masturbated until I jerked off. This was the most intense pleasure I ever had after an orgasm. The next morning things happened as usual. Since my uncle was away, my aunt is taking care of dropping kids at school. My aunt returned after dropping her baby at the nursery while I was watching TV. She sat in the chair beside me. I took a little courage and said you haven’t answered my question yesterday. I still can’t believe females have body hair!

She looked straight into my eyes and replied would you like me to just answer that question or would you like a bit more than that? I did not understand what she said but sensed something is about to happen. I said sorry, I did not get you. She replied is it okay if I just answer that question or would you like me to tell you what you did to me last night? I was shocked by hearing this.

This time she didn’t give me time to think and said your hand was all over my pussy last night; have not it felt the hair over there? I was astounded by this. I could not see at her eyes, so I was looking all over the room and searching for words, looking at me she gave a gentle smile, came close to me and whispered and would you actually like to see what I’m hiding inside?

She then said and I’ve been waiting for this moment so long and I can no longer wait. Come have pleasure with me and I was out of my mind listening to all of this and before I could do anything with her, I wanted to ask something out of curiosity and I said aunt, do you always know I wanted you badly? No, she replied and I always knew there would be a temptation between a male and female, same was the case between us both but, I’m not sure if we both are emotionally strong to carry it till sex.

I had few feelings towards you, but the kids and uncle diverted my thinking but the thought was always there and also, I’m not sure about what you’re thinking at the same time. She then continued, sitting by my side in another chair why do you think did I go for bathing yesterday as soon as you asked that question and entered the Kitchen and I said I’ve no idea.

She said and I’m so aroused at that moment that I felt like masturbating. I could not exist even after having a glass of water. I’m not scared of dark. The purpose of asking you to sleep with me on the same bed is to know your feelings. Do you know how I felt yesterday while you’re caressing my body? I said no and she replied and I felt like taking you straight to the other bedroom and get fucked but the thought of leaving the kids alone in the dark stopped me.

I thought enough is enough and quickly sprang up on my feet and I caught her hands and made her stand from the chair. The hall was a long one with a big pillar to the left corner. I took her to the pillar. She was standing with her back to the pillar. I took her face into my hands and kissed on her forehead, then on the left eye, right eye, nose and chin. All this time, she was holding my waist tightly. I stood very close to her and was pushing my entire body towards her.

I then licked her ears and cheeks. I took my tongue out and rolled it all over her cheeks from the chin to the eye. I then occasionally bit her cheeks. They turned pinkish red and I can see the markings of my teeth over there and I then turned my concentration to her lips. I kissed her outer lips gently. No sooner I did this; she took my entire mouth into her mouth both my lips were locked inside her mouth.

She licked my lips with her tongue and imagines how it felt and my both lips are inside her mouth and she’s licking them all over with her tongue. I felt like I could die now. My purpose of life is fulfilled. This is the first time I’m having sex and my first Kiss. I could never forget that. It was like current passing all over my body my body was in trans, the feeling was like if a very low voltage electricity was passing all over your body, from head to toe.

She continued licking from inside. She then let my lips go off her mouth. We then stared at each other with deep lust. Now we’re holding each other’s face in our palms. We again started kissing and licking our lips. She caught hold of my lower lip this time. She was licking it like crazy! She took my entire lower lip between her lips deep and then released it slowly. This happened for some time. I then asked her to open up her mouth and bring the tongue out.

I then caught hold of her tongue with both my lips and started licking it. We licked each other’s tongues and lips for few minutes with deep passion. All this time we were standing to a pillar. We’re going crazy with kisses that we pulled each other’s hair hardly occasionally. We slowly relaxed our lips and I rushed her into the master bedroom and there, I made her lie on the bed and sprang upon her. My cock was so rock hard that I had to adjust it a couple of times before I laid on her.

She was lying on her back and I was over her and her body felt like a cushion and I then passed my lips over her ears and the neck region behind and below her ears. I then took my lips over her chin to her ear on the other side. I was licking and sucking her neck and ears for almost 3 minutes. She’s so aroused by this that she caught hold of my head with her both hands firmly. She was constantly rubbing her body against me while I was licking.

I then sat on her tummy and I was just resting on her belly while all the weight is on my legs. I then grabbed her boobs with both hands. She’s still in her nighty but believe me those are the softest things I’ve ever touched! You wonder if you’re actually touching them! They’re so tender! I started squeezing them, rubbing them. The nipples felt sharp like nail edges.

