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Unfaithful Wife Sex With Young Boy

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am a married woman, aged 28; from a very decent family background. I have a strong sexual urge and often fantasize about having sex with men whom I daily meet. I imagine their dick sizes and thickness and fantasize that I were sucking their cocks while they were squeezing my breasts and rubbing my clit. I could not go any further as I said before that we are from a decent and rich family background.

There is our taxi-driver “Raja” whom I used to fantasize about. He is a very young man around 25 and is very free with me. I always wanted to have sex with him and imagined him sucking my breasts and licking my pussy and fucking me hard and deep. Often when I used to go out with him, alone, I try to show him my hidden treasures. I let my saree drop many a times to let him view my beautiful round breasts through my jacket (blouse), I think he likes that feast, I acted as if I were doing it unknowingly. He used to stare at my body, my navel and breasts esp. when we were alone, and I used to not mind that. Once he intentionally/unintentionally pressed my breasts when he was trying to open the car window leaning over me, it felt very nice when he was touching my boobs and leaning over me. I could sense that smell of the arousing masculine odour of his sweat that tickled my nostrils and excited my clitoris. I decided to have it with him one day or the other.

Once when my husband was out of station, in the evening during 6:00 pm I asked him to take me out, I said that we should go to a very far place (near by town) and it may take about 4-5 hours journey. I sat in the back seat while he was driving. After going to the outskirts of the city, I pretended as if I was asleep and slowly I let my palloo (saree) drop. I think he saw my half naked bosom from the rear view mirror; he turned around and began staring at me. It was around 10:00 pm and the road was empty and we were alone, he slowed down the car at a dark lonely place and tried to wake me by calling my name. I acted as if I were deep asleep and did not respond. Sensing that, he got down and opened the back door and came inside and sat beside me. As my saree top was dropped aside, he could see my breasts swinging up and down due to my deep breath. He could no longer control his urge, he slowly put his hand on my left breast and did not move, it began to rise and fall with my breathing rhythm. He slowly increased his hold and now caught hold of my entire breast and slowly began to press it, I was in ecstasy and allowed him to do that pretending to be fast asleep. I think he got excited after some time and began to press it hard, as I was not bothering him. I moaned lightly, as I could not control my passion and then I deliberately lay my hands round him and hugged him tightly pressing his head into my boobs as if I were doing that all asleep.

I think that shocked him, he could feel my aroma and was kissing my breast almost; I could not imagine myself hugging my driver. He too hugged me tightly not wasting the chance and began to kiss me all over my breasts and neck. I could not resist this anymore and broke free, I too co-operated him and kissed him on his lips. He was shocked to find me doing this. He grew wild and kissed me all around my face and savagely mauled my breasts. I said that I was dying for this for a long time and now I got a chance as my husband was away I decided to have it. I said that we should make this memorable and he agreed. We decided take a room in a near by lodge.

As we entered the room, he threw me on the bed and pounced upon me. He began kissing me wildly on my lips while his hands were busy massaging my soft, plump, juicy breasts. He said, he loved my boobs while they were swinging due to my movements and he said he used to secretly notice my curves many times. He pressed my boobs hard through my blouse and slowly placed his hand inside my saree, into the bottom area, I mean, into my panties and began to rub my clit. Oh! I was in heaven when he was touching my clit with his bare hand, it sent shivers throughout my body. I was screaming and jumping up and down on the bed in sheer ecstasy as I was experiencing the thrill of my lifetime. He was kissing me all over my face, my forehead, my lips, my neck, and began to exploit my bosom. He slowly removed my blouse and kissed my half clad breasts covered with my bra. He removed my saree and petticoat and I removed his shirt and pants. He kissed me all over my belly and when he kissed my panty clad pussy with his lips, I felt shivers all over my pussy and that region was vibrating with pleasure. He slowly removed my bra and kissed my nipples and began to suck my nipples one by one, I was enjoying that with pleasure. He was sucking my nipples harder; I think he was expecting milk to flow out of them. I could no longer control myself, I pulled his under wear and caught his dick and squeezed it vigorously. I folded the skin on it backwards, and began to rub it in my hands, up and down throughout its length. He was enjoying that very much. Suddenly I took it into my mouth and began to suck his dick! He was shocked in disbelief but it was surpassed by the pleasure and joy he achieved when I did that. He stopped me when he was about to cum and spread my legs wide and kissed me all over my inner thighs. He kissed my naked pussy and licked all over it. My juices were flowing when he was doing that. After we were enough lubricated, he took his massive dick and placed it before my dripping cunt. I, holding it with my hand guided it into my cunt. He first began to move slowly, but later gained momentum and we were shaking the total bed itself. Someone other than my husband finally fucked me. It was really thrilling and adventurous. When he was about to cum, he withdrew and blew it all over by body.

From that day onwards we were free with one another. After my husband goes to office, he comes in and fondles by breasts and we have oral sex and sometimes hard sex even. Whenever I go out with him in the car, he puts his hand inside the saree on my belly and fondles my boobs through the blouse. Often we passionately hug each other even when my husband is at home. At times we even bath together and it was really thrilling to show my entire body naked in daylight and allow him to rub hands and apply soap all over my body. Recently our watchman came to know about our matter and he too is now fondling my tits and playing with my clit. They both now fuck me together. They soon brought their friends and they all exploited my treasures and banged me hard. I am now having it with many people like auto-drivers, milkman, and their friends e.t.c. I love being mauled by many men and gang banged and shared by many at a time.

Hello “READER”, how is my story? I hope, you are wet by now or busy with your dick in your hands or already came while reading the story, tell me what happened?? Ok, I’ll tell you the truth, this is no real story but a sheer imagination or fantasy. I am a guy from …. Andhra Pradesh (ya telugu), I fantasize a lot and masturbate frequently but never had the real thing earlier, I mean …. U know what I mean, like many of us who read these stories are. I wonder if any girl hopefully reads these kind of stories on net; if any girl does, and likes this story or wants to have some fondling or other ..…with me, I would like to hear from her. Even guys and others can mail me their experiences. Mail me at: .

BYE, I’ll be in touch, only if I get enough response, name : AJAY .

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