I could not hold any longer, I removed my night pant and t-shirt. I lifted her nighty all the way up from her legs to the shoulders and it is not coming off. My aunt then stopped me and asked to unzip the zipper at the back. I told this was the first time I’m removing a nighty and promised I’ll do it perfectly next time. She laughed at that. She wasn’t wearing bra under her night dress but had blue panties on. I removed the panties as well. We’re lying completely naked on the bed now.

It was 12:00 noon and the cooler was at its full speed. Though the windows were closed, the sunlight passing through it lit the room bright enough to read. The fact that the window curtains were dragged wide apart helped. Through this light, I was looking at one of the most never forgettable sights in my life, my aunt Sunitha fully naked! Her skin appeared whitish yellow all over.

The first noticeable thing on her body was her love nest at the bottom and her love nest was all covered with curly black hair. It appeared as a black bush amidst a whitish yellow desert! The second thing that drew my attention was her dark, black, erectile nipples over a soft mass of tissue. I then thought god is the ultimate creator. He knew exactly what to do and dark parts definitely draws attention.

The third thing was the hair under her armpits. Unlike her vaginal hair which is so dense, thick, strong, and curly, her hair in her armpits is thin, sparse and straight while I was staring at her beauty, she took my dick into her right hand and started rubbing it. I can see the excitement on her face; after all, I’m having a 7 inch boner. My dick is not only big in length but also the width. It would fit exactly into my hand. The tip of my dick is so very big that it’s almost the size of a golf ball when fully aroused!

She then sat on the bed and made me lie on my back. Now was her time to give me some pleasure. She caressed her tongue across my neck, chest and belly. I felt like I was on cloud nine when she licked my armpits. I also never knew nipples in a male are such a sensual parts! While she was licking my nipples, I felt like I was a girl and I wonder if we males can reach orgasm with nipple sucking. Anyhow, it almost felt the same while she was licking my nipples while she was making circles with her tongue and lips around my belly button.

I was literally paralyzed and that was the strongest sensation I felt till date. It appears as if someone is pulling your nerves from inside. The sensation reaches right to the nerves in your head. You could actually feel the erotic sensation passing all along your body. Tongue and lips over a belly are such a sensational combination! She then passed down the belly to my most intimate parts. She caught my dick with her left hand and raised it until it touches my belly so my sack is fully exposed.

I thought she was about to lick my sack no, she passed her tongue between my inner thighs and up to the anal hole. She repeated this and I was literally shivering with pleasure! She then took my entire sack into her mouth as if it was a lollipop. She then started sucking my sack, one tests at a time. She almost played with my balls, asshole and inner things for 5 minutes.

She passed her tongue around my asshole. She then put her little finger in my ass and pushed it deep until its half inside. She started moving it around in my ass with occasional pushes. First, it felt a bit painful but I enjoyed the sensation while she’s inserting her finger in my ass, the little hair round my asshole also went a bit inside along with finger and it’s stuck around between the finger and my ass while she’s moving her finger inside my ass, in and out the hair made a sensual pain which I felt unique.

She then caught hold of my dick and started squeezing and rubbing it. She told my dick was rock solid. I asked is uncle’s dick as much as mine? No, it’s a bit smaller than yours she replied then she inserted it deep in her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking with such a passion that my dick can feel her throat. I must admit this is one of the moments where you can easily give up to jerking. The feeling of someone licking your dick is so pleasurable that you can’t express.

The moist lips run so gentle over your dick you feel like nothing is happening; yet you can feel the sensual stimulation. I’m watching my aunt, Sunitha sucking my dick. I can’t stare at that too long because I might cum in few seconds. So, I started watching the ceiling even then, I can’t control. So, to pause the sucking for few moments, I used to ask my aunt few questions like how often does uncle fuck you, how long does he last when is her period and how does it feel like when she’s on one etc.

Finally, I’ve to beg her to stop licking as I can’t control any more. I then made her lie on her back and sprang up onto her boobs. I grabbed them with both hands and started caressing them gently. She then said, “I like it hard, handle them roughly hearing this, I started rubbing and squeezing her boobs vigorously. They’re so soft that, I can feel them the entire day. Just imagine a very thin walled balloon with water and you’re pressing it the boobs feel the same.

I started pulling and pinching her nipples. I handled her boobs so roughly for few minutes that they’ve turned red and my fingers started to feel the pain and I then took a breast full into my mouth. I started licking the bottom of her breast and continued licking it to the top from left. The nipples were rock hard enough to pierce a cotton cloth. What a contrast to the soft milky boobs. I then asked her does the nipples stay the same way always?

She replied no, they only harden and erect while aroused and I then turned to her right boob and started sucking, licking it while squeezing her left boob. She started moaning slightly with pleasure. I played with her boobs for few minutes and then gave a deep kiss on her lips again I then worked my way to her belly button and started kissing and biting there. I then caressed the area with kisses. I knew she’s feeling the same pleasure I felt while she’s doing this to me. So, I intensified my job to give her more pleasure.

She’s so aroused that she’s catching hold of my hair and rubbing against me all over and I then turned her back and felt her ass cheeks. They were the second softest part of a girl next to boobs. They’re the size of football each and as soft as a water balloon of the same size. I squeezed and pressed her ass cheeks. I then started kissing them. I kissed them for so long that all her ass was dripping wet. I put my tongue on the perineum, the area between her ass and vaginal hole and then brought.

It all the way tills the start of her ass. Then I lick her ass creek from the beginning all over till the perineum over the ass hole. The hair around her asshole was such a bone raiser. I then concentrated around her asshole. It was tight and deep inside the ass. With the surrounding hair, I’ve to literally search for the ass hole. Once I got hold of it, I put my little finger deep into it at this, she moaned, became stiff and then relaxed. I then pulled my finger out and started licking her asshole.

I made my tongue sharp at the edge and inserted it around 1cm into her hole and her asshole had a pungent smell at the beginning but once you spend your time around it, you get used to it and start to like it so much that you stop licking and start smelling her ass. I then moistened her asshole with my spitted while I was doing this; she asked what are you doing?

I said I’m going to put my big finger in your asshole. She said it’ll be painful. We’ll do it some other time. Let’s try and I’ll lubricate it as much as I can and its paining let know and I then moistened my middle finger and her asshole with my spitted. I slowly started inserting it. I was only able to put a quarter of my finger. I then realized this isn’t the way at the same time, she said first, work your way through the little finger and the ring finger. You can’t straight away put your middle finger.

She was right and I was able to put my little finger straight away and my ring finger with a little difficulty. I then slowly inserted my middle finger. This time it went about 60% deep as I was pushing further, she, screamed with pain. I immediately stopped and took it out. I again, bent down and spit on her asshole, passed my tongue over it and then lubricated my finger and passed it again. This time, it went deep inside with a little more effort.

Can you imagine! My middle finger was right deep inside her ass and she’s staring at me like crazy. It’s so warm inside her ass and the deep I push, more warmth it is. I then started slowly moving it around in circles. I did not dare to take it out for the fact I’ve to again make such an effort to put it inside. All this time, she’s lying on her back. I asked her to turn around with my finger deep inside her ass, she turned around. Oh Gosh!! How did that feel like?

I leave it to your imagination and I don’t want to take my finger at all. It’s so warm and comfortable inside with the finger inside, I leaned over her and started licking her boobs, caressing her ear and neck. She then lip locked me and we had a large passionate kiss. I just put my mouth there, she did all the stuff of licking, kissing and biting it. I occasionally jerked my finger in her ass which made her kiss me more deeply and I finally took my finger out of her ass hole.

She then asked me to stand. I stood on the floor towards and near the bed. She came forward, sat on the bed and started sucking my cock. My cock has relaxed a bit since few minutes while I was working my way consciously through her ass. No sooner she started sucking, it transformed into a huge monster. She sucked my cock for few minutes while rubbing my balls with one hand and the little finger of her other hand in my asshole as I was about to cum, I made her lie on the bed and sprang towards her pussy.

It was a black curly forest of thick hair over there and the hair started as a very thin line from her navel and as it moved down, it strengthened and thickened until it took an inverted V shape to spread all over her pussy lips, above the pussy, inside of her thighs and deep into her ass hole. I played with her pubic hair for a while. Aunt, how often do you shaved your cunt? I asked I don’t shave I trim it when I felt like with scissors she replied.

I said you may want to have a session with me. The jungle here is so deep! I played with my tongue all over her sensual parts excluding her pussy. I licked her pubic hair, inner thighs, perineum and occasionally her asshole. I licked those parts so deep that, they were dripping wet with my saliva. It’s as if she rubbed her pussy with a wet hand kerchief. I felt her eagerness to have her pussy eaten by me while I was licking her parts around the vagina and she used to bring her pussy lips to my mouth.

I wanted to avoid them and this happened a couple of times. She then could no longer stand it and said take my pussy into your mouth. Lick it all over for the first time in my life and I kissed a girl’s love nest! This can also be called as lip to lip kiss and lips of mouth kissing vaginal lips and her outer vaginal lips are soft and bulged with rush of blood. Amidst the dark hairy jungle, her pussy lips shined rosy red. They were just like orange wedges and I licked her outer lips.

I then opened up her pussy with my fingers and oh boy! What a pinkish pink!! It appeared as if tender rose petals were folded and put inside and I felt her inner lips. They were so soft with mucus. Her vaginal hole was lying deep inside the whirlpool of rose petals. The inner lips of her pussy overlapped and concealed it. I gently widened her tender lips aside and inserted my ring finger inside the vaginal hole. I felt like something is strange inside and immediately pulled my finger out.

It was wet with her vaginal liquids it’s as if I dipped my finger in a bowl of honey her cunt was so wet with lust. The fluid was a bit viscous with a whitish tinge. I then put my finger again and moved it round for few seconds. She’s starting to moan and I then took my finger out and the fluid inside her cunt was all over my finger like butter. I put the finger inside my mouth for I wanted to see how it tasted. My goodness, the finger felt a bit salty.

It’s a unique taste, sort like the starch mixed in water. I then bent my head down and started licking her pussy. I first licked her outer lips, and then passed my tongue to the inner lips. I licked the inside and outside walls of both the inner lips and then found my way into the vaginal hole. I passed my tongue into her hole and started playing around while I was doing this she put her thighs around my neck and pushed my head more towards her pussy.

I progressed from soft licking to vigorous sucking. I occasionally had to pause to relax the muscles of my mouth. During this time, I put my fingers yes this time two middle and index finger and played inside out. She was so aroused that she kind of went into a Trans with rubbing her boobs and catching hold of her hair! I then continued licking her pussy. She then said with an uncontrolled voice feel and licks the clitoris over there!

I said what clitoris she said it’s right over here at the tip of the inner vaginal lips” and started showing it to me. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I felt it and it was just like a bean, the same size but a bit harder. She said it’s the same like your penis. It gets erected and hard while women are aroused. She continued we feel orgasm by stimulating the clitoris in fact, this is the most sensual organ than to any other in the vagina come tickle it.

I noted few points over that conversation. I then started to rub her clitoris and licked it for few minutes. I can feel the change in her. She’s literally shivering with intense pleasure. Her face and body turned pale pink. Her nipples are more erected, in fact, the clitoris felt like a third nipple! It’s an erectile structure right at the place where her inner lips meet at the top her pussy felt heavenly and eating it was a delight. I played with her pussy for around 6 minutes.

I’m tired with my mouth and it’s paining now and I need to relax the muscles around my mouth. It’s been quite a time since we started our sex journey in fact; it’s 40 minutes since we’re into our foreplay. Do you feel like drinking water? I asked her and yes, also bring the apple in the refrigerator and she told. I walked nude to the fridge to bring the water and apple. We drank water and I threw the apple at her. She had a large bite and gave it to me.

I had my portion and threw it back to her and she then caught my dick and drew me onto the bed. She lay on her back with her legs wide open. She had an apple in one hand and my dick in the other. I then made her relax while she’s eating the apple and watching me, I first put my fingers in her pussy and widened it. I then slowly put my dick inside mine was not a thin one, so, it took me multiple attempts and multiple widening of the pussy hole with fingers to get it in.

I did not try to insert all the length of my dick at a time. I first put it a quarter, then a half and then with little fucking I put it full. Now my entire dick is in her pussy. It’s tight, warm and what not! I started moving it slowly in and out. No sooner I did this a couple of times, I immediately felt the change. My dick was now moving freely and smoothly inside her cunt. I then took my dick out to see what’s happening. It was moist with her vaginal juices all over she got wet!

I again put my dick in and moved it in and out and this time its tight may be because the secretion of the juices has stopped or my dick has become dry after taking it out after a couple of moves, it again became loose and smooth. I licked this phenomenon and started doing it quite often. By this time she had finished eating her apple and with a smile on her face asked what are you doing? Playing with my pussy?

I smiled gently and went about my work. I started slowly and them picked up pace. I fucked her in missionary position for few minutes. We kissed in between and I caressed her boobs often. I’ve to tell you one thing the feeling of a dick inside a vagina. This is the most sensuous and sensible feeling you’ll ever have! After sometime, you’ll feel that the pussy hole is the only place the dick was destined to go into. It’s tailor made for it!

After you’ve put your dick into a pussy, you’ll never ever put it elsewhere! After you get into the fucking, the lubrication in the vaginal walls gives such an intense pleasure to your dick that you wonder if you have a dick!! You get lost in the loose, smooth walls of the vagina that you begin to think you never had a dick. You literally have to take It out and see if it is there! Yes fucking is indeed a heavenly pleasure why most men seek. No wonder a lot in the world, both good and bad is happening for this intense pleasure.

This is my first time experience and I’m sure I’m going to fuck Sunitha twice or thrice each day until my uncle comes! I was still in the missionary position. I then turned her over so her ass is facing up. I spanked the ass cheeks and then pushed them apart. I couldn’t resist my temptation to finger her ass. I put my dick in her cunt from behind and started fucking with each stroke my thighs had the pleasure of her soft ass this also made a slapping noise as I raised the intensity of the fuck, she started moaning softly but very cute like a baby.

This sound is overlapped by the slapping sound made by her ass cheeks and my thighs. This is the second best position to have sex. I can feel all the warmth and softness between and in her ass cheeks. We then had sex in the doggy style. It was always my fantasy to fuck a girl in doggy position and also when she’s standing. I somehow felt that the doggy position needed a lot of energy and bearing as we both have to kneel. I then asked her to stand. She got down the bed and I pushed her towards the wall and inserted my dick from behind.

I then moved it in and out gently with one hand I was grabbing her left boob and with my right, I was caressing her clitoris and pubic hair. We enjoyed this position for a minute or two and I turned her around and started fucking. We both are staring at each other. There’s no gap between her boobs and my chest. My dick is deep inside her cunt and our bodies are so hot with lust that any drop of water put will vaporize! I’m not sure why heat is generated when mating in this position.

I took my dick all the way out and then put it all the way into her pussy gently while doing this all my body rubbed against her body thighs to thighs, belly to belly, boobs to chest and I made sure my lips touched hers as well. So, with every stroke, each part of our body is experiencing immense pleasure. I could see the same in her eyes. She had her hand on my hip and the other round my neck. She often pressed my ass with deep pleasure while fucking her in this position and I asked her do you reach your orgasm while on sex?

Most of the times no she replied why? I asked and we, females take much time to orgasm and our orgasms last longer than men. Your uncle reaches his orgasm in few minutes. I take around 15 minutes to orgasm then, what do you do to get the orgasm after Uncle is done? I masturbate and stimulate my clitoris and vagina to get the orgasm she said and I then took my dick out. She kneeled down and took my pussy deep into her mouth. She started sucking it like a bar of ice cream.

Sometimes, she slowly sucked my dick taking it all deep into her throat and other times she quickly took the tip of my dick in and out of her mouth. The second one seemed me more pleasurable. This time, I concentrated on the pleasure while she was doing this. My dick became so hard and I can’t control my emotion and I’m just about to jerk off! She might have known this, she suddenly paused and said with a smile please don’t jerk off in my mouth!

I replied and I was just about to do that had not you stopped to say this. She then stood up, got laid on the bed with her legs wide open. I put my dick again and started fucking vigorously. This time my intention was to jerk off! I can no longer delay the pleasure while I was fucking her she raised both her legs and put them on my shoulder and moved a little closer. This gave a better grip and my dick felt tight insider her cunt.

I fucked her so hard this time that her boobs were jumping and moving all over her chest in rounds. She had an intense feeling on her face with her mouth opened. I fucked hard, hard, harder and then suddenly pulled my dick out and hola! A huge volume of semen just shoots out of my dick. The first shot went and hit the wall behind the bed, the second and third were on the wooden finishing of the bed and the remaining was all over the pillow and bed sheet.

This was an involuntary action and all I know was it was coming and so I pulled it off her pussy, the remaining was completely out of my control and I never had such an intense orgasm. All the muscles and nerves of my body went so many contractions and relaxations even after many seconds, my dick was still thumping. A spark of current just passed into my head from the below. A vibration of sensual pleasure was all over my body. I came to my senses after a minute and then stared at my aunt.

Sorry, sorry, I did not mean to cum all over the room and I said and started rubbing off the semen on the bed with my t-shirt that lay around. That’s okay! She said you clearly did surprise me by taking your dick off!” she said surprisingly I’m afraid that I’ll jerk off in your hole” I said. So, what? I could have taken it and she replied and I’m scared you’d become a pregnant, what! No way. Jerking in a girl’s cunt doesn’t make her pregnant always. There’s a time you can do this without any after results.”

Oh! I did not know that obviously and I replied. She then smiled and asked me to come over. I sprang up on the sleeping beauty and she started licking my lips and tongue. I put my entire weight on her. She was caressing my asshole and balls with her hands while she’s kissing and my dick which was dead since few moments again started to rise. I though in my mind suck it!

She then gave a pause and said that was an awful amount of cum. How did you manage that? I said and I don’ know. She then turned sideways so that I was off her on to her side. She then started rubbing her cunt vigorously while taking to me. What are you doing, aunt? You’re done with yours and I still have to get mine said, she can I be of help? I asked no, I can manage you must have been tired by now. She said.

Yes, indeed. I was little tired and we’ve been at sex since one hour and I’m the one who has to actively give the movements. This weariness was dominated by the sensual pleasure all this time. Once I’d jerked off, I felt like all the tiredness in the world was with me. I felt like eating some food. In fact, I felt like if someone could feed me. Let me do this for you said, I and started rubbing her cunt.

Do it hard on the clitoris she said and I then moved to the other side of the bed, went a little low to her right and then put my little finger deep inside her ass hole. I then put the other three fingers inside her vaginal hole. My thumb was resting on her clitoris. My left hand was grabbing her left boob. In this position, I started squeezing her boob and at the same time moved all my fingers of the right hand. I was stroking her love nest with all the fingers of my right hand.

I increased the intensity of the stroke and she started moaning heavily and controlled her emotions by grabbing her hair and fore head hard, hard on the clitoris she said and I then put all the energy I’m left with in my thumb and rotated it in round circles on her clit. Amidst the vigorous round circles, I pushed it like a button. Then I continued with the circular movement. I did this for a minute and then I could feel the change in her. Her white skin turned pinkish across her face and vaginal walls.

Her clitoris which was semi erect became stiff like a metal. All the three fingers inside her cunt were drenched with vaginal juice. I can literally feel her heart thumping. In a few moments all her body was thumping and vibrating rhythmically. Her skin was more hot. All of her vaginal walls are contracting and relaxing many times per second. She then involuntarily removed my fingers off her holes and grabbed her pussy tightly in one hand and her forehead in another.

She then shivered with intense pleasure few times with cute moaning. This happened for few moments and then things started to be normal slowly. She lay there without any moment for few seconds. In the meantime, I was licking my fingers one by one I put in her holes. I then sprang up to her, lying on her side, I asked, “Was that your orgasm? She nodded her head and turned towards me and laid her left leg and left hand over me and moved closer.

She then started rubbing her body all over my body and said and we will again experience this pleasure to night and I smiled and said two times. One in the evening and one at night she laughed at this. We then let ourselves free. We were lying completely naked on the double cot bed to each other staring at the ceiling. We spent few minutes this way talking. She then woke up from the bed and said let me prepare something for us to eat and the kids will be coming as well.

Saying this, she went in to the bathroom to piss with the door opened. I saw how she pissed. She leaned towards the bathroom wall and spread her legs wide then was the down pour from her cunt. It first appeared as sprinkled then took a straight line! Once she’s out, I had my quota as well and went into the kitchen to have water. She was standing at the fridge door opened, still fully naked, searching for curd. I went closer to her and put my dick, which was not erected, in her ass creek and caught her both thighs in front.

She then turned around and hugged me deeply later, I took another apple from the fridge and sat in the hall watching TV naked in between, I was watching her preparing chapathis naked and her hairy cunt was still an attraction from the hall. I thought of shaving it soon and fuck her in the bathroom under shower. I also want to shave her cunt. I want to explore her ass hole and anal sex further.

Thinking of all this, my dick again became rock hard. I’ve to leave the thoughts for now and eat apple since I’m feeling starved after an hour of sex. I wondered how Sunitha was able to make chapathis! We had a lot of sexual encounters in the next few days. I was living my fantasies exploring her in a new way daily. She was enjoying me immensely and we were on cloud nine.

